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USA Business Cycle Research Paper

… The two large ones are the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the NASDAQ index. The latter is more related to high-tech and blue-chip stocks while the former is a catch-all for other types of companies. The Dow Jones average has been fairly crazy for the last few years but is currently on a strong upward trend. As with many stock indexes around the world, the Dow Jones index bottomed out in the sub-8,000 range (quite low for them) in 2008 but has risen quite strongly since then. There have been some slight valleys in the growth at least one a year but the one in 2012 was pretty slight and even the 2010/2011 iterations were not that bad. The index was at 10,000 at the…. [read more]

United States Federal Reserve System Essay

… For instance, the Federal Reserve ensures that it has maintained a stable standard of inflation levels. For instance, the Fed ensures that the interest rates are not too high since this will result in recession. In this case, the economy of the state will be devastated (Wells, 2004).

How the monetary policy control the money supply

The Federal Reserve makes use of the rates of discount in order to control the amounts of money in circulation. The supply of money is a facet that is controlled by the rates of discounts issued by the Federal Reserve. The total amount of money under supply is a function of the discount rates through which the available facets are applied. It is necessary to consider the levels of…. [read more]

Economic Crisis Policies US Current Research Paper

… S. money market back to its operations by assuming that U.S. financial system had enough liquidity to expand the market operations. Fed Reserve accepted the less credit worthy securities as collateral and held safe U.S. treasuries to keep the money supply constant. These were later termed as "toxic waste removal" policies.

Fed Reserve introduces another set of program by taking over multinational insurance company American International Group (AIG) on September 2008. This program was implemented through option of purchasing asset backed commercial paper from money market mutual funds. This policy was termed as Quantitative easing by Bernake.


First the U.S. economic crisis was only of real estate and later on it developed into global financial crisis. If it is to be judged that Fed…. [read more]

US Financial System Term Paper

… USA Financial System

financial system is one of the most complex systems in the world. There are several environmental factors which have an impact on the U.S. financial system such as the economy and federal regulation. The paper will look at the impact of financial market on the economy, businesses and individuals. It will also explain the role of Federal Reserve clearly indicating its effectiveness in today's economic environment. It will further look at the influence of interest rates on the U.S. And global financial environment. Finally, it will look at the impact of exchange rates on a business decision to operate in foreign markets.

U.S financial market

financial market comprises of financial transactions of any type that help in growth of businesses, and through…. [read more]

United States Federal Reserve System Essay

… S. economy. First, the Fed uses monetary policy to control the supply of money through establishing reserve requirements that banks are required to hold. Secondly, money supply is controlled through the purchase and sale of government securities in operations in open market. The third approach that Federal Reserve uses to control monetary policy is through adjusting the discount rate that in turn affects the costs of reserves borrowed by banks from the Fed within the discount window (Beggs, n.d.). The monetary policy instruments used by the Fed influence the supply of credit but do not have direct effects on the demand for credit.

Impact of the Stimulus Program on Money Supply:

The money multiplier is an economic theory based on demand-side and the assumption that…. [read more]

Economic Globalization Has the 2008 Essay

… Towards the end of 2009, there emerged fresh fears as investment experts warned of a looming sovereign debt crisis owing to rising government and private debt levels in Europe along with a wave of decline in government debt in some European Union member states. In some EU member states, private debts emanating from an ongoing property bubble became sovereign debt owing to government intervention in slowing economies and post-bubble banking system bailouts. In Greece, elevated public sector pension and wage commitments prompted an increase in sovereign debt. According to economic experts, the absence of fiscal union in the Eurozone as monetary union triggered the crisis compromising the capacity of European leaders to react to the crisis. Banks in the European Union owe a momentous amount…. [read more]

Economic Trends Essay

… 7% is the lowest since Q1 2009. The United Kingdom's unemployment rate has been relatively stable over the study period but remains persistently high at 7.67%. The unemployment rate in the United States rose rapidly with the recession, from 5.3% to 9.97%, a much larger change than the other three countries experienced. The rate has not fallen much and still sits at 8.9%. The unemployment figures illustrate that despite Japan's volatility in some areas, employment is fairly stable. The UK and Canada did not suffer from the recession nearly as much as the U.S. did, at least as far as jobs are concerned.

5. The country that is the strongest at this time is Canada. There are a number of reasons for that assessment. The…. [read more]

Economic Indicators the Change Essay

… Beginning in early 2008, non-farm payroll numbers dropped every month, with the worst drops coming at the end of 2008 and beginning of 2009. Non-farm payrolls continued dropping month-over-month through the beginning of 2010, when payrolls began to gain numbers again. In the last 7 months shown, which include the last half of 2010 and first month of 2011, non-farm payrolls rose steadily, whereas the prior year showed both ups and downs. Like other measures, the non-farm payroll data suggests that the economy is growing stronger, as shown through the numbers of non-farm jobs being added.

