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Europe After World War II Essay

… The Commission was believed to be in a unique position to manipulate both domestic and international pressures on national governments to advance the process of European integration, even where governments might be reluctant. This contrasted with realist explanations of IR, which focused exclusively on the international role of states. Neo-functionalists used the concept of spillover to explain how, once national governments took the initial steps towards integration, the process took on a life of its own and swept governments along further than they anticipated going.

This statistical analysis taken from ( shows the "Fixed Investment and GDP Growth" on a 5-year moving average. Results show that China and India has been far better than Europe and U.s, in improving their GDP growth. Basically Europe has…. [read more]

Europe and Africa Understanding Essay

… In other words, the emergence of the nation-state in Machel's African locale depended upon the adoption of a new perspective, in which his followers could become like, for instance, the followers of Charlemagne in medieval Europe -- united under a single banner or flag.

In this manner, it becomes possible to compare the emergence of ethnicities and nation-states in Europe and in Africa. By understanding the term ethnicity as one that holds specific political, social, and economic ramifications, and one that may be used by authors in order to unite and separate entire groups of people according to the perspective and importance that the author wishes to place on the term, it may be seen how ethnicities and nations emerge throughout history.

However, to fully…. [read more]

Europe Modern History Essay

… Europe

Svalbard is an archipelago in the Arctic Sea., de jure controlled by Norway but subject to unique international agreement.. It is located from 74 to 81N, above the Arctic Circle, and as such is the most northerly populated locality in Europe, and the northernmost civilian locality in the world -- Canada has permanent military settlements further north. Svalbard's significance for Europe is that there are both Norwegian and Russian settlements on the island of Spitsbergen. The archipelago has unique status as a free economic zone and a demilitarized zone. The Russian presence there amounts to a small mining village that was basically allowed under the Svalbard Treaty that assigned sovereignty of the archipelago to Norway, yet Norway typically exercise no control over the village…. [read more]

Europe Transformed 1500-1800? Discuss Political and Religious Term Paper

… ¶ … Europe transformed 1500-1800? Discuss political and religious fragmentation, the creation of monarchies and the genesis of nations, the rise of capitalism, and the rise of secularism, science and technology. Why did Europe progress along this unique pattern of development and what was the impact for world history?

Economic, Social and Religious changes in Europe (1500-1800) and their influences on the modern society

This period of 1500-1800 could be characterized by intense modifications in the structure and the operation of the economic, social and religious system in Europe. Structural changes and reforms represent ideas which would constitute a premise for what Europe, and the world in its assembly, has managed to become today.

Europe played an important on the history of human kind for…. [read more]

Modern-Day Corruption and Graft A-Level Coursework

… However, while, it worked on most occasions, the Cold War did lead to disastrous conflict in the shape of the Korean War and the Vietnam War that the world is still recovering from on the global scale as peace and stability in the regions are still the primary aims to be attained.

13. In what ways were the civil rights struggles for blacks and Hispanics similar? How were they dissimilar?

Both blacks and Hispanics were minorities in America and were treated as such. The similarities in their struggles are that both communities: faced discrimination in labor and social rights and had to carry out revolutions -- some peaceful, some not -- in order to get their rights identified. The dissimilarity was a very basic one:…. [read more]

Origin of Anatomically Modern Humans Essay

… Later on, Homo sapiens would leave Africa and dominate other populations on the Earth resulting in modern human beings as discussed in earlier sections.

Other evidence regarding the existence of different populations has been obtained from study of archaeological artifacts like tools, houses, graves, art or decoration as well as genetic changes. However, majority of anatomical, archaeological and genetic evidence gives credibility to the view that modern human beings are a newer phenomenon whose best explanation is provided by the Out-of-Africa Model (Donald 2). The neurological modifications and cultural innovations seen with the appearance offully modern humans have benefited them and have resulted in their dominance at the expense of all other older and less modern hominid populations.

