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Community College Students Thesis

… Community College Students are often a busy smart group of students. They choose to attend community college to save money, to do their first two years of prerequisite work, and, then, they can switch over to a prestigious four-year college to complete their major core requirements. Therefore, they are not, as posited by Cohen and Brawer, students of inferior academic ability (2008). In fact, some may be students of a superior academic ability, but whose financial resources or limitations cause them to have to manage those resources in a way that is conservative, and assures there is money to attend a more prestigious, and presumably more expensive, four-year first or second tier university or college. Also, Cohen and Brawer convey the impression that a two-year…. [read more]

Unlucky and Edison- Lennie Essay

… Gotcha, a minority shareholder, wishes to file suit against the three primary owners; preventing them from engaging in unprofitable actions.

Rule- There is no SEC law requiring dividends to be distributed to shareholders (e.g. entitled) but if the rules of the corporation stipulate that annual meetings, minutes, etc. be available the directors are in violation of their own by-laws by not having the requirements. In fact, in 2007, the SEC voted to require public companies to meet and make their annual meeting materials available online, and private companies must meet their minimum requirements (Guide to Shareholder Meetings, 2011). Further, even minority shareholders have the right to inspect a corporation's records and make their opinion known about issues that affect the health of the corporation (Minority…. [read more]

Edison Community College Thesis

… Edison State College: Organization, Leadership and Community Orientation
Educational and Community leadership require a sensible balance
between commitment to the strategic interests of a school and to the human
interests of the community. In the discussions here with Washington
Barqueo, MD, Chairman of the Board of Trustee's at Edison State College in
Florida and with personnel affiliated with him, the research here will seek
to better understand organizational leadership. Using the Board of
Trustees as a research context, we will draw conclusions regarding the
quality of leadership as derived from vision, culture, communication and
community orientation.
Edison State College is a unique educational organization.
Constituted of four Florida based campuses, it attends to the variation of
cultural needs reflective of Florida's diversity. Edison is a…. [read more]

Edison College and Habitat for Humanity Research Paper

… ¶ … Edison College and Habitat for Humanity

Edison State College opened for business in the fall of 1962. Since that time, the college has been providing southwest Florida with quality educational programs. Associate degrees in Arts and Science as well as Baccalaureate degrees along with various certificate programs are offered at Edison. One of the main things that Edison College is interested in is the concept o workforce education (Edison State College, 2009). A major goal of the college is to provide the best possible education to those who desire to be productive members of the community. In order to do this, the college must assess the needs of the community and its students in order to properly supply those who attend as well…. [read more]

Islam Al Andalus, Ha-Sefarad, Andalucia Essay

… The Islamic wellspring of culture and creativity permeated the culture of their region. It was not about converting everyone to Islam; it was about celebrating the written word and the mystery that is poetry. As Turner (n.d.) notes, Islam also celebrated the mysteries of geometry and science and introduced those to Christian Europe as it had introduced love of poetry to the Jews.

The most evocative element of the five aspects of Islamic art is "willful ambiguity," (Blair & Bloom, 1999, p. 222). Willful ambiguity is a phrase that shares much in common with the delight taken in paradox and contradiction, which were hallmarks of Andalucian culture in its heyday. According to Menocal, Jew, Christian, and Arab comfortably coexisted. Yet even more important than physical…. [read more]

Student Services Thesis

… Edison Community College

Looking at the student services of Edison Community College, from a historical perspective, which services if any have most recently been implemented or increased? Why?

