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Ecological Footprint Thesis

… Ecological Footprint: Lab

When I first learned that my ecological footprint was calculated at 4.7 planets, I was upset. I have been trying to use the resources around me in a responsible manner, but according to this calculation, my lifestyle was nowhere near what would be defined as sustainable, either for myself or much less my children. An ecological footprint is defined according to environmental scientists as "how much land and water area a human population requires to produce the resource it consumes and to absorb its wastes, using prevailing technology"

Footprint Basics - Overview, 2009, Footprint Network). Another way of thinking of this is how much harm an individual life does to the planet that cannot be undone.

The footprint is a product of…. [read more]

Ecological Footprint Analysis Essay

… ecological footprint analysis: Calculations, explanations, and remedies.

The ecological footprint is a calculation of how much a particular individual's lifestyle exerts a toll upon the planet. It calculates how many nonrenewable resources the individual uses, how an individual's food and energy consumption impacts the planet, and puts the unnaturalness of modern life into context by stating how many 'earths' an individual requires to sustain his or her lifestyle -- in other words, it shows if everyone lived like the individual with a particular kind of footprint on the earth, how many earths this would require. Ecological footprint analysis can also be used to analyze a household, a nation, or an industry.

On a basic level, simply the process of doing an ecological footprint analysis can…. [read more]

Ecological Impact of Population Growth Term Paper

… Ecological Impact of Population Growth

Population Growth, the Environment, and Community Interactions:

In principle, the relationship between population size and the environment is very simple and equally direct. Living organisms consume natural resources to provide for their energy needs. The specific mechanism through which they accomplish this vary substantially: some organisms consume other living organisms; some consume only other organisms' waste products, or scavenge their left-over consumables; still others manufacture their energy by synthesizing energy from sunlight and elements occurring naturally in the gaseous atmosphere.

The unidirectional dependence of organisms that consume other organisms upon the continued availability of the latter is obvious, but what is less sometimes less apparent is the mutual interdependence of the continued health and viability of species who do not…. [read more]

Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Our Ecological Footprint Essay

… If I am going a distance less than two miles, I choose to walk instead of driving. If the distance is over two miles but less than 10 miles, I choose to cycle my bicycle. Biking is also healthier since it constitutes exercise to the body. Since my town has plenty of bike lanes and pedestrian sidewalks, I choose to walk in order to reduce my ecological footprint.


I will also make sure my faucets are closed tightly to reduce my ecological footprint. A faucet dripping at a rate of one drop per second wastes four gallons of water per day. Therefore, I will make sure to conserve water by closing all faucets tightly. Where possible, I will strive on the installation of water-efficient…. [read more]

My Ecological Footprint Essay

… Reducing My Ecological Footprint

Analysis of my Ecological Footprint Quiz Results

According to the results of my ecological footprint results, my overall ecological footprint measures 217.9, which is approximately 88% of the national average of 246.5. More specifically, my carbon footprint is approximately 57% of the national average, and my food, housing, and goods-and-services consumption are approximately 14% higher, 15% lower, and 6% higher than the national average, respectively.

The fact that I do not rely on private automobile transportation or make extensive use of gasoline-powered public transportation is probably the principal reason that my carbon footprint is so much lower than the national average. In principle, "carbon footprint" is the measure of the amount of carbon dioxide emitted from the combustion of fossil fuels…. [read more]

Carbon Footprint Qantas Essay

… Many customers are not sufficiently acquainted with these systems to use them comfortably and as a result some customers are frequently late to flights which results in operational inefficiencies.