Unfortunately, the fossil records available to archaeologists…. [read more]

Matisse and O'Keeffe: Modern Artists Essay

… His paintings took on a more orderly appearance and moved away from the Abstract style coming into being. His Odalisque with Arms Raised (1923) is a feminine nude in a fully realized setting: she reclines on a sofa in the corner of a room. Its softer colors and semi-realistic rendering connect it to O'Keeffe's semi-realistic rendering of both cityscapes and flora.

Like Matisse, O'Keeffe found her support in an art patron (whom she happened to marry). She brought to her American audience a new approach to modernism: modernism through naturalism. Her Gray Line with Black, Blue and Yellow (1923) is a perfect example of the kind of work she produced after turning her attention to plants and flowers. If Matisse reflected female sexuality by painting…. [read more]

Politics Modern Political Thought Term Paper

… Modern capitalism is far less restrictive than what they were used to. When society evolved to try to give everyone a small piece of the big pie, it eventually called it Capitalism. "Over a period of a few centuries the 'long journey' toward capitalism extended in this direction: a complex and interlocking process which involved the formation of merchant and banking bourgeoisies, the appearance of nations and the establishment of modern states, the expansion of trade and the domination on a world scale, the development of techniques of transportation and production, the introduction of new modes of production and the emergence of new attitudes and ideas." (Beaud, 17)

There are still debates on whether capitalism is actually a system or if it is merely an…. [read more]

Europe During Times of Military Exercise Term Paper

… Europe

During times of military exercise or industrial expansion, women pose a useful resource to employers in even the most sexually hegemonic of cultures. Politicians urge women to leave their spatulas and kitchen sinks to join the workforce under the heart-tweaking adage of patriotism and national spirit. "We Need You!," they proclaim in colorful posters and media spots. However, when the market resizes or the men return, those same politicians thank the women kindly for their work, and, with the threat of nationally high unemployment, send them clattering back to the kitchen with little justification for job loss other than patriotic gratitude and entrenched beliefs of social mores.

The modern working woman struggles to balance work and family, as the Second Wave of feminism propels…. [read more]

Europe From 1948 to 2004 From Cooperation to Integration Term Paper

… Europe From 1948 to 2004

The ascension of Turkey into the European Union has been one of the most historically difficult of all expansion moves. Several member states with limited or strained relations with Turkey, (mainly France and Greece) opposed the absorption of Turkey into the EU. Their cited reasons for opposition included their own political agendas as well as the fact that Turkey was slow in meeting the Copenhagen criteria, set up early in the process as essential to membership. (Bache & George, 2006, p. 204) the Copenhagen criteria as detailed by the EU organization in 1993 were as follows; political criteria, applicant must have stable institutions, guaranteeing democracy, the rule of law, human rights and the protection of minorities. Economic criterion the applicant…. [read more]

1770 and 1850, the Economy Term Paper

… Farmers also managed their large as they deemed fit.

England imported most of its iron. This could be attributed to shortage of charcoal that could be used in smelting iron. However, when it was established that coke could be used in smelting iron, the iron industry took off. England was endowed with vast deposits of iron ore and coal.

Invention of steam engine also led to industrial revolution in Britain. It all began with the invention of Newcomen engine in about 1712 where a cylinder was filled with steam and the steam condensed to draw the piston down. This engine was used to draw water out of coal mines. Watt Engine, invented in 1774, had a separate condenser that made it more efficient. James Watt…. [read more]

Shape and to Create Essay

… William the Conquerer was a rule who made it clear that he was to be treated as one more powerful and more popular than the pope, and that even the pope's envoys needed to enter England with the permission of William and that same permission was needed in order for members of the papal group to publish.

While these moves might appear incredibly controlling, William was one of the people who was able to push England into being an ideal European nation, a nation that was simply better organized and more powerful. And part of these achievements were connected to the fact that he took power away from the papacy and some of their more archaic tendencies for ruling and controlling -- old fashioned regimes…. [read more]

Dark Ages or Early Middle Essay

… The intellectual life was stimulated by protection and affluence that was also supported by the church. The Arab culture was also introduced in Europe at the same time as Crusades made contacts with the Arabs. Due to this contact, Europe also got hold of the works of Greek authors that were being preserved by the Arabs. The Dark Age is also of particular importance as "philosophy, science, and mathematics from the Classical and Hellenistic periods were assimilated into the tenets of the Christian faith and the prevailing philosophy of scholasticism" ("Middle Ages," 2013).

