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Healthcare Administration Essay

… Studies also showed that they felt more comfortable going to the health care facility which is closest to their homes. Furthermore, they felt uncomfortable with the clinics that assessed them repeatedly and where they had to wait for longer period of times to be treated. They felt that they aren't always able to get the acute treatments when they need them. The elderly felt very comfortable with the idea of being given health care in their homes and there acute care in a healthcare facility should be optimized. The CEO role should be to ensure that hospital systems are in place and that the workforce is delivering on the promises of a highly efficient care (Cosgrove et al., 2012).

Studies on hospital staff have revealed…. [read more]

Healthcare Information Technology (IT) Research Paper

… Telemedicine

Healthcare it

Telemedicine is the exchange of medical information via electronic communication in order to improve a patient's health status. Telemedicine use various applications like email, video, wireless tools, smart phones, and other telecommunication technologies. This has been a rapidly growing application technology, which is aimed at providing remote medical examinations and procedures. When two medical professionals share a case via telephone, it can also be referred to as telemedicine. This is quite simple, but telemedicine also incorporates the use of satellite technology or video conferencing for conducting real-time patient consultation. In short telemedicine can be defined as the use of information technology and communications in the delivery of clinical care. Telemedicine started over forty years ago when hospitals used to extend care to…. [read more]

Health Care Reform Healthcare Essay

… It establishes a 'post-graduation routine' of coverage. Finally, to keep national healthcare costs down, it is vital that there are healthy people in the 'risk pool' represented by insurance companies, to defray the costs of insuring the elderly and chronically ill.

In terms of the 'negatives' of Obamacare for young people, some young people over the age of 26 may resist the fact that the individual mandate requires them to purchase health insurance if it is not provided by their employer. (Although there are certain hardship exemptions to the individual mandate, based upon income, and there are no mandates that individuals have to purchase a particular level of coverage). And that is one problem with the extension of the limit to age 26 -- while…. [read more]

Healthcare Costs for Smokers Essay

… 40). In addition, besides the aforementioned research conducted by the Congressional Research Service, a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine also determined that smokers actually help fund health care services for non-smokers because of the hefty excise taxes they pay on tobacco products (Daynard & Barr, 1999).


The research showed that although efforts by tobacco companies to conceal the harmful effects of their products have been brought to light and efforts to reduce smoking have been increasingly successful, many Americans continue to smoke tobacco and hundreds of thousands of new smokers join them each year. The research also showed that although smokers pay for their health care costs through heavy excise taxes, they are also inflicting a heavy burden on innocent…. [read more]

Healthcare Changes to Healthcare Practice Essay

… The cost and complexity of such a system, however, would have made it impractical, and thus these systems were not a standard part of medical business operations two decades ago. Most offices still kept primarily paper records, possibly with digital backups but certainly not with the degree of storage, cross-referencing, and communicability that exists today. Many offices also would not have had an Internet connection, and the infrastructure did not exist for communications between offices at sufficient enough speeds to make such communications of billing and insurance information practical. Information systems consisted of paper records and many different phone and fax numbers, all likely collated by a computer at some level but not coordinated at all to today's level.

Other Health Care Information System Advances…. [read more]

Healthcare - The Truth About Fraud Term Paper

… Healthcare - the Truth About Fraud

In a quest to deeply understand the various management theories in healthcare today, this report uses an approach of first trying to understand some of the healthcare industry's concerns which in turn affect their options when applying their management theories. The article chosen was authored by Chris Farnsworth and is entitled 'The Truth About Fraud' which was in the May 1, 1997, Washington Monthly. The media today consistently puts out a message that the healthcare industry is currently trying to tackle concerns around the likes of fraud, abuse and waste. No management team in any industry will ever be able to produce an outstanding product or service if that team' management theories must first contend with these types of…. [read more]

Health Care Management Obstacles Term Paper

… According to the Mercer/Foster Higgins 2002 national survey of employer-sponsored health plans, the average cost of healthcare benefits for active employees increased 7.3% in 1999, 8.1% in 2000 and 11.2% in 2001. In 2002, costs were expected to rise an additional 12.7% or more (Becker, 2002).

Data from the American Assoc of Health Plans.