Finding New Innovation

To operate sustainably in such economically and environmentally challenging times, Qantas will undoubtedly have to focus on innovation. Reducing weight can only do so much to improve efficiencies in the short-term and eventually they will have to think in more of a long-term perspective. Even though the airline industry in general is achieving higher fuel efficiencies and reducing other pollutants that are emitted in the atmosphere, the total number of flyers is also expanding which increases the overall emission levels. Therefore, Qantas must have a short-term, medium term, and long-term strategy for achieving…. [read more]

Carbon Footprint Labels Essay

… Carbon Footprint

One of the environmental trends of the late 20th and early 21st centuries has been the realization that the idea of individual political entities -- countries or states -- have very little meaning for climate and environmental issues. Globalism has proven to us that the world is interconnected in ways we never thought possible. Unfortunately, one of those ways deals with the way greenhouse gases (GHG) move into the environment and affect the total global balance. A carbon footprint is a concept that indicates the total set of the GHG emissions caused by an individual, and organization, and event, or a group of individuals (What is a carbon footprint?, 2011). From an ecological viewpoint it is how much polluting we do as individuals…. [read more]

How Ecology Is Important and Shapes Fashion Research Paper

… Ecology and Fashion

How ecology is important and shapes fashion

Ecology can be defined simply as the study of how people interact with their environment. It has been very important to us and many have considered it as part of their lives in order to secure their future and provide better life. However, a number of people still do not care about ecology and the environment. These people end up destroying the world day after day. In order to change these people's attitude, it is important to develop a research question to understand the importance of ecology and how it shapes art, especially fashion. The research question thus developed is: how does the use of ecology in fashion help to preserve the environment in today's…. [read more]

Aviation Industry Political Drivers Term Paper

… This brings us to our second significant driver which should encourage improvement in the aviation industry's sustainability efforts- ecological limitation and pollution damage. The aviation industry as it currently stands is wholly dependent on a fast depleting non-renewable resource. The entire aviation industry must evolve or become obsolete. If we do not find a large quantity of renewable of energy- which can be harnessed to fly aeroplanes-than there will be little need for this trade association. Even more immediately than that moment when the world's oil is so scarce that it becomes financially beyond the means of even multinational conglomerates, of greater concern, is the pollution which is emitted from the aeroplanes used by the aviation industry, and the impact of releasing CFCs directly near…. [read more]

Borderless Society a History Essay

… That's according to research done by Christopher L. Weber and H. Scott Matthews of Carnegie Mellon University, who argued in a 2007 study (Food-Miles and the Climate Impacts of Freight Transportation in American Food Consumption) that if you're trying to limit your food's carbon footprint, it is better to eat lower on the food chain than to eat local" (Boyd 2009). But even many varieties of fish are factory-farmed, thanks to increased demand for fish in a manner that requires abundant natural resources.

Regardless, buying locally may not be a viable solution to the dilemma of sustainability. "Economists have long recognized the welfare gains from specialization and trade. The case for specialization is perhaps nowhere stronger than in agriculture, where the costs of production depend…. [read more]

Global Environmental and Ecological Issues Essay

… This capacity put the nuclear power plant in the category of the world's 15 largest nuclear power stations ("Dirty inheritance," 2012). On March 11, 2001, an earthquake of the magnitude of 9.0 struck Japan ("Dirty inheritance," 2012). The earthquake and the tsunami that followed caused irreparable damage to the nuclear power plant ("Dirty inheritance," 2012). Reactor cooling systems in the plant were disabled which enabled nuclear radiation to leak into the environment. A 30-kilometer evacuation zone was established around the nuclear power plant as concerns about contamination of food and water supplies and harm to nuclear workers were addressed ("Dirty inheritance," 2012). In the years prior to the major earthquake, four incidents were recorded which indicated that some systems had failed ("Dirty inheritance," 2012). Importantly,…. [read more]

Bamboo Industry Research Proposal

… Bamboo Industry

In India, bamboo is considered "the poor man's timber." Over the past 20 years, bamboo has become a significant, sometimes superior substitute for wood. Currently, in some way or another in, the International Network for Bamboo and Rattan reports, approximately 1.5 billion people depend on bamboo products. In light of the significances of the bamboo industry, this thesis relates relevant research regarding the bamboo industry and asserts that a number of bamboo products, particularly those processed and manufactured for use in constructing houses and household items, primarily qualify as being eco-friendly.