It was also in the Dark Ages that the Crusades enhanced the ultimate model of militant knighthood. The Knights Templars and the Knights Hospitalers that were the two monastic knighthood orders trained…. [read more]

Persecution of the Early Church Thesis

… Persecution of the Early Church

Martin Luther

The Reformation

Humanism and Learning

Religion and Leadership

Social Changes: The Catholic Church

Changing History

The Persecution of the Early Church

The modern age began to develop around the start of the 16th century. This was largely because society began to develop its initial modern practices during this time. Many things throughout this time had a large impact on the world, and still affect us today. Three things, however, can be singled out as being most important. The American Revolution, the founding of America by Christopher Columbus, and the reformation of the Catholic Church were all instrumental in affecting our world.

At the beginning of the sixteenth century, the Catholic Church in Europe, modeled upon the bureaucratic structure…. [read more]

France Rural Society in Early Term Paper

… Indirectly there are other insights into the political nuances such as France's boarder disputes with Spain, conscription and even medical capabilities of the time as the subject of the story survives amputation and war.

Another insight is that we humans repeat history over and over. One example of this phenomena can demonstrated by how we in the twenty-first century fear being the victim of personality theft as was the case in Davis' story. I feel she did an excellent job of taking the historical facts and working them into the story and then modernizing the thought process so the story becomes timeless. Davis' thoughts and beliefs were created from historical fact and that made the plot enjoyable.

This type of work is very important in…. [read more]

Multiculturalism in Europe With Special Dissertation

… ¶ … Multiculturalism in Europe With Special Reference to Germany

The issue of multiculturalism has been the focus to the political concerns of European nations since nineteen forty five. The problem of multiculturalism covers numerous issues, which predominates differ with different political situations. Multiculturalism mirrors concerns regarding immigration and the manner in which immigrants settled in Western Europe between 1950s and 1960s. Following the break-up of communism in nineteen eight nine, and the rebellion of ethnic nationalism in the Eastern Europe, the problem of multiculturalism centered around devolution of power from central national governments to regionally sub-national groups and the probabilities of power-sharing at the centre. Multiculturalism was also linked to the developing numbers of political refugees, and in the wake of terrorists attacks in…. [read more]

Romantic and Modern Design Styles Term Paper

… The material itself being the focus meant Wright used a limited color palette in his designs, using a very muted, intimate and warm palette that came straight from nature. (Pile, 1997) Not until Postmodernism in the 1960s would architects and designers start to experiment beyond the bounds of Frank Lloyd Wright's choices.


Romanticism and Modernism were two design movements that could not have been more different in their conception and their purpose. The choice to build with a romantic, neoclassical or beaux-art design was based on the wealth of the client, and the exceptional circumstances of the turn of the century. With the onset of the First World War in 1914, and the deaths of millions of young individuals in Europe, a new tone…. [read more]

History of Muslims in Europe and in the US Research Paper

… History of Muslims in Europe and in the U.S.

Islamophobia - the United States and the European continent

The Islam is at the moment one of the most important religious, cultural, and eventually political entities of the world today. According to studies made in 2009, it represents 23% of the global population of 6.9 billion people

Even so, there are numerous accounts in which the Muslim population is the subject of discrimination or political differentiation. At the moment, this entire phenomenon is defined as Islamophobia. The present paper addresses the issue of islamophobia from the perspective of the two most important regions where it developed and where is most visible. In this sense, the research takes into account the way in which the United States…. [read more]

