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Tenets of the Capitalistic Economic Essay

… If one has the possibility of selling only 1,000 units to major hospitals, for instance, the price elasticity curve increases (Copeland, 2010).

Part 3 -- We will assume there is legislation allowing for the sale of human organs. Because of the supply and demand curve there will be a relationship between price and volume/need. In general, price elasticity of demand is an economic measurement that shows the responsiveness of the quantity demanded of a good or service to its price. The demand for a good is elastic when is greater than one -- or changes in price have a relatively large effect on goods demanded. Of course there are a number of variables present regarding price elasticity: type of good, luxury or necessity, duration of…. [read more]

Labor Economics the Last Time the U.S Thesis

… Labor Economics

The last time the U.S. enacted an amnesty act was in 1986, with nearly 2.7 million undocumented immigrants being granted amnesty. The Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) was the most extensive course of action that the U.S. government had implemented regarding immigration policy in years and the efforts are still felt today.

The question today on the minds of many politicians, economists, employers, employees, and regular taxpayers is how will granting amnesty to illegal immigrants affect the labor market and the economy in general. In order to answer this question, analyzing the past amnesty act can shed some light on the subject.

The IRCA in 1986 was intended to control the undocumented immigration problems by the legalization of illegal immigrants and stop…. [read more]

Legalizing Prostitution in the U.S Essay

… Regulation rather than prohibition also makes the environment safer for both the sex worker and the customer. One of the biggest arguments against prostitution is the fear of spreading STDs. Opponents propagate that by banning prostitution these diseases can be controlled. As already established there is little evidence that illegalization reduces prostitution. In such a scenario a more effective policy would be to legalize and regulate the environment in which these sex workers operate. In Netherlands's for example regular medical checks are mandatory for renewal of licenses for an individual sex worker and brothels. Compare this situation with the U.S.A. where the sex workers shirk health visits afraid of being found out by a doctor. The harm of this is that sexually transmitted diseases are…. [read more]

Legalized Gambling Term Paper

… Also, they believe that governments cannot just save the economy of a city on the cost of generating gambling dependence in individuals. As long as gambling is not regulated by the government organizations and is only a subject of private companies, one cannot expect it to become a stable industry.

To some extent, counselors agree that legalized gambling creates jobs and promotes tourism, but they claim that they do not outweigh the social and economic hazards of addiction to gambling. Addicts who have the impulsive urge to gamble all the time do not think about the social and financial problems that they can have. If they lose the money in gambling, they waste the money that they could have used at some other place in…. [read more]

Black History Effects of Capitalism Term Paper

… After freeing from oppression, blacks still had to face discrimination, as they were restricted to the jobs, which were considered to be more dangerous, and worth less than those reserved for whites. The Blacks were also used as an army of jobless that could be used by bosses to threaten unions to keep salaries low or else they could lose their jobs. This discrimination was an open fact that blacks were dismissed in excess during an economic decline and therefor had to suffer comparatively in greater numbers of unemployment than whites.

Study after study confirms that the inequality between wealth and poverty is more pronounced in the U.S. than any other industrialized nation. The Labor Department reports that one-quarter of all workers in the U.S.…. [read more]

Economic Effect of Legalizing Term Paper

… The report puts that as the foremost health problem in the nation; substance abuse puts a huge load on the health care system of the country and plays a part in the increased expenses of health care. Indeed, substance abuse -- the challenging consumption of alcohol, illegal drugs and tobacco puts huge burden on the American people in totality. The assertion that making the drugs legal gives a chance to charge tax on new products is deceptive. For instance, the net revenue from taxes garnered from the disposal of alcohol is $13.1 billion annually; however alcohol takes up $100 billion annually in social expenses like health care and wasted efficiencies. There is not any single proof available to show that imposing taxes on cocaine, heroin,…. [read more]

Legalizing Marijuana Would Have on Prison Population Research Proposal

… ¶ … Legalizing Marijuana would have on Prison Population

The recent war on drugs campaigns have had limited to no efficiency, as one can actually claim that society has experienced great problems as a result of the techniques authorities used in trying to fight drugs. There has been much controversy regarding the topic of legalizing marijuana during the last few years, as there are both passionate supporters and ardent oppressors to this particular act. Although one might find it difficult to determine the exact benefits coming along with decriminalizing marijuana, it is very probable that the number of prison inmates would no longer be affected as a result of relatively innocent individuals going to prison as a result of being charged with marijuana possession.

