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Economic Impact Study: Students Research Paper

… Often, college students fall into that category, as do many people who are just out of college and now have a number of student loans they will have to repay in an economy that is not growing or adding new jobs (Kadlec, 2013). Students who are in college and those who are just out of college have very little disposable income, and they are not spending like they would if they had more money and the economy was strong. The struggle that they are facing is very real, and compounded by the higher education system and how it has become so expensive to get a good education.

That is not to imply that the recession is the only issue, or that there would be no…. [read more]

Economic Growth and Happiness Essay

… The Arab Spring was one such event which truly made the world realize the power of this technology.


While it can be said that economic growth in terms of more choices, higher income and technological advancement leads to easier ways of life, and a better standard of living, there are indications that these might not lead to happiness which defined in terms of the Bhutanese government include spirituality, care for the environment, and in its wake, more contentment, rather than a hungry drive to capture as much of the world's resources as possible, as is the case with other countries. (Fribbance, 2009)

Happiness might be a subjective factor, but it is important as it is the goal of all individuals, therefore the ultimate goal…. [read more]

Economics Course Economics Impacts Essay

… A more proactive approach to the course may have increased the learning achieved and the depth of the learning, possibly aided with some supplemental reading which may have been used to expand the knowledge gained from the course materials as well as helping to expand understanding of the application of the knowledge that have resulted from the course.

There were some topics which were more difficult than others. The initial challenges of supply and demand graphs, and the way that different influences impact on the supply and demand curves, were overcome and the application learned quickly. This forms a basis of many concepts within economics and can be used to help illustrate the way different influences impact on the economy as a whole as well…. [read more]

Economic Impact of Katrina Impact of Hurricane Term Paper

… Economic Impact of Katrina

Impact of Hurricane Katrina on Job Market and Economy Both Locally and Federally

What is the overall impact of Hurricane Katrina on labor markets in affected areas and how that affected both local and the national economy?

When Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Gulf coast, it left behind many lasting affects. Aside from the horrendous loss of life, the Hurricane left behind devastation and destruction of unprecedented amounts. There are two primary arguments concerning the impact of Katrina on employment and the Labor Market in the south and in the nation. The first scenario only considers the loss of business in the area. The other considers the need to rebuild, creating a surge in the construction industry. This research will explore…. [read more]

Student Performance in Business Class Case Study

… What is your average attendance each semester?

100%: 5M 4F 90%: 4M 12F 85%: 5M 4F

7. The instructor can enhance my ability to learn by:

a. Well-organized courses and lectures

Strongly Agree: 3M 9F Agree: 8M 6F Neutral: 3M 3F Disagree: 1F Strongly Disagree: 1F

b. Giving me the chance to participate

Strongly Agree: 2M 10F Agree: 9M 3F Neutral: 3M 7F Disagree:0 Strongly Disagree: 0

c. Giving frequent feedback

Strongly Agree: 4M 9F Agree: 6M 6F Neutral: 4M 1F Disagree: 3F Strongly Disagree: 1F

8. Holding open discussion between the instructor and classmate increases your understanding

Strongly Agree: 6M 12F Agree: 7M 3F Neutral: 1M 3F Disagree: 2F Strongly Disagree: 0

9. Group (discussion / project / assignment) enhances my learning

Strongly Agree:…. [read more]

Economics When the U.S. Economy Plunged Term Paper

… Economics

When the U.S. economy plunged into recession in the second half of 2008, there was considerable concern north of the border in Canada about the prospects for that nation's economy. The two countries are the largest trading partners in the world, and it has long been viewed that the Canadian economy depended on exports to the United States. Indeed, this relationship has driven Canadian monetary policy for decades, with the CAD being kept at low levels to facilitate the export industries. Last summer, the CAD was at highs not seen in many years, which combined with the impending U.S. recession was cause for significant worry.

The impacts of the recession, however, have not been felt as strongly in Canada as they have in the…. [read more]

Impact of Global Economic Crisis on the Nigerian Business Environment Research Proposal

… ¶ … Global Economic Crisis on the Nigerian Business Environment

Nigeria is a land of stark contrasts, a country in which the extremely wealthy live together with the starving individuals. This is highly intriguing in a context in which the country's economy is one to reveal the highest growth rates. The aim of this paper is to assess the business environment in Nigeria and to answer several questions relative to the impact the contemporaneous economic crisis has had upon the Nigerian business environment.

General Description of the Nigerian Business Environment

In terms of measured gross domestic product for 2008, Nigeria is ranked as the 34th largest economy of the globe, with a GDP of $338.1 billion. Business operations in the African country are primarily focused…. [read more]

Government Subsidized Student Loans Thesis

… Higher education is taken to be a safeguard against unemployment with statistics indicating that unemployment among university graduates was 4.4% whereas for people who had not completed secondary school, unemployment was near 11.5%. (The Economist, 2011)

Although the phenomenon, with the state supporting education may sound ideal, and other emerging countries too might try to emulate the model in an effort to bring their economies up to par, several contrary view points have been voiced by critics that question the economic and political feasibility of the subsidized student loans.