General Motors Europe Essay

… General Motors Europe

As of 2008, the economic agents are under tremendous pressure. A financial crisis commenced within the United States' real estate sector to quickly expand to other industries as well. The automobile industry was severely affected; probably it was the most affected industry after real estate for the simple reason that automobiles represent the second largest acquisition of an average family, after the house. Given this situation, vehicle manufacturers implemented a wide series of strategic decisions in order to respond to the emergent challenges. Most of these strategic actions revolved around cost cutting endeavors, such as the closing down of manufacturing plants or staff downsizing, but also the request of governmental loans. General Motors subscribes to this pattern of responses to the internationalized…. [read more]

Birth of Modern Politics by Lynn Parsons Book Review

… Birth of Modern Politics by Lynn Parsons

In the Birth of Modern Politics, Lynn Parsons examines the role that Andrew Jackson, John Quincy Adams, and the election of 1828 played in the creation of today's modern two-party political system. Parsons points out that the founding fathers were adamantly against the establishment of political parties and a two-party system. However, within a very short period of time, political parties had become an integral part of the American landscape. In fact, by the 1820s, political parties were entrenched in American politics, though the two-party system had yet to develop. The election of 1828 played a prominent role in the establishment of a two-party system, and Parsons explains the social changes leading up to that election, the impact…. [read more]

History of the Modern Middle East Term Paper

… History Of the Modern Middle East

As a result of the Industrial Revolution, during the 19th and the 20th centuries, the Western world as grew more dependent upon the advancement of technology, in every facet of daily existence. As an unintentional result of this economic revolution, the major commercial powers grew more dependent upon the non-renewable resource of oil. The state that controlled oil, in the form of trade routes, or oil-producing colonies, could dominate the other major nation-states. Ironically, as a result of technological advancement, the states that had formerly dismissed the Middle East as backward or significant only in terms of its historical role in the development of Christianity grew progressively more dependant upon the region to sustain a modern economy.

Initially, Britain…. [read more]

Nationalism in 19Th Century Europe Term Paper

… Hungary's failed revolt was more comparable to the attempts for Irish independence and the assertions of Irish nationalism in the 19th century, all of which fell far short of Home Rule or even an independent Parliament. To a certain extent, the emergence of nationalism over the nineteenth century was a natural consequence of the greater encroachment of states over their subject territories. The most obvious assertions of nationalism came when a country was ruled largely from afar, or by rulers of a different linguistic or religious identity -- this was the case in Belgium, Hungary, Ireland, and even the case with Italy (which still had Bourbon monarchs at the start of the unification process) or Germany (where the Catholic regions held out longest against Bismarck's…. [read more]

Geography of Europe Current Religious Essay

… In 2011, statistical demographers caused some controversy when they looked census data and predicted the future extinction of religion in several European countries for which it had reliable "census data stretching back as far as a century from countries in which the census queried religious affiliation": their analysis demonstrated that Austria, the Czech Republic, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Switzerland would all have no organized Christian presence within approximately a generation (Palmer 2011). The reasons for this are perhaps more complicated, although frequently political: in Ireland, for example, Catholicism focused political opposition to Great Britain much as it did in Poland against the Soviets. In other words, the process undergone in Poland currently -- where the Catholic Church has filled a political vacuum and become…. [read more]

Ancient Civilizations Contributions to Modern Society Research Paper

… Ancient Civilizations Contributions to Modern Society

The ancient period is the historical era determined by the convention. It includes the studying of the past life activities and events. The modern is the contrary of the ancient. However, it is imperative to realize that for there to be the present, it was a process of development. History shapes the lives, practices and beliefs of people through long periods of influential civilizations

Civilization is characterized by advancements in the system of writing, cities as well as social classes. The inventions of the early civilizations, for example, ancient Greece, china, Mesopotamia and classical Rome have remarkably shaped the current world that we inhabit. Among the labels that define the transitions is "Late Antiquity." This is the period that…. [read more]

