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Economic Impacts of Regulation Essay

… These distributional impacts usually drive the competition of different interests groups. This in turn, leads to the determination of the regulation nature through the political process.

Summary and Conclusion

Regulation is a written instrument that contains rules with the force of law. Regulation has a substantial impact on the economy. A wide range of literature review exists which put across the impacts of regulation on the economy. Some of the impacts of regulation on the economy include increase and decrease in prices of products, increased employment opportunities and improved health care for workers as well as children. It is good to put into consideration that weak or lack of regulations can be a significant threat to employment and the economy at large. Concerning this, it…. [read more]

Organization Behavior Global Financial Crisis Essay

… Another group of researchers and economists believe that the global economic crisis will make it harder and more challenging for the governments to revitalize their financial sectors. It is because the world has not yet seen any significant steps by the governments of the affected economies to retrieve the past performance of their financial sectors. For instance, the Government of the United States has failed to bring its economy out of the serious foreign debts which are rapidly increasing day by day (United Nations Organization 2009).

Boom in the next decade:

In contrast to these opinions and arguments, another group of economist and financial experts believe that the global economic crisis is going to end in the following seven to ten years period. They argue…. [read more]

Economic Crisis Policies US Current Research Paper

… S. money market back to its operations by assuming that U.S. financial system had enough liquidity to expand the market operations. Fed Reserve accepted the less credit worthy securities as collateral and held safe U.S. treasuries to keep the money supply constant. These were later termed as "toxic waste removal" policies.

Fed Reserve introduces another set of program by taking over multinational insurance company American International Group (AIG) on September 2008. This program was implemented through option of purchasing asset backed commercial paper from money market mutual funds. This policy was termed as Quantitative easing by Bernake.


First the U.S. economic crisis was only of real estate and later on it developed into global financial crisis. If it is to be judged that Fed…. [read more]

Economic Crisis the Revelation Research Paper

… 25%. The attraction for the prospect non-prime buyers evicted from the market perhaps during the first half of the year 2006, the Mortgage Bankers Association discovered the value, and total number, of subprime mortgages that had now gone down 30% on the second half of 2005

4: the fourth that contributed to the bubble burst was the adversity that, as personal saving from disposable income reached up to the level below zero, fewer households had the requisite finance to support increases in debt and the standard of livings of the residents.

The ever expanding consequences of the bubble burst that funneled down to the household of U.S. And ultimately the senate and state. Giving the strong evidence the senate the William Black asserted (Johnson, 2010):…. [read more]

World Bank-Role in Avoiding Economic Essay

… And it is here in this sector that World Bank's role becomes leading (Bretton Woods Project, 2013).

Global Financial Development Report 2013 (GFDR)

The 2013 WB report observed that "if the state does not have the capacity to monitor and police such complex [finance sector] rules, the likely result is more speeding and more crashes" (GFDR, 2013). Through this report, the World Bank has tried to inform the governments and other lending agencies to reflect upon the importance of relevant incentive structures and governance mechanisms that these countries should adopt. It is also observed that through this report, the bank has altered some of its policy preferences in influencing development work in developing countries and abandoning micro-management of financial sector of countries, rather the bank…. [read more]

Economic Institutions Term Paper

… Economic Institutions

The history of corporations dates back, somewhere before the 17th century, in Europe, where they were used only for governmental purposes, in projects that benefited the public such as the building of hospitals etc. Their activity was strictly controlled by the state and was not allowed to bring profit. In the 17th century, corporations started to think in terms of profit, which was used to fund the colonial empires' expansion and to control trade throughout the empires. The first corporation was East India Company, set up in 1600 under the strict control of Queen Elisabeth I.

In 1886, U.S. were the first state to treat the corporation as a "natural person" and its rights were that of the 14th amendment of the Constitution.…. [read more]

Economic Report Card Essay

… U.S. household debt is up substantially, and in 20% of all U.S. families everyone is unemployed. In so many ways, what we are witnessing right now is so similar to what we experienced during the build up to the last great financial crisis. We are making so many of the very same mistakes that we made the last time, and yet our "leaders" seem completely oblivious to what is happening. But the warning signs are very clear. All you have to do is open your eyes and look at them." This prognosis suggests that 2009 was only the first cut of many deeper wounds to economy unless we can figure out how to heal the wounds.

Reasons for Changes

The economic system is complex, perhaps…. [read more]

Economic Indicators the Change Essay

… Beginning in early 2008, non-farm payroll numbers dropped every month, with the worst drops coming at the end of 2008 and beginning of 2009. Non-farm payrolls continued dropping month-over-month through the beginning of 2010, when payrolls began to gain numbers again. In the last 7 months shown, which include the last half of 2010 and first month of 2011, non-farm payrolls rose steadily, whereas the prior year showed both ups and downs. Like other measures, the non-farm payroll data suggests that the economy is growing stronger, as shown through the numbers of non-farm jobs being added.

