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Education Budget Cuts Term Paper

… Education Budget Cuts

Education is one of the most important issues in the Western world today. It dictates the future of millions of young people per year, and by association also the future of the country whose workforce these young, educated adults will join. It is therefore vital that the government provides whatever resources are necessary to provide young people with as many skills and as much knowledge as necessary to contribute as much as possible to the country's output. When budget cuts are therefore at issue, the expectation should be that education is to enjoy the highest priority in terms of monetary allocation, particularly at the college level. When budget cuts were implemented for tertiary institutions in California, this principle was the cause of…. [read more]

Education Budget Cuts Term Paper

… Budget Cuts

In today's world, education has become of primary importance, since this is regarded as the vehicle to work and concomitantly a productive life. Education is, however, not only important in terms of the individual life and progress; it is also vital for the progress and well-being of society in general. Across the board, whether education be privately managed or is part of the public wealth, it is one area that should receive full attention for the development of individuals and the nation collectively. Hence, budget cuts in the state school system in general and the UC specifically should receive careful consideration not only in terms of the application of funding, but also in terms of how this could affect the well-being of the…. [read more]

Education Budget Cut Essay

… Budget Cuts in Education

The most important thing that parents and communities can give children -- besides food, clothing, shelter and love -- is a good education. America has been educating its children through public schools and universities for well over a hundred years, and the value of what young people learn about history, science, mathematics, biology, geography and the environment is enormous and cannot be replaced. Alert, well-educated children who can solve problems and think creatively are the goal of every parent and every teacher in America. However, due to the recession and to the housing crisis, states and school districts all across America are having to cut back on funds for education. What is also a tragedy is the cutbacks to colleges and…. [read more]

Budgeting a School Essay

… Budgeting a School

School Budget table

Maintenance and Operations Budget

Soft Capital Budget


Estimated Percent of the Budget


Estimated Percent of the Budget


Athletic Equipment

Administrative Salaries

Text Book Adoptions

Support Staff Salaries

Technology Equipment

Core Teacher Salaries

Furniture and Desks

Elective Teacher Salaries

Instructional Equipment

PE Equipment

Extra Duty Stipends

Athletic Coaches Stipends

Instructional Supplies

Consumable Supplies

Professional Development

Purchased Services

Athletic Dues and Fees

The above cuts in are in line with the reductions from the school district. The revenue the school receives is divided between a combination of local, state and federal funding. The state provides greatest levels of assistance. While local taxes and federal support, make up for the rest (with the federal government paying the lowest amount).…. [read more]

Student Affairs Budget Cuts Essay

… " It is important to have a clear idea on what are strategy is and make sure that is aligned with the greater strategy of the organization….."

The Importance Of Leadership

In times of crisis it is important for the leadership of the organization to remain calm and cool in the face of this adversity.: "….. When dealing with some of the painful choices that will have to be made, it is better to stay emotionally detached as much as possible, while remaining upbeat and positive….."

Communication is very important in this process as leaders need to fully express what is at stake and what needs to be done.: "…..Stress levels and anxiety are sure to be present, so it is important to communicate both…. [read more]

Justification for School Budget Cuts Term Paper

… Though it is extremely difficult to be innovative and to reform, the school needs to strive hard to do this in order to translate their activities into sources of funding.

Evaluation of the effectiveness of the budget cut is extremely important in order to know how the school has progressed despite the budgetary cuts. This evaluation will be determined by checking records of academic performance of the school against the past to make sure that the budget cuts have not had a significant impact on the performance of the students. This evaluation will also help to ensure there is continued educability and that the vision of the district to have high standards of learning is maintained.

There is also need to evaluate the time that…. [read more]

Effects of Budget Cuts to Colleges in Canada Ontario Thesis

… ¶ … Budget Cuts for Colleges in Ontario, Canada

The Canadian federal government has kept colleges and universities from becoming increasingly competitive due to significant funding cuts.

These financial restraints have not only affected the salaries that BC universities are able to offer in hiring new faculty and senior administrators, but they have also meant that BC universities have not been able to offer as many scholarly opportunities to new faculty as universities elsewhere in Canada and in the United States. (the Laurier Institute, 2000, p.4)

As university students across the province headed back to their classes in 2008, many found significantly different institutions than those they left before the summer.