From this chart, the health care manager can see that only a small sector of the cost increase factors can be influenced by the health care manager. The health care manager can positively affect the provider expenses, by making good decisions the medical facilities manager can steer his organization away from litigation, and the medical staff has a direct influence over waste / fraud / and abuse. But these areas only…. [read more]

Effect of Illegal Aliens on California's Healthcare System Term Paper


The Pew Hispanic Center estimated in March 2005 that the illegal alien population in California was 2.4 million in 2004. The impact on business, public schools, criminal justice system, and health care has been enormous. Statistics show that 63 California hospitals closed in the ten-year period between 1993 and 2003 because half of their services were unpaid because of services required under the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA). (Cosman, 2005; paraphrased) These statistics show that many clinics and general practitioners do not have a hospital dedicated to their area of service. Because of the diseases that the illegal alien immigrants are bringing to the United States, it is imperative that private practitioners develop some…. [read more]

Privatization of Healthcare Services Dissertation

… With this reality check and overall change in approach permissions were granted to individuals for setting up and running private hospitals with government regulations. This revived the private sector and many public institutions were privatized over night. Both types of institutions private and public still co-exist in China but number of private hospitals and clinics remain far greater. In most cities the private hospitals and clinics privatized at an incredible speed going from 40% of all institutions in 1998 to 56% private institutions in 2005, this rapid privatization led to establishment of un-registered private entities (Black Clinics). Earlier to 1980 there were four groups who were allowed to setup and run private practice; First group was individual practitioners with a license prior to the Cultural…. [read more]

Causes of the Problems of the Healthcare System in California Term Paper

… California Healthcare System

California's health care system is in a deep crisis. There is a vicious cycle. On the one hand, the mounting premium costs discourage people from opting for insurance while on the other hand treating the uninsured leads to hospitals transferring uncompensated costs to the insurance company and consequently the rising premiums. Immediate redressal of the situation is necessary and the government is just doing that.

California's health care system is in a deep crisis. With more than 6.5 million people lacking any form of medical insurance, the state tops the list of the number of uninsured Americans. [State of California] the consequences are a very high premium for people with medical insurance, and hospitals shutting down their emergency wards unable to handle…. [read more]

Health Smoking Essay

… Smoking is a voluntary action that can stop if the smoker chooses. Smoking cessation is a form of treatment that costs much lower than treating the effects of smoking itself. It is a better choice to stop rather than continue. When smokers decide to stop smoking, they are changing society and strongly impacting the economy, as well as the state of health care. Smokers have great power -- more power than the tobacco companies have, despite all their billions at their disposal. Smokers have the power to take the United States in new direction, if they can find the will power and support to cease smoking cigarettes.


Barendregt, J.J., Bonneux, M.D, J., & Van Der Maas, PhD, P.J. (1997). "The Health Care Costs of…. [read more]

Health Care Strategic Planning Case Study

… Health Care Strategic Planning

Over the last several years, the health care industry has been facing a number of different challenges. Part of the reason for this, is because of changes in demand have meant that costs have been increasing exponentially. A good example of this can be seen with a study that was conducted by the Kaiser Foundation. They found that health care prices have risen by 47% since 2005. (Abelson, 2010) This is problematic, because it means that a variety of health care organizations are facing a number of different challenges.

In the case of California Hospital Medical Center, they have been dealing with similar issues. To fully understand the overall scope of these problems requires examining the various weaknesses facing the facility.…. [read more]

Health Care Leadership Problems Case Study

… Health Care Leadership Problems

Over the last several years, the issue of effective health care leadership has been increasingly brought to the forefront. Part of the reason for this, is because the number of medical errors has been increasing and the quality of services being provided are declining. A good example of this can be seen in a study that was conducted by the Society of Actuaries. They found that the total number of medical errors are accounting for $19.5 billion in losses every single year. Out of these figures, the amount of mistakes that were avoidable was 25%. Commenting about these finding Jim Toole (the Managing Director) said, "This report highlights a singular opportunity for both improving the overall quality of care and reducing…. [read more]

RFP in Healthcare Industry Request Business Proposal

… In addition, the bidder's proposal should comply with the following format requirements. Bidders should follow them strictly, because the center may deem proposals that fail to meet the format requirements as non-responsive.

1. All the soft copy files should either be in MS Word (Word, excel, project, PowerPoint), version 2003-2007 or PDF. The proposal text should have at least 12 points and 8 points for presentation of information in figures and tables.

2. Vendors should provide printable information on pages on standard 8.5" x 14" format. However, the center prefers single sided pages.

3. The pages should follow a sequence in numbering excluding the project schedule. The page numbers must appear in the same page in the bidder's proposal. The vendor should assign index numbers…. [read more]

Implementation of Electronic Medical Records in Healthcare Case Study

… ¶ … Electronic Medical Records in Healthcare

In the implementation of an electronic medical records system, a team must be designed and delegated with the task of guiding the implementation of the project. The team should comprise of representatives of each department in the organization in order to reduce their resistance to the change and also to create a two-way communication channel with other members of the organization. The team will also be charged with the responsibility of developing a strategic plan for the implementation which should be in line with the goals and objectives of the organization as well as its stated mission, vision and values. A phased approach was chosen for implementation in the organization in the case study and is also deemed…. [read more]

Rural Healthcare Term Paper

… ¶ … Rural Healthcare Facilities

Context of the Problem

Twenty-five percent of the total population in the United States are living in rural areas and compared with urban Americans and healthcare facilities in rural areas generally serve low-income, the elderly, and individuals who are less informed and armed with less knowledge concerning health care prevention measures. Moreover, rural individuals accessing healthcare in rural facilities face barriers to healthcare such as fewer doctors, hospitals and health resources in generation and face difficulty in accessing health services.

