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Edward Taylor Education Private Life Term Paper

… Although Taylor's use of imagery is sometimes difficult to understand, the artistry with which he spins his words beacons the reader to try and understand his meanings. (188).

The methodology of Taylor's poems follow the same line mankind must follow in order to obtain God's grace and forgiveness. For instance, many of his poems begin by describing man's original sins leading to the fallen state of mankind, and then his own specific sins. After this introduction, Taylor then describes the redemptive power of Christ, and then makes a plea to Christ that reflects his own hope and desire to live eternity with Christ in heaven. After this plea, Taylor goes on to compose vs. that praise God. His belief in God was not just a…. [read more]

History Education Term Paper

… Theories


Methods and Techniques

A Specific Method


Results for the Same

Examples of Voices Singing a Canon

The Project Life Cycle

Project Management Puzzle Parts

Map of More and Less Developed Countries

Criteria for LDCs

Selected Economic and Social Indicators for LDCs (2005)


"Great music is in a sense serene; it is certain of the values it asserts."

-Rebecca West (Simpson)

Contrary to the consensus some students purport, a thesis does not constitute a torture tactic designed by professors to traumatize students. In fact, according to Teitelbaum (1), "The thesis paper, when carefully assigned and conscientiously done, has definite value." Professors usually assign the thesis paper as a major component of a course requirement. The researched…. [read more]

Using Frederick Taylor's Theory of Scientific Management to Improve Telecommunication Installation Term Paper

… Scientific Management

Managers are concerned with controlling, directing, organizing and planning activities for their employees. Over the course of the twentieth century, various management theories were developed which attempted to assist managers in these fundamental endeavors. While some of these theories have been largely discarded, they merit study in order to understand how managers approach the function of managing. An approach like Scientific Management can be applied to scientific management theory can improve processes like the installation process of a telecommunication installation company (INCO Tech Inc.).

Today's business environment is rapidly changing. Technology has entered the workplace to a degree never before seen, and the interaction between humans and machines is changing the very nature of work. Increasingly, machines are being used not only to…. [read more]

Competitiveness of Sustenance Lithographic Printing Case Study

… Both were right. The reasons are not far to seek. The swing of the pendulum for one, lithographs had been almost too popular.

This overreliance on lithography to the exclusion of other alternative printing methods such as the introduction of photography almost spelled the end of lithography in Europe. For example, according to Beaujon (1936, p. 60), "French lithographers, warned to be serious like the Germans, began to copy pictures which they did, though with distinction, at the sacrifice of original design."

There was also a sacrifice of quality involved when these early photographic processes were used instead of lithography but the preference for the new technology was clear. As Beaujon (1936, p. 60) points out, "Photography became a serious rival in all countries, bringing…. [read more]

School Culture on School Safety Term Paper

… According to the National School Safety Center (1995) creating safe schools is about commitment. That does not mean only commitment from the principal, or from the teachers, or from the students. Accomplishing such a goal requires families, schools, and community leaders to talk about the quality of the educational environment they want to provide for youth and together develop the strategies that will produce the desired results.

This type of cohesive commitment is the only real way that schools can be made safer, as one person cannot do it alone, and communities must express the desire to make schools safer and therefore give the students a better school life and more hope for the future. The Center also suggests that achieving these goals requires leaders…. [read more]

Treatment of Students in the Classroom Age 14 and Up Research Proposal

… Treatment of Students in the Classroom Age 14 and Up

Annotated Bibliography

Hong, B., Shull, P. (2009). Impact of teacher dispositions on student self-determination. International Journal of Learning, 16(1). Retrieved October 20, 2009, from Education Research Complete database.

Studying high school participants between the ages of 14-17, Hong and Shull's (2009) study explored the impact of teachers' dispositions on the student's ability to become self-determined individuals. Significant correlations were found between teachers' mannerisms and students' ability to demonstrate self-deterministic behavior. It was further found that the teaching quality and student treatment were the best predictors of student self-determination.