The unemployment rate in the United States remains high and was close to 9% at the beginning of 2011. The rate has not changed much since rising above 9%…. [read more]

Economic Events: 1980-1989 the Decade Term Paper

… At the time the article was written, the United States was struggling through its latest recession while facing huge budget deficits.

Supply-side economics had been Ronald Reagan's method of dealing with the first major political/economic event of his administration - the recession that lasted from second quarter of 1980 through the first quarter of 1983 (Case & Fair 880). Tied up in this recession were a host of other related economic problems that also need to be mentioned at this point. In the discussion of the data above this recession was characterized (as one would expect) by higher unemployment. But there was also the issue of the high inflation rate. So there were, technically, three economic issues/events during this time period: recession, unemployment and inflation.…. [read more]

Economic Business Policy Case Study

… Organization Behavior

Economic Business Policy

Economic Policy

Economic Business Policy


Government can have various options to make welfare for the general public of its country. The most important step is to improve the industrial infrastructure and bring efficiency in all what it undertakes for the good cause (Connolly & Munro 1999). In this case study, the first option for the Government is to bring efficiency in the economic setup of the country. Economic setup or environment is the backbone of any country; it improves the level of domestic production, reduces unemployment, makes social welfare, boosts up businesses, and strengthens the country's position among other countries (Lipczynski, Wilson, & Goddard 2005). The major bodies or departments that are involved in this option are Commerce, Trade,…. [read more]

Economics According to Burrow Essay

… To begin with, as a result of evasion, price controls may not always work as they are intended to work. For instance, when it comes to rent controls, there could exist some incentives for consumers to evade the same. In the case of a rent-controlled building, we could have a consumer paying the superintendent of the same a bribe on the side so as to gain access to the building. This effectively defeats the purpose of such price controls. Further, rent controls could create a shortage of housing as investors seek to invest their money in alternative avenues in the search for greener pastures. However, rent controls may be of much use when it comes to protecting tenants from unscrupulous landlords out to hike the…. [read more]

Economics in the USA Essay

… Economics in the U.S.A. -- The Gambling Industry

Industry Overview

The bases of the gambling industry were set by the former mafia clans, during a time in which the United States authorities were militating for a decent life style and a religious focus. It was probably the simple interdiction of gambling activities that made them so appealing and popular with the public. As they became legal, the mafia lost interest in them and sold most of the casinos in Las Vegas. Today, the gambling industry is not only legit as any other industry, but it has come to generate million dollar revenues each year.

More specific information on the American gambling industry sees that its growth has been due to increases in the population's living…. [read more]

Economic Conditions of Foreign Term Paper

… ("Moldova," 2003, Country Profile Data Table)

As a member of the World Bank, an institution than lends money to countries with an interest on increasing youth employment in a sector of the economy with potential growth, the Bank can look favorably on the fact that more Moldovan individuals are making use of the Internet and technology in their lives. However the limited growth overall of the economy and particularly the technical sector of the economy casts doubt upon the long-standing potential taxing power of the government, as well as its ability to maintain and foster such economic growth.

As a country, Moldova's GDP growth rate has fluctuated from 1.7 to 1.5 to 1.6 billion dollars. The overall trend in its growth, as well as its…. [read more]

International Economics Law International Trade Term Paper

… However, if you approach the problem from the perspectives of the indigenous people in that country then you might reach a different conclusion altogether. Although there may be significant economic benefits for certain sectors of the economy, the benefits are sometimes limited to certain segments of the populations. There does not seem to be any clear cut answer to overcome some of the challenges that are present in the WTO's role or the role of the individual nations. However, it should also be noted that even though the poverty issues are not directly confronted through trade liberalization, one might speculate that such activities would undoubtedly put a nation in a better position to address such issues.

Works Cited

Bussolo, M. & Lecomte, H., 2009. Trade…. [read more]

Sustainable Development and Economic Growth? Essay

… It must integrate the best thoughts that are from the market economy nonetheless stress collaboration rather than competition (Hennicke, 2005). Experts believe that they need a shared principle that gives all people the chance to understand one's potential, within the natural boundaries of earth (Hettiarachchi, 2012). Experts that only then people can start to trust that there will someday be enough cake for everyone to have

In conclusion, it is clear that 'economic growth' does indeed constitute a crucial element of 'sustainable development. With a worldwide economy, it is on right that people need to rethink the fundamentals of economics for the reason that with the monetary organization we are given with in these times, sustainable development and economic growth will not be able to…. [read more]

