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Earth Science When Teaching Essay

… Earth Science

When teaching Earth Science to students there are many options today and many things that need to be addressed in the lesson plans. Most school districts have certain scope and sequence areas that are to be addressed in the classroom, first in the lesson plans themselves and later in the standardized testing that is done once a year, usually at the end of the year.

Mapping data helps students learn about and explore Earth processes. Data mapping helps scientists learn about the how the earth fits together and this allows them to keep an eye on troubled hotspots such as volcanoes and areas that have earthquakes. Children can learn about the earth processes by watching videos and studying websites that have data mapping…. [read more]

Teaching High School Science Term Paper

… ¶ … Earth-Science

Inquiry-Based Education in Earth Science Instruction

Creative Essay

The objective of this work is to discuss the experiences of a teacher presenting Earth Science coursework in the secondary school setting. Covered will be that which defines inquiry-based instruction; the development and demonstration of inquiry-based learning activities for teaching science; National Science Education Standards at the appropriate grade level; Classroom dynamics for teaching science in the secondary school setting; Assessment in Earth Science Teaching and Design of Curriculum; an example of an original high-school earth-science activity; an example of an original middle-school earth-science activity; Teacher presentation, lesson and activity objectives; Grading for science; National norm referenced testing for science.


Earth Science is particularly complicated in relation to instruction in the contemporary classroom.…. [read more]

Education and the Teacher-Learner Relationship Term Paper

… "Research is clear that adult intelligence is reliant upon how well the brain has been shaped by experiences through life. These experiences, which are gained in a variety of ways by adults, must be stored in the memory areas of the brain and made available for recall when the need arises" (Wilson, 2006). So much of a person's life experience is the result of education, and if that educational experience is a negative one, which fails to acknowledge and validate personal differences in learning styles and philosophies, then the adult will equate learning with something negative.

Generally, I intend to take a pragmatic approach to education and use hands-on learning methods to help students incorporate and develop knowledge. However, that approach will borrow heavily from…. [read more]

Math Science Term Paper

… ¶ … Science

How have the reform movements impacted teaching math and science? Include the differences between traditional teaching and current practices in mathematics and science.

Ever since Horace Mann began his innovative educational reforms in the public schools programs of the 19th century, American education has tended to stress practical skills in its curricular approach and local control of schools. These two impulses have often existed in tension, as Americans have strived to remain competitive in math and science education and wish to see gains in the performance on standardized tests by its nation's youth. However, there is often great resistance to changes in the ways that such subjects are taught and standards are set by government agencies.

Math and science education is seen…. [read more]

Science Fiction Text Analysis Essay

… However, the ultimate effect produced by this thought experiment and the way in which it affects the world is that it makes violence all the more necessary, championed, and desensitized. Violence becomes a routine way of life that it ultimately encouraged -- because it will produce no physical consequences. Mentally, however, it readily engenders substantially greater violent proclivities in people.

The storyworld created in this tale is much like that of contemporary earth in terms of its atmosphere and basic processes. However, key distinctions between this storyworld and those of today is that the level of terrorism in Bucky's world is much more increased than in today's world. Terrorists routinely bomb schools and children -- since they know they have protective suits and will not…. [read more]

Acing the Praxis Science Term Paper

… Acing the Praxis


As a part of teacher certification and licensure, most states require that the teacher candidate take a series of state mandated tests known as the Praxis. The Praxis consists of three different tests. The first test, also known as the PPST or Praxis I measures basic academic skills and abilities in reading, writing, and mathematics. Many colleges and universities use the first part of the Praxis for entry into their teacher education programs. The second test, Praxis II measures general and specific knowledge and different teaching skills and abilities. The Praxis II tests the skills and knowledge of the specific subject that will be taught such as Science or Mathematics. Finally, the third part of the test or Praxis III evaluates…. [read more]