Problem…. [read more]

Civil Society Through Legalize Marijuana Term Paper

… From 1972 -- 1974, Amorphia began to founder, reportedly due to "trying to develop the first hemp rolling papers for U.S. distribution, a proposition that eventually swallowed up all available funds and sent Amorphia's legalization activities into a tailspin" (Sinclair, 2010). As Amorphia was failing, NORML was gathering strength, and in 1973 California NORML successfully lobbied for passage of the Moscone Act, eventually passed in 1975, and "decriminalizing" marijuana possession by reducing the criminal offense of possessing marijuana from a felony to a misdemeanor and imposing a maximum fine of $100 for possession of up to 1 ounce (Sinclair, 2010). Meanwhile, Amorphia's fortunes continued to drop and the organization was defunct and/or swallowed up by NORML in 1974 (Sinclair, 2010). Nevertheless, encouraged by the Moscone…. [read more]

Let the Author Choose Term Paper

… ¶ … Smuggling be Legal in Migration but not Business Products?

Smuggling represents the practice or action by businesspersons to import or export commodities or products while evading the tariffs or taxation system. This definition applies to properties that have financial value. Such activities include drugs, necessities (sugar, flour, and cereals), and other relevant products or commodities. Smuggling is a crime against the business principles or policies because of the economic relationship with the interpretation of the law. Smuggling in migration refers to the practice of facilitating transportation of individuals for financial or material gain. Unlike human trafficking, human smuggling focuses on procurement for financial or material gain. Human trafficking focuses on exploitation of migrants in the process of participating in the transaction. There are…. [read more]

Legalizing Activities Such as Recreational Term Paper

… The spectrum of government paternalism spans from complete permissibility, allowing utterly reckless conduct that is injurious to others to comprehensive over- regulation, where legal penalties attach to eating junk food if one is above one's ideal weight. My first disagreement with the current illegal status of recreational drugs is that I believe it represents a position on the spectrum that is too close to over- regulation in that it prohibits activities that are (or that should be) purely matters of personal choice. In my opinion, mandatory seatbelt and motorcycle helmet laws infringe into issues of personal choice where there is no justification based on protecting the public at large. Conversely, I am in favor of prohibiting seemingly innocuous activities such as operating cellular phones while…. [read more]

Monopoly and Imperfect Competition Form Essay

… Monopoly and Imperfect Competition form part of the market taxonomy and in order to understand them then what a market structure refers to should be understood first. A market structure can be simple defined as the organizational and operational characteristics of a market which have an influence on the competition and pricing (Riley, 2006). These characteristics are significant to both economics and marketing and play a direct role in strategic decision making. The choice behavior of market actors is affected by the characteristics and extent of competition in the market (Kirzner, 1973). The most significant features that are usually considered in a market are the number of firms, the share of the market occupied by the largest firms, the nature of costs, the vertical integration…. [read more]

Legalizing Marijuana Will Boost the Economy Thesis

… Marijuana

The Practical and Economic Benefits of Decriminalizing Marijuana

The United States is in a state of serious recession. States, municipalities and the nation as a whole are struggling with diminished revenue, loss of jobs and a decline in productivity. As the federal government resorts to expensive bailouts, our budgetary scenario remains frighteningly precarious. Simultaneously, the United States has dedicated billions of dollars, thousands of lives and countless yards of prison space to a war on marijuana that fails logic on a broad spectrum of points. As an invaluable cash crop with various positive health benefits, few proven drawbacks and the capacity to significantly reduce the crisis of American debt, marijuana should more rationally be embraced by the American government. The potential benefits to the…. [read more]