The introduction of e-learning into the curriculum is one of the most remarkable innovations to occur at Edison Community College and at community colleges across the nation. Through the Internet, individuals with the typical busy schedule of so many community college students are able to meet their course requirements while studying at home. The use of the Internet itself in offering ways to apply to the school, to find out information about the school, and to gain a sense of the school's services makes it easier for a more diverse range of students to learn about Edison,…. [read more]

Alcohol Disease Term Paper

… Alcoholism as a Disease

Throughout many parts of the world, alcoholic consumption is often a part of social gathering like picnics, graduations, sporting events, and many more. Alcohol consumption is a risky behavior because of health and social situations caused by intoxicating, toxic, and dependence-producing entity (World Health Organization, 2011). People who drink a large amount of alcohol are susceptible to chronic illnesses over a number of years; the use of alcohol is also related to an increased risk of acute health conditions, such as bodily injuries, including traffic accidents (World Health Organization, 2011). The World Health Organization (WHO) states that "the harmful use of alcohol results in 2.5 million deaths each year, 320,000 young people between the ages of 15 and 29 die from…. [read more]

Mass Communications Essay

… Let's say you want to launch a magazine exclusively for the students at Thomas Edison State College. What information could you provide that these individuals don't currently have? What type of publication would you produce? How would you generate revenue? How would you distribute the magazine and what would you call it? Would you want to put the magazine online? Why or why not?

The magazine for college must first be appealing in regards to its content. Exclusive content that is relevant to the target demographic is of particular importance in regards to the success of the magazine. The information therefore, would be geared towards information that is relevant to the student population, and surrounding community of the college. Of particular importance would be sporting…. [read more]

Immigration and the American Dream in Junot Diaz's Drown Term Paper

… Junot Diaz's Drown is a collection of stories that tell of the contemporary misery and urban despair that can grow from poverty and "uprootedness" from one's own cultural setting. Diaz's protagonists are immigrants from the Dominican Republic, many of whom are coming of age in a polarized America. Their stories are even more relevant and poignant in the light of recent proposals of immigration reform and challenges to the American Dream.

This paper argues that immigration is a foundation of the American Dream, and that recent clampdowns in immigration quotas and other immigrant-unfriendly measures threaten the American Dream. The current backlash against immigrants is actually a historical recurrence. However, as Diaz shows, the vast majority of immigrants into this country come with hopes of having…. [read more]

Playwright Israel Zangwill Is United Essay

… This is fascinating because while Muslim immigrants are deeply diverse of their national and ethnic backgrounds, hailing from as far east as Indonesia to as far west as Morocco, their experience especially in view of the events in recent memory has given them a special sense of unity and formed a superset of ethnicity. The broader Islamic culture militates against time honored American traditions and cultural icons. There is no alcohol involved. Muslims do not even eat the same meat as Americans following instead the Kosher traditions of their Semitic Jewish brethren. Pork is a big no! Muslim girls do not go to prom and are not allowed to date or intermingle with boys. Away from their traditional homelands, Muslims cling much more staunchly to…. [read more]

Correspondence Bias Essay

… 2. As a comparison, the Yale approach model is similar with the elaboration likelihood approach for the reason that it falls under the social psychology study that will allow people to change their attitude through persuasion. The contrasting issues is that it does not concerned with the personal activities and the explanation of a certain issue because it is more concentrated with persuasive approach. This model will try to emphasize the importance of having the aspect of persuading an individual or a group that will enter a specific event or an issue using different communication styles. In the same manner, the comparison with elaboration likelihood approach is the manner of emphasizing the use of social application in the field of social psychology to focus on…. [read more]

Social Media Your Purchase Essay

… "

"The popularity of social media is undeniable -- three of the world's most popular brands online are social-media related (Facebook, YouTube and Wikipedia) and the world now spends over 110 billion minutes on social networks and blog sites. This equates to 22% of all time online or one in every four and half minutes" (Prescott, 2010).

Prescott (2010) found that nearly a quarter of billion people age 13 and older in the United States used some form of mobile device in December of 2009 alone.

