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Education Class Size vs. School Term Paper

… Krueger and Whitmore based the study's data on African-American voucher students for the sake of comparison. Krueger and Whitmore found that students who had attended small classes "improved their test performance by around 50% more than the gain experienced by black students who attended a private school as a result of receiving a voucher."

According to Pathak et al. (2004): "The African-American voucher students were learning in the very educational climate that many policy analysts have long sought for public schools- a climate that is incredibly difficult to create when a state diverts substantial tax dollars to vouchers."

One of the most publicized reports on this topic is "Test-Score Effects of School Vouchers in Dayton, Ohio; New York City; and Washington, D.C.: Evidence From Randomized…. [read more]

Size/Cooperative Learning and IT's Effects Term Paper

… African-American students seem to profit more from the SAGE experience than white students when compared with non-SAGE students. The achievement gap between African-Americans and white students widens each year (Smith, 2003).

It has been noted that class size initiatives have enjoyed wide spread support from parents, teachers, and the general public. People will still believe that smaller class sizes are a good idea and teachers report experiencing lower levels of stress and job dissatisfaction with smaller classes. This is primarily because they are better engaged with each student, and therefore, student motivation increases and discipline problems decrease. Parents believe that a teacher's individualized instruction leads to improvements in a child's academic performance. This is apparent because teachers with smaller classes have more time to…. [read more]

Personal Observations: Class Size Essay

… I know that I am more effective in my instruction when my class sizes are smaller. I also know from talking to and observing my students that they appreciate smaller class sizes. They report feeling less "lost" and more "assured" that they will get the help they need -- before they fall behind or before they fail. Class size is important, but in my view -- and in the opinion of many educational policy researchers -- class size is not as important as access to qualified, motivated teachers.

The Impact of Tier 3 Flex Funding in ROCPs

The impact of the Tier 3 Flex funding seems to be impacting all of the important variables related to educational quality in the Regional Occupational Center Programs. To…. [read more]

Education and Learning Term Paper

… Additionally they are forced to nod in a certain way to express the fact that they are paying attention to what is being said. Students have to immediately look at their peers when they are speaking. When this is viewed by an outsider it was mentioned that it seems like a rather odd phenomenon. Additionally, the students are made to chant motivational speeches and do other things of this regard such as songs and games.

Critics of the charter school movement cite the fact that they are generally selective in their recruitment efforts. This results in the fact that the charter schools may not actually have a fair sampling of those on the bottom of the barrel in terms of the achievement gap. Though their…. [read more]

Relationship Between School Funding in Urban and Rural School Districts Research Proposal

… School Funding in Urban and Rural School Districts

Tax Base and Funding

School financing is mainly carried out by a number of state owned institutions. These institutions use several methods of not only collecting funds but also distributing them. Major institutions involved in school financing include both the federal and state governments together with county as well as, other transitional elements of the government. These transitional elements include the municipal government as well as the school board (Michael and Tyll, 2004). Educational funds are collected mainly from:

Local property taxes,

Local lottery systems, and

The distribution of education bonds

The funds are distributed in four different but interconnected ways:

Giving categorical and block grants,

General state aid,

State-reimbursement for local spending and Transfers from civic…. [read more]

Stability of Employment Education Research Paper

… These two arguments may actually prove the same cause.

Wheeler (2005) argues that "the fraction of workers in the United States holding jobs (defined by 174 industry-occupation cells) in the bottom and top tails of the distribution of average hourly pay increased between 1983 and 1993." The research conducted in this instance was a meta-analysis of studies done within an industry base that looked at how income was distributed among the workers of that industry alone. After examining the individual industries, Wheeler gleaned the above finding. He said that, "This finding, he concludes, indicates that workers have increasingly been sorted into "good" and "bad" jobs, which further suggests that rising inequality has been the product of growing between-sector dispersion" (Wheeler, 2005). Of course, even though…. [read more]

Education Building Canada: Child Poverty Essay

… Reference

Canadian Teachers Federation. Supporting Education Building Canada: Child Poverty and Schools. 2009.