Yorke, M., Woolf, H., Stowell, M., Allen, R., Haines, C., Redding, M., Scurry, D., Taylor, G., Turnbull, W., & Walker, L. (Jul 2008). Enigmatic variations: Honours degree…. [read more]

Government Subsidized Student Loans Thesis

… Higher education is taken to be a safeguard against unemployment with statistics indicating that unemployment among university graduates was 4.4% whereas for people who had not completed secondary school, unemployment was near 11.5%. (The Economist, 2011)

Although the phenomenon, with the state supporting education may sound ideal, and other emerging countries too might try to emulate the model in an effort to bring their economies up to par, several contrary view points have been voiced by critics that question the economic and political feasibility of the subsidized student loans.

Foremost is the startling figure of $1 trillion worth of outstanding student loans. Secondly there are arguments that this loan is for students who have already completed their studies and hence subsidizing it further will not…. [read more]

International Human Resources Culture, Political Essay

… 45-58). The management of this hotel can do an agreement with Pepsi for soft drinks, and other specific vendors for other fast turnover items, this approach can also help this hotel to convert its global presence into competitive advantage. In short, we can clearly state that creating critical mass in selecting items or fast turnover items can be helpful for global player to avail the opportunity to build centres of excellence for the development of specific technologies and/or products (Gupta, Govindarajan and Roche 2001, pp.45-58).

There are many activities that a global company performs all over the world. These activities include sales, distribution, production and procurement etc. There are various advantages of tapping into different locations and resources, for example performance enhancement, cost reduction and…. [read more]

External Market Forces Methodology Chapter

… ¶ … external market forces have a measureable effect on the manner in which small, private, non-profit higher educational institutions in Jamaica are managed in both economically good times and bad. Additionally, the purpose is to determine to what (if any) extent external forces influence creativity and innovation within the administration of the institutional strategies which those small, private educational facilities employ during both good markets and bad markets. To accomplish this purpose the design of the research will be quantitative in nature, and will seek to confirm results with hard numbers.

Quantitative, correlation analysis of such abstract human features as innovation might at first seem misplaced, but such techniques have been commonly used in similar research in order to yield more concrete and directly…. [read more]

Same Sex Marriages Term Paper

… " But the intelligible moral structure of marriage surely relates to more than procreation, and surely a loving and mutually beneficial relationship between same sex couples is again, more legitimately moral than an abusive heterosexual relationship? In short, the existence of a martial bond in legal terms is no guarantee of moral legitimacy for either same-sex or heterosexual couples. Rather, the legal bond of matrimony is merely recognition of the beginnings of an attempt of the couple to make such a moral bond and to enter into a social framework of unity. (George, 2003, p. A8)

Recently, an authority as high as the Supreme Court of the United States stated that gays "are entitled to respect for their private lives," according Justice Anthony Kennedy. Under…. [read more]

Stigma of Suicide and Grief in African-American Mothers Literature Review

… Suicide Grief among African-American Mothers


This research will explore the experience of representative African-American mothers who lost their sons to suicide. The biopsychosocial contextual model of stress, as specifically applied to suicide as stressor, by Clark, Anderson, Clark and Williams (1999) will guide the following research questions:

Does perceived stigma due to suicide, as measured by the Suicide Stigmatization Scale (Fiegelman et al., 2011) significantly predict severity of grief, as measured by the Inventory of Complicated Grief (Prigerson et al., 1995), in African-American mothers who have lost a son to suicide, controlling for maternal socioeconomic status, age, relationship status, depression, and history of suicide in the family?

Does the coping style of John Henryism, as measured by the John Henryism Active…. [read more]

Advocacy Project Term Paper

… ¶ … Drinking and Driving Consequences

Are we taking the drunken drivers off the road only to turn them into drunken pedestrians?