From the literature reviewed for this study, the researcher completes a PEST Analysis, as well as a SWOT analysis to investigate factors contributing to the bamboo industry. Ultimately, the researcher finds that…. [read more]

Global Warming Introduction

… This descriptive Analysis takes a holistic view of the city in terms of inputs, flow through the system, and outputs. Urban metabolism will be used in conjunction with sustainability of those resources and flows as part of the model development for this research the study.

Urban pathology is it method of diagnosing problems within the city structure. It can be used to diagnose economic factors such as a weak market structure are any other systemic problem that the city faces (Furdell & Wolman. 2006). Urban pathology applies root cause analysis to the city as a tool for finding solutions to the problems in improving conditions within the city.

Cities come into existence for many different reasons and with varying degrees of forethought (Ellis). Urban development…. [read more]

Food Safety, Urban Sprawl Essay

… In the field of environmental psychology, research indicates that contact with highly aesthetic environments can impact well-being. Research indicates that being able to contemplate natural landscapes generates various affective responses that are correlated with the aesthetic judgments of the landscapes. These affective responses of pleasure and stimulation are associated with biological well-being. Sterile environments in which there is no reference to nature or access to natural visuals, can lower energy levels and increase stress. Different types of urban nature, such as gardens, parks, and even derelict sites, impact health and well-being, both positively and negatively.

Access to natural environments and gardens have been shown to reduce mental fatigue, reduce aggressive tendencies, increase relaxation, and have important restorative impacts on people who are ill or recovering.…. [read more]

Sony Sustainability Sony Term Paper

… Sony has not simply issued CSR reports in praise of its activities, but has also received awards and accolades from outside sources, regarding its sustainability practices. "ChemSem and Clean Production Action, identified the seven companies" that had shown the most impressive gains in sustainability, including Sony which was lauded for "removing substances of concern from their products, but also taking on the complicated task of establishing full chemical inventories for all their product lines. The company's products are now 99.9% BFR-free and will have no PVC components" (Apple and Sony lead green electronics charge, 2012, Sustainable Brands).

Sony has also been praised for encouraging the recycling of its electronics. Given that electronics have a shorter shelf life than in previous decades, thanks to the swift…. [read more]

Progress: Community Sharing vs. Individualistic Essay

… ' This creates the need to have more and more material goods that are only shared in private. Dawson even envisions solidarity economies of 'ecovillages' (modeled in part upon indigenous societies) which are based upon the principles of sustainability. All authors stress the notion of environmental sustainability as a complex system in which various contributing factors all influence its development simultaneously: in contrast to a linear system where one or two variables can be easily isolated, complex systems require holistic change. For example, Dietz & O'Neill stress the need to act now to change societal values to promote sustainability: it is not enough to make small, cosmetic changes but rather the whole system of human values must be altered to prioritize positive communities over enhancing…. [read more]

My Ideal Community Term Paper

… Dream Community

Unlike the popular Disneyland ideal of "Celebration U.S.A.," the Walt Disney World ideal 'planned community' in central Florida, which boasted a virtually all-white and middle-class population in a land of suburban sprawl and draconian rules governing the behavior of residents, (including forbidding the town's dwellers to complain about the mosquitoes, according to Frantz and Collins, 2000, study of the city) my ideal community would be racially diverse, and boast not of its wealth, but of a common educational and institutional framework. Cohesion would be created not by laws and regulations, but by a commitment to the community on the part of residents, and incentives through tax breaks and shared values.


The town would be racially, ethnically and culturally diverse, and boast of…. [read more]

Salmon River Ecosystem Earthworms Essay

… As people impact the natural environment, they spend more resources attempting to restore or maintain balance through artificial efforts. This is costly and diverts resources from critical areas. The increased levels of deforestation and urban sprawl have resulted in remediation to control the imbalances in species populations, and have altered the greater food web by reducing the biodiversity and increasing the need for artificially imposed control mechanisms. These changes tend to make living in the Pinot community less desirable on several counts: closer and more encounters with wildlife that pose substantive hazards to people, and destruction of the natural heritage of the surrounding areas, and significant impact on the valuable ecosystems.

