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Edison College and Habitat for Humanity Research Paper

… ¶ … Edison College and Habitat for Humanity

Edison State College opened for business in the fall of 1962. Since that time, the college has been providing southwest Florida with quality educational programs. Associate degrees in Arts and Science as well as Baccalaureate degrees along with various certificate programs are offered at Edison. One of the main things that Edison College is interested in is the concept o workforce education (Edison State College, 2009). A major goal of the college is to provide the best possible education to those who desire to be productive members of the community. In order to do this, the college must assess the needs of the community and its students in order to properly supply those who attend as well…. [read more]

Leadership and Human Resources Sunflower Term Paper

… According to Maxwell (2003), leadership by example is the key to successful leadership because it is the number one motivational, training, mentoring, and value principle.

The executive team developed a core value that would guide the way Sunflower conducted its business. This core value, "people are to be treated with dignity and respect" was simple, but powerful. The consulting team trained Sunflower's executive management team using this value and recommended changes for a manager who had a personality inconsistent with the new management style. In addition, the consultants trained Sunflower's operations management in participatory management and conflict resolutions. The training was later extended to Sunflower's line staff and first-line supervisors. Although improvement was evident after the training program, more work was needed. There was still…. [read more]

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