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Effect of Plastic Debris on Marine Species Research Paper

… ¶ … Plastic Debris on Marine Species

Marine litter has been a huge nuisance to marine life and especially plastic debris. Marine debris is defined as any solid material which finds its way into the waters. This marine debris or litter has many negative effects to aquatic life. Close to 80% of all marine debris is of plastic nature Van et al. 1(; Weisman)

According to the Greenpeace Report on Plastic Debris in the World's Oceans, over 260 different species of marine life are known and documented to have been adversely affected by being trapped in marine litter or their ingestion Allsopp et al. 2.

These species include whales, seals, seabirds, sea lions, turtles and fish. Efforts should be developed and implemented to help alleviate…. [read more]

Ocean Pollution Term Paper

… Marine Pollution

The ocean covers 71% of the surface area of the globe and accounts for 90% of all habitable space in the planet (Mulvaney 1998).The total volume of the ocean is approximately 300 million cubic miles and weighs approximately 1.3 million million tons. This great matrix is so vast that scientist-writer Arthur C. Clarke once commented about the inappropriateness of calling this planet "earth," because it substantially ocean. And because of its vastness, scientists used to believe that man could not appreciably despoil it (Mulvaney).

The ocean plays a critical role in sustaining life in this planet (Earle1998). Every activity creates far-reaching impacts on the world at large. The environment and economic conditions of marine and coastal waters are linked and interdependent at the…. [read more]

Plastic in the United States About 25 Thesis

… Plastic

In the United States about 25 million tons of plastic is discarded every year as waste. These materials are usually dumped in land fills and they are not degraded for decades. It also forms twenty percent of all municipal waste. There fore there is a need to find an alternate solution for the disposal of plastics. (Ware, 3) Condemning plastic altogether and replacing it totally seems to be a task that is Herculean and be best left for the future. The harmful effects of plastic especially when discarded and absorbed into the ecosystem where it takes considerable time before it can be decomposed is proven, and this parameters prompts the enquiry into the ways and means of containing the use and waste generation in…. [read more]

Oceans and Plastic Pollution the Growing Mass Term Paper

… Oceans & Plastic Pollution

The growing mass of plastic debris that is polluting many of the world's oceans is of great concern to scientists, governments, and environmentally inclined ordinary citizens -- and should be of grave concern to every inhabitant of this planet. What is the nature of the problem? How severe is the degree of degradation to the species that use the ocean as habitat? What are the laws that apply to the debasement of the world's oceans vis-a-vis plastic pollution? These questions will be addressed in this paper.

How serious is the plastic-related problem? What's the impact on marine species?

In a recent book by noted environmental author Marquita K. Hill, the retired professor of chemical engineering (University of Maine) explains that when…. [read more]

Harmful Effects of Plastic on the Environment Essay

… Plastic Bags & the Environment

Plastics in the Environment: Problem and Solutions

Plastic pollution in the oceans and on dry land is a terrible plague that needs to be addressed through responsible environmental management. This is not a new concept, as plastic has been an eyesore and an ecological miscreant for many years. This paper delves into the ongoing problem of plastic's polluting effects on the environment, using research from scholarly and other reliable sources. The paper will also reference sources that present solutions to the problem of plastics within the planet's natural environment.

What is the problem and how long has it been going on? "…Plastic pollution is killing millions of birds, fish, whales, seals and sea turtles," according to marine scientists referenced in…. [read more]

Law Help Protect the Environment Research Paper

… Ultimately, too many other variables are involved in accomplishing the success of the legal policies and, as this review has shown, compliance with not only the latter of the law but also the spirit of the law, ultimately, rests on motivation of businesses and citizens to cooperate in protecting the environment. How this can be done will be addressed in the consequent sections.

Protective measures

Since environmental concerns is a huge topic, the best we can do is break it down into its most important categories and evaluate their problems and what individuals can do to address them

There are various threats to the marine and geo ecosystem. Three of the most common are:

(a) Ocean pollution (b) land pollution; and (c) toxic gasses that…. [read more]

Pacific Garbage Patch Essay

… S. And other nations. In doing so, federal and state funds could be released to help stop the patch from growing or even to help begin to clean it up.

Incentives for entrepreneurs, inventors, and scientists to come up with creative and potentially profitable solutions to the patch are few and far between at this point. If more incentives were given, not just environmental ones, more firms and individuals would take action both to help educate and come up with a plan to eliminate the toxic patch. This type of incentivization could come from legislation or the government sector as well. A multi-pronged approach to dealing with this problem is likely the best way to affect real, lasting change, at least within the U.S. In…. [read more]

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