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E-Commerce and Organizational Learning Research Paper

… eCommerce and Organizational Learning

Discuss how utilizing Information Technology in e-commerce could improve both individual and organizational learning.

The accumulation of knowedlge and insight within the context of any online strategy is beneficial to the long-term learning of an enterprise. The breadth and depth of learning that is achievable from the accumulated experiences of initiating, maintaining and continually improving e-commerce strategies is significant both from a financial and operational standpoint (Abrahams, Singh, 2010). Individual and organizational learning is enhanced and strengthened by the accumulated investment of time and resources to improve transaction workflows, increase the level of pricing accuracy, and fine-tune catalog management and merchandising innovation (Fomin, King, Lyytinen, McGann, 2005).

Learning benefits from a personal standpoint accrue rapidly for those involved in the daily…. [read more]

E-Commerce and Organizational Learning Research Paper

… eCommerce and Organizational Learning

Improving the Performance of an Online University Using e-Commerce

Making the most of e-commerce platforms and technologies in the context of an online university needs to include strategies for increasing operational performance across the courses offered to helping students attain the educational goals they are enrolled to achieve. From the strategic aspects of integrating e-commerce platforms into each departments' information systems, to the support for the many suppliers an online university relies on an e-commerce platform just have the ability to support a wide variation in business models and processes. The value of e-commerce platforms and technologies is in unifying diverse business models and making them more centered on and responsive to customers' needs (Chung-Shing, 2001). The greater the integration and…. [read more]

Organizational Behavior the Transformation Essay

… Theories in organizational behavior are closely linked to psychology and sociology. Understanding group and individual behavior helps to improve organizational performance by managing individual behaviors (Mullins, 2005). A close relationship exists between organizational behavior and management theory.

Organizational behavior is affected by culture to a certain degree. The culture of the organization sets the "climate" of the organization and this has a significant effect on the behavior of individuals within the organization (Chaneta). This can be seen in the early history of the JC Penny Company. Although JC Penny did not realize it, its growth was dependent upon the organizational culture that he instilled in his managers. In the early days of the store, growth depended on individual managers starting their own store. When the…. [read more]

Organizational Change and the Consequences of Ambiguity Essay

… Organizational Change and the Consequences of Ambiguity

Organizational change can carry a wide range of implications for the personnel both at the leadership and membership level. As a firm endures a transition toward the adoption of new technologies, the assumption of new procedural terms or even the alignment with new ownership, it is important to help redefine roles, expectations and cultural characteristics in order to achieve consistency. A failure to do so can produce the types of ambiguities in job functions, in employee expectations, in ways of advancing with the company and even in ways of behaving within the company's offices that can lead to reduced efficiency, diminished competency and eroding company-wide morale. Therefore, it is incumbent upon the leadership core to pursue a high…. [read more]

Ecommerce in Developing Countries Research Paper

… eCommerce in Developing Countries

What are the most important ideas in the two articles?

Both articles and their extensive empirical and theoretical research have a wealth of insights and intelligence that brings e-commerce into a more realistic and pragmatic perspective. Starting with Exploring E-commerce benefits for businesses in a developing country (Molla, Heeks, 2007) that authors explain how they have interviewed 92 businesses in South Africa who have moved beyond the basic stage of ecommerce as defined by the 6-point e-commerce capability indicator cited in their article (Molla, Heeks, 2007). In citing this scale the authors contend that the much-hyped benefits of e-commerce surrounding operating efficiency gains including lower transaction costs and greater fluidity and flexibility of e-commerce are in fact not occurring in the…. [read more]

Organization 25 Employees Worked, Em-Ployed Essay

… Google has an informal corporate culture that encompasses the no evil philosophy alongside other ethical principles. The company offers stock options to employees even at entry level which acts as a motivation factor towards their improved performance. This is also seen in the company's ranking as the best employer in the world as per data released by Fortune magazine and Universum. The no evil philosophy is one of the major values that the company attributes its success to.