Environment Science Education Research Proposal

… Scope and Limitations

The scope of the research is to discover the satisfaction of students with the course materials at college level. The study will also assess whether these programs are effective as regards the students practical approach towards environment and environmental issues. Those students who have completed their one year of college education will be approached and will be requested to participate in the research. Though the researcher wants to ultimately present a strategy for interdisciplinary education yet the research has scope for engaging all the field like "life sciences, environmental sciences, and a variety of biology courses." Beyond this proposal and research I myself feel it interesting to explore parts of the curriculum that are proving barriers in the effectiveness of the college…. [read more]

Elementary Education Field Putnam/Boces Science the Board Essay

… ¶ … Elementary Education Field

Putnam/Boces Science

The Board of Cooperative Educational Services -- BOCES manages Science 21 which is an integrated K-6 science curriculum developed at the local and regional level at the Putnam / Northern Westchester Boces. As the name indicates, Science 21 is a science program designed by teachers and is intended for use by teachers for curriculum development and is associated with the "New York State Learning Standards for Mathematics, Science and Technology." ("Science 21: Welcome," 2009) The key constituent of the program is on exploration of science which is aimed at the student and germane to the routine lives of students. The primary focus of Science 21 is on practical inquiry-based science. Besides mathematics, language arts and technology are integrated…. [read more]

Planning Term Paper

… Students tended to calm down fast using these techniques; most educators I have spoken to agree that yelling doesn't work. Maintaining control in the classroom works best via simple methods.

Furthermore, I helped students keep their attention on the material and on me by keeping them actively engaged in the lessons, interested and enthusiastic. For example, in the year ten science class unit on "weathering and earth's changing face," I incorporated several photographic examples, such as one of the Grand Canyon. I have found that visual aids are one of the most effective tools for engaging student attention. Most students were willing participants in class activities and discussions and their level of participation enhanced their learning abilities. Moving around the classroom is also an effective…. [read more]

History Social Science Textbook Controversies Term Paper

… History/Social Science Textbook Controversy

History and Social Science Textbook Controversy

The controversy with textbooks has been plaguing our education systems far longer than many people realize. Beginning as far back as the 40s there have been disagreements over content and editing of textbooks, especially in the areas of History and Social Science (Zimmerman 2004). These disagreements have generated a tug of war between educators, politicians, parents, and historians that seems to have little chance of reaching a solution that satisfies everyone concerned.

The majority of textbook controversies are centered around religious and political issues. Often, religious groups speak up against certain textbooks because of a bad or biased representation that affects the reputation of the religious group, or, worse yet, perpetuates stereotypes or presents skewed…. [read more]

Literacy in Context Assessment Essay

… Helping the students make association between images and words should engage their memories, helping them to better recall information later when they may have to speak and/or write about what they saw. This would be one literacy strategy to use to improve literacy skills of students such as the one that produced the work sample analyzed.

Modeled Reading

Another strategy I would design for this student would be to include more lessons that involved listening to a reading and then writing about what was heard. There is an issue with this student regarding transfer of knowledge, whether oral or visual, to what is written. The student, to me, lacks the greatest skills in writing and not in another area, such as comprehension. To improve this,…. [read more]

Science and Religion One of the Responses Term Paper

… Science and Religion

One of the responses was given by Johannes Praetorius. His model noted a series of planets considered to be inferior revolving around the Sun, while the Sun itself revolved around a stationary Earth. The idea of this model was that the Earth was still the most important element of the Universe and that, eventually, all bodies actually revolved around it, including the Sun. However, this was already a way forward from the Ptolemaic model used by the Church.

