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Education What Effects Do Differentiated Instruction Term Paper

… Education

What effects do differentiated instruction and professional learning communities have on school culture? How does differentiated instruction reflect the attitudes and values of a school building? How can the development of a professional learning community and differentiated professional development benefit students?

Differentiated instruction and professional learning communities are helping educators to: communicate, work together and address a host of challenges. The combination of these factors is creating change in how everyone sees their role in the educational environment. This is when there is an emphasis on utilizing techniques, to ensure that everyone is addressing the needs of the students by working together. In most schools, educators will focus on working individually and seeking out limited amounts of support. This approach is changing the way…. [read more]

Education for a New Humanity Article

… The goal of working toward that "transformed heart" is the challenge presented to all levels of society today.

At the level of higher education, a blatant challenge was presented recently by the publication of Hacker and Dreifus' Higher Education? How Colleges Are Wasting our Money and Failing our Kids and What We Can Do about it. The challenge was picked up almost immediately by the publication of Palmer and Zajonc's The Heart of Higher Education, A Call to Renewal -- Transforming the Academy through Collegial Conversations. The latter book urges the re-introduction of contemplation to the academy. The authors remind us that we evolve slowly into a new paradigm.

They suggest that "By lovingly holding the questions themselves, contemplating them well, we gradually, without…. [read more]

Professional Development Plan Term Paper

… Professional Development Plan

A teacher's professional development plan creates a framework for setting and achieving short- and long-range goals. The purpose of this paper is to set some goals and develop some strategies to meet them. The goals encompass professional goals that I have set for myself as well as goals that will need to be met as conditions of my employment as a teacher. An important component of goal-setting is the process. I hope to illustrate this component by not merely setting forth a list of goals but demonstrating a thoughtful approach to the planning and implementation necessary to achieve them. As noted, some goals will be set by me while others will be mandated by the district or the state. It is important…. [read more]

Adult Education Has Two Branches Essay

… On the other hand, Anne also talks about another problem. She states that some of the teachers at the TAFE institutes have the right experience of the industry, but they do not have the effective skills that are required to impart this knowledge and experience to the adult learners. She claims that this is one of the main reasons why the Cert IV (in Workplace Training and Assessment) was introduced so that the standards of teachings are maintained in the higher educational institutions of the country. Cert IV is the certificate that is given to the adult trainers once they complete the course. Anne also stated that the teachers at TAFE are the oldest in the education system of Australia. The average age of these…. [read more]

Education Behavioral Issue -- Tourette's Syndrome Demographics Application Essay

… ¶ … Education

Behavioral Issue -- Tourette's Syndrome

Demographics: Male, 13 years old, Chinese heritage, healthy otherwise, scores in 90th percentile in most intelligence tests; non-violent, intensely curious, we will call him Lon

Tourette's syndrome, also commonly known as GTS or TS, in an inherited neuropsychiatric disorder with onset in childhood. The syndrome manifests itself by intermittent (called waxing and waning) motor and vocal tics. It is part of a spectrum of tic disorders. It was once considered a rare syndrome that only manifested itself with exclamations of bizarre or obscene words or inappropriate and derogatory remarks, known as coprolalia. However, we now know that this particular symptom is fairly rare and, in fact, Tourette's is quite common, about 10 children per 1,000 have some…. [read more]

Professional Development' Is an Extensive Term Paper

… This is because, teachers, learning atmosphere, and students frequently change for many reasons, and contributing changes in learning of students to a certain experience of staff development is almost unfeasible. Any one of the studies is significant in itself, but the total, like a mosaic, presents a wider picture and more persuasive proof than separate pieces. When we found a joint proof of influence, we could dispute not only that our work ended in a coherent set of changes, but we also were able to find reasons for negative results, helping us adjust the staff development program. An essential step is to increase an assessment structure. This needs recognition of vital features of the staff development model and the hypothetical links between these features and…. [read more]

Leading Professional Learning Chapter

… Building Relatinoal Trust

Leading professional organizations

Professional issue: Building relational trust

Fostering an atmosphere of relational trust in which reciprocal dialogue between teachers and administrators can take place is essential for a school to function. This enables an alignment between teaching styles and the goals and objectives of the school as a whole. There also must be mutual respect between teachers and administrators must be willing to learn from the lived experience of teachers in the classroom. A mutually beneficial, trusting relationship ensures that goals are realistic yet the activities of teachers in the classroom support those goals. Unfortunately in my present employment situation, there is a great deal of animosity between teachers and administrators and a reluctance to support current professional development and assessment…. [read more]

Professional Supervision Your Belief Essay

… (Klingner; Edwards, 2006)

Torgesen (2007) insists that there must always have what he calls a "safety network" that could include strong instruction in the class by the teacher and extra interventions as and when needed. In such cases a normative or subjective analysis would fail. Therefore supervision must also include these aspects and statistical analysis basing these aspects as variables are required. If we agree that there must be supervisory regulation and intervention at different layers in the process of imparting education in such a way that the increasing student need is met at each levels of complexity based on the individual student and the instructor's abilities, then the instructor ought to be tested and evaluated only with the factors in mind.