Classification of Social Media

Collaborative Projects: Collaborative projects enable the ability to simultaneously co-create content by many end-users; this is perhaps the most direct manifestation of User Generated Content. "Within collaborative projects, one differentiates between wikis -- that is,…. [read more]

Electromagnetic Therapy a Review Research Paper

… However, despite the alleged benefits for patients suffering many of the illnesses of old age, the FDA policy has been cautious. "In concert with this policy, the Center for Medicare Services (CMS) for a period of time refused to allow reimbursement even for modalities cleared by the FDA. It took several years of court fighting until CMS reversed its position" (Marko 2007: 466). Another, countervailing opinion regarding the safety of the procedure relates to the fact that the population is already over-exposed to electrical stimulus. "Increased use and human exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) from electrical appliances, power lines, wireless communications, cell phones, radio and microwave technologies continue to concern the public about potential health risks…. Some epidemiological studies suggested increased risk of initiation of…. [read more]

Society That the Public Term Paper

… (If you are starving a group of people in your care, it does not matter a great deal that you are allowing to starve a little more slowly than the others.)

The other essential issue that must remain central to any discussion of school funding in Pennsylvania is the issue of inter-district disparities in funding. While in terms of overall funding, Pennsylvania measures up quite well with the rest of the country, in terms inter-district disparity it has a poor showing indeed. (It should be noted that we are making the assumption here that inter-district funding disparities are a bad thing for education and for children, for the child of the poorest family deserves a decent education as much as does the child of the…. [read more]

Advocacy Project Term Paper

… ¶ … Drinking and Driving Consequences

Are we taking the drunken drivers off the road only to turn them into drunken pedestrians?

Lawrence S. Harris, North Carolina State Medical Examiner (Simpson, 1988)

Despite Being Illegal

Despite drinking alcohol being illegal for them to do so, many underage people often heavily drink alcohol, a legal product individuals at least 21-years-old may consume in the United States. (Eigen & Noble, 1996; 1998; Office for Substance Abuse Prevention, 1991; Presley, Leichter, & Mielman, 1999; cited by Zwarun, Linz, Metzger & Kunkel, 2006) Underage alcohol consumption, in turn, Eigen & Noble (1998; cited by Zwarun, Linz, Metzger & Kunkel, 2006) report, increase the likelihood of automobile accidents, resulting from drought driving, (Eigen & Noble, 1996; Siegal, 1999; cited by…. [read more]

Public Schools vs. Private Term Paper

… In short, it was all -- even the math and science -- philosophy. In fact, it could not have been anything else, as science as we know it would be invented hundreds of years later by people a lot less erudite. Those early Greek 'schools' were the foundation not only of the detached method of education extant in U.S. public schools today, but of the campus style of learning as well. Universities and even high schools are generally separated from their communities by acres of greensward. Clinchy argues that this is not for peace, quiet and beauty alone, but to separate the students from everyday life. To be sure, private schools are often at least as well set apart as public schools, but the effect…. [read more]

Libraries and Newspaper Preservation Double Term Paper

… That question was asked by journalist Richard Poynder, whose piece covers the book, the bitter reaction to the book by librarians and archivists, and the real issue at hand, which is, what is the best way to preserve the great volumes of newspapers that have not been dumped, chain-sawed, or left to molder in spidery warehouses?

A book published by Richard Cox -- Vandals in the Stacks? -- is largely seen as an attempt to rebut much of what Baker has argued; "I do not want to denigrate the debate into merely a matter of 'I am a professional and Nicholson Baker is an amateur'," writes Cox, who is an information sciences professor at the University of Pittsburgh. "Yet, the essence of being an expert…. [read more]

Old, Smart, Productive Old. Smart. Productive Talks Term Paper

… Old, Smart, Productive

OLD. SMART. PRODUCTIVE" talks about how people can be productive at work into their 70's and 80's. This is contrary to the popular concept that people's work performance decline after they are 50. One of the most important concepts in this article is that work productivity involves the concept of practical intelligence. Practical intelligence is the ability to solve ill-defined business problems using rules of thumb that can't be put down on paper. Example: how to deal with a difficult boss. A study of 200 banking executives found that the ones who exhibited the highest "practical intelligence" were as likely to be old as young -- and the older among them excelled even though their scores on traditional intelligence tests were no…. [read more]