Individuals within the organization refer to the knowledge and skills which the organization's employees need to transform the various inputs into outputs. These include the commitment and motivation of employees alongside the availability of much needed human resources. Google prides itself in having an informal work…. [read more]

Organizational Change Anywhere Essay

… Reasons for the change (internal plus external factors)

The company decided that they must do what it takes to make sure that they remain in the leading independent media company and a key voice in their markets. The benefit The SMH and The Age have is that dissimilar than most of their colleagues they have interpreted a healthy print audience into a much bigger and even better digital audience. Among their mastheads every month they were attracting somewhere around 7 million high-quality unique users. That put them up to 25 per cent in 5 years. Some 65 per cent of all SMH and Age readers now have access to the journalism through things such as the digital means -- online, smartphone or smart TV tablet,.…. [read more]

Organizational Behavior and People Management Essay

… Far from the popular belief by business owners that money is the key issue when it comes to motivation, employees instead look for challenges, recognition, and empowerment in their work environments (Steel & Konig, 2006).

To attract and retain new hires, I will first of all recognize money cannot be used in isolation to attract and retain new employees because high performing employees look for something more than just high salary. I will ensure that the employees' compensation plan includes a total package of rewards, recognition, and environment. I will ensure that new hires are entitled to benefits, flexible time, and training. I will also ensure that the new hires are given bonuses, incentives, challenges, and opportunities. My employee compensation plan will have long and…. [read more]

Organizational Design Analysis There Are Several Factors Essay

… Organizational Design Analysis

There are several factors that can influence companies' success and well functioning. Their organizational structure is one of them. Companies' organizational structure relies on their processes and systems, but also on the organization of human resources.

Specialists in the field have focused on developing theoretical models intended to address the problems that companies face in their attempt to strengthen their organizational structure in accordance with the requirements of the business environment. Such attempts are reflected in several organizational design and development models. Therefore, it is important to understand how these models can be applied to the numerous problems determined by the environment in which companies develop their activity.

Company Presentation

Coca Cola is one of the most well-known brands on international levels,…. [read more]

Organization Behavior International Development Essay

… 5. Analysis of Buyers:

Every top competitor in consumer goods industry is always in a quest to find the best suppliers so that it can produce the best quality products among all other competitors (Kotler, Brown, Burton, Deans, & Armstrong 2010). Therefore, every competitor is ready to pay a higher price for the best quality raw material (Horovitz 2010). Since its inception, P&G has never compromised on the quality of its products, therefore it has made agreements with the top suppliers in all the target countries so that the quality of its products never changes and the consumers enjoy the same quality and reliability over the years (P&G 2012).

C. Multinational Organizational Model of P&G:

In its international operations, P&G has implemented a Decentralized Federation…. [read more]

Organizational Case Analysis Case Study

… Moreover, many of the components which are available from the multiple sources may sometimes face wide industrial shortage, which may lead to the significant increase in the price of these components. Meanwhile, the effect of shortage of these components may have impact on the company financial conditions, and operating results. Additionally, the company often use some custom components to manufacture its products, and the components are only available from the limited sources.

Based on the issues having impact on the optimal performances of the organization, the paper provides recommendations that Apple Inc. should implement to address the problems.

The organization theory is used in describing the strategy Apple could employ in addressing the current problems having impact on the optimal performances of the company. Organization…. [read more]

Organizational Development and Change Case Study

… Based on all of these factors, the regional directors have ample reason to not comply and promote nonconformity in each of their offices as well. All of this is most likely happening while Agnes sits in headquarters wondering why there aren't any pricing requests coming in. Her many decisions and the approach to implementing the centralized pricing program illustrate a very autocratic, transactional leadership mindset. Her lack of ability to first create a compelling vision of why centralized pricing is needed and then build support for it shows a lack of transformational skills as well.