Therefore there is…. [read more]

Distance Education in Assessing the Strengths Thesis

… Distance Education

In assessing the strengths and weaknesses of various forms of distance education and its progression from manually-oriented approaches to electronically-enabled teaching platforms, it is clear that Chere Campbell Gibson's vision of how information enables greater long-term learning is happening today. At the center of Gibson's vision of learning is the opportunity for students to get away from rote memorization and engage in problem solving through interdisciplinary experiences. Ultimately technology can be an enabler of greater learning and the potential of giving students the flexibility of creating knowledge as well, and this is the catalyst of Chere Campbell Gibson's view of technology as an enabler of more effective teaching and learning. The intent of this paper is to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of…. [read more]

Rural Higher Education the Social Literature Review

… Rural Higher Education

Higher Education

The Social and Economic Impacts of Institutes of Higher Learning on Rural Communities

According to the U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO, 1992), rural communities face unique challenges due to their remoteness, low population density, and dependence on a particular industry. The remoteness of rural areas leads to several challenges. The GAO (1992) explains that businesses in urban areas benefit from agglomeration, or "efficiencies gained when industries locate in close proximity" (p. 3). Businesses in rural areas are unable to reap this benefit. Additionally, residents in rural areas tend to be less informed about economic changes on the national and global level than residents in urban areas and may lack access to expertise and specialized knowledge (GAO, 1992). The lack of…. [read more]

Education Essential to My Success Term Paper

… I landed the trainer position.

After a year as a trainer, my company decided to restructure the department. I was laid off because I had the least seniority. I soon found out that my exemplary work at State Street meant very little without a college education. I was told repeatedly that I wasn't qualified because I didn't have my degree. Luckily, on the day I was packing my belongings, I the controller of my division hired me to work in the human resources department. So far, I've worked as Assistant Controller for seven months, handling all the finances for my division.

I would like to attend Boston University so that I could broaden my skills and learn from professors who are experienced in my field.…. [read more]

Sustainable Further Education FE Teacher Education Training in the UK Term Paper

… ¶ … Education

Teaching the Teachers

Teaching primary and secondary school children is one of the most challenging careers that there is. One of the most significant challenges of the profession is that for the classroom teacher who spends her or his days surrounded by children or adolescents, the job can be supremely isolating. The classroom teacher, inspired each day to do the best that she can for her students, can sometimes feel that she is struggling all on her own, having to reinvent every pedagogical wheel on her own.

This feeling of isolation is likely to be exacerbated by at least two factors. The first of these is the fact that the profession of education, like all human endeavors, is subject to fads and…. [read more]

Training Education Essay

… Once this happens, is the point that they can quickly deal with these challenges. In the future, this leads to a dramatic improvement in: quality, treatment options and efficiency. Moreover, the increased standards will lead to positive transformations inside a health care environment. (Kak, 2001)

Describe the process for tracking and evaluating training effectiveness.

The process for evaluating any kind of effectiveness will first require seeing how employees and managers are interacting with each other. The way that this can be achieved is through the use of anonymous surveys. As any kind of issues can be quickly identified and addressed in order to prevent problems from becoming worse in the future. This will help to determine the effectiveness of the training by: objectively analyzing the…. [read more]

Education Need for Study Roles Term Paper

… The top ten duties and responsibilities of the assistant principal that they identified were: discipline, attendance, student activities, community agencies, master schedules, teacher substitutes, building operations, budget and communications, respectively ranked. Duties associated with instructional learning did not make the list of the seventeen job functions that the authors included in the study.

And, studies show that assistant principals are dissatisfied with their jobs as a direct result of their lack of meaningful responsibilities. A 1987 study of 2,300 secondary school administrators in the U.S. Office of Education illustrated their discontent. The study confirmed the discipline and clerical duties of assistant principals and discovered that they felt powerless and suffered a significantly higher degree of alienation than do principals.