Summary of: Current and Potential School Systems Response to Poverty

In their article, Current and Potential School Systems Response to Poverty, Levin and Riffel, discuss the lack of focus on poverty within current education policy. The authors readily admit that poverty is not caused by schools and nor will schools be the answer or solution to poverty, however they believe that a school's understanding of poverty related issues are paramount in understanding the population of children within Canadian society. The authors draw immediate attention to the positive correlation between socioeconomic status and educational outcomes of a student. The lack of attention and focus, therefore on poverty related issues is a glaring omission…. [read more]

Education Review Term Paper

… Education Review

It is now understood that the traditional form of education needs to be changed. First, students will face a completely different environment when they go on their own into a fast-paced and global world. Second, more studies are recognizing that children learn very differently, and the teacher-lecture approach does not provide the best education for everyone. Third, in today's environment, knowledge is the main product for sale. To develop this product, students need a high-quality specialized learning situation. Increasingly, schools will have to offer well-rounded education to successfully prepare the next generations of students to meet a wide variety of experiences and face many different challenges.

The Industrial Age required more workers than thinkers, so in most respects school was available for learning…. [read more]

Schools and Education Term Paper

… (Rury 2013)

This is because the country was continuing to evolve based upon shifts in attitudes and beliefs in society. At the same time, the economy was continually adjusting. This meant that in order for the nation to remain competitive some kind of changes had to occur within the system itself. The results were that more people became a part of the educational structure and were offered the opportunity to receive access to the same solutions as everyone else. (Rury 2013)

These ideals were supposed to provide everyone with better support and the ability to understand critical ideas. However, the reality is that these solutions are continuing to impact student performance. This is based upon the role that various social factors will have on an…. [read more]

Education in China Research Paper

… Education in China:

History of Chinese Education:

The history of education in China can be traced back as far as the 16th century B.C during the era of "Xia Dynasty" that is 1523-1027 B.C. As many scholars believe, education in China was the privilege of the elites throughout this period of time. During the spring, autumn and Warring States periods in 770-221 B.C., the teachings of Confucianism were mainly founded on the Four Books and the Five Classics. All through Chinese history Confucianism is probably the biggest influence in the education of that country.

Confucianism employed the basic concept of the gentleman (Chun Tzu) and the peasant (common man or average citizen). Studying Confucianism was restricted to very few people in ancient China because not…. [read more]

Education Budget Cut Essay

… Budget Cuts in Education

The most important thing that parents and communities can give children -- besides food, clothing, shelter and love -- is a good education. America has been educating its children through public schools and universities for well over a hundred years, and the value of what young people learn about history, science, mathematics, biology, geography and the environment is enormous and cannot be replaced. Alert, well-educated children who can solve problems and think creatively are the goal of every parent and every teacher in America. However, due to the recession and to the housing crisis, states and school districts all across America are having to cut back on funds for education. What is also a tragedy is the cutbacks to colleges and…. [read more]

School Overcrowding Curriculum Brady, K.P Capstone Project

… The research considers the empirical and the social implications for this kind of change.

Graves proposes that there is a distinct likelihood that the calendar change would improve scores, yet there is also a concern that social interactions and interpersonal relationships would change or be altered in a pejorative manner. Yet later in the article, the data collected suggests that the multi-track year-round schools are at a disadvantage to more normatively structured schools. Graves suggests that this kind of structural change would work well as part of a series of changes or initiatives to cope with overcrowding, and should not be the final or singular change schools should take into consideration when coping with the challenges of overcrowding.

Ready, D., Lee, V., & Weiner, K.G.…. [read more]

Education -- Classroom Observation Essay

… Education -- Classroom Observation

This classroom observation project took place in the 8th Grade Science class consisting of 25 students at the ____ School in ____. The teacher was the only adult present besides the observer; the observer watched passively and did not interact with the students in order not to influence or change the interactions observed. The observer sat in the back of the class and the teacher simply announced her presence by explaining to the class that someone would be watching to see how well the teacher was performing.

Classroom Management and Teaching Style

The teacher had previously introduced the class to a commercially produced learning system called the Full Option Science System (FOSS) and the beginning of the class was devoted to…. [read more]

School Personnel Functions Term Paper

… There is no single prescription or style for success in teaching and every teacher develops his or her own individual style. Also, different demographic groups may demand different teaching approaches. "A study of 31 high-performing teachers in low-performing urban schools found that these teachers had certain traits in common. They were strict; they taught in traditional, explicit ways; there was little time in their classrooms when instruction was not occurring; and they moved around the room helping their students" (Poplin 2011). More creative, team-based interaction, however, may be warranted in different educational environments. Size of the classroom, ability level, morale of students and teachers, and the need to meet standards all determine how teachers approach their tasks. Micro-managing teacher demeanor in the classroom is seldom…. [read more]

School Uniforms Term Paper

… Many parents agree with the concept of "instilling students with discipline," however they feel that this intrinsic value should be taught in a more humanistic way such as teaching character education (Brown University, 2000), purpose of rules along with consequences of breaking the rules, along with insightful and reflective thinking. If students are taught to understand these concepts, they will become more productive and responsible citizens.