Alike Medieval Europe and Japan Term Paper

… Medieval engineers discovered the power of the pointed arch and the flying buttress, and built lofty cathedrals and towers of whose walls seemed made entirely out of beautifully patterned stained glass. Many of these structures were almost completely covered with statues of kings and queens, saints, and monsters. This period of cultural fluorescence coincided with the rebirth of the towns, and the full-flowering of the feudal system. Knights and priests developed the code of chivalry with its devotion to honor, justice, and fair play. Troubadours sang of heroic exploits and courtly love - the unconsummated (at least theoretically) passion of a knight for an unobtainable lady. Christian fervor, and the lust for gain that the growing towns engendered, produced the Crusades. These were large-scale military…. [read more]

Film Discussion Early View of Modern Cities Essay

… Film Discussion Early View of Modern Cities

View of Early Modern Cities Through the Man with the Movie Camera and Modern Times

"And time marches on into the late afternoon," time always seems to pass us by at an incredible speed (Chaplin 1936). The dawn of the twentieth century speed up the rate of advancement for industry and urban growth. This had a tremendous impact on the various societies at the time, as seen in the two films The Man with the Movie Camera and Modern Times. Each film plays on the idea that the growing industrialism is essentially isolating the individual from the social and agricultural roots we all once had ties to, and thus has a seemingly negative viewpoint of the early modern…. [read more]

Jewish Culture of Medieval Europe Term Paper

… Jewish Culture of Medieval Europe

What were the characteristic modes of Judaism and Jewish life in Sepharad and Ashkenaz? How were the Sepharadic and Ashkenazic culture indicative of the Muslim and Christian environment, respectively?

Jewish culture of medieval period in Christian and Muslim worlds was different mainly because of religious tolerance common for Eastern world. Domination of two major religions: Christianity and Islam had a direct influence on the attitude towards Jews in the time when clerical ideas were of higher importance then laws and social norms. Even that both religions Christianity and Islam have origins in Judaism, attitude towards Jews were different.

Jews in Medieval Muslim world had more rights as an autonomous nation than in Medieval Europe. In fact Jews lived in the…. [read more]

Father of Modern Missions: William Carey Research Paper

… [footnoteRef:21] By 1722, the brethren of the Moravian Church had come to Saxony to settle on the estate of Count Nicholas Lundwig von Zinzendorf. This settlement was known as Herrnhut, and it became the first Moravian Church in England. In Zinzendorf, the Moravian brethren found a champion and protector; Zinzendorf declared that the Moravians were "truly unprejudiced against their Fellow Sisters (other churches) never taking part in their quarrels, never judging any Body, or its members." [21: Ibid.]

As the Moravian influence in England continued to grow, it reached esteemed religious pioneers like John Wesley.[footnoteRef:22] In fact, as the Moravian societies settled in England, many of them remained with the Church of England, attending the local parish churches.[footnoteRef:23] The separation of the Moravian brethren into…. [read more]

Rhetorical Theory Classical and Modern Term Paper

… Rhetoric

Classical and Modern Rhetoric

In philosophy and the human sciences, rhetoric has for centuries played a significant role. The art of rhetoric involves the usage of language to harness authority, reason, and emotions in order to persuade an audience to either agree with the speaker, pass judgment, or identify with a particular point-of-view and act on it. In Greece, rhetoric had its humble origins in the Sophist school of philosophy around 600 B.C. - many years before Socrates. Later, rhetoric was one of the major liberal arts to be taught in the Roman Empire and the Middle Ages. The art of rhetoric would be confined to legal and political settings throughout the medieval period of history. A rhetorical argument may also utilize popular opinion,…. [read more]

Bacchic Rituals and Modern Manifestations Term Paper

… Bacchic Rituals and Modern Manifestations

The foundations of the society in which we live today have a distinctive dependence on technology and science, with a strength of nations that drives desire for personal control over resources and in a sense even the coarse of ones life. Yet, in reality there is really relatively little, real opportunity for personal control of the determination of one's life and yet much opportunity for leisure. The culture of the modern world, at least in western society is relatively stable, not as bound and determined to expand at the cost of other nations and regions but still expanding in quieter ways allowed the post colonial concepts of nations. The reach for a global economy and global communication an almost mind-boggling…. [read more]

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