Scoggin's and Bishop's review of the…. [read more]

Education Factors Relating to the Development Term Paper

… Education

Factors Relating to the Development of Relationships between Teacher Leaders and Their Principals

America's teachers face an educational system that is increasingly complex. They must navigate between the needs of students, and the demands of administrators. In most instances, the principal represents the average teacher's first contact without the outside world of school boards and bureaucratic regulation. There are federally-mandated goals and tests, state benchmarks and funding requirements, and parental and media activists. Principals must respond to, or enforce, the demands of all these groups. Teachers must either find a way to comply, or else must defend their choice to follow an alternative path. The opinions of lone teachers or groups of teachers, count for little when stacked up against the weight of government…. [read more]

Australia Curriculum Rethinking Curriculum for International Education Professional Writing

… Australia Curriculum

Rethinking Curriculum for International Education in Australia

Preliminary Statement

As a nation historically dominated by racialist practices favoring the interests of English-speaking whites, Australia has struggled across recent decades to engage its population with a greater sense of egalitarianism. The priority of a more progressive and pluralistic society has been prompted by the patterns of globalization in particular, which are bringing ever greater numbers of foreign nationals to Australia in search of opportunity. As a major contributor to the educational, occupational, technological and sociopolitical realities of its region, it has fallen upon Australia to make adjustments in its institutionalized policies and its cultural dialogue on ethnic diversity in order to better accommodate the countless new arrivals to its communities, job markets and universities.…. [read more]

Special Education - Inclusion the Transition Term Paper

… Special Education - Inclusion

The transition from a middle school setting to a high school setting can be daunting for the best of students, but this transition may be particularly problematic for many special needs students that are transitioning from a program of instruction specifically designed for them to a more inclusive regular classroom setting. Unfortunately, there is a growing recognition among educators and policymakers alike that students with special needs are not receiving the level of educational services they need to succeed academically and professionally. Complicating the administration of special needs programs at the outset is a constellation of federal mandates that guide how individualized education programs must be provided for public school students with disabilities today. Advocates of full inclusion programs maintain that…. [read more]

Special Education Goetze and Walker ) Found Term Paper

… Special Education

Goetze and Walker (2004) found that students who are most at risk of academic failure are those who lack reading skills. They found that use of technology enhanced literary capabilities of students who have special needs (Goetze and Walker, 2004). In fact, technology and literacy have a very strong link and scholars have been keenly interested in discovering various aspects of their relationship. Fisher and Molebash (2003) in their study wrote that the Digital Divide is as a cause of concern for many educators who believe that technology has a great role to play in education. They point out that despite the fact that many non-profit organizations have devoted more and more time and effort into constructing a sound and efficient technical setup…. [read more]

Education and Professional Experience to Date Application Essay

… ¶ … education and professional experience to date have provided me with a well-rounded background in interpersonal communications and business practices; however, it has become increasingly apparent to me that I need to continue to improve my cross-cultural awareness and develop better communications skills to succeed in the dynamic environment today and in the future. The program of instruction offered at your university offers an innovative and interdisciplinary program that particularly appeals to me for this purpose, since there is a distinct focus on the relationship between media and politics and what part each plays in bringing communications to the general public. In this regard, the PhD program in mass communications provided by your curriculum will provide me with the additional education and experience needed…. [read more]

Country's Public Schools Are Experiencing Term Paper

… 60).

Some if not many of these special needs students will still require specialized care following graduation, but if they are provided with the training and tools they need to live as independently as possible during their high school years, it is reasonable to suggest these young people will have a better chance of caring for themselves to the maximum extent following graduation from high school. Based on his experiences with such a high school-based initiative, Liipfert (2010 argues that, "The [special needs] children will perhaps never be capable of living without any support system, but can hold jobs and can live with less supervision than many of their parents could ever have imagined. States benefit as well because programs help graduates live more independently…. [read more]

Quality Education Term Paper

… Quality Education

Continuing education is education or training provided to students or professional personal via multiple mediums, which may include lecture, reading, audio delivery of information, and other formats as deemed appropriate. It is critical that educators monitor the quality of continuing education, to ensure that students participating in continuing education programs receive the best possible service and most up-to-date information. This is especially important in fields where policies or procedures or techniques may change with time. If for example, and employee were to receive computer training on an application, they should receive training on the most recent application developed, not an older program. If they do not receive quality continuing education, the education they do receive will not serve them or the employer well.…. [read more]

Classroom Management Toolkit Innovation in Education Career Exploration Term Paper

… ePortfolio

Criterion 2: Innovations in Education

The pace of technological growth and innovation in the Internet Age has easily outstripped any other period in human development, leading to profound and seemingly permanent changes in the way information is created and communicated in the matter of a few short years. The impact that these innovations and the pace of change has had on the business world and on everyday interactions has been well documented and is clearly self-evident in many cases, yet the manner in which many specific new technologies as well as technology in general can and has impacted instruction and education remains less apparent and thus less practically useful. There are many ways that technologies including social networking websites, graphics displays, and a variety…. [read more]

Special Education Has Changed Term Paper

… Fold paper or draw lines on paper to assist the student with spacing. This is particularly useful in math.