Brahe's model posed two fundamental conclusions from his research, in reply to the Copernican model. The conclusions were mutually rejecting one another, so Brahe believed, through his calculations, either that the earth was motionless at the center of the Universe or that the stars…. [read more]

Changing the Way We Deliver Curriculum Term Paper

… ¶ … Learning

Hands-on science learning has become a common phrase in science education. Hands-on learning is not simply manipulating objects. It is being involved with in-depth investigations about objects, materials, phenomena, and concepts and interpreting meaning and understanding from these experiences. Although this approach goes back to the earliest days of public education, for a while it lost its place to text books and examinations. Now, however, it is making a comeback in schools that recognize the need for first-hand student involvement in order to promote the best learning environment.

The concept of hands-on learning stems back to early education philosophy. In the early 1800s, Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi argued that rather than dealing with words, students should learn through activity and things. They need…. [read more]

Astronomy Measuring the Diameter Term Paper

… Before beginning the experiment it is necessary to organize with someone at the other location to take the measurement at noon. This measurement will be required to calculate the diameter of the earth.

The other location, now to be referred to as location B, will complete the exact same measurements as your location, now to be referred to as location A. The completion of these measurements will now be described.

Equipment Required meter ruler.

Measuring tape.



Atlas or directory to determine the distance between points A and B.


Note: actual measurement must be completed at noon, allow adequate time to setup for the measurement.

1. Prior to noon, take a 1 meter ruler and hold it perpendicular to the Earth's surface. Ensure…. [read more]

Religion and Science Essay

… Any stimuli causes a positive effect (more neurons or more connections) and any trauma a negative effect (fewer neurons or fewer connections). However, the overall nature of plasticity in the human brain is during brain repair following any injury, plasticity changes are focused towards maximizing function in spite of any damaged brain areas. For example, in research studies in which one area of the brain was damaged, brain cells surrounding the damaged area underwent significant changes in both shape and functionality that allowed them to "evolve" to take on the functions of the damaged cells. This has not been widely studied in human subjects, but the data indicate that similar, though less effective due to the complexity of the human brain, changes that attempt to…. [read more]

Realism the Universe Term Paper

… Authoritative teaching should not be taken to the extreme, when children are not listened to or respected at all.

A realist classroom is firmly rooted in the five physical senses, surrounded by visual reminders of the physical universe. The teacher focuses on material that can be proven through the scientific method: observation and experimentation. Abstract issues are not concentrations of the realist classroom. The three R's are accented, along with physical science. The realist classroom includes visual aids like diagrams of the solar system, of the earth, and charts of the periodic table. The realist classroom might also include animals, plants, and other hands-on materials, as well as materials that can be used in scientific experiments such as computers. A realistic teacher also encourages his…. [read more]

Siop&reg Lesson Plan Template Standards Research Paper

… The teacher will show them how to clap out sounds and the application of chips in counting. They are then expected to practice following the example given by the teacher in order to grasp separate sounds in words. The teacher will give the students specific words that have different phonemic patterns; they are expected to have chips ready and able to move the number of chips consistent with the number sound. The exercise will then be evaluated by checking the responses after every word to verify understanding.

The practice word to be sounded out is Summer . The students are expected to move the number of sound they hear in correspondent to the number of chips. Therefore the sound summ-er would suggest two moves. It…. [read more]

History and Context of Graduate Education Essay

… Teaching

History and Context of Graduate Education

Many contemporary colleges and universities grew from Western European institutions that were around since the Middle Ages. Important types of higher learning existed in ancient times, in the Middle East, the Far East and Europe. Higher education in ancient Greece began at the Academy which established in about 387 BC by Plato. And also at the Lyceum which was founded in 335 BC by Aristotle. Both of these institutions offered to its students the advanced study of philosophy. During this time the Egyptian city of Alexandria attracted scholars from Greece and the Middle East to its museum and to the great Library of Alexandria. Al Azhar University was founded in the 10th century in Cairo, Egypt, is the…. [read more]

Science and Religious Beliefs of the Victorians Term Paper

… Science and Religious Beliefs of the Victorians

Whether to follow the critical mind whatever its destructive effect on religious faith or to follow the will to believe and abandon reason could become for some Victorians, perhaps a majority of the intellectuals, the two horns of a dilemma. They could do neither. No sooner had they concluded, under the influence of science and biblical criticism, that Christianity was a myth or that all supernatural religion was a delusion than they felt the hopes and consolations, so deeply imbibed by the Bible readings and church services of their youth, not only alive but reviving the more intensely as they were threatened with extinction."