Hospital closures and other market changes have adversely affected rural areas, leaving State and Federal policymakers, and others concerned about access to health care in rural America. Considerable changes in the health care delivery system over the past decade have…. [read more]

Health Care -- SLP -- Anti-Trust Term Paper

… Health Care -- SLP -- Anti-Trust

The organization has enjoyed recent success but policies of the presidential administration have caused some apprehension on the part of many competing organizations. The present thought is to enter into a joint venture or some sort of partnership arrangement with other health care organizations in the community in order to improve the organization's market position and increase profits. The Board of Directors requests a written presentation, including identification and discussion of the various laws that govern joint ventures and competition.

In order to merge and operate in a joint venture acceptable to the FTC, the organization must be mindful of Title 15 of the U.S. Code, which deals specifically with "Commerce and Trade" (Cornell University Law School, n.d.). The…. [read more]

Universal Healthcare Obamacare Term Paper

… Universal Healthcare (Obamacare)

Since its enactment in 2010, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, has elicited much debate in the United States' health and political realms. This paper seeks to interrogate whether the Universal health care for all means a better healthcare for patients than the private insurance.

Universal healthcare for all has its glaring strengths and weaknesses. The law vests authority on states to choose health insurance for its residents. These states have got powers to fail to collaborate if they intend to repeal. The states input in this healthcare have at times been criticized because others feel their health insurance choices are limited. The issue of choice negatively impact care that is given to patients under the new…. [read more]

Policy Changes in Healthcare Finance Essay

… These findings suggest that ASCs will remain viable, thrive even, if they diversify and offer both rare and common procedures.

A more recent analysis predicting the winners and losers during the 2009 calendar year suggested that the losers will be gastrointestinal (-6%), neurological (-3%), and ophthalmology (-1%) (Editors, 2008). By contrast, the winners were expected to be integumentary (7%), genitourinary (11%), respiratory (14%), cardiovascular (16%), musculoskeletal (19%), and auditory (25%). Since eye procedures represent the highest volume surgeries performed by ASCs facilities this prediction tends to validate the claim by Strope and colleagues (2008) that common procedures will tend to experience declines in reimbursement rates over time.

Part III: MS-DRG System

The Deficit Reduction Act (DRA) of 2005 contained provisions mandating a shift of focus…. [read more]

Health Law and Regulations Research Paper

… Under this new program, health care providers will have to pay a $.08 cent fee for every dollar they are charging to help patients make more informed decisions about their treatment options and services available. This is having an effect on their different hospitals by causing the cost structures to increase dramatically. ("A Summary of Fees and Taxes," 2013)

HIPAA is having an effect on Coventry Healthcare by requiring the provider to have greater protections in place to ensure that they are in compliance with these provisions. This means that they will see increasing costs from implementing different polices. That are requiring them to change how they are submitting paperwork to the CMS. At the same time, they must continue to engage in practices that…. [read more]

Improving Local Health Care: Quality Essay

… Therefore, there is an increased need to adopt several process-improvement framework or techniques since medical errors are brought by system or process failures. These process-improvement frameworks can be adopted in the system by applying them in the management of IM/IT department.

Some of the major examples of process improvement frameworks include Six Sigma, failure modes and effects analysis, Lean Management, Plan-Do-Study-Act, and Root Cause Analysis. These measures have widely been used in the health sector to improve the safety and quality of care services to patients. The first recommendation for applying various process improvement frameworks in the management of IM/IT department is Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI). As a means for developing clinical practice, continuous quality improvement is based on the principal that the health care…. [read more]

Canada Healthcare Essay

… In spite of the available risk, a research on the costs and quality of contracted-out elective services, in part due to the fact monitoring systems tend to be seldom in place. It becomes of significance to keep in mind that contracting with private providers will not always be synonymous with bringing the free market into health care.

The Canada government can find it possible to introduce market forces, especially competition among providers, while not having any form of private ownership. The government can also intervene in turning the private capacity into reduced wait times. Private companies will not likely to brave high the markets of healthcare entry and exit costs not until they are offered a guaranteed revenue stream, which always is supposed to come…. [read more]

Future of Health Care Delivery in the United States Case Study

… ¶ … Future of Health Care Delivery in the United States

What are your three most important recommendations?