Based on the centralized pricing program failing, it's clear that the problems FunTime is facing are much more complex and difficult to solve at the competitive and market level. The…. [read more]

Logistics Capabilities on E-Commerce Performance: A Study Term Paper

… ¶ … Logistics Capabilities on e-Commerce Performance: A Study of the University of Phoenix

In evaluating the impact of logistics capabilities on e-Commerce performance for the University of Phoenix several significant insights were gained from the analysis completed. As the university is a services-based organization that strategically designed to get our customers, the students, to their educational and professional goals, the use of logistics is critical to the attainment of that mission. In the studies of best practices in using logistics to increase the efficiency and strengthen the customer experience of service industries, the relationship between exceptional 3rd party logistics (3PL) orchestration, insightful use of analytics for managing supply chains all have a significant positive effect on firm performance (Cho, Ozment, Sink, 2008). For services…. [read more]

E-Commerce Information Systems Term Paper

… These are the technologies upon which a program is either explicitly or implicitly-based or susceptible, and they are often the root cause of change in today's program management and control environment. It is thus considered crucial that they be specifically recognized and fully integrated into the program management (Thorn 2001).

Relational Databases

Relational databases have dominated database management systems for the past decade, and they are now facing challenges from object-oriented databases. These new databases enable users to access vastly different types of data and do so in a way which is efficient and which increases productivity. In this way, types of information (such as graphics, sounds and pictures) which were difficult to organize into relational databases, can be put into databases and easily accessed…. [read more]

IBM Company: Business-to-Business Organization Essay

… Thinkers engaging expertise and experts in enhancing global businesses

II. Designing digital systems that develop trust speeding value creation

III. Embracing iteration in all business activities

IBM has created robust initiatives of social media that focus on enabling their clientele to be active participants in social media. The company has designed an internal site of social business founded on social, educational, and interactive programs. These programs have proven to be critical to socio-business details of IBM. This resource educates clients of IBM about various social initiatives and social media that take place on the international scene prompting them to be active participants. The company provides a host of modules, which provides clients with knowledge on how to use social websites. IBMers have been able to…. [read more]

E-Commerce in Education With Rapid Term Paper

… Finding the "best" vendors becomes a challenge. The convergence strategy recognizes the trend of other industries that are catering to the learning environment. Training companies, publishers, software vendors and hardware manufacturers are re-examining their capabilities as they converge into the learning industry."

E-commerce in education is now a reality and is definitely here to stay. E-commerce was adopted for important reasons, 1) convenience and increased accessibility, 2) profit maximization. We have already explained how Internet presence can give students greater access to information about courses, more opportunities to interact with instructors and provide them with an enhanced ability with facilities such as video conferencing, computer interaction rooms etc. The second reason is connected with the first one. Increase in revenues is directly associated with increase…. [read more]

Message and E-Tailing Background- E-Commerce Essay

… Graphics included: see samples included in letter

HELP is a Four Legged Word

Dear ____:

These days we are all besieged with thousands of advertising messages daily. We cannot drive down the street without someone wanting to sell us something -- whether we need it or not. It seems like everyone has their hand out for a piece of your hard-earned dollar. But what I am about to ask you is far more than just a donation -- it is about participating in a life-changing experience for both you and someone who desperately needs your help.

I am writing today about my favorite charity -- Canine Companions for Independence. This is a non-profit organization that provides highly-trained assistance dogs for children and adults with disabilities…. [read more]

Ecommerce E Commerce What Are Metrics (Financial Essay

… Ecommerce

E Commerce

What are metrics (financial, customer, internal business process metrics & learning and growth metrics)?

Metrics are various benchmarks that have been established for the implementation of the business. In the case of an e-commerce website, they are serving as a way to determine how successful the organization is in relation to the business plan. This is because various objectives will be established from the very beginning, to determine how successful a business will be in future. As a number of different elements will be examined including: the possible returns on investment, how the organization will be able to make a profit, the target audience that is going to be selected, how the business will be able to stream line costs (in an…. [read more]

E-Commerce and Business Redesign Term Paper

… Customer loyalty is especially important to the banking business in general. Most people need a real reason to change banks. David Gefen [16] found that customer loyalty to a specific online vendor increased with perceived better service quality both directly and through increased trust.