Globalization, if Explained in Economic Terms Term Paper

… Globalization, if explained in economic terms, is the ever-increasing inter-dependence of the national economies of countries all over the world on the cross-border movement of goods, services, technology, capital and labor (Warsh and Davis). The influx of foreign resources into local economies may have an adaptation effect on the native / local residents of the country. For example, the developing countries in Asia are exposed to American culture that includes not only the English language but also their culture in the form of music, cinema and lifestyle with the consequence of the developing countries becoming more inclined towards smaller families, transformation of gender roles and customization to big city life. There was an import of western advanced technologies along with. There are now, faster and…. [read more]

European Economic Crisis -- Greek Term Paper

… Recent OECD data show that Greece is among the least recipient of foreign direct investment capital in Europe. The cold attitude of Greece in its business dealings with countries all over the world reduces their chances of receiving foreign aid for paying out the debts (Abboushi 2012).

Inefficiencies in the Public Sector

The real appreciation of wages in the public sector and the increase of employees in the public sector of Government and municipalities led to a reallocation of capital and labour away from the private sector and especially from export oriented sectors leading to the loss in competitiveness and the increase in the current account deficit (Kouretas, Georgios and Vlamis 2010). The private sector received a setback, as it was immensely dependent on government…. [read more]

National Economic Policies Essay

… The recent national economic policies also define the international trade transactions of a given nation. There must be the need of the nations to have rubrics that control the trade policies of a given nation (Von 57). All the nations ought to agree on a given common rubrics that will ensure that the profits achieved from the international trade are used for development purposes. There is a need for all the nations to gain from the international trade. For this reason, almost all the nations acquire information regarding the necessary changes that concern the trade transactions.

The national economic policies control the interests rates obtained from the international trade thus ensuring that all the nations are capable of acquiring highly paid rates. The rates received…. [read more]

Micro Economics: Chapter Summaries Microeconomics Essay

… Summary 'Chapter 8: The Labor Market'

The biggest motivation to work comes from the need to satisfy basic human life requirements like food, shelter, clothing, etc. Humans need money to buy the products and services which they need in their day-to-day life (Hall & Lieberman, 2010). These needs give rise to their willingness to work. As a result, they become a part of the country's labor force. Labor supply refers to the willingness and ability of general people to work for specific time against different compensation (Boyes & Melvin, 2009). Some jobs are high paying while others are too low for a person to live from hand to mouth. If a person prefers to do some other activity or activities instead of work, he has…. [read more]

Personal and Organizational Ethics Essay

… The actions have also led to changes in the way policy makers define and describe the parameters of the mortgage market. Politicians after the fall of the housing market and the legal battles that ensued from wrongful foreclosures resulted to setting up laws for the market and reforming entities like Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. The reaction of the society, legal, and political facets to the unethical practices by Bank of America and other lending institutions indicate several aspects of business ethics.

This case supports a principle of business ethics that people are only willing to deal with a business with clear ethical values and who acts honestly even when contrarly to the market practices. A business's ethical values will create trust with clients and…. [read more]

Creating a Library Budget in an Economic Downturn Term Paper

… Economic Conditions and Library Budgeting

Criminological Theory into Murder

Recession and Library Budgeting: Implications and Recommendations

The year 2007 had hit the world quite hard. Stock markets crashed globally and real estate prices toppled down. Even the biggest of the companies found themselves struggling for survival. Unemployment rate shot up at a rapid rate and so did inflation. To top it up, U.S. Dollar got onto the road of everlasting devaluation. This was the beginning of what we know as the current economic recession. Ever since 2007, funding expenditures have been hard on pockets for everyone, be it individual households, private sector companies or the government itself. Even the most necessary and crucial sectors like health and education had to face sharp budget cuts. Like…. [read more]

Economic Stimulus Research Proposal

… ¶ … Economic Stimulus, Banking Firms, and Their Performances:

The Current U.S. Financial Environment and What Comes Next

The banking industry in the U.S. has been strongly and negatively impacted by the current financial situation of the country, particularly with regard to the subprime mortgage crisis. This crisis became very obvious in 2007 and, since then, there have been a lot of related problems. Banks have been bailed out, and so have homeowners, all as part of the Obama Administration's economic stimulus package. This package was designed to create jobs, help people keep their homes, and let the country move forward, but there have been many people who have complained about the stimulus, as well. These people do not feel that the stimulus package has…. [read more]

Diagnostic Analysis Organizational Research Proposal

… Diagnostic Analysis

Organizational analysis is the process of evaluating the development, personnel, operations, and work environment of an organization (Perow, 2005). Carrying out a consistent and detailed analysis of an organization is useful in identifying the problems and inefficiencies within an organization. It identifies the unknown challenges, as well as strategies for dealing with them. Any organization is a social entity comprising three dimensions namely Corporate image, Purpose, and Future. The corporate notion identifies that the organization comprises of groups of individuals with a common goal. The Purpose of the organization steers it toward attaining a particular goal. The purpose of majority of organization stretches from making profits to offering medical cover. The future paradigm defines the intention of the owners beyond the achievement of…. [read more]

Organizational Culture and Sustained Competitive Dissertation

… This study will survey a number of organizations in a variety of industries in an attempt to find consensus in the strategic application of organizational cultural concepts.