Conclusions and Management Recommendations

This report recommends that a fragmentation be allowed to advance…. [read more]

Galapagos Islands Essay

… Galapagos

Since Charles Darwin published the Origin of the Species in 1859, the Galapagos Islands have been renown for their ecological diversity. The islands are also remarkable for their geographic terrain and volcanic activity. Officially part of Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands are still many hundreds of miles off the shore of South America. Their being located on the equator in the Pacific Ocean has created one of the most fascinating ecosystems on the planet.

Several species have evolved on the Galapagos Island differently than they have elsewhere, because the Galapagos Islands were formed from volcanic eruptions in the ocean. Unlike many other island systems, they were not once part of a larger land mass. Species living on the Galapagos Islands migrated there after having already…. [read more]

Sustainable Marketing LED Bulb Marketing Plan

… The desired outcome includes three primary factors. The bulbs must provide a return on investment to the firms' investors, treat its employees with dignity, and provide a more sustainable alternative to competing product lines at a reasonable price.

A successful marketing campaign will significantly benefit the three groups typically included in the concept of the triple bottom line; people, planet, and profits. Each group can be thought of independently in regards to their gains offered from LED. Consumers can by achieve gains by not having to change light bulbs nearly as often, experience a better quality of light, as well as benefit financially from the reduction in power consumption of the life time of the product. The planet benefits from a direct reduction in anthropogenic…. [read more]

Corporate Environmental Responsibility in the 21st Century Thesis

… Corporate Environmental Responsibility in the 21st Century

Presently, the financial world is recoiling from a collapse of the public's faith. The global population has been made intimately aware of the ecological consequences of unrestrained human economic expansion. Corporations play a massive role in the creation of carbon emissions and greenhouse gases. Furthermore, these organizations are morally responsible for the tremendous negative ecological effects that their daily operations have upon both local communities and the global ecosystem (e.g. destruction of rivers, aquifers, oceans etc.) This paper intends elicit an understanding that an urgent and operative synthesis of green accounting methods and scientifically sound sustainability practices are an absolute necessity for the survival of the global economy and our global civilization as a whole. This paper will…. [read more]

Water in Your Area? Essay

… ..."secur[ing] the blessings of liberty"...and protecting "ourselves and our posterity" directly ties into looking after the environment. As noted above, the Clean Water Act of the 1970s made more of the nation's rivers and lake waters clean so that one can swim in them, drink form them, and fish in them. Not only was it protective for fish and plants as well as all aqua creatures, but the greatest achievements of the Act was the introducing of international, clean drinking water and treated wastewater. This led to a dramatic increase in longevity and quality of life. What greater proof do you need?

Protecting the environment -- water, air, earth, and so forth -- determines the way we live, determines our very existence. We need to…. [read more]

Cultural and Political Systems Research Paper

… Cultural and Political Systems

Terrorism and Relativism Do you agree 'that one country's terrorist is another country's freedom fighter'? Do you think it is right to donate millions / billions of dollars to the families that lost loved ones in the collapse of the World Trade Towers when occasionally police and firefighters die doing their job other times and get nothing? Theory believes that the key behind a terrorist attack is motivation. Motivation is a big force to achieve something. So what are the motivations behind those terrorist attacks, for instance, 911?

The issue of terrorism represents one of the most stringent aspects of international politics at the moment. The events that took place in 2001 proved the fact that terrorism is by no means…. [read more]

Draft Sustainability Plan Going Green and the New Meadowlands Stadium Research Paper

… Environmental Sustainability: a Global Effort

In this author's opinion, environmental sustainability needs to be a group effort. The problem with past efforts to deal with environmental sustainability is that the efforts have been too compartmentalized. In recent experience, cooperation on the part of business, government and international organizations in cooperation has shown real progress to mitigating the environmental sustainability problems that add so much to global environmental change.