Lawrence S. Harris, North Carolina State Medical Examiner (Simpson, 1988)

Despite Being Illegal

Despite drinking alcohol being illegal for them to do so, many underage people often heavily drink alcohol, a legal product individuals at least 21-years-old may consume in the United States. (Eigen & Noble, 1996; 1998; Office for Substance Abuse Prevention, 1991; Presley, Leichter, & Mielman, 1999; cited by Zwarun, Linz, Metzger & Kunkel, 2006) Underage alcohol consumption, in turn, Eigen & Noble (1998; cited by Zwarun, Linz, Metzger & Kunkel, 2006) report, increase the likelihood of automobile accidents, resulting from drought driving, (Eigen & Noble, 1996; Siegal, 1999; cited by…. [read more]

Elites in Engineering Dissertation

… Elites in Engineering

In the contemporary world, it has increasingly become significant for active engineers to be uniformly skilled in technical and management comprehension. This is in the view of the fact numerous graduates find themselves in significant leadership positions. To assist engineering professionals improve their leadership aptitudes within their profession through a course in Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Innovation and Technology in Engineering (ELITE) is paramount. ELITE courses help engineering graduates who are seeking to enhance their profession through supplementary education. The courses also help engineers who are seeking to promote their technical knowledge and leadership abilities in their present role. In this regard, this paper assesses the leaders in British engineering and their characteristics. The paper will evaluate how the qualities of these leaders in…. [read more]

South Korean & German Trade Show Industry Dissertation

… Trade Show Industry in Germany and South Korea

Trade as Marketing and Communication

Area of Study

Study Components

The History of Trade

History of Trade Shows

Patterns of Trade Shows

Marketing Theories

Trade Shows and Market Entry

Development of the Trade Show Industry

Contributions of the Trade Show Industry

Marketing Processes in the Trade Show Industry

Marketing Planning and Tactical Considerations in the Trade Show Industry

Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research

Data Analysis Plan


Cultural and Construction History of the Romanesque Period Essay

… Cultural and Construction History Of Romanesque Period

Cultural Environment

The term Romanesque is an architectural category that refers to the art and architecture of the Mid -- Late Medieval Period in Europe (1000 to 1240 AD). It was coined in the nineteenth century to delineate features of the post-Roman Empire style. The Romanesque period saw the decline and downfall of the Roman Empire, a vacuum that was filled by the Roman Catholic Church. During this time, cathedrals and castles connected with the church and the Crusades sprang up in stone. Their Romanesque elements comprise round-headed arches, barrel vaults, apses, and decorations, and in southern Europe are often blended with Byzantine elements (Atrisgerinko). Additionally, the Romanesque style developed to reflect a rebirth of art, science, and…. [read more]

Morality and Culture Essay

… ¶ … culture and morality. In other words it deals with the question: Is morality relative to culture? Proponents of so called "cultural relativism," sometimes also called "moral relativism" or "ethical relativism" argue that different cultures obtain varying moral codes. "If there is no transcendent moral or ethical standard, then often culture arguably seems to become the ethical norm for determining whether an action is right or wrong" (see Anderson: 1). Culture and cultural dimensions are considered the collective horizon representing a specific social reality. American anthropologist and cultural relativist Ruth Benedict in Patterns of Culture (1934) said: "Morality differs in every society and is a convenient term for socially approved habits" (as cited by Kehl: 2). The paper will show that the doctrine of…. [read more]

Nursing and Women's Roles Pre-And-Post Thesis

… Thomas Branagan wrote in The Excellency of the Female Character Vindicated that men would "sin and sin again" because they could not help themselves (quoted by Welter, 47). But a woman, Branagan asserted, was "stronger and purer" and had the resolve to resist a man's desire to "…take liberties incompatible with her delicacy" (Welter, 47).

However, if a woman should acquiesce to a man's attempts to engage in sexual activities, Branagan asserted in his book, "You will be left in silent sadness to bewail your credulity, imbecility, duplicity, and premature prostitution" (Welter, 47). The advice given to women in the early 19th century, as presented by Welter on page 62, clearly appears to the 21st century reader as propaganda designed to keep women in subservient…. [read more]

Managing Organizational Culture Dissertation

… ¶ … opportunity exists for the company to expand internationally by setting up operations in the emerging economies of China and India. The question to consider is how to build cultural harmony between the facilities operating in three different countries. The question of whether it would be better to establish a certain national organizational culture is likely would be considered in this report. cultures of the United Kingdom, India and China is presented. The organizational cultures prevalent in China and India are more collectivistic and marked by high power distance than the organizational cultures in the United Kingdom. There are other differences such as the importance of status in China and family tradition in India, whereas in the United Kingdom principles of utility and economic…. [read more]