My three most important recommendations for the future of health care delivery in the United States would be that there needs to be an increase in the quality of care, a decrease in the cost of care and an increase in the use of technology in order to facilitate the first two recommendations happening. It is important to leverage the technology that is available in order to facilitate improvement.

A high-quality health care delivery system must focus on improving health outcomes in the population it serves, supplementing episodic care and production of services with an epidemiological perspective and disease prevention strategies. In order to do this, information…. [read more]

Health Economics Prepayment Healthcare System and Drgs Term Paper

… Health Economics

Prepayment Healthcare System & DRGs

The relationship that exists inextricably between the length of the patient stay in the hospital or other medical institution and the type of insurance held by the individual patient cannot be denied and has been in fact shown to be fact. In the examination of whether specialty and system of care exert independent affects on resource utilization the cross-sectional analysis of just over 20,000 patients who visited providers' offices during 9-day period in 1986. The study concluded that variations in patients mix should be a major determinant of variations in resource use..." The change, according to the work of Sajay (2005) is from "medical economics to health economics" and this was "announced by Klarman" who stated that "the…. [read more]

Health and Legislative Issues Term Paper

… This means that either way if one chooses to go with the programs of the Act or chooses not to go with them they have to pay taxes. Therefore this PPACA affects the American citizens more than anyone else.

Socioeconomic, political, cultural, and ethical issues

There are also various socioeconomic and political context factors that surround this issue. These factors have led to the industrialization of the healthcare systems in the U.S. with provision of healthcare as a product being subjected to market forces. Competition from providers has led to the overuse of costly methods of treatment and a subsequent increase in medication cost and rise in insurance (Goodman, 2012). Most of the debates on the PPACA are now being politicized and the issue is…. [read more]

Technology in Healthcare Essay

… Most important, perhaps, is the fact that electronic databases could be perceived to compromise patient confidentiality. Nevertheless, it is the combination of factors mentioned above, along with the unique nature of the profession, that creates a collective barrier that keeps professionals from moving forward at the same pace as their peers from other professions.

Unerty, Johnson, and Lorenzi (2011), on the other hand, point out that these barriers can be overcome to reveal highly useful applications for information technology systems at hospitals. Specifically, the authors focus on information exchange systems among hospitals and healthcare settings. The authors reveal that a highly effective system of exhange is possible not only among different hospital settings, but also among the different departments within a single hospial by using…. [read more]

Healthcare Leadership and Prejudices Article


Healthcare Leadership Prejudices

Healthcare leadership has become a more and more important topic over the recent years and decades, and for a number of major reasons. There are unfortunately a number of prejudices that exist even in the upper echelons of leadership of healthcare organizations and not all of them are as simple or as obvious as one may think. This report will explore a number of these present prejudices along with an explanation of how the answers to the concerns are not nearly as black and white as some may think. The sections that will be covered in this report will include the problem at hand, the method used to review the problem, the solution to the problem, and some…. [read more]

Implementation of the Affordable Health Care Act in State of Kansas Term Paper

… Affordable Healthcare Act in State of Kansas

Access of care and to drop the cost

Expansion of health insurance coverage in state of Kansas

Establishing the health insurance marketplace

Increasing access to Medicaid

Providing new coverage options for young adults

Covering preventative services

Unreasonable premium increases

New Care Act support preventing illness

Promoting health

The Grants that Kansas received

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 faced opposition by the members of forty five state legislators. The constitutional amendments were also proposed by the members. The states even after opposing the reforms sought grants and some of them returned the grants. Kansas was among the states that returned a grant of $31 million given under the Early Innovator Program. The American healthcare system…. [read more]

Health Information Technology (Hit) Essay

… This requires a determination of the key functions of the Health Information Technology in question. Informed by both legislative and technological advances, the effectiveness of a chosen IT system is largely centered on its performance with certain deliverables. The article by Nahm et al. (2007) identifies these deliverables, indicating that "based on in-depth literature reviews and their empirical experiences, the authors identified 3 frequently used outcomes: user satisfaction, clinical outcomes, and financial impact." (p. 282)

These are the features both that hospitals and other healthcare facilities will seek out in implementation as well as those which are monitored by third-party, governmental and external agencies. The process of evaluation should center on consideration of these three deliverables and how they are achieved under the auspices of…. [read more]

Health Care Industry Has Undergone Essay


The Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality is a federal agency under Health & Human Services working to improve the quality, effectiveness and safety of health care. AHRQ gathers information in surveys; funds research projects and provide evidence-based practice guidelines for health care practitioners. The AHRQ's Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) program provides a national benchmarking database (Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development, 2002). The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's mission is to improve the quality, safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of health care for all Americans. AHRQ supports research that helps people make more informed decisions and improves the quality of health care services.

AHRQ does this by improving care safety and quality by developing successful partnerships and generating the…. [read more]

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