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Learning Styles and Student Achievement Term Paper

… Learning Styles and Student Achievement

According to William Watson Purkey and John M. Novak, in order to teach a student, you have to be able to reach the student. They do not mean 'reach' in the physical sense, as in touching the student, but rather making a mental or emotional connection between the teacher and the student (Purkey, 1984).

Opening up to students is very important for teachers. While it is obviously not appropriate for a teacher to confide intimate personal details to the class, or gossip about others to try to be more accepted, there are ways that a teacher can seem more 'real' to the students. For example, crying over something very sad or letting the students know when the teacher is getting…. [read more]

Technology for Students With Disabilities Research Paper

… Technology for Students With Disabilities

In our modern society, there is integration of technology into education programs as well as practices in for the purpose of facilitating learning to students with all forms of disabilities across all ages. Concerning this, there is offering of specialized features to help these students overcome these challenges. As a result, students with disabilities are now able to increasingly interact with classroom technologies (Kirk, Gallagher, Coleman & Anastasiow, 2012, p.240). On the other hand, teachers are also able to customize the content in various subjects for the purpose of varying needs and preferences of the disabled students. In addition, use of modern technologies as well as educational applications designed for students with learning disabilities emerge on daily basis from teachers,…. [read more]

Teaching and Learning Theories Research Proposal

… Learning Theories

The educational field provides access to a variety of learning theories, many of them offshoots or modifications of previously popular stratagems of learning styles. Numerous studies have been conducted to verify, justify or analyze these theories and their potential usage in the U.S. educational system. Many of these studies have provided educators with more than a little knowledge on how to approach their own particular style of pedagogy, instructing and teaching.

Espin, C.A.

One such study was conducted by Espin, Cevasco, van den Broek, Baker and Gersten to determine the quality and nature of a group of student's comprehension of history. Their abstract states; "we explore whether cognitive-psychological theories developed to capture the comprehension of narrative text can be used to capture the…. [read more]

Adults With Learning Disabilities Term Paper

… 58). Many people with LD have succeeded in the workplace, often as entrepreneurs, and recent legislation is intended to ease the process of disclosing a disability and obtaining on-the-job accommodations (Brown and Gerber 1994). Adults with LD are employed at the same rate as those with out disabilities, but many are underemployed in part-time, entry-level, minimum-wage jobs (Blackorby and Wagner

1997). Like other workers, people with LD must cope with workplace changes such as teamwork, productivity and skill demands, and technological advances (Brown and Gerber 1994).

In some of the literature (Kerka, 2002)3, on-the-job problems are framed in terms of individual deficits: persons with LD are said to encounter difficulties in establishing routines and processing information correctly (Ohler, Levinson, and Barker 1996); often exhibit low…. [read more]

Differentiated Instruction in the Classroom Each Parent Term Paper

… Differentiated Instruction in the Classroom

Each parent understands that the child for whom he or she is responsible is as unique and different as each snowflake that falls from the sky during a winter storm. Like the parent, the teacher recognizes that singular quality of the child and inherently understands both the magnificence and complexity of the miracle represented in the mind of the child. Teaching methodology on the other hand, frequently sees only a composition of materials and busies itself with categorizing and standardizing oblivious to the majesty and beauty of each individual. And 'Although no one in the education field would openly state that all children are the same, this assumption is embedded in the way schools are structured, leaving individual teachers the…. [read more]

Differentiated Instruction Research Proposal

… Differentiated Instruction in the Classroom

Students in the classroom have varied abilities and learn at varying rates which makes differentiation of instruction a practice that supports the learning of all students. This work explores what differentiation of instruction is and what it is not with a particular focus on differentiated instruction in the science classroom.

Most teachers currently use the direct instruction approach and not all students are on the same level so achievement is not up to standards for all students.

The use of direct instruction in science classes doesn't allow adequate learning for all students.