Caring Federal Leaders Term Paper

… ¶ … close scrutiny of books; journal articles, and materials from internet sources on caring leadership, employee bereavement, and connections(s) between them, in six (6) key areas. These were: (1) bereavement and funeral policies and procedures that currently exist, for United States military personnel and their families (but not for personnel and/or families of other branches of U.S. government); (2) the history of military funeral honors practices, policies, and procedures (3) relationships between caring leadership and attitudes, practices, and policies concerning empathy and support for employees in general, and employee bereavement in particular; (4) caring leadership as demonstrated by managerial support of, and help for grieving employees; (5) workplace attitudes and best practices having to do with support for and management of bereaved employees; and…. [read more]

Proactive Policing Term Paper

… Moreover, opportunity reduction programs that indicate the success and is concerned with extra police patrols in high-crime "hot spots" along with the monitoring carried out by specialized police units of high-risk repeat offenders has been made (Cordner, 1997).

Additionally, the "what's promising" list includes a combination of proactive approaches for example:

Community-based mentoring to be done by the Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America.

Greater respect is shown by the police to arrested suspects (this approach has been found to be effective in the reduction of repeat offending)

Effective way for gang monitoring by community workers and probation officers as well as police should be implemented and Field interrogations of suspicious persons in "Polite" manner (Cordner, 1997).

Other such programs include:

Community-based after-school recreation programs

For…. [read more]

Old and New Leadership Styles Research Paper

… They hardly see the organization as band but more of a pyramid or a hierarchy, which was in fact the standard model of the industrial era, with its rigid routines and assembly lines and conveyor belts, as well as an autocratic management structure from the top-down. No one could really be an equable, humane, servant-leader in an environment like this, nor was it the type of system that valued change, innovation or creativity. Gandhi and Martin Luther King exemplify the ethical, servant leadership that DePree describes, in both their means and ends. Often, moral leadership consists in doing what is right, regardless of the consequences, and morality is not defined by personal comfort and convenience, or even what they majority of people believe to be…. [read more]

Plays of Ben Jonson Essay

… Ben Jonson

Intertextualities: The Influence of the Classics in Ben Jonson's Volpone

Ben Jonson is a writer who was deeply influenced by earlier novels in both themes and structures. In the opening of the Prologue to Volpone, the play of interest in this paper, Jonson invokes Horace and Aristotle, promising to "mix profit with your pleasure" and to observe the "laws of Time, Place, Persons"

what is known as classical decorum. There are plenty of critics who see a balance in Jonson's work, as he invokes the classics when and where he deems it appropriate to the contexts of his writings. There are other critics, however, that would argue that Jonson not only based his work on classics, but essentially copied them. While this is…. [read more]

Dually Diagnosed African-American and Latino Adolescents Term Paper

… Dually Diagnosed African-American and Latino adolescents


Abuse of substances on the part of adolescents has grown to be a national concern in the United States and has sparked many studies in this area in the last decade. Great challenges are presented for the clinician and the substance abuse treatment system in developing and applying appropriate and effective treatment for these adolescents. Studies have shown that of the adolescents who have substance abuse disorders, many of them also have mental health illness a combination of which is termed 'dual diagnoses or co-occurring disorders. The combination of these two disorders often have devastating impacts on the adolescent, their family and…. [read more]

Models of Staggered Price Adjustment With Inflation Inertia Research Paper

… Decontamination Plan

Models of the Staggered Price Adjustment With Inflation Inertia

In order to evaluate monetary policies more effectively, monetary economists has been developing quantitative models that incorporate fundamental ideas relating to time inconsistency and forward looking expectations. These monetary models have not only proved to be essential for policy evaluation but have also been shown to have common features, which include a combination of rational expectations, staggered price and wage setting, and policy rules ( Taylor & Wieland, 6-2). This paper has two principal goals. First, to present and examine the theoretical underpinnings of two models of staggered price adjustment with inflation inertia, namely, the Christiano-Eichenbaum-Evans model and the Mankiw-Reis model. Second, to elaborately analyze and compare these two models. As such, a useful…. [read more]