Based upon the presented pros and cons within this paper, one may conclude that student uniforms would be of benefit to a school system and alleviate several student discipline problems. Uniforms would also allow all students to develop better study skills allowing them to concentrate, thus raising test scores. However, uniforms do not eliminate all problems. Students are very…. [read more]

Children Learn Better Essay

… This leads this research to assume that there are some benefits from all girls' or all boys' schooling; yet this is in conjunction with other factors. Gender separation on its own cannot be relied on as a good measure to improve academic performance in all student populations. Some student populations would benefit much more than others, including minority and low-income males. However, for the larger general student population, there are limited benefits depending largely on other factors. According to the research, "this conflicting evidence has led some researchers to suggest that factors other than school type are more significant contributors to positive student outcomes" (Hubbard & Datnow, 117). Gender separation alone cannot account for potential positive factors seen in the limited research findings. It is…. [read more]

Private Public School Similarities Research Paper

… The public school teachers need to be certified by the state to hold the position in the school but this is not the case in private school system. Each private school working independently of state follows its own hiring procedure. A few private schools do not demand teacher certification from the state as their governing body has not imposed such restrictions.

The pay structure is also a difference between private and public schools. The state laws mostly define the pay structure and all schools have to follow them. The public schools funding comes from taxes and they often have to go through major cuts in the pay structure. This demotivates the staff working in the public schools. On the contrary the source of funding in…. [read more]

Public Education Term Paper

… ¶ … public education and how will you as a teacher address them?

The issues facing public education today are many and various. They include the achievement gap, the lack of parental involvement, class size, both economic and racial diversity in backgrounds, and the inclusion of special education students. As a teacher, it is difficult to deal with some of these issues, but there are ways to do so. Where the achievement gap is concerned there are remedial programs and tutoring programs available for these students. Much of the time circumstances in their family lives have caused them to fall behind in school. While their family problems often cannot be changed, they can be given extra help while at school.

The lack of parental involvement…. [read more]

Democratic Education Question Essay

… Why do you think neoliberalism has become the dominant discourse of education, despite the fact that Finland seems to go against most of the tenets of neoliberalist education and yet scores so well on the PISA tests? Is it the inevitable way that the world is moving and education needs to adapt, or are there other models that should be considered for teaching and learning?



Wendy Brown (2003) states that neoliberalism equated with a radically free market where "maximized competition and free trade achieved through economic de-regulation, elimination of tariffs, and a range of monetary and social policies favourable to business and indifferent toward poverty, social deracination, cultural decimation, long-term resource depletion and environmental destruction." (Brown, 2003, p. 2)

So neoliberalism can be…. [read more]

Education Ethics of Student Cheating Essay

… This is referred to as vicarious reinforcement. Bandura’s theory is an expansion of several classic behavioral theories that primarily posited that learning was by reinforcements but did not clarify what internal processes resulted in a behavior being picked up or shunned.

The social learning theory (SLT) posits that learning is by observing and forming behaviors based on the observed consequences. SLT explains academic cheating as a consequence of observed behavior. Practically, SLT can be used to explain cheating as a consequence of students observing or becoming aware of the positive results of cheating e.g. better grades or less work. The results or ‘rewards’ push them to cheat. SLT can also be used to explain cheating in terms of moral disengagement. A student who cheats…. [read more]

School Climate, Student Morale, Technology Integration Term Paper

… ¶ … School Climate, Student Morale, Technology Integration and Student Performance: Implications of Research in Existing Linkages

The objective of this work is to research Achievement gaps and low student performance, School climate and moral, and technology integration and to discover if any links exist between these three elements and if so what those links are and how they affect and interact with one another in terms of student achievement.

The methodology of this research will be through review of available academic, peer-reviewed literature as well as through data obtained via surveys of students in relation to their morale, the level of technology integration at their school and the school climate in relation to the student's morale. The surveys will be anonymous thereby allowing the…. [read more]

School Improvement Plan: Evidence-Based Strategy Term Paper

… As a result, the researchers conducted a qualitative phenomenological research.

Identify the Participants:

This phenomenological research was conducted on a sample size of 30 individuals. These individuals comprised 26 teachers and 4 school administrators. This sample size was selected from three primary schools in Gaziantep through the use of purposive sampling technique.