Growing up with the ecclesiastical teachings, basking in the light of the bible readings…. [read more]

Science Misconception First Essay

… b. Condensation and evaporation is another form of energy transformation. Water falls to the earth from the clouds in the form of rain, sleet, hail or snow. It falls or leads to bodies of water where the drops are mixed with the other water content. The sun comes out and changes the energy in the water droplets so that the particles rise back up into the sky and form clouds. From there, the process repeats itself over and over again. The water molecules that constitute rain or rivers do not get created or destroyed. Instead the drops change form as their energy profile changes.

3. Also describe a mathematical equation that relates to this misconception and explain how the equation can help student understanding.

Formula…. [read more]

Technology in a 2nd Grade Term Paper

… Students from grade three up to grade eleven would be eligible to take these tests, and those who have not passed the English language / Arts, and Mathematics tests in grade ten would be tested again in grade eleven and twelve. (MCAS, it counts)

The question that arises at this point is no matter what the technology may be, are the teachers in the schools of the United States sufficiently well trained to accept and acknowledge this technology, so that it may be put to its bet use when teaching students? In the opinion of Glenn M. Kleiman, from the Center for Professional Online Education at the Education Development Center, only a 'clear eyed commitment' to using the available technology in the efforts being made…. [read more]

Collections: A History. Reference and User Services Term Paper

… ¶ … Collections: A History. Reference & User Services Quarterly

In the article, Katz writes claiming of the existence of small collection usually next to the reference desk labeled as ready-reference works. There is an assumption of several conditions met to access a ready reference collection in the United States. The availability of sufficient reference activities specified required reference dedicated place service. The existence of the elements enlisted by Katz suggests that there would have been an assurance of essential tools naturally assembled. The article covers the reference tools to keep close by the librarians to enable the answering of client's questions on a quick notice. The article brings in librarian-client relationships history the accessible CD-ROMs reference books, internet sources, data base access, service reference…. [read more]

Curriculum Development and Implementation Essay

… Both formative and summative assessments were utilized in order to monitor student learning during the individual lessons as well as the course of the unit, adjust accordingly, and measure academic achievement. A pre-assessment of content and vocabulary knowledge was used to establish baseline knowledge for each student. These results were also utilized to inform strategies and methodologies most conducive to favorable student outcomes. Assessments such as concept maps, multiple choice tests, knowledge surveys, exams, oral presentations, poster presentations, peer review, portfolios, and written reports were utilized to ascertain student understanding of content. Comprehensive reviews of key vocabulary and key content concepts were regularly scheduled throughout the course of the unit. In addition a variety of quick reviews utilizing thumbs up-down, numbered wheels, small dry white…. [read more]

Teaching Space Science Essay

… For example, the number of stars in the observable Universe is of the order 1022. One way to give meaning to this number, and at the same time help students develop a contextual framework for the enormity of the Universe is to have students imagine counting grains of sands on the beach. Even with the vast sum that would result from this exercise, this is a smaller number than the quantity of stars in the observable Universe. For temporal comparisons, Bennett prefers using Carl Sagan's device of the cosmic calendar, in which one imagines the history of the Universe from the Big Bang to the present, compressed into a single year (Bennett, 2011).