Use different color chalks and felt pens to emphasize different points, and to make it easier for the student to find his place on the board or paper.

Use highly contrasting colors.

Enlarge the print.

Glue steps of a math operation inside the front cover of the students math book for easy reference.

Provide a print copy of the math text so that the examples can be done on the sheet. Often errors occur when the students copies and much time is used up. The examples can be enlarged if more space is required for the answers. One or two questions can be presented at a…. [read more]

Problems Facing New Classroom Teachers Today Research Paper

… In this regard, Hughes and Valle-Riestra point out that, 'Families are the primary social systems whereby children develop as individuals and increased levels of family involvement can positively influence developmental progress in children' (p. 41).
Therefore, it just makes good sense to encourage the active participation by parents in the education of their children, and this encouragement can assume a number of forms depending on the unique needs of students and their parents. Certainly, educators cannot compel parents to actively participate in their children's school activities or help with homework assignments, but they can provide them with the resources they require for this purpose, again depending on their specific needs. The potential also exists that some parents may not fully realize the significant role they…. [read more]

Retention in Higher Education Evolution Research Paper

… Students from Under-represented Groups

Teaching methodologies play a significant role in underrepresented groups. Unbiased and transparent system adopted by teachers is commonly implemented in today's setup of institutes. They get a chance to get recognized and acknowledged. This not only develops their confidence but also motivates them to perform better. Thus retention is improved. Studies propose that retention of special populations may progress if faculty directs their genuine trust that all students are talented of learning (Flowers, 1998).

Organization of Program

Proper student counseling sessions, disability services and career advice are few integral measures that can positively affect retention. This gives confidence and security to student leading to commitment towards the institute.

Cultural Issues in Classrooms

With the advancement in education, many people shift to…. [read more]

Special Education Teacher's Impressions of High Stakes Term Paper

… Special Education Teacher's Impressions Of High Stakes Testing And How That May Impact Preparing Their Students To Take Those Tests



This objective of this work is to understand how special education teachers' attitudes, preparation, background and so forth may be contributing to the low scores of special education students as mandated by the NCLB. The focus in on LD and BD students who have to take the regular exams not the small percentage of special education students who qualify for alternative assessments. The topic involves the conundrum of the current climate of data driven decision making (because of NCLB) and its impact on special education…. [read more]

Adult Education Quarterly From 1989 to 1999 Taylor Thesis

… Adult Education

Were you surprised by any of the findings reported by Taylor? Specifically, were the topics of research and the types of research he reported?

Taylor's review of Adult Education Quarterly (AEQ) encompassed ten years between 1989 to 1999. The author notes that the content analysis reflects the editorial policies of AEQ as much as it does research trends. Taylor noticed an increase in female-authored submissions over the ten-year period but unfortunately not a significant increase in female-authored publications. Surprising was the fact that the AEQ did not implement a double-blind process for submissions to avoid gender bias.

Single author submissions outnumber multiple author submissions, while submissions from nonacademics increased between 1989 to 1999. One of the most interesting findings reported by Taylor was…. [read more]

Personal and Professional Goals Term Paper

… Personal and Professional Goals: Higher Education and Adult Learning Program

One of my most exciting and enriching educational experiences of recent date has been my work as a volunteer instructor of adults studying to prepare to take the GED. Many of these students had become soured to education at an early age, hence their reason for not completing high school. But I found that most of these adult learners had returned to the classroom with a new sense of inspiring focus and commitment. In my own recent experiences, online learning as an adult student has enabled me to further my own education within my relatively compressed time frame as the mother of four children.

The hunger of adult learners for the types of educational opportunities…. [read more]

19th and 20th Centuries, Americans Alternatively Experienced Research Paper

… ¶ … 19th and 20th centuries, Americans alternatively experienced the innovations of the Industrial, Green and Information Revolutions and the type of education that was valued during these respective periods in American history have been closely aligned with the larger social forces in which they occurred. In fact, although the purpose and scope of education in the United States has been the source of debate since the country was founded, but few knowledgeable people will debate the fact that there is a strong relationship between education and social change and that this relationship can be readily identified. To this end, this paper provides a review of the relevant literature to identify the relationship between education and social change in American history, followed by a summary…. [read more]

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