The unemployment rate in the United States remains high and was close to 9% at the beginning of 2011. The rate has not changed much since rising above 9%…. [read more]

Leadership United States Essay

… In his presidency, however, published critiques for social conditions and injustices began to appear increasingly. His ineffectiveness may have been a result of him being too rational and cool about situations. Liberal groups criticize this aspect of his leadership and declare it ineffective as weak when he reaches the public directly. He was also declared as an impassionate leader and required that more passion be shown on his side (Bush, 2001).

The American society believes that the president be elected with the consent of the people and that is what democracy is all about. With the concept of direct leadership, President Kennedy understood the vitality of the outcomes that could result when the masses are leaded directly that is when the president communicates to the…. [read more]

United States Trade United States' International Term Paper

… United States Trade

United States' international trade in goods and services for the month of October 2007 reported a $57.8 billion deficit. The deficit emerged due to the $141.7 billion exports and $199.5 billion imports. It seems that the U.S. trade is on an ascending direction, given the fact that October's deficit is $0.7 billion more than the $57.1 billion deficit in September. Compared to September, U.S. October exports were $1.3 billion more, while the imports were $2.0 billion more (U.S. Census Bureau, 2007).

Another characteristic for United States' trade in the month of October was the fact that the goods deficit increased $0.9 billion to September to $66.8 billion. Also, the services surplus reached $8.9 billion after a $0.2 billion increase. In October 2007,…. [read more]

Economic Growth and Happiness Essay

… The Arab Spring was one such event which truly made the world realize the power of this technology.


While it can be said that economic growth in terms of more choices, higher income and technological advancement leads to easier ways of life, and a better standard of living, there are indications that these might not lead to happiness which defined in terms of the Bhutanese government include spirituality, care for the environment, and in its wake, more contentment, rather than a hungry drive to capture as much of the world's resources as possible, as is the case with other countries. (Fribbance, 2009)

Happiness might be a subjective factor, but it is important as it is the goal of all individuals, therefore the ultimate goal…. [read more]

Residential Segregation Since the Peak Term Paper

… After nationality of origin quotas were established in the 1920s, the primary group emigrating to the U.S. was northwestern European Whites, followed by Canadians and Latin Americans ("Migration & #8230;" 30-31). After 1940, Whites continued to represent the main immigrant population, followed by Latin Americans. In the 1960s, immigrants from Latin America became the primary immigrant group for the first time, followed by Whites. A minor increase in Asian and Canadian immigration also occurred. Between 1980 and 2000, Latin Americans and Asians represented by far, the main immigrant groups, although Whites continued to enter the country in substantial numbers. During the first decade of the 21st century the primary source country of Latin American immigrants was Mexico, but China, India, Philippines, Vietnam, and Korea contributed…. [read more]

Slow USA Econ Recovery Chapter IV Term Paper

… Slow USA Econ Recovery

Chapter IV -- Summary

Chapter V -- Recommendations

There has always been a disharmony between economic theory and economic reality as it relates to the actions execute to stimulate and sustain economic growth. Whether it be Keynesian actions or actions more tailored towards the supply-side argument, there is not always a smooth translation between economic practice and the ensuing results. At the very least there is always a lag and it is sometimes hard to decipher where action "A" truly led to result "B" and/or whether it even inhibited it.

This line of thought has become even more poignant and clearer through situations like the economic recovery in the United States after the so-called "Great Recession" that ran from 2007 to…. [read more]

United States Seems Concerned About Chavez's Plan Term Paper

… ¶ … United States seems concerned about Chavez's plan to move Venezuela towards socialism, especially if he plans to end the practice of privatization in the oil sector; it seems unlikely that a socialist Venezuela could benefit the world economy. However, in his campaign speeches, Chavez seemed certain that moving towards socialism would benefit Venezuela's domestic economy, place Venezuela in a more competitive position in the world economy, and benefit the international economy. Do you agree with Chavez's position that a socialist Venezuela could benefit the international economy? If so, how do you think this could happen?

It is difficult to conceive of a thriving international economy that does not feature the exploitation of less developed countries by more developed countries. History and imperialism have…. [read more]

Problem's Facing the U Term Paper

… United States: Before the Fall

It is fairly apparent that there are a wide variety of political, social, and economic problems troubling the United States today that appear to herald the decline of this once great nation. The most salient of these problems involve a declining tax base that is increasing the underclass that is growing from widespread unemployment, health care issues as well as urban decay and a structural loss of industry. The vast majority of these problems are characterized by what is best known as a domino effect -- meaning that they significantly impact and create additional difficulties in other areas of U.S. policy. Therefore, in order to best address these problems it is necessary to deal with them from the foremost area…. [read more]

Globalization's Effect Term Paper

… The United States has been a leader in encouraging the cross-border deals for the advancement of domestic opportunities. While there are numerous opportunities to derive from the inter-relations of business opportunities with other countries, the United States often faces fundamental challenges in balancing the interest of the national security with the national economy. The September 11, 2001 attack has made the United States to implement stricter control in the foreign direct transaction. (Travalini, 2009).

