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Dysphagia in the Elderly Research Proposal

… Dysphagia in the Elderly

The work of Michael R. Spieker (2000) entitled: "Evaluating Dysphagia" published in the journal of the 'American Family Physician' states that dysphagia is a problem "that commonly affects patients cared for by family physicians in the office, as hospital inpatients and as nursing home residents." Problems that are known to lead to complaints of dysphagia include:

Cerebrovascular accidents;

Gastoresophageal reflux disease; and 3) Medication-related side-effects. (Spieker, 2000)

Spieker states that stroke patients "are at particular risk of aspiration because of dysphagia." (2000) Approximately seven to ten percent of adults over the age of fifty years of age have dysphagia although according to Spieker (2000) this number "may be artificially low because many patients with this problem may never seek medical care."…. [read more]

Gerontology and Gerontic Nursing Practice Term Paper

… 1. As she suffers from osteoporosis, several mechanisms are at play in
Mrs. Wood's condition. The basic elements result from poor bone mass
accumulation during childhood combined with an acceleration of bone loss
adulthood, when peak bone mass has been achieved. One half of bone mass is
made during pre-puberty, with only minimal accumulation of minerals in the
teens and peak bone mass in the 20s. Mrs. Wood's rate of bone loss is
based more upon her lifestyle than her genes. Dietary calcium, vitamin D,
protein and calories impact on her development of osteoporosis. If she had
poor calcium intake in her childhood, this directly impacts her likelihood
of fracture in adulthood (Heaney, 1998). Mrs. Wood's calcium intake is
directly associated with bone mineral mass…. [read more]

Parkinson's Disease Is a Neurological Term Paper

… There is a positive relation between depression and Parkinsonism and in at least 30% to 50% of patients depression is found to be a co-existing condition. Dysphagia is again a severe complication and the patient may even require a feeding tube. [Jeff Blackmer]

Medical treatment

Medical treatment of Parkinson's disease is broadly divided under two main categories namely surgical and non-surgical (pharmacological) treatments. Advancements in stereotactic surgical techniques such as thalamotomy, pallidotomy and deep brain stimulation have created new breakthroughs in the treatment of Parkinson's disease. Of these thalamotomy and pallidotomy are considered as destructive surgeries in that they involve creating lesions in the brain segments to limit the effect of anomalies and improve the motor functions. Thalamotomy is proven to be greatly effective in…. [read more]

Cultural Competence Culturally Competent Care Essay

… 7.

Multicultural workforce: this standard requires that the nurses shall continually push for a more multicultural workforce within the healthcare. This has widely been met within the old age care homes since the staff is usually composed of different races and even religions. This makes the patients therein feel at home with the people handling them and not biased to particular race or culture.

8. Education and training: this standard requires that the nurses be educationally prepared to meet and promote the culturally competent values and practices within their workplaces. This is a standard that is still wanting within the old age care homes. This at times makes nurses to unintentionally deprive the old people the treatment they deserve and hence there is need to…. [read more]

Planning for Data Collection Essay

… Data Collection Method & Plan

The most popular method of research for the scenario is the survey because of the flexibility it provides (Keough V.A. & Tanabe, 2011 Jan). The questionnaire is appropriate because it asks questions that are clear and concise, are measurable, and take the variables into consideration. The questions presented define the expected outcomes and drives the project design.

The variables used for the survey include patient wait time, staff friendliness, treatment delivery, and if the participant would recommend the service to others. A comment section was added at the end of the questionnaire to provide the participant opportunity for more input and suggestions as well as ensure the seriousness of wanting their input. For the first three variables, three specific questions…. [read more]

Periodontal Disease and Respiratory Essay

… Moreover, the authors note that all three of the diseases in question (periodontal, pneumonia, and COPD) are "complex, multifactorial, and have many risk factors," (p. 7). Some of the potential intervening variables include smoking status, medical history, age, dental caries, missing teeth, dysphagia, and low socio-economic status (p. 7).

Low socio-economic status is something that practitioners should be taking into account when treating patients. The authors point out that, "Canadians living in urban, low socioeconomic areas are 2.7 times more likely to be hospitalized from COPD than those in higher socioeconomic areas," (p. 3). Age and physical condition is also a factor that practitioners need to take into account. This is especially true with regards to aspiration pneumonia, which can be caused "when food or…. [read more]

Care Plan for Patient Term Paper

… Care Plan

Patient Introduction:

The patient is a 85-95 years old Caucasian male who admitted to an acute rehab facility on April 11, 2016 after suffering a syncopal episode (loss of consciousness) and fell in the dining hall at Brighton Gardens nursing home. Patient has no memory of the events surrounding the fall and transporting to the hospital. He stated last thing he remembered was sitting in the dining hall with other residents and when he woke up he was already in the hospital.

Prior to his admission into the rehab facility, the patient was brought to Suburban hospital on April 4, 2016 after suffering a syncopal episode and stayed at the hospital for a week. While he was into the hospital, he had loop…. [read more]

Stroke Is One of the Leading Health Essay

… Stroke is one of the leading health concerns in the United States affecting approximately more than 795,000 people every year. With more than 143,579 deaths per year, stroke is the third leading cause of mortality in the country. [Washington University] Also stroke is the leading cause of disability in the U.S. Stroke survivors carry a high risk of recurrence and hence preventive intervention strategies are an important part of stroke management. The fact that we have an aging population and that almost three quarters of stroke attacks occur in those aged 65 and above suggests a health care crisis.[Washington University] Given the high risk for severe disability, it is important to initiate effective rehabilitative interventions immediately following a stroke attack. A brief overview of the…. [read more]

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