Structural Adjustment Program SPA Thesis

… Structural adjustment programs (SAPs)

Structural Adjustment Programs

Structural adjustment programs are meant to help countries pay down their debt and have more capital, trade, and cash flow. This is done so that they can be not only more economically sound but so they can offer more to other countries, as well. One country that has been the subject of structural adjustment programs is Bolivia. Right now the country's GDP is extremely low, but it has so many natural resources that a lot of people cannot come to terms with why these are not being mined and used to help the country gain more wealth. There were a lot of reasons from the past that kept Bolivia from doing much of anything with its economy but…. [read more]

Classroom Behavior Management Policies Research Paper

… Classroom Behavior Management Policies

Title suggestions:

Bridging the Gap Between Systems Theory and Elementary Classroom Management

An Evolution: Systems Theory and Classroom Management


Systems Theory by the Three B's

Robert Freed Bales


Living systems theory

Social entropy theory

Entropy management in organizations


Ludwig von Bertalanffy

The concept of the whole

GST and integrative studies

Science and society

The importance of the individual

A Comparison of the Three B's




Theoretical similarities


Annotated Bibliography

Classroom management definition and challenges

Strategies and methods

Techniques and training

Self-efficacy and beliefs

Culturally responsive classrooms

Evidence-based strategies

Theory -- and model-based strategies

Comparison to Bertalaffny

Top recommended classroom management strategy





Sociology and the study of social systems has taken many…. [read more]

Integrating Total Quality Environmental Management Term Paper

… Environmental management includes recycling and remanufacturing of parts and products (Anthony, 2002). Disassembly and recycling of reusable parts help the cause of environment protection, reduces the cost of usage of a fresh component, and avoids disposal costs. Material Resource Planning (MRP), an assembly-oriented scheduling system, does not support the process of disassembly. Uncertainty of quality, quantity and timing of recovery of reusable parts makes production planning difficult. To incorporate product recovery planning in MRP, use of reverse bill of material for every retrieved component or product is recommended. Concepts used in planning probabilistic demands for end items are used in structuring the bill of material.

Closed loop system is a widely used environment practice by many companies. This system requires new material only on non-receipt…. [read more]

What Effect Does Diversity Have on Organizational Behaviors Term Paper

… ¶ … diversity have on organizational behaviors?


This research paper provides information regarding comprehending the issue of diversity and its effects on organizational behavior. The paper starts off with a description of some studies which enable to understand the elements of cultural diversity, the factors of cultural diversity which lead towards a successful organization, the dilemmas confronted by organizations desiring to acquire and maintain organizational diversity and how diversity influences the operations of organizations. The study shall further discuss about some studies and theories such as 'Social Identification and Categorization Theory' and 'similarity/attraction theory' which showed a negative link between diversity and organizational behaviors. The paper states that even though there have been studies and theories showing a negative relationship between diversity and organizational…. [read more]

Disabled Had Nothing or Little Term Paper

… One such piece of legislature provides protections for children who have disabilities in the United Kingdom.

The Special Educational Needs and Disability Bill, which will apply to England and Wales and in part in Scotland, will reinforce the right of children with physical or behavioural problems to be taught in mainstream classes.

The bill provided a mandate making it illegal to treat disabled pupils in a manner that is "less favourably" than other pupils and requires schools to make "reasonable adjustments" so that disabled pupils are not put at a "substantial disadvantage."

In addition there are several other mandates that go along with the bill including:

There will be extra funds to improve access to schools and colleges

It will also place new requirements on…. [read more]

Discrimination in Workforce Gender Essay

… , 1997). The feminist theory has also proved that harassment creates a hostile environment in which it becomes very difficult for a woman to work with concentration and leads to negative professional outcomes in them. These sexual harassment acts include unwanted sexual-based jokes, inappropriate and unwanted touching or offensive comments on clothing (Willie & Vert, 1995).

The targeted employee of harassment must complaint about the harasser and it is the responsibility of managers and supervisors to take care of the cases of harassment with in the office environment and take prompt and serious actions against these issues to make sure that these issues will not happen again in future. If the manager or supervisor neglects the compliant or in cases in which the supervisor himself…. [read more]

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