The counterargument to environmental sustainability is that this is not government's responsibility or that whatever is done on private property is the owner's business. The simple counter to this is that the water is rising. Global change is here and in our face and unless we get together and cooperate, we are done.

Environmental sustainability is a…. [read more]

California Ground Squirrel Term Paper

… Monterey Bay

The environment has clearly been impacted by human habitation. We recognize the damaging effects of much of modern life, but there has been a human impact on the environment extending back much further in history. The concentration of the human population into certain areas had an effect on the ecology of those areas on several levels, from the amount of food the population required to the effect of smoke from fires, waste disposal, clearing of ground for housing or agriculture, conflicts with other species in the area, and so on. The Monterey Bay region has long attracted human populations and has shown the effects of the human presence for centuries. The effect can be seen continuing today, indeed being accelerated today as the…. [read more]

Seed Types and Seed Dispersal Mechanisms of Herbaceous Plants Term Paper

… Seed Dispersal Methods

Birds and Their Role in Seed Dispersal Mechanisms

Biodiversity is the key to the survival of many ecosystems. Plant dispersal mechanisms play a major role in maintaining the balance within those ecosystems. Herbaceous plants are the key to maintaining a variety of play and animal life. The following will explore seed dispersal mechanisms in three different plant communities. It will focus on the role of birds and the maintenance of plant biodiversity.

Ecosystem are dependent on many different factors in order to survive Theses ecosystems are maintained by the interactions of climatic conditions, vegetative growth, and the number of animals with the community to consume the plants. Seed dispersal is one of the most important of the ecosystem processes.

Seed dispersal in…. [read more]

Largemouth Bass Term Paper

… Largemouth Bass

The waterways in America are loved as they provide a useful place of stay for the plants and many types of animals. The plants and animals are different in different types of speeds of movement of water - some prefer the fast moving water in the middle of the river, while others prefer the relatively still water in the backwaters or in the slow moving waters coming out from a field or institution which has used the water for cooling. At the same time, waters and streams are places where the people, animals and plants on land interact regularly with those in water. At these borders there may be only woodland, or wetland, prairies or even only aquatic life. There are differences in…. [read more]

Future House With Nature Term Paper

… ¶ … sustainability is "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs" from the Brundtland Declaration of 1987 ( (United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED) 1987). It is a definition that contains within itself the implicit idea that the natural environment faces stress and overexploitation and will not be able to meet increasing human demands. In fact, not only can the natural environment not support increasing human demands, it cannot support current human demands. The ecological footprint, a measure of humanity's demand on nature by quantifying how much land and water area a human population requires to produce the resources it consumes and to absorb its waste, of current human…. [read more]

Effect of Information and Communication Technologies on Environmental Sustainability Term Paper

… ¶ … sky may not be actually falling, but environmentalists are sounding the clarion call that the earth is in big trouble and action needs to be taken now to avoid potentially disastrous consequences in the future. In fact, global warming, air and water pollution as well as a host of toxic emission are threatening the environment in ways that demand effective alternatives to business as usual. Fortunately, there is a wide range of information and communication technology tools are available to help implement and administer environmentally sustainable programs that can help address these issues. In addition, these information and communication technology tools can help improve the effectiveness of existing programs in ways that have not been possible in the past. To accomplish these goals,…. [read more]

Environmental Sustainability Has Been Increasingly Embraced Dissertation

… ¶ … Environmental sustainability has been increasingly embraced as an important agenda by government agencies worldwide. Environmental sustainability and sustainable development have become a component of government planning and policymaking. At the international level, the United Nations and the World Bank have adopted environmental sustainability goals in large scale development and training. Sustainable development is being applied in both urban and rural and in both technologically advanced and technologically underdeveloped nations. Pressure is increasing on a wide range of organizations to use environmentally sustainable practices in producing their products and services. Nevertheless, there are few easily accessible tools to help managers make decisions that will have the desired environmental outcome -- without compromising other crucial goals. Following the global economic downturn that was caused by…. [read more]

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