The purpose of this project is to....determine the relationship between measures of student achievements in science classes in grades 9-12 and implementation of differentiated instruction over a period…. [read more]

Mathematics Learning Essay

… " (p. 1) The teacher as an instructor has the intended outcome for students of "skills mastery with correct performance." (Ernest, 1991. p. 1) Whereas the role of the teacher as an explainer has the intended outcome of "conceptual understanding with unified knowledge." (Ernest,, p. 1) Finally, the teacher as a facilitator has the intended outcome of "confident problem posing and solving." (Ernest, 1991, p. 1) Swan (2006) speaks of the traditional method of teaching mathematics and states that when it is reversed it is "builds on the knowledge that students already have" and additionally "exposes and discusses common misconceptions" and "uses higher-order questions." (p. 169) Swan additionally reports that traditionally teaching utilizes small group work and encourages "reasoning rather than 'answer getting' and uses…. [read more]

Teaching Math Using Money Examples for Students with Disabilities Research Paper

… g., "there are ten dimes in a dollar"), the card is moved to the back of the deck and the next flashcard in the deck is presented to the student (Skarr & Zielinski, 2014).

• In the event the student takes longer than 2 seconds or answers incorrectly, the statement and answer are verbally modeled by the teacher, followed by the student reiterating this statement and answer (Skarr & Zielinski, 2014).

• The same flashcard is then presented to the student again and if answered correctly, the card is moved back in the deck two or three cards so that it will resurface again quickly in order to reinforce the lesson (Skarr & Zielinski, 2014). The student must answer the question correctly at least three…. [read more]

Effects Impact of Technology in Learning of Elementary School Special ED Students Thesis

… ¶ … technology in learning of elementary school special ed. Students

Action Research Paper:

Effects and Impact of Technology in Learning of Elementary School Special Education Students

The use of technologies to assist in the teaching of special education elementary school children presents unique challenges and illustrates how the creative use of Web-based learning systems can accelerate and support the long-term retention of concepts with these specific students. It is the intent of this Action Research paper to illustrate how this is specifically can be accomplished through the use of a variety of teaching techniques. Despite the potential benefits of using technology-based training there is however there is a lack of adoption of Web-based training materials, websites, and strategies specifically focused on individualized learning plans…. [read more]

Education: Teaching Math to Students With Disabilities Term Paper

… Student Websites

There also are a number of websites that are specifically geared towards assisting students with or without disabilities at all grades deal with math topics that they do not understand. Five of these have been outlined below.

i) The Alberta Government Website:

This site provides registered users with easily understandable resources/reading materials and assessment questions on lesson topics of their choice. A new user has to register for an account, in which they provide information on, among other things, their grade. Once the account has been created, the user logs in and selects a lesson topic from study skills, current events, geography, math, or reading. The site then avails relevant books and simplified reading materials on the requested topic, and a set…. [read more]

Effective Mathematics Instruction for Students With Learning Disabilities Research Paper

… ¶ … Mathematics Instructions for Students With Learning Disabilities

The work of Steedly, Dragoo, Arafeh, & Luke, (2008) considers strategies for enabling persons with learning disabilities (LD) to learn mathematics. The authors contend that learning math requires a systematic approach whether a persons has a LD or not. This approach must consider the multiple elements necessary to process and understand mathematics. It is important therefore for teachers and parents to understand the challenges faced by students and create systems that assist in ameliorating these challenges. Persons who have received injuries to the head or any other brain injury are particularly prone to experience problems in learning mathematics.

The major question poses by the researchers for investigation was what instructional approaches are effective in the teaching…. [read more]

Connecting Theory and Meaning Research Paper

… The theory enables students to develop the feeling of informed, competency with the capability of making constructive decisions having relevant impacts on education lives. The connecting theory holds a transformative power with the provision of hope at differing time intervals following unclear education future for the disabled. It also provides the significant opportunity for the imagination of the education system with fairness, equality and just for learning (Kent & Simpson, 2010).