Success Nothing About My Career in College Research Proposal

… ¶ … Success

Nothing about my career in college or in the world of business and economics could be considered usual, and yet I would definitely consider my current status as a university applicant to be a great success. Coming from Korea, I faced many barriers to my studies in the United States that many other students in this country would not have to face. For instance, my language and cultural barriers led me at first to not succeed in the ways I wished. It was very difficult for me to perform well even in subjects that I had shown my proficiency in due to the fact that the language and method of instruction was very different from the way I had been used to…. [read more]

History of Henry Ford Term Paper

… In 1903, Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company with the intent of bringing his Quadricycle to the public. The company right from the beginning hired the best and brightest engineers and thinkers who designed and developed new features that made an affordable car a real possibility. "The year 1901 saw Henry Ford, who was to change the ways of American life forever, build the motor car and market it with great public relations skill. Ford in his younger, more flexible days knew the value of publicity and used it in positive ways to emerge from the pack of automakers now lost in the mists of history." (Cutlip, 4) Ford's concept of developing and constantly refining the assembly line process for the manufacture of the…. [read more]

Life There Are Many Great Assessment

… ¶ … Life

There are many great mysteries related to human existence. Many people ponder why we are here and what the meaning of life is. From what I have seen of the world, it seems that the meaning of life is in being as kind as possible to those around us, to create something or do something so that life is more enjoyable or that there is less suffering. In his series of lectures about the secular saint, Francis Ambrosio (2011) explains what that term refers to and also which human beings from history have encompassed the principles of the secular saint. A person who is a secular saint is one who has been able to lead a meaningful life, by this I mean…. [read more]

Sound Technologies and Sound Design Thesis

… The synchronization of sound films was experimented during 1912 to 1914. These developments underlined the importance of technology and innovation in coming years of film industry. The history of film music also does not provide a coherent record of its developments as Lumiere brothers are also reported as introducing their film with music in 1895. However the confirmation of such records is a trivial task due to unclear documentation.

Phonographic sound and films were among the early films with music. It is also stated that a number of cinemas in Europe were dedicated for phonographic sounds. The introduction of phonographic and these cinemas throughout the world have influenced sound and music in films. It is reported that these cinemas showcased short films with operatic performances.…. [read more]

General Electric Jack Watson Term Paper

… GE not only engages in broadcasting but has shown significant innovation in technology and delivery methods for broadcast transmissions. The jet propulsion work being done by GE is helping to redefine how travel takes place and what resources are required to make various journeys possible. But perhaps the most significant technology the company is responsible for relates to the generation of power. The world is facing a fossil fuel famine and GE's efforts may be the lynch-pin in bridging the way to the new method of power generation.

GE SWOT Analysis


General Electric is replete with strengths. From market share domination to innovation to global relationships, GE has a significant repository of strengths which promise to help keep the company viable. Company leadership is…. [read more]

U.S. History Abraham Lincoln Essay

… U.S. History

Abraham Lincoln - Was Lincoln a racist? How should we judge the past?

Reading about Abraham Lincoln's racism always has a shock and awe effect on any student of history. The main accusations against President Abraham Lincoln in terms of racism are that he believed in the inherent superiority of white Caucasian race over the black race (to this end Lincoln's 1858 speech at Charleston Illinois quoted by WB Dubois in his essays on Lincoln is instructive), that he was unwilling to condemn the Southern slave owners for slavery and that he took his time before finally issuing the emancipation proclamation. The whole problem starts in the class room when instructors create the erroneous impression that towering historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln…. [read more]

Feasibility of Implementing Pay for Performance in K-12 Public School Systems Term Paper

… ¶ … Pay for Performance" in K-12 public school systems

Data-Gathering Method

Database of Study

An Analysis of the Feasibility of Implementing "Pay for Performance" in K-12 Public School Systems in the United States