Foremost is the startling figure of $1 trillion worth of outstanding student loans. Secondly there are arguments that this loan is for students who have already completed their studies and hence subsidizing it further will not…. [read more]

Strategic Multidimensional Analysis Research Proposal

… ¶ … Strategic Multidimensional Analysis of the impact of the World Food

Crisis and World Financial Crisis on vulnerable economies on the Developing world."

Increase in variability and strong upwards trends in global food and financial crisis over the past 5 years have led to hunger and poverty across the world. Nearly one billion people globally are living in poverty with additional 115 million people living with hunger due to the impact of combined global economic recession and rising food prices. Between 2007 and 2008, the food prices doubled across the world making the number of people living in hunger to increase to one billion. However, the food riot is particularly noticeable in developing countries where billions of people in developing countries are living in…. [read more]

Leadership in Administration Case Study

… Leadership in Administration Case Study

The work of Davis, Darling-Hammond, LaPointe and Meyerson (2005) entitled: "Developing Successful Principals" published by the Stanford Educational Leadership Institute that principals, " today's climate of heightened expectations...are in the hot seat to improve teaching and learning. They need to be educational visionaries, instructional and curriculum leaders, assessment experts, disciplinarians, community builders, public relations experts, budget analysts, facility managers, special programs administrators, and expert overseers of legal, contractual and policy mandates and initiatives." (2005, p. 6) In other words leaders in today's schools must be well-prepared and in many areas of leadership and administration. Just as well, today's school leaders must be educated and trained in leading schools forward regardless of the environment in which the school is operating whether…. [read more]

Finance Management (Discussion Questions) First Essay

… Firms can address this issue by reinstating the amount into customers' accounts if a firm takes this approach, it must conduct a journal entry to expand accounts receivables and minimize the expense of bad debts. Consequently, this would trigger a reduction in expenses and net income overstatement for the current period. Unless the subsequent reinstatement and the write off occur concurrently, the GAAS matching principle will have been violated (Baker & Powell, 2010).

Third student

Accounts receivable (AR)

When clients buy services or products, often, they do so based on payment terms. This means that they receive the service or product but pay for them later. Usually, this is done on credit terms determined by the company and referred to as accounts receivables. It represents…. [read more]

Hurricane Katrina and Economic Implications Essay

… The reconstruction of homes took up much of the state's resources and although this was a slow process, it was the state's utmost priority. Since there were no businesses left in the states, there was no prospect for employment either and this added to the despair of people. The people who were mortgage holders had no way to repay back their borrowed amounts and the bad debts and defaults of the banking sector therefore increased alongside. (Silverman)

The state encouraged the oil mine owners to resume their production process as the energy production level had fallen by massive percentages. Along with the resumption of production, it would provide the people with some employment and some income generation as well. Since in the short-term there was…. [read more]

Crisis as an Inevitable Feature of Capitalism Essay

… Economics

Crisis as an Inevitable Feature of Capitalism

What were the immediate and long-term causes of the current political economic crisis?

Today's economic and financial crisis began in the rich world particularly in the U.S.A. It has been referred to as a financial meltdown, storm or credit crunch. Credit crunch is an economic condition in which investment capital is hard to get. It means that there is hardly any credit available for investors. For the rich countries, it has created panic and has been seen as the worst in recent years and has been compared to the 1930 great depression. In other words it has been a big crash or a bust (the Current Economic Crisis, its causes, its impact and possible alternatives, 2009).

Even…. [read more]

Naked Economics in His Book Essay

… Naked Economics

In his book Naked Economics, Charles Wheelan attempts to explain economics in terms more approachable to the lay audience. He eschews the typical barrage of equations and graphs. Rather, Wheelan seeks to show how economics works by providing examples, and by explaining with text, the mechanisms by which economic thinking is undertaken.

This is a laudable goal. While those of us engaged in the study of economics may not find it "the dismal science," others often do. In the world today, you can see that understanding of economics among members of the general public is, to be generous, limited. Yet economics is essentially the study of the way the world works. Almost all of the decisions we make can be distilled down to…. [read more]

Economic Circumstances That Initiated the Creation Term Paper


The objective of this work is the research the economic circumstances that initiated the creation of the welfare system and how the welfare system has influenced today's economy.


The expected outcomes of the research in this study is to understand the reason that the welfare system was created and the impact that the welfare system has had upon the economy in the United States today.

The significance of this research is the knowledge that will be added to previous study in this subject area.