In the beginning e-businesses were centered on using the latest technical bells and whistles to attract clients. But many learned a hard lesson and found that the same marketing principles that apply to a traditional brick and mortar business, also apply to an e-business. Sarker [17] emphasizes this point and reminds business to strive for a balanced approach between technical issues and social issues in their business process design. Kalalota and Whinston [18] stress the point that the same principles that…. [read more]

E-Commerce Plan Nintendo's Global Leadership Thesis

… e-Commerce Plan

Nintendo's global leadership in the development, marketing, promotion, sales and service of their best-selling gaming modules, gaming software and interactive games has also created exceptional growth for third party games, development kits and accessories. The intent of this e-commerce venture plan is to create an e-commerce business that offers Nintendo gaming modules, gaming software and interactive games both from Nintendo and from third parties for sale globally. The e-commerce site will also have an innovative "build your own game" feature where customers can get online, design their own game and download it to use on the Wii, DS or DSi. This approach to mass customization of video games to customers' requirements will require that the 3rd party developers of Wii gaming modules, gaming…. [read more]

E-Commerce in July of 1997 Subsequent Term Paper

… E-Commerce

In July of 1997 subsequent to a series of strategic planning sessions Starbucks took the decision to create a Website, which was completed in fifteen months in collaboration with Organic Online. The purpose is to project the Starbuck's story and share it with its customers both existing and new. The objectives include branding, e-commerce and customer communication and this idea rests on meeting experiential and utilitarian goals. This site provides the opportunity to exploring, browsing and learning about Starbucks on one side and specific task-based needs on the other side like shopping, locating a store or looking for a job. (

The new online strategy analysts believe will help Starbucks extend its brand image to a larger range of audience than just its coffee-retail…. [read more]

E-Commerce Management Essay

… E-Commerce Management

Describe how e-markets are redefining organizations.

Electronic commerce is one of the strongest forces of the contemporaneous business community. Its emergence has generated a wide series of impacts on customers, organizations or other tertiary parties. In terms of academic research for instance, e-commerce has lead to increased numbers of studies linking technology to business; in terms of industry, it lead to intensifying levels of competition, and so on. An integrant part of e-commerce is the e-market, generically understood as the customer base to which products and services are electronically addressed. More simply put, e-markets represent the individuals who purchase online, or who could be persuaded to make their purchases online. The emergence of this concept of electronic market contributes significantly to a reshaping…. [read more]

Organizational Outputs -- Nadler-Tushman Congruence Essay

… Sales revenue is divided into three categories: (a) New customer revenue is all revenue that falls within a quarter from customers joining and subscribing to a weight management plan during that quarter -- new customers are the main driver of revenue growth; (b) on-program revenue, as it is termed, is all the revenue from customers who joined and subscribed to a weight management plan in previous quarters yet are still within the first nine months of the subscription program for which they originally signed up; (c) reactivation revenue is all the revenue from customers for whom more than nine months have passed since their initial purchase of weight management products.

Marketing and advertising are a large portion of the cost of doing business. The e-commerce…. [read more]

Learning to Play Business Golf Research Proposal

… Learning to Play Business Golf

What is my goal for this project?

The project I have chosen is to analyze the concept of business golf. Further to that, I wish to develop a plan for me to learn to play golf, and then engage in business golf to attract and retain key clients. I hope that in the course of this project I am able to determine the steps I need to take to learn how to play the game of golf, and figure out what I can expect in terms of outcomes from playing business golf.

Business golf is a formalized version of an age-old concept. For as long as there has been business, that business has been based on relationships. Sometimes those relationships…. [read more]

Organizational Technology Plan for Dell Term Paper

… Organizational Technology Plan for Dell, Inc.