The classes were larger, courses canceled, threats of programs being discontinued and reduced levels…. [read more]

Budget Cuts to the Correctional Essay

… Modern prisons are currently dealing with a number of problems and issues that take devotion, time, and funding to work out. Here, Tewksbury and Dabney (2008) present a number of examples of specific contexts that need devotion and allocation of funds in order to best protect the well-being of both inmates and staff. Unfortunately, many prisons have to deal with both employee and inmate misconduct in appropriate manners that will help lead to viable solutions for the well-being of the facility (Tewksbury & Dabney 2008). This forces prison authorities to have plans on how to deal with specific instances of misconduct, even from prison staff. In order to best approach this, funding and effort is needed to train and educate staff and executive authorities on…. [read more]

Budget Cuts in Maine Research Paper

… The lawsuit alleged that residents did not get medical care and other services. In 1994 a new consent decree focused more on the need for community services (Cover).

Gerald Petruccelli, attorney for the plaintiffs argued in court filings that the state has failed to live up to its commitments in the past, which justified keeping the decree in place, however U.S. District Judge George Z. Singal ruled that despite the threat of budget cuts, he's was comfortable that the state will follow current laws. Singal wrote, "The fear that history may repeat itself will always be present and will require that the class members and those that advocate on their behalf be forever vigilant. While it may not be enough to quell Plaintiffs' fears, the…. [read more]

Budgeting the Current Economic Crisis Case Study

… Budgeting

The current economic crisis is having ripple affects for the New York City Public Schools. This is because lower tax revenues and declining budgets are exacerbating the various problems that have existed in the system; the most notable would include underperforming schools and budgets. These two issues are important because many of the politicians and schools officials have been attempting to close down those schools that are underperforming. A recent example of this can be seen with the City's plan to close down 19 underperforming schools, despite an injunction that was granted by the Manhattan State Supreme Court. (Otterman, 2010) The reason why this contentious issue is being brought to the forefront is the sobering reality that the achievement scores of many students throughout…. [read more]

Why Higher Education Should Be Free Research Paper

… It is not a foregone conclusion that greater levels of higher education would completely cure the American electorate of ideological stupidity -- but at this point, with a system this dysfunctional, it certainly could not hurt.

Additionally, in a subtle point which is possible one that is worthy of our deepest consideration, Thomas Frank has noted that the current economic inflation in the cost of a college degree has other, less obvious effects on the economic and political life of the nation. As Frank wrote in a 2012 editorial for Harper's

To saddle young people with enormous, inescapable debt -- total student debt is now more than one trillion dollars -- is ultimately to transform them into profit-maximizing machines. I mean, working as a schoolteacher…. [read more]

Budget Crisis How Current Essay

… $385 million was cut from the state Medicaid program, resulting in 310,000 adults to lose their coverage (Olmos 2010). Arizona's high immigrant population and the fact that it was particularly hard-hit by the housing crisis means that it is also facing a situation of expanding need for healthcare services coupled with less funds with which to provide aid.


In Oklahoma, recent budget cuts to healthcare have been part of a systemic series of cuts that have occurred over the past several budgetary periods in the state, thus only compounding critical shortages that currently exist. The state ranks at the bottom of most healthcare rankings as well as in its infant mortality "Health Commissioner Terry Cline said his agency's funding has been slashed 15% in…. [read more]

Educational Budget Cuts Will Children Essay

… Opposing View

Sadly, state Senates across the country continue to pass unfavorable budgets despite widespread objections over its deep cuts, particularly to K-12 education and universities. Lawmakers concede that the proposed cuts are painful, but they were necessary to balance the state budget and avert further borrowing. Many Senators share the same mental paradigm because many states have been bleeding red ink for years due to reduce federal aid. Therefore, the money has to come from somewhere, whether in the form of budget cuts or increase taxes. Surprisingly, state Senates do not hold the perspective of the public, whereby the public feels that Senate leaders violating their responsibility to their constituents.


If the state fails to meet their obligation to the public schools, local…. [read more]

Importance of Education in Florida Research Proposal

… Florida Budget

For all its talk of being a world leader and one of the richest countries in education, the United States is doing poorly when compared to other developed nations. A report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development that came out just this past November states that the "United States is no longer the world leader in secondary education." It only places 18th among the 36 nations examined. Moving toward the top of the list is South Korea, where 93% of high school students graduate on time compared with the U.S., where only 75% receive their diplomas.