This study will not result in a unified definition of culture, competition, or competitive advantage that will apply uniformly to all organizations in every situation. However, it will serve in the development of criteria that organizations can utilize to help determine the characteristics of their own organization and how they can be used to an improve the sustainability of their organization. This research will play an important role in the development of processes for analyzing and developing an organizational culture that maximizes the organization strengths and minimizes its weaknesses. It will examine the state of knowledge in organizations…. [read more]

Economic Development of Eastern Essay

… The relative success of Western Europe's economic policies following World War II is evidenced by the stark distinction between the economic development of East and West Germany following the war, because while the former was dependent upon, and controlled by the Soviet Union, the latter had access to the definitively more well-off Western Europe, and as such was able to expand its economy much more rapidly and freely. This is why, for example, West Germany had no problem cutting off all economic ties to East Germany in 1951; "the inner German trade was much more important for East than West Germany," because the East depended heavily on the importation of crucial materials such as steel, coal, and iron, while West Germany had a much broader…. [read more]

Economic Crisis Thesis

… Economic Crisis

Introductory Remarks

The statement that the world is facing an economic crisis is becoming redundant. Despite its sometimes exaggerated mediatization, fact remains that the global economy is indeed facing severe challenges. In some countries, the negative effects of the crisis have already been felt by the population and the business community, whereas in the case of others, they will only reach the peak throughout 2009. The causes and implications of the crisis are multifaceted and however the aim of this paper is not to discuss them, a topic on the economic crisis cannot be reached without a short background on the situation.

Once the reader has become accustomed with the features surrounding the globalized economic crisis, the paper will move on to identifying…. [read more]

Economic Globalization Term Paper

… Financial Systems, Economic Growth, And Economic Globalization

Globalization has had significant impacts on all economies of the world, with manifold effects. It affects their production of goods and services. It also affects the employment of labor and other inputs into the production process. In addition, it affects investment, both in physical capital and in human capital. It affects technology and results in the diffusion of technology from initiating nations to other nations. It also has major effects on efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness. (Michael Intriligator, 2001)

Economic Globalization

Economists and Environmentalists, Is Integration Possible?

Statement of Thesis

The purpose of this work is to research and examine the positive and negative impacts that globalization has and to examine the concept of 'economic globalization' and to examine…. [read more]

Economics Is Derived From "Oikonomikos Term Paper

… Government, under aging Keynesian theory portrays the idea that without government intervention, society's economic growth would stagger. According to neo-classical theory, and as demonstrated under American presidents Kennedy and Reagan's policy which cut taxes and spending in order to release the economic engine to new heights, economic growth and stability are due to the reduction of government interference which motivates individual citizens to power the economic engines.


Economic theories are changing constantly. Keynesian theory, with its emphasis on activist government policies to promote high employment, dominated economic policymaking in the post-war period. But governments over involvement stalled the economic progress starting in the late 1960s, creating troubling inflation and lagging productivity. This new malaise prodded economists to look for new solutions. The supply-side economics…. [read more]

Organizational Change in the Public Capstone Project

… These eight factors affect the outcome of results of change organizational levels during the change process.

This discussion also considers each factor as potentially leading to the successful implementation of change or improving implementation process. Conclusively, in spite of what some researchers might view as the coherent nature of these determinants and suggestions (Saarinen & Tinnila, 2002).

Factor 1: Need for change

It is the role of managerial leaders to authenticate and convincingly address the need for change. Research shows that the discharge of intended change usually requires that leaders confirm the need for change and plead with other members of the organization and significant external stakeholders that it is indispensable (Richards & Rodrigues, 1993; Middlemist & Hitt, 1988, Walters, 1990; Abramson & Paul, 2001).…. [read more]

Organizational Behavior Faithhighway Inc Term Paper

… Organizational Behavior

FaithHighway Inc.

FaithHighway Inc. is an organization that is half for profit and half for Christian service. The company is an evangelistic organization whose primary purpose is to spread the Gospel of our Lord Jesus, as well as to produce media products such as television commercials and custom production pieces. With this combined missions of the organization, and based from the behaviors within, it can be considered that FaithHighway is promoting and using all positive internal and external factors that are present to the organization while winning against negative factors that provide risk to the success of the organization.

FaithHighway Inc. has different internal and external forces that affect and influence behavior within the organization. Some internal factors that are included in such…. [read more]

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