Meaning of disability studies in schools

The disability studies involve the collaborative aspect of understanding respective subject matters relating to the education social phenomena related to disability. The disability studies enable the understanding and definition of positions associated with the foundations of disability awareness in relation to cross-disciplinary perspectives on the case of disability.…. [read more]

Instructional Strategies Using Assistive Technology to Teach Math to Children With Learning Disabilities Research Paper

… Assistive Technologies in Math Instruction for the Learning Disabled

The academic study of mathematics can present heightened difficulties for the learning disabled. The operational specificity, procedural repetition and the sheer complexity of math subjects may be directly incompatible with the learning profile of individuals with certain cognitive deficiencies. This speaks to one of the core challenges for the field of special education. However, with the advance of electronics, software and the Internet, this challenge is increasingly being met with innovative technology mediation. Assistive Technologies (at) are unlocking a great deal of potential in young learners whose disabilities have heretofore prevented improvement in mathematical education.


According to the source provided by Smith (2009), mathematics may present challenges that are specifically obfuscating to the learning disabled.…. [read more]

Direct Instruction: The Effect Term Paper

… In her journal article "Effective instruction begins with purposeful assessments" Cobb (2003) points out that building administrators and reading specialists have to take a leadership role and help teachers differentiate between assessment and evaluation. Further Cobb suggests that teaching will be more meaningful when instruction is directed and when administrators and teachers collaborate to develop a curriculum that is integrated and reciprocal.

Though her article doesn't specifically support direct instruction, it does suggest that methods involving direct instruction techniques may result in more effective instruction in the classroom. Cobb (2003) also points out the importance of developing meaningful and guided instruction, and suggests that teachers must take the time to meet and discuss student work as well as share ideas and instructional methods including direct…. [read more]

Effective Mathematics Instruction for Students With Learning Disabilities Term Paper

… ¶ … Mathematics

Secondary school experiences and academic performance of students with mental retardation

The legislative support for students with mental retardation ensures that these students have a place within the school system. The place that is provided allows the students to access more options as it relates to education. It therefore becomes critical that the outcomes from this increased access be examined empirically to determine if the students are benefitting from the best available care. A companion issue that is raised by greater access to education is that of whether that access should exist in a specialized environment or in the general school population. While there has been research on this question, the results are not entirely conclusive. Additionally, the question of the whether…. [read more]

Reading Strategies Impact on ELL ESL Students Capstone Project

… ¶ … Reading Strategies' Impact on ELL Students

Today, more than 2 million students from non-English-speaking backgrounds attend public school in the United States and their numbers are expected to triple by 2020. The research to date confirms that these students require support in their native languages as well as in English to achieve academic proficiency, but far too few English language learners (ELLs) are receiving the level of educational support that is required. In this environment, identifying improved strategies for facilitating English language acquisition represents a timely and valuable enterprise. There are a number of challenges that are involved, but the mandates are clear. The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act, signed into law January 2002, placed renewed emphasis, urgency, and expectations on all…. [read more]

Lesson for Children With Learning Research Paper

… I will ensure regular use of attention seekers, such as mentioning the student name in a question, in the material covered (Muir, 2013). Additionally, keeping proximity to the student, incorporating discussions and class participation from all students, which will help motivate the dyscalculia student and give him courage. Additionally, I will note the alternation of physical and mental activities during the lesson and regulate the length of the assignments and lessons. Lastly, employing student tutoring from peers will also accommodate the needs of this student.


In view of this lesson plan, the activities will engage all students inclusively, as the act governing education in classrooms dictates; that learning in the classroom should not favor given students and discriminate others. The grade level expectation, which…. [read more]

Intervention Effectiveness Response to Instruction Literature Review Chapter

… Working with the RTI interventions are: (1) District general educators; (2) reading teachers; (3)special education resource specialists; and (4) the speech-language pathologist. At the end of the program, the children will have received "45 hours of intense, systematic, scientifically-based reading instruction in small groups. " (International Reading Program, 2011) Program results are stated as being "impressive." (International Reading Program, 2011) Specifically reported are the following findings:

(1) One hundred twenty-three fourth- and fifth-graders who lagged two to three years in reading have demonstrated statistically significant improvement as measured by GRADE, with gains representing more than a year's reading level growth in just nine weeks.