Given the fact that "knowledge" is supposedly the product of the 21st century, this news is very disconcerting. How can the U.S. be a strong…. [read more]

Arts Education in California Public Term Paper

… California's Education Budget by Robert A.Teegarden: (

California's Bilingual Law, which authorized that the students be taught in their native languages, was passed in 1995. It was noted that more then 23% of the children in California schools have been classified as Limited English Proficient

LEP). As Linda Chavez, President of Washington D.C-based Center for Equal

Opportunity, quotes " the bilingual program which started out as the best intentions to help these children become more proficient in English, has been hijacked and turned in to a program for political agendas." (Bilingual Education in the California Public School System, K-12: (

Immigrants have vastly increased over the years, yet only a 5% of them currently under Bilingual Education program, are gaining proficiency in English each year.…. [read more]

Sociology and Adult Education Research Paper

… Today, adult education can be a method of empowerment for individuals and groups that reside just outside the majority group's characteristics. Practices of adult education can help empower members of certain racial groups gather acknowledgment and actively move towards a more progressive stance within the larger community. A lot of efforts to educate adults here in the United States aim to help improve general literacy of particular minority groups that do not speak English as their first language (Prins & Drayton 2010). The power of language is incredible, and when one cannot use that power to progress oneself and one's community, one will be a clear disadvantage within the larger mainstream culture. Merriam and Brockett (2007) posit the idea that "is there a to ensure…. [read more]

Education From the First Paragraph Essay

… The majority of students he sees had "chaotic childhoods" and many went to "underperforming schools, and never finished high school." And yet, at the community college where Rose teaches, most students "…say this is the first time school has meant anything to them… [and] it doesn't take long to imagine the kind of society we would have if more people had this opportunity" (Rose, p. 2). Meanwhile, given the optimism that abounds when people are offered real job skills (and not just liberal arts) -- people who previously were shut out of any economic possibilities -- is giving away to pessimism because of "severe budget cuts in education" due to the recession. Budgets should not be cut that provide career opportunities for folks who otherwise…. [read more]

Education -- National Attitudes Toward Free Higher Term Paper

… Education -- National Attitudes Toward Free Higher Education

In the United States, the cost of college education has risen continually for decades. Today, the average cost of attending a private nonprofit four-year college or university in the U.S. is approximately $20,000 annually, without even including the other inevitable related costs that can nearly double that price (Hout, 2011). While federal and state student loans have provided invaluable assistance to generations of American college students, many of those resources are fast becoming unavailable as a result if the current economic climate that has forced so many cuts to state and federal budgets. Tuition-free higher education has never been widely available in the U.S. except for a very small minority of students who qualify for achievement-based academic…. [read more]

Ideology in Education Research Paper

… Ideology in Education

Over the last several years, the education system has been dealing with conflicting ideologies. This is because student achievement scores are down and many institutions are struggling to address budget cuts. The combination of these factors has created a situation where different approaches are being suggested. To fully determine the best strategy for dealing with these various challenges requires: defining the ideology / its application, examining how it is linked to education and analyzing the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. Together, these elements will highlight the educational philosophies that are utilized in this strategy. ("Investing in Our Future," 2012)

Define ideology and ideology in education.

An ideology is a set of beliefs that forms the basis of the education system.…. [read more]

Museum Budget Cuts One-Page Memo to Staff Term Paper

… Museum Budget Cuts

One-Page Memo to Staff Members Indicating Where Cuts Will Impact the Museum:


My fellow employees, the Montana Museum of Native American Art is facing a financial crisis. Unfortunately, with the loss of the major funding sources, the museum is now facing a 40% cutback. As you may have already heard, we will be making necessary cuts in staff and services in order to allow the museum to survive and eventually thrive again. Although we must make these cuts because of financial reasons, we hope that you will remain with us in spirit as we seek to continue serving the public and eventually return to full staffing and services. We do not know how long this may…. [read more]

Budget Cuts Term Paper

… ¶ … deconstruction: California students protest education cuts

New York Times article deconstruction: California students protest education cuts

McKinley, Jesse. (2010, March 4). California students protest education cuts.

The New York Times. Retrieved May 10, 2010 at

Question a: Retelling: From the point-of-view of a retired California resident whose children went to private schools.

Unsurprisingly, the necessary cuts in state financing and tuition hikes caused vocal student radicals to take to the streets in California. This has been typical of the state for as long as I have been a resident! A responsible young adult should realize that everyone has to feel some pain in the struggle to get state spending under control after years of liberal fiscal policies. Yes, education is valuable, but…. [read more]

Education Term Paper

… This completely contradicts Noddings' approach to early childhood development as previously believed.