Another means of helping to convey broad spatial and temporal scales needed…. [read more]

History of Nursing Science Essay

… Lydia Hall, born in 1906 and a 1927 graduate of the York Hospital School of Nursing altered the conceptual framework of nursing further when she asserted that professional nursing was a key part of the medical care and rehabilitation process (Parker & Smith, 2010). Hall brought these to life when she opened the Loeb Center in 1963. Hall's main theory was the Care, Cure and Core model, which was honed in the 1950's and 1960's. Hall asserted, among other things, that "intimate" bodily care such as bathing and feeding should be handled by nurses alone. These tasks fall under the "care" part of Hall's philosophy (Parker & Smith, 2010). The "care" part of the model pertains to the nursing assuming the medicine administration duties for…. [read more]

Religion and Science Term Paper


Two Spires, One Cathedral: The Science-Religion Divide

Even though the cultural split between aggressively theistic and anti-theistic viewpoints has widened in recent years, it seems unfair to attribute this antagonism to any intrinsic conflict between religion and science. Religion and science are not incompatible. In fact, some of the most expansive and theoretically rich approaches to the problem struggle to bridge the putative gap between the two domains, while others simply pursue their own investigations without paying too much attention to contrary viewpoints. Meanwhile, those who are interested in promoting their own viewpoint at the expense of others -- as when, for example, Richard Dawson promotes a "militant atheism" to compete directly with fundamentalist religious movements -- seem less invested in grappling with competing…. [read more]

Teaching on the Cognitive Learning of Adult Term Paper

… ¶ … Teaching on the Cognitive Learning of Adult Kidney Transplant Recipients

The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of individual and group teaching on the cognitive learning of adult kidney transplant recipients on an inpatient transplant unit.

Kidney transplant recipients have an abundance of learning needs after receiving their transplants. Patient education is a crucial aspect of the transplant nurse's role. Transplant recipients must learn follow-up instructions, signs of rejection and infection, medications and their side effects, urine testing procedures, and dietary and lifestyle modifications in order to ensure transplant viability and increased quality of life. It is important that the most effective method is used to teach this critical information. Patient education is widely documented in the literature, however little…. [read more]

Grant Proposal for Computers and Software Term Paper

… ¶ … Reading Comprehension Among Middle School Students (Grades K6-K8) in Title I Programs - Grant Proposal

Project Summary/Introduction

The purpose of this project is to increase reading comprehension among middle school students (grades K6-K8) in Title I programs at XYZ SCHOOL by providing high quality, engaging content through a mini classroom lab using interactive software from Plato Learning. These Title I students face challenges in developing vocabulary, locating and recalling information and reading for meaning and critical analysis.

Many research reviews have found evidence of a positive association between use of discrete educational software (DES) products and student achievement in reading (Murphy, Penuel, Means, Korbak & Whaley, 2001; Kulik & Kulik, 1991; Kulik, 1994; Fletcher-Flinn & Gravatt, 1995; Ryan, 1991). These findings reveal that…. [read more]

Popular Culture in the Classroom Term Paper

… S. college students turn to the Net for their academic and social life. 80% of the students reckon that the Internet had changed their academic life and 60% thanked the Net for their social life improvement.

The Internet is a new phenomenon, booming to change everyone-in-every-continent's life. The use of the Internet has been increasing rapidly in the last decade, not only in the adult communities, but also children and juveniles.

With many educational organizations going online, teachers can benefit the convenience of online communities, to encourage the students to tuck some 'science' and 'learning', while they are surfing their favorite sites and saving gossips.

Curry, D.L. (2003) recorded some museums that provide online tours and interactive rooms where students can communicate online and participate…. [read more]

Relationship Between Science and Christianity Thesis

… ¶ … Science and Christianity

Introduction common factor linking science and Christians in the debate about the existence of God, a hereafter - which is the Promise of God - and the history of Christians contained in the Bible is evidence. Both sides ask: is there evidence that science is wrong about evolution, creation, and that the Bible is right. Science, the professionals agree, and the Christians point out, is built upon models of "what if," in many cases. Most of the what if models were built around those questions that, if solved, and when solved, do more to link science and faith than to divide them in a decided way. For all the posturing about the accuracy of math and numbers being the only…. [read more]

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