The methodology of this study is one of a qualitative nature and will be conducted through a review…. [read more]

Brain Drain in Both Developed Term Paper

… Hence, it can be said that even with the fear of brain drain, if one chooses to stay in their own country at the educational or later at the professional level, then the standards at each respective level have a possibility of increasing without having to move somewhere else. While economists theorize that by no means proven beyond doubt, it is important to note that brain drain does not necessarily have only down falling impacts on a country's various factors, such as education and professional training. Furthermore, it is important to realize that the economic brain drain phenomenon can only analyze some of the factors regarding the various theories on the impact of international migration on the economy and on a country's society. Considering all…. [read more]

Students With Disabilities Who Did Not Complete Dissertation

… ¶ … Students With Disabilities Who Did Not Complete High School

Richard Wieringo

This case study explores the experiences of students with disabilities who have dropped out of high school, so as to identify related factors that led to their decisions. Participants will include both males and females who were designated as students with disabilities at Ridgeville High School (pseudonym for a Virginia high school) and who dropped out between their third and fourth years of high school, during the 2009 to 2012 academic school years. All participants will be between the ages of 18 and 21. The proposed research design is a phenomenological study to be conducted through the use of semi-structured interviews, journaling, and observation of the sample population, with the aim of…. [read more]

Mortgage Industry Impacts on New College Graduates Term Paper


For-profit student loan lenders are being compared to mortgage industry lenders in terms of the impacts that lending practices have had on the U.S. population. The reason for this is because these lenders have students locked into financing on student loans that will see large increases in payment amounts due to subprime lending tactics in the student loan industry. Students who accepted these loans in order to go to college will graduate and face seeking employment in an economy that appears to be in a major recession and likely to head into a depression in the near future. Impacts on these students include delaying homeownership due to some much of…. [read more]

International Trade Is an Important Economic Tool Case Study

… International Trade is an important economic tool for countries around the world. This is one tool that catalyses the achievement of various macroeconomic objectives of a government. These objectives include increasing output and Gross Domestic Product, achieving positive economic growth, earning greater foreign exchange and a positive Balance of Payment along with increasing standards of living and allowing wider choices of goods and services to their consumers. The international trade may include trade of both visible goods as well as invisible goods.

Since International Trade takes place between countries across geographical boundaries foreign relations between countries and transnational treaties have a direct role to play in increasing and/or decreasing the International Trade of the countries. This of course means that the responsibility of developing favorable…. [read more]

Large Scale Restructuring Has Taken Book Review

… The study is highly recommended for being read by researchers and students of economic geography, regional economics, and urban development practitioners.

Own reflection

The study is exhaustive in context of case studies that it uses for elaborating the thesis case. By comparing the 'inner-city' development of London with that of San Francisco, Vancouver, and Singapore provides adequate theoretical data to build the case for 'new inner city' economy. However, the book does not narrow down its scope, enough for students to conveniently comprehend the theoretical areas being covered. This however is related to the continuing nature of the scope of study that the author has undertaken.


DaCosta, M.N. (2010). A Review of "The New Economy of the Inner City: Restructuring, Regeneration and Dislocation in…. [read more]

How Economic Factor Influence Couple's Relation Essay

… Economic Factors and Relationships: Correlation and Analysis

The quality of a relationship is based upon many multidimensional and rather complex interactions, expectations, and behaviors, all governed by an equally complex set of personal perceptions and functions. Friction can be introduced into a relationship through various avenues, and one of the most common is through economic factors. These factors, which range from income to family roles to a couple's previous experience working through hardship can highlight and exacerbate both the positive and negative aspects and outcomes within the relationship. The various types of economic factors also effect different couples in different ways, and cannot be used as a predictor of relationship success. However, economic factors do significantly affect relationships to the extent that they should not…. [read more]

Comparing Assessing the Impact of Political or Economic Globalization Between Two Countries Thesis

… ¶ … Political or Economic Globalization Between Two Countries: China and India

The following work is of the nature that focuses on comparison and assessment of the impact of political or economic globalization and specifically as related to two particular countries which are those of India and China.

Despite its many critical views, globalization not only spreads democracy, but it also increases efficiency and therefore increases prosperity as well. Globalization is a realistic route out of poverty for the world's poorer populations.

The methodology employed in the present study is one that is qualitative in nature and that involves a review of literature and specifically peer-reviewed professional or academic literature.

Literature Review

In a 2003 speech entitled: "Globalization and Its Challenges" Stanley Fischer states that…. [read more]

Economics for Business Essay

… ¶ … economic impact of persistent high oil prices. With extraction flatlined, some see this as evidence of peak oil. With demand growing, especially from emerging economies, the period of peak oil is characterized by increasing demand and decreasing supply. This will drive prices higher. There are a number of impacts on the market for oil that will occur as the result of this and impacts on the market for other fuels as well. This paper will assume a situation in which the long-run supply of oil is diminishing and the long-run demand is initially increasing, leading to higher prices.