Over the past 20 years, policymakers across the country have tried to respond to growing public dissatisfaction with the quality of America's public schools by implementing various reforms of the delivery of schooling services (Downes & Horowitz, 1995). Among these reforms has been the move to link educator pay with student academic outcomes (Lafee, 1999). Proponents of such alternative pay schemes suggest that it just makes sense to use the same business principles that the private sector to improve employee performance, but opponents to pay-for-performance suggest that criteria such as student…. [read more]

GM / UAW Term Paper

… And only that way will what's good for General Motors truly be what's good for America.

2. Latinos in Miami

The facts are simply astounding. There are more Latino people in the United States today -- including illegal immigrants -- than there are in any Latin American country except Brazil, Mexico and Columbia. (

Miami's labor scene is very heavily-influenced by a Spanish-speaking Latino population. Cuban-Americans and Puerto Rican-Americans constitute a large part of Miami's labor force.

Several social forces have been critical in bringing Latino-American labor to Miami. Most importantly has been sense of community. Immigrant populations will naturally gravitate towards living and working with populations that resemble their own. Indian-Americans, for instance, have a large labor presence around Edison, NJ and around San…. [read more]

General Electric Term Paper

… ¶ … begun in 1876 by Thomas Alva Edison, the inventor of over 1,000 advances including the most important incandescent light bulb, The General Electric Company has made technological developments that have benefited individuals throughout the world. Today the company continues as one of the largest and most successful global organizations.

Several of Edison's early product offerings are in fact still part of GE today, including lighting, transportation, industrial products, power transmission and medical equipment. The company also continues to be broken down into specific business components. The first GE Appliances electric fans were produced at the Ft. Wayne electric works as early as the 1890s, while a full line of heating and cooking devices were developed in 1907. GE Aircraft Engines, the division's name…. [read more]

Comparative and Contrasting Study of Two International Entrepreneurs Henry Ford and Adolf Hitler Term Paper

… ¶ … International Entrepreneurs: Henry Ford and Adolf Hitler

Today, given their impact on the generations that followed, it is reasonable to suggest that two of the most influential individuals of the 20th century were Henry Ford and Adolf Hitler. While they were clearly at diametrically opposite ends of the morality pole, Ford and Hitler both nevertheless managed to epitomize their respective types of entrepreneurialism according to their unique time and place in history. In this regard, Baldwin (2001), reports that, "If a person were summoned from the waiting room into Hitler's private office, he would be somewhat taken aback to see hanging on the wall beside the massive desk a large portrait of Henry Ford -- Why here? And why now, ten years before…. [read more]

Atomic Bomb Term Paper

… ¶ … Atomic Bomb and the Deciding Event in Persuading the United States to Pursue Development of Nuclear Weapons

The following research study is conducted through a qualitative review of literature relating to the Manhattan Project and the atomic bomb developed and use in World War II against Japan. Japan was a formidable enemy in that the Japanese were very gung ho and did not care nor see any value in compromise and it is the failure of the Japanese to attempt to compromise so that the war and the associated deaths could be ended as well that resulted in the United States making use of the atomic bomb. The atomic bomb development program was top secret therefore the program had been compartmentalized to lessen…. [read more]

History of American Warfare and the Transformation of Women Research Paper

… Many companies did so despite them understanding that they were breaking union agreements. Surprisingly, industries sacked females from certain jobs and gave the positions to men even when the process of recruiting females was less costly. If only these financial advantages were taken into account, one would anticipate the management of these companies to act in support of females, and against men when it came to postwar recruiting. Industrial supervisors chose the opposite, though, and rather than institutionalizing the wartime inclusion of females into the workforce, they resorted to the prewar practices (Weatherford, 2008).

It is common knowledge that females in the workforce gained prominence in the nineteen fifties. Many females displaced from large sectors did not return to the kitchen. They found work in…. [read more]

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