(2) These students have also improved on statewide assessments. Most gratifying is that over two years, of the 123 students who…. [read more]

Future of Education in USA Term Paper

… Student Centered Teaching

Progressivism, Social Reconstructionism and Existentialism vs." Essentialism and Perennialism

The face of the American educational system has been changing dramatically over the past several decades. Since the inception of standardized education in the U.S., the fabric of society itself has undergone dramatic changes. Yet, the educational system continues to promote the paradigms that prevailed since the systems very beginning. It can be argued that the system is in need of some dramatic changes if we are to compete in a world where globalization means coping with increasing competition. This research will explore teacher centered and student centered philosophies. It will support the hypothesis that student centered philosophies benefit the student more than teacher centered philosophies.

Standardized education was developed on teacher-centered philosophies.…. [read more]

Student Support Services Education Term Paper

… (Borkowski 1988) The author contends that to this end the mentorship program benefits the mentee and the mentor. (Borkowski 1988) The author writes,

When minority students are paired with white faculty members, another dimension enters. The race barrier is often dealt with on a personal level, rather than confronted in the impersonal environment of the classroom. Faculty and administrators are able, through mentoring, to impart relevant values that enhance a minority student's ability to succeed. It should also be understood that mentoring benefits both the mentor and the mentee, in that the mentor is provided with a better opportunity to understand the concerns of students who are often from different socioeconomic and/or ethnic backgrounds." (Borkowski 1988)

An article entitled Big ten school in Cyberspace: a…. [read more]

Mathematics Education Research Proposal


This study, which examined the effects of mathematics reform on teacher practices in Massachusetts, had two central purposes: (a) to identify reform-related practices in mathematics instruction that have increased, decreased, or not changed since the implementation of high-stakes testing according to educators' perceptions and (b) to determine educators' perceptions of the effects of reform-related practices on student achievement since the implementation of high-stakes testing. High-stakes testing is a dramatic change in education practice and has changed the face of mathematics instruction, yet there is only limited research on its effects. This study investigated the perceptions of educators, both generally and by demographic,…. [read more]

Mathematics Z-Model Framework in Middle School Thesis

… This unique framework has 4 domains, and while this study investigates the Z-model's use in the mathematics curriculum, this framework is focused on improving and enhancing students' achievement in any course of study.

The four domains involved in the Z-model create a comprehensive educational understanding and framework for use in improving educational progress. They are:

  1. Brain development, and efforts in the classroom which can enhance/promote brain development.

  2. How project-based learning can be utilized in order to fully engage the student in the learning community.

  3. Data-Driven instruction (the second half of the breadth - vs. - depth debate). The students must be held accountable to learn a specific knowledge base of facts, figures, and formulae. Without objective measurement of the educational progress,…. [read more]

Mathematics Instruction for Students Essay

… Mathematics Instruction for Students with Disabilities GRADES 7-12

Assessment is the process of gaining insight into the motivation and knowledge of learners. It can either be informal or formal. Assessment should not only facilitate the learning of fundamental math concepts but should also provide important information to both the learners and their instructors. Assessment/evaluation is also important for kindergarten children. A statement released recently by the National Council of Teachers in Mathematics (NCTM) argued that teachers of children at the Early Childhood Level ought to actively introduce the young learners to math language, methods, symbols and operations using different, proper teaching strategies and experiences. These should be assessed using observation or any other kind of appropriate assessments to make sure that the instructional methods fit…. [read more]

Learning Styles and Comprehension of Secondary Special Education Students Term Paper

… ¶ … Multiple Instructional Strategies Used to Teach students to Each of Their Learning Styles Improve Their Reading Comprehension Levels Significantly More Than Students Who are Taught Using the Traditional Instructional Strategies?

It was proposed recently by Keer (2004) in the work: "Fostering Reading Comprehension in Fifth Grade by Explicit Instruction in Reading Strategies and Peer