Legalize Marijuana Now! Today Research Paper

… It is reasonable to suggest that many of the warnings against marijuana use have some basis in reality; after all, clinicians caution against smoking anything because of the damage the practice can do the lungs and the rest of the cardiovascular system, and there is clearly a need for additional research in this area. Despite this paucity of timely and relevant scientific research, though, countless empirical observations over the years confirm that marijuana use is less harmful than tobacco or alcohol, two deadly drugs that remain readily available across the country and which are heavily taxed as justification for their continued sales. It is therefore also reasonable to conclude that this same rationale could easily be applied to the much less harmful substance of marijuana.…. [read more]

Legalizing Drugs the Government Creates Laws Term Paper

… Legalizing Drugs

The government creates laws and regulations in which officials see are suitable for citizens to abide by. The formation of such official customs serves to protect the interests of the people, state, and government. However, in a society ruled by democracy, differences are bound to rise and voices are to be heard regarding various issues, in particular, the one about legalizing drugs. The dispute over such a dilemma has been a continuous one, which if approved and finalized, will influence the government and its people economically, judicially, medically, and socially.

Economically, legalizing drugs would encourage free trade, which would benefit all involved parties. Free trade is the participation of a buyer and seller, which would improve the welfare of both parts in the…. [read more]

Economic Impact of Gambling Term Paper

… The results, however representative, would be met by skepticism if not downright hostility. While the positive impacts on the economy are duly noted, indeed, many a problem has found a quick solution in a gaming establishment, a careful perusal of the hidden costs show that maybe the economic impact of gaming in the long run does not meet the expectations from the initial results and estimates -- in fact, some sources claim that the long terms consequences may be downright dismal. One of the problems is depreciation of property values. This is due to perceptions of the local citizenry of the kind of elements that might be attracted to places of gaming.

Ronald Reno has shown through surveys and interviews that the promise of increased…. [read more]

Drugs on the Economy History Capstone Project

… S. Department of Justice, 2010). Opiates were the primary drug of choice followed by marijuana and stimulants. A half of the admissions were taken to ambulatory facilities as opposed to residential facilities. Drug users react adversely to drugs including non-fatal overdoses. These individuals have to go to the hospital for medical attention. Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) in 2006 posited that out of 113 million hospitals ED visits, 1.5% cases were due to drug abuse or misuse hence causing a massive strain on the healthcare systems (U.S. Department of Justice, 2010).

Cocaine, marijuana, heroine and stimulants abuse prompt these ED visits. The 2007 DAWN survey of 63 metropolitan areas indicated that 12.1 deaths per 100,000 persons were because of drug use. Their records also reflected…. [read more]

Making Prostitution Legal in California for Means of Reducing Crime and Increasing State Revenue Thesis

… Legalizing Prostitution in California

This research attempts to examine three hypotheses related to the decriminalization or legalization of prostitution in the state of California: it is wasteful to attempt to fight prostitution as a crime; legalization would reduce the spread of sexually-transmitted diseases, violence, and drug use; and the overall outcome of legalizing prostitution would be positive for all citizens as a result of increased funding available for state programs. These hypotheses will be examined by thoroughly studying past and current literature on the pros and cons of different legal attitudes toward prostitution in different areas, as well as the economic crisis in California specifically.

Table of Contents

Senior Research Project Approval Form


Table of Contents


Background of the Study

Problem Statement

Purpose…. [read more]

Should the US Government Legalize Marijuana? Research Proposal

… ¶ … U.S. government legalize marijuana?

The Legalization of Marijuana: Cost-Effective?