Aristotle lived in a time where man was defined as courageous. Men were warriors, great statesmen and taught to be fearless. "The most fearful thing of all is death; for it is the end, and it is assumed for the dead there is no good or evil any more" (Thomson, 1976, p. 127) and for a man to face death and survive was a great accomplishment. As a result men pursued the noblest ways of dying such as in warfare or at sea. How does this cultural element influence his argument? It is possible because of this notion the environment provides different opportunities for learning. Also it seems the notion of caring is…. [read more]

Education on Higher Learning Essay

… Education

Why we Need Higher Education

The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss, and analyze higher education. Specifically it will discuss why people should have the privilege of a higher education. Higher education is the hope for many people to prosper and reach their goals. It gives them the ability to find better jobs, make better money, and live better lives than their families may have lived, and higher education should not be only available to the wealthiest individuals. Everyone should have the privilege of a higher education in this country, if they desire it.

A college education should be within the reach of anyone who wants it, but unfortunately, due to rising costs, that is not always the case. The cost of…. [read more]

Budgets Term Paper

… Budgets

In order to address the budget shortfalls that many states are facing and prescribe action, the nature of those shortfalls must be understood. State budgets as a whole could be short as much as $180 billion this year, and there are a number of contributing factors. Most states derive their revenues from two or three main sources. There are state revenue streams, such as state income taxes, fees and corporate taxes. States also receive a substantial amount of their budgets in the form of federal transfers, as states are charged the local implementation of federal programs such as Medicaid and unemployment benefits.

The current state budget crisis has been precipitated by the economic downturn. A decrease in economic activity has resulted in a decline…. [read more]

Educational Crisis Essay

… Educational Crisis

"Do you feel like you live in a nation of idiots?" (Moore 128). This country is in a serious educational crisis, one which gets worse each year. The very foundation of our educational system stifles individual creativity and independence, yet even that little promise is being threatened by massive budget cuts in this volatile economy. Overall, it is clear that this country is in the midst of a major educational crisis, one that will need the cooperation and action of everyone in our society to help structure things in a more progressive manner to help provide a better future for our children.

There are major problems with educational institutions in this country that are hindering millions of students from receiving the best education…. [read more]

Budget Legislation Discussion Chapter

… Budget Legislation

Legislative Budget

Budgeting is one of the most significant processes for the proper functioning of: any local, state or federal government. It involves a number of phases starting from: planning to implementation. In this paper, we are studying the budgetary process for of the State of Texas. This is part of an effort to understand the various phases involved and factors that sometimes affect legislative action, which can result in unintended outcomes in the proposed budget.

The planning of an annual budget presented in Texas involves several different branches including: various executive groups / agencies, the Governor's office, the State Legislature and the Comptroller of Public Accounts (CPAs) Office just to name a few. The main phases involved in the budgeting process in…. [read more]

Tuition in Higher Education Holds Thesis

… ¶ … Tuition in Higher Education

Higher education holds the key to the future economy of our nation. However, the recent performance of our educational sector only reflects a sad state of affairs. The Enrollment curve has flattened, accessibility reduced and dropouts have increased. For higher education to become more affordable institutions should formulate plans, innovate and restructure to deliver quality education in a cost effective setting. It is high time that policy makers rethink and redefine this ailing, unhealthy and commercialized system to a more principled, productive and accountable one. The future economic success of America rests with success of the educational system in transforming itself to improve the accessibility, participation and successful completion of higher education programs.


As we progress into the…. [read more]

Budget Plan Is a Quantitative Research Paper

… The annual expenditure is more than the annual revenue. Typically, the School District uses approximately $10 Million to fund the balance leaving $3 Million for the future year.

Syracuse Revenue Category



State Aid (Net of STAR)

City School District


AIM State Aid


Mortgage Tax


State Highway Maintenance


State Highway Aid


State Aid-Traffic Control Center


Youth Projects




Real Property Taxes

School Property Tax Levy


City Property Tax Levy




Real Property Tax Items

Payments in Lieu of Taxes


Special Lighting Tax


Assessable Improvements


Tax Fees and Penalties


Prior Years' Tax Collections


Less: Uncollected City and the School Taxes




Non-Property Taxes

Sales Tax


Utilities…. [read more]

Investment Higher Education Important Essay

… There are also secondary sources of information that can be used in order to investigate the problem of this research study. Secondary sources of information are easy to access, and usually do not cost money. However, they are not always accurate, complete, and able to provide the required answers.

The secondary sources of information can somehow anticipate the answers to the questionnaires developed in order to reach primary sources of information. In other words, they can tell what the barriers and limits to admission in colleges and universities are. It is important to address these sources of information because they help develop a larger picture of what it is intended of this research study.

There are numerous studies in the field that have attempted to…. [read more]

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