The review of the literatures explores the impact of globalization on the security of the United States to enhanced greater understanding on steps that the country will take to enhance its national security.

Effect of Globalization on the National Security of the United States

The United States has experienced both positive…. [read more]

United States From Nigeria Term Paper

… During my years of study and in the Navy for example I have displayed motivation and teamwork skills. I have dedicated my time to working with my fellow students and colleagues, and have worked on maintaining good interpersonal skills at all times. Furthermore my participation in activities such as the rag, a community charity event at our college, as well as my security and front desk work have helped me develop the necessary interpersonal skills to serve effectively in an assistantship.

My plans for the future and for my career are to enter the financial field. My studies and my professional ventures have revealed to me that this is where my interest truly lies. Furthermore I believe I have what it requires to succeed in…. [read more]

United States' Current International Position Essay

… In the era of globalization and market liberalization, the emphasis falls on free trade, regulated only by the economic principles of demand and supply. Nevertheless, such a point has yet to be attained and the countries -- including the United States -- still have the possibility to regulate trade. The most relevant example in this sense is represented by the efforts to stimulate exports and discourage imports.

In order to stimulate exports, the government often offers subsidies to the local industries in order to reduce their operational costs and make them more competitive within the international market place. At the level of imports, the more common methods of limitation refer to the imposition of tariffs and quotas on imports. These policies virtually limit the quantity…. [read more]

Culture and the United States Essay

… Economy, Energy and Infrastructure

The United States of America has remarkable mineral and agricultural resources. In the past, the country was almost self-reliant. However, the continuous and escalating consumption of energy has made America reliant on certain imports. Yet, it is the largest producer of both electrical and nuclear energy in the world. It is also recognized as the chief producer of "copper, gold, coal, crude oil, nitrogen, iron ore, silver, uranium, lead, zinc, mica, molybdenum, and magnesium" ("United States," 2009). As far as the agriculture is concerned, America leads the world in "cheese, corn, soybeans, and tobacco" ("United States," 2009) production. Moreover, America is also the leading exporter of wheat and corn in the world and is the third biggest exporter of rice. The…. [read more]

Independent United States Shed Colonial Essay

… This form of democracy was a distinct departure from the form of monarchy which previously governed the United States when it was a series of colonies under British rule.

Economically, then, the United States was able to distance itself from its colonial history by founding a national banking institution, the Bank of the United States, in 1791 during the presidency of George Washington (who was president during the ratification of the Constitution in 1790). The founding of the national bank, which was initially championed by Alexander Hamilton, reinforced the notion of national solidarity by buttressing the conception of a strong central government -- which was of course diametrically opposed to the loose affiliation of colonies and even states that preceded the bank's inception. The fact…. [read more]

Diversity in the United States Essay

… Such an attempt was never even proposed at the federal level before 1981, because it had never been that big of an issue. The issue of an official language has surfaced periodically throughout U.S. history but was not raised in Congress until 1981, when Senator S.I. Hayakawa of California introduced a constitutional amendment to make English the official language (Leweling, 1997).

However, the English language movement was given credence by 23 states and in 1996 Congress designated English as the Federal Government's official language. Many people have criticized such attempts at making the official U.S. language English because they fear that it will detract from many citizens right to be culturally diverse. There have also been attempts to only provide information about government programs and…. [read more]

Economics Mexico How Interest Rates Term Paper

… By March 2013 the inflation rate had neared the government target and growth in some economic sectors was slowing, so the government made a bold move, decreasing interest rates earlier than expected as a result of the decline in certain sectors, with the aim of limited the slow down in growth; they balanced the need to support growth and constrain inflation.


CIA, (2013), Mexico, [online] accessed 29th April 2013 from

Howells P.G.A, Bain, K, (2007), Financial Institutions and Markets, London, Longman

Hughes, E; O'Boyle M, (2013, April 27), Mexico Holds Interest Rates, Watches Capital Inflows, The Globe and Mail, [online] accessed 30 April 2013 from

Index Mundi, (2013), United Kingdom GDP, [online] accessed 30th April 2013 from

Index Mundi, (2013), Japan…. [read more]

United States Macroeconomic Policy Term Paper

… United States Macroeconomic Policy

Most of the current voices in the United States, as well as some of the reputed international commentators on the matter, have pointed out that the U.S. economy is heading towards a significant recession. This would be characterized with extremely low GDP growth figures in 2008 (below 1%), a decrease in the number of new jobs created every month, as well as a general shrinkage in the economy, often correlated with some of the crisis in different sectors, most notably the financial and credit sector.