Describe the Research Method:

The research method employed by Dö? & Sava? (2015) is qualitative phenomenological research. This research methodology was chosen on the premise that the issue under investigation is exploratory in nature. Additionally, the researchers used this methodology since they had no in-depth and detailed understanding of the phenomenon under investigation. Therefore, the use of this research methodology and approach provided a suitable…. [read more]

Individual Miami School District Negotiation Essay

… Where the number of people intend to buy the properties is higher than the available properties, there will be increase in the property values. Based on the present overcrowding of students in the schools, the number of parents concentrating in the school districts will be higher thereby driving up the property values. Based on this scenario, the school board could convince the stakeholders that rezoning of school boundaries will reduce the overcrowding in the school district thereby driving down the properties values, and this will benefit the future buyers of properties.

Many factors will lead to the reduction of properties value due to the rezoning of the school boundaries:

First, some administrative functions will be relocated to other school districts thereby reducing the concentration of…. [read more]

Schools and At-Risk Students Continuation Classes Term Paper

… ¶ … Schools & at-Risk Students

Continuation Classes for at-Risk Students

Many students at the high school level today find it a struggle to perform well in the traditional classroom setting. For various and diverse reasons, the traditional school structure does not work well for certain students - some who are at-risk, others who have going foul of the law or have become involved with substance abuse issues, and still others who are plainly ill-suited by nature to conventional structure. In search of a remedy for that situation, school districts across the United States have over the past few decades established "continuation" or "alternative" educational settings. Often these settings provide an independent study format - with support and guidance by qualified teachers and staff -…. [read more]

Schools Use Data for Implementing Strategies Term Paper

… ¶ … schools use data for implementing strategies in order to prove their accountability to the No Child Left Behind legislation. Almost 300 of the articles that I browsed through dealt with qualitative research (primarily surveys and focus groups), until I happened on Thompson's (2006) experimental study that deals with the search for programs that would help raise student achievement so that instruction throughout the school, in this case for elementary students, would be improved.

As Thompson observes, true randomized experiments are rare in education due to the multiplicity of factors involved. Non-experimental studies are rare, too, for the same reason. Nonetheless, as his literature review on adopted programs cursorily shows, an experimental study on methods that can prove helpful to raising student achievement whilst…. [read more]

Immigrant Education Essay

… Based on the American society, it is easy to understand the so-called "Americanization" of immigrants to create a society that falls the established rules and behavior. Moreover, the talented individuals are identified and given special opportunities by the education system as opposed to countries like Japan where all students work towards the benefit if the group rather than themselves.

There are other unknown aspects of education that require more research. One such aspect is the impact of the environment at home and the influence of stronger and weaker siblings. A more relevant area that needs more research is the impact of divorce on the abilities of individuals to perform better. In other words, do children belonging to single parents have the same mindset as those…. [read more]

Schools Experience Higher Graduation Rates Term Paper

… The study sought to examine what factors contributed to the academic success of at risk students. The research asserts that Latino and African-American students have historically had lower graduation rates than their White peers. The article also states that these two minority groups are less likely to return to school and get their diplomas within four years. (Anderson & Keith 1997)

The authors explain that although these historical realities exist, there are many at risk students who achieve academically. Anderson & Keith (1997) explain that the factors that lead to such academic success are student ability, quality of instruction, home environment, and student motivation. The authors assert that of these variables

Ability exerted the most powerful influence of any of the variables in the school…. [read more]

Concise Analysis of Public School Consolidation Literature Review

… Correctly Predicting School-Age Children's Shifting Trends and Establishing a Methodical Plan to Consolidate Rural Elementary, Middle and High Schools

The rural elementary, middle and high school consolidation plan represents a policy to tackle the general, long-run, central issues of rationally distributing them. Rural school consolidation and closure planning and execution needs to essentially be precise, methodical and exact. At present, America is witnessing a historic era of population decline leading to very different rural and urban population distributions. Hence the need to forecast school-age children's shifting trends using a systematic blueprint.

Forecast analyses reveal the continuance of this declining school-goer trend in the long run. Yearly estimates show that, within the former half of this century, the number of school-age kids will reduce rather dramatically.…. [read more]

School Improvement Project Proposal Term Paper

… School Improvement Project Proposal

Improving Test Scores through Student Online Engagement

Description of the Community

In this particular district, the students are home schooled. These students are scattered all around the state and study their high school courses through the use of the internet and other technologies from the comforts and privacy of their homes. These students (and/or their parents and guardians) chose an internet-based school to complete their high school studies with an online program because many of them have had several problems with the pubic or private schools in their communities, they have had social issues or problems, some have had criminal records and backgrounds, many are teenage parents who are returning to school in an attempt to earn their high school diploma,…. [read more]

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