In an increasingly globalized marketplace, identifying and seizing opportunities to capture additional market share becomes vital to a company's success. One company that has managed to accomplish this and more is Dell, Inc., one of the leading personal computer vendors in the world today. This paper describes the organizational technology plan for Dell, Inc. And the company's organizational technology plan. The study explores and defines the company's plans for the organization (including managers and individuals), and its intentions concerning how best to apply this new and emerging technology. A summary of the research and salient findings are provided in the conclusion.


Today, Dell, Inc. And its subsidiaries (hereinafter "Dell" or "the company") competes in the international marketplace for…. [read more]

Learning Organizations Term Paper

… Learning Organizations and Innovation

The characteristics of learning organizations that set them apart from the many other types is the ability to continually stay agile in structure and process, continue to find new approaches to fostering passionate commitment from their employees, suppliers, partners, and customers, and finally, a culture that seeks to maximize each person's potential in the context of current business strategies and needs. The learning organization is agile enough to change significantly with time, passionate enough to keep their best employees, constituents, and customers involved, and seek to always have a strong culture that stresses team achievement and individual growth. The challenge for all organizations seeking to be learning organizations is that inherently in their core business models and processes there is the…. [read more]

Learning Power and Culture Schools A-Level Coursework

… Learning, Power and Culture Schools

Learning, Power, and Culture in Schools

When one uses incrementalism one adds to a plan bit by bit, rather than attempting to do something all at once. By making these kinds of incremental changes, a person can make course corrections and also build upon what was done in the past to create a positive future for himself or herself. This can be done in personal or professional situations, as well. Logical incrementalism is when something is added to in increments through a sensible process of careful steps (i.e. logic) (Mintzberg, 2005). This is a focus on planning with a behavioral approach, instead of a formal systems approach to planning (Mintzberg, 2005). It can be used in public policy, but there…. [read more]

Learning Log: Reflections Culture Essay

… To move forward requires all organizational actors to focus on the 'forest' as well as the trees. There will always be obstacles and difficulties, initially, and the promised payoff of change must outweigh the initial negatives experienced along the way.

Organizational change

Communication is the most effective way to minimize resistance. As soon as change is proposed, the change sponsors should solicit input from the most involved organizational actors. Getting people who are influential within the organization on the 'change bandwagon' is essential. Once the particulars of the change plan are decided upon, the plan should be adhered to as much as is feasible, and even when there is a deviation the reason for a delay should be reported rather than concealed. Unexplained delays and…. [read more]

Organizational Behavior Faithhighway Inc Term Paper

… Organizational Behavior

FaithHighway Inc.

FaithHighway Inc. is an organization that is half for profit and half for Christian service. The company is an evangelistic organization whose primary purpose is to spread the Gospel of our Lord Jesus, as well as to produce media products such as television commercials and custom production pieces. With this combined missions of the organization, and based from the behaviors within, it can be considered that FaithHighway is promoting and using all positive internal and external factors that are present to the organization while winning against negative factors that provide risk to the success of the organization.

FaithHighway Inc. has different internal and external forces that affect and influence behavior within the organization. Some internal factors that are included in such…. [read more]

Improvement in an Organization Essay

… Quantitative techniques enable the management to make decisions in financial management and other functional areas that utilize high-speed computers handling the required calculations. Computers have a great impact on financial management operations. In addition, the increase in availability of software offering quantitative techniques has enhanced the utilization of computers in financial management. Because quantitative approaches have received extra emphasis in light of financial management decision making, it is necessary to acknowledge that managers can apply both quantitative and systemic approaches. However, most financial decisions are guided by the f principles of quantitative approaches (Russell & ASQ Quality Audit Division, 2005).

A Systems Approach

A systems approach is often beneficial in financial decision-making. A system if defined as a collection of interrelated sections that collaborate. In…. [read more]

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