Marijuana use has been rampant in the United States for quite a while, and was just recently brought back into the spotlight with Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps caught using it. Marijuana was banned in a peculiar way in 1937. Marijuana usage was illegal if you did not purchase a tax stamp, but you could not obtain a stamp unless you had already produced marijuana -- which you grew before purchasing a stamp -- making it illegal. Many critics argue that marijuana should be legalized because a great amount of revenue could be made from taxation of the plant. Others argue that marijuana should stay illegal because it is a gateway drug leading its users…. [read more]

Do Casinos Help Turn Around Local Economies? Term Paper

… ¶ … Casinos Help Turn Around Local Economies

Casinos have become increasingly popular in the past few years as a tool to boost the growth of local economies. This is quite different from the traditional economic development tools. In a few aspects, however, it is similar to other approaches in the sense that it does generate local employment opportunities and enhances the local income. The differences lie in the economic vs. fiscal impacts, provision of public goods, corporate-community relations, market development and the role of the State. (Felsenstein; Littlepage; Klacik, 1999)

Many local communities have embraced casino gambling as a strategy to develop their local economies. The rationale behind developing casinos in their areas was to produce tax revenue and to keep the local gambling…. [read more]

Why Government Doesn't Legalize Drugs Term Paper

… ¶ … government doesn't legalize drugs?

The story of drug legalization is a very long one; it has practically started ever since their prohibition in the United States through the Harrison Act in 1914, especially because they had been legal in the 19th century: "For most of the century, opium, morphine, and cocaine were legally and cheaply available without a prescription at drugstores and grocery stores and through the mail. And yet, far from being marked by drug-crazed criminals and drug-paralyzed workers, that period was a time of unprecedented economic growth and productivity." Even though, this problem seems to have reached its edge nowadays, as some recent events have proven the side effects of the fight against drugs: a high crime rate having as main…. [read more]

Ethics of Legalizing Marijuana Essay

… For example standards of justification, moral principles or truth are sometimes said to be relative to language, culture, or biological makeup (Swoyer, 2010)."

This definition readily applies to the question as to whether or not marijuana should be legalized, principally because of the tenuous nature of the topic itself, which is largely colored through the opinion of the individual subject who is considering it. Quite simply, relativism can easily be used to justify both legalization as well as prohibitionist viewpoints of the legality of this drug, simply by concocting circumstances in which either of those stances are "true" for the subjects portrayed in them. On the one hand, it would be completely plausible for relativism to endorse the notion that marijuana should remain prohibited due…. [read more]

Prostitution Should Not Be Legalized Thesis

… As opposed to dignifying and professionalizing prostitutes, legalizing prostitution actually dignifies the sex industry (Raymond par, 5). This strengthening of pimps, traffickers and the sex industry due to legalization of prostitution will make children and women unsafe. Throughout history, legalized prostitution is considered as one of the root causes of sex and human trafficking. As there are more venues for commercial sex activities, the legalization or decriminalization of prostitution results in the expansion of the sex industry.

Increases Hidden, Illegal, Clandestine and Street Prostitution:

One of the major goals of decriminalizing or legalizing prostitution is in order to get prostitutes off the street. However, since many of these prostitutes don't want to register and undertake health checks as may be required by the law, they…. [read more]

Marijuana Should Be Legalized Research Paper

… ¶ … marijuana should be legalized for medical use in the United States. Fourteen U.S. states have already approved the use of marijuana in treating a variety of medical conditions. Studies indicate that marijuana is beneficial in treating many different medical conditions, from HIV / AIDS to Alzheimer's disease, and harmful side effects that plague many other prescription drugs are at a minimum. Because of this and other compelling evidence, marijuana should be legalized for medical use in America.

The legalization of marijuana for medical use has been contentious for decades. More and more studies indicate it has many beneficial aspects, and the risks are not as great as many might think. Marijuana can lesson the pain of many severe illnesses, and it has been…. [read more]

Marijuana Should Be Legalized Term Paper

… The discussion that is focused on fear, emotion and what we cannot do needs to be replaced by a discussion based on facts, evidence and unlocking the power of what is possible. We can have a better policy, and that starts by making sure that more people are educated about the true nature of the issue, and why they should care. You do not have to be a smoker to care about personal freedom or about efficient use of tax dollars -- those are base issues all reasonable people can agree on. So when the topic comes up, you must take the only reasonable position and advocate for the end of marijuana prohibition.