This is certainly true to a great extent. First of all, the U.S. economy in 2008 carries the burdens of the past years that saw a gradual, but significant increase in the budgetary deficit, along with…. [read more]

Economics US Economy 2009 Case Study

… Lending had not been regulated and loans were made without sufficient checks and balances; especially in the subprime markets. Defaults on loans increased, and inline with any market, as the supply increases and the demand decreases for any goods, the real estate values dropped, and the value of security held by lending institutions fell to unsustainable levels. The problems of poor leading were proliferated across the financial markets with mortgage bonds containing toxic loans, and default swaps, where investors had decreased or worthless investments and insurance firms faced liabilities they could not meet. The overall impact was a negative pressure on growth; increasing interest rates decreased the available levels of disposable income, which decreased aggregate demand in the economy and increased unemployment, which further aggravated…. [read more]

Economic Indicators Assessment

… Economic Indicators

Savings Rate

Economic Indicator- the savings rate is the income that is not spent and is instead differed for consumption. In some instances, saving can also include reducing recurring costs such as a cell phone, or cable bill. In essence, individuals preserve money now, for a predetermined use in the future. This money is usually deducted from an individual's disposable income to use for future investment. The savings rate is an economic indicator of individual's propensity to save. This has implications in regards to the overall indebtedness of the nation. It can also indicate the purchasing power available for discretionary purchases.

Rate of Value -- 3.4% as of October 2012

Source of Information -U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis,

"United States Personal Saving Rate."…. [read more]

Economic Crisis the Revelation Research Paper

… 25%. The attraction for the prospect non-prime buyers evicted from the market perhaps during the first half of the year 2006, the Mortgage Bankers Association discovered the value, and total number, of subprime mortgages that had now gone down 30% on the second half of 2005

4: the fourth that contributed to the bubble burst was the adversity that, as personal saving from disposable income reached up to the level below zero, fewer households had the requisite finance to support increases in debt and the standard of livings of the residents.

The ever expanding consequences of the bubble burst that funneled down to the household of U.S. And ultimately the senate and state. Giving the strong evidence the senate the William Black asserted (Johnson, 2010):…. [read more]

Economics in the USA Essay

… Economics in the U.S.A. -- The Gambling Industry

Industry Overview

The bases of the gambling industry were set by the former mafia clans, during a time in which the United States authorities were militating for a decent life style and a religious focus. It was probably the simple interdiction of gambling activities that made them so appealing and popular with the public. As they became legal, the mafia lost interest in them and sold most of the casinos in Las Vegas. Today, the gambling industry is not only legit as any other industry, but it has come to generate million dollar revenues each year.

More specific information on the American gambling industry sees that its growth has been due to increases in the population's living…. [read more]

Economic Growth GDP Comparison: Italy Essay

… Economic Growth

GDP Comparison: Italy vs. The United States

The global economic crisis has been affecting almost all of the nations of the developed world. However, despite the fact that the source of the downturn is largely thought to have begun in the United States credit market, all of the countries of the European Union have become mired in the recession more quickly and more deeply than the nation from which the crisis originated (Pfanner 2009)."The economy of the 16 countries sharing the euro currency declined by 1.5% in the fourth quarter, according to the European Union's statistics office. That is even worse than the 1% decline in the United States economy during that period, compared with the previous quarter" (Pfanner 2009). On an annualized…. [read more]

Economic Analysis the United States Term Paper

… Economic Analysis

The United States is the country with the world's largest Gross Domestic Product, which was estimated to be $13.22 trillion dollars in 2006. The United States economy is typical for countries with "market economy"; it's often called "mixed" economy as majority of microeconomic decisions made by big corporations and firms of private economy sector is also regulated by government. Current U.S. economy is considered to be one of the most stable and strong economies due to a high GDP with reasonably high and stable GDP growth, low unemployment rate and high standards of living. Yet, recent geopolitical issues, high oil prices and external debt create some economic concerns. National debt, which includes interests and government deficits in the year of 2006 was nearly…. [read more]

United States Economy in 1990 Term Paper

… Economy

The United States and world economies have been sputtering a bit as the world has to contend with the likes of external economic issues such as inflation, the effects of past and potential future acts of terrorism, the ongoing oil crisis and the War in Iraq. Corporate America has been highly profitable but at the expense of relocation to new emerging markets abroad. The automobile industry and manufacturing as a whole has needed a lift as cheap labor and other economic necessities have cut jobs all over the United States. Consider what has occurred in the airline industry.

Companies have had major economic problems such as the ever increasing price of jet fuel and other resources, the pressure of maintaining and replacing aging fleets…. [read more]

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