The essay will begin with a set of key definitions. This will be followed by a description of some of the theories that are relevant…. [read more]

Poland: What Are Some Current Essay

… Poland: Case Study

What are some current issues facing Poland? What is the climate for doing business in Poland today?

Poland is classified as a transition economy. It is gradually making the shift from the communist model to capitalistic system. Overall, demand for doing business in Poland is increasing. More than 350 foreign firms have established inroads in the Polish economy, and it is attractive to foreign investors. The population is highly educated, and in contrast to many residents of transition economies, is extremely hard-working, second only to South Korea in hours worked per year.

Is the Canadian manufacturing firm using an economic, political or quality imperative approach to strategy?

The Canadian manufacturing firm is using an economic strategy. Few competitors presently exist within the…. [read more]

Economics of New Ideas Term Paper

… These days, more and more economists are questioning what sparks growth. Many of these new economists base their ideas on those of Joseph A. Schumpeter, an Austrian economist and Harvard University professor (Farrell, 1994). Like Schumpeter, these economists are concentrating on technology, innovation, and knowledge. "The one fact that comes from economic history is the ability of the human mind to break through barriers that weren't imaginable 50 years ago." says Joel Mokyr, economic historian at Northwestern University (Farrell, 1994).

In the past, mainstream economics have struggled with the question of what determines long-term growth. In the late 1950s, Nobel laureate Robert M. Solow of Massachusetts Institute of Technology suggested that increases in the economy's labor supply and capital stock only partially explained economic growth.…. [read more]

Economic Inequality Essay

… Economic Inequality

There are a few different approaches to answering the question of whether or not economic inequality is unjust. Essentially, the most important thing is to choose an ethical framework by which to examine the question. Then, you need to understand the ethical underpinnings of the position you want to take. Economic inequality means a lot of different things to different people, so it is important to have a coherent definition of the concepts with which you are working. Taking two major ethical frameworks -- deontology and consequentialism -- immediately we see that the term "economic inequality" can reflect either inequality of opportunity or inequality of outcome. Most people accept that there are differences between individuals in terms of talents and work ethic, which…. [read more]

Managerial Economics - Should I Start Thesis

… MANAGERIAL ECONOMICS - Should I Start a New Business?

In today's world, more and more employees become emancipated and are granted more rights and responsibilities. However, at the end of the day, they still have to answer to their hierarchical superior. Several forces of the micro and macroenvironments have motivated the employee to become his own boss. This materialized in the opening of numerous small enterprises, activating in a variety of fields. Their stories of success have in turn stimulated other individuals to consider opening their own business, expanding their already existent ventures or opening new businesses in other sectors.

The question posed and attempted to be answered in this paper refers to whether or not I myself should open a new business. I am…. [read more]

Russia and China's Economic Reform Term Paper

… Therefore, the enthusiasm to establish social welfare reconstructions meant for the farmers in China was of course greater than that in Russia. In case of Russian farmers as reform implied that they would have to bid adieu to "socialist welfare" their enthusiasm truly is feeble. (Russia's fall, China's Rise? - Comparing Transitions of Russia and China: (Part I))

The speedier development of China has primarily arrived from resource reallocation, e.g. industrialization -- low-priced rural labor migrating from low productivity agricultural sector to the industrial sector. Russia on the contrary, is experiencing a very unusual concern. Initially at the early phases of the reformation China was primarily an agrarian peasant economy. (Could Russia Have Learned from China?) Russia on the contrary to this is regarded as…. [read more]

International Labour Economics Term Paper

… International Labor Economics

Programme Title

Module Number & Name

International Labour Economics (Irish Labour Market)

Statistical Profile of Irish Labour Market

The Republic of Ireland is a member of the European Union in order to maximize its international benefits in relation to the economy. Republic of Ireland represents one of the vital players in the global market with respect to its population levels and geographical size. The labour market of the Republic of Ireland continues to experience numerous radical changes towards improving the living conditions of the citizens. The population of the country has been on the rise, which is observable from Figure 1 below.

Population of Ireland (IRLPOPL) (

The latest census (2011) in relation to the Republic of Ireland shows that the current…. [read more]

Fiscal and Monetary Issues Term Paper

… This criticism contradicts some elements of institutionalism, which states that human interactions require rules of cognition and communication, which involve the use of language. According to this approach, language is an institution in itself. This approach can work to solve the current U.S. economic conditions by institutionalizing key sectors of the economy. Institutionalization of economic sectors would work to prevent political interference and monitor their performance effectively. Criticism may arise in relation to this idea that it is impossible to institutionalize all sectors of the economy and government intervention to control key sectors of the economy is important. Government intervention in the form of subsidies and other forms of intervention are important in order to ensure safety in the economy.

Another economic approach is the…. [read more]

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