Chaloupka, F. & Laixuthai, A. (1997). Do youths substitute alcohol and…. [read more]

Illegal Immigration People of the Main Industrial Term Paper

… Illegal Immigration

People of the main industrial democratic state of the world from Atlanta and Adelaide are concerned about migration and the supposed harmful influence that it is having on market and society. Recently United States has felt a rate of immigration that is very near to the intensity of immigration that took place at the turn of the last century. Yearly, the collective legal and illegal immigration is over one million. Since 1930s, for the first time foreign-born people now amount to over 10% of the population. Latin America and Asia are the main places from which people legally migrate to the U.S.A great mass of illegal immigrants comes from Mexico and Central America. Before 1970, immigrants came mainly from Europe. In the beginning…. [read more]

Commerce and Its Demographics Term Paper

… A very serious case has been posed against, not globalization itself, but the brand imposed by the world's financial elites (Smith and Doyle 2002). It is the brand that needlessly wides the gap between wealth and poverty, erodes democracy, fosters instability and fails in maximizing sustainable economic growth (Kuttner 2002 as qtd in Smith and Doyle). It is the kind where ecological and technological risks have multiplied and it will be a great mistake to view it as a mere feature of imperialism, because it is much bigger, far greater and more unexpected than that (Smith and Doyle).#


1. Diao X and Somwaru A. (1996). Dynamic Gains and Losses from Trade Reform: an Intertemporal General Equilibrium Model of the United States and MERCOSUR. University…. [read more]

Socioeconomic Causes and Effects Term Paper

… The effects of racism live on in South Africa, despite the fact that apartheid has been broken.

Unfortunately, even in modern society, racism remains a fact of life. Determinations about children based on race are made by teachers, school principals, high school guidance counselors, and many others, with results that cut across socioeconomic lines and place young minorities in the ranks of the disadvantaged, despite how much money their parents have or how talented they are (Fish, 1993).

Racism is a social and cultural fact, and while its effects may be diminished by socioeconomic variables, the effects of racism are still very strong in the world today. Until people get can past their hatred and ignorance, it is likely that racism will remain a dominant…. [read more]

How Has Immigration Helped the US Economy Research Paper

… Immigration in the U.S.: An Economic Engine

There are few issues that are more controversial than immigration in America. Current efforts to reform immigration policy have fostered heated dialogue, and many of the loudest arguments are based on the perceived economic impact of the immigrant population. Opponents of legalizing immigration argue that immigrants strain the U.S. economy. Illegal immigrants, in particular, are faulted for failing to pay taxes and still enjoying the benefits of American education, health care, transportation and other services. Supporters of immigration, some of whom also advocate for policy reform to allow illegal immigrants to become American citizens, argue that contributions made by immigrants to the U.S. economy far outweigh costs. While both sets of opinions are sincere and have visible supporters…. [read more]

Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants Term Paper

… Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants

The problem of illegal immigration has long been considered to be one of the most stringent issues of the U.S. government due to the increased desire of immigrant from around the world to come and work on American soil. However, the immigration laws that are currently part of the legislative body concerning immigration are limited in their scope and cannot consider all the actions that relate to illegal immigrants.

One of the most talked about issues however is amnestying illegal immigrants. It represents an important topic for discussion because it has come to affect the society at large and the individual in particular. The first effect is on the society because it means job differences between U.S. citizens and immigrants willing…. [read more]

Shadow Banking on the International Term Paper

… These measures are instrumental in leading towards more prudent risk management of entity, reduction of any implicit "government safety net" linked with highly leveraged funds and mitigate pro-cyclicality of market movements occurring mostly in the cases of market distress. However, its potential disadvantages comprise of potential difficulties encountered in the calibration of limits for different investment strategies, which implies that some strategies are considered "efficient" only if they operate on highly leveraged basis. Moreover, impediments to a fund's portfolio investment flexibility tend to be another disadvantage associated with it. Thus, the type of entity under consideration and the particular features linked to it must be considered for tailoring this type of tool. Such type of tool is considered suitable for hedged funds (FSB, 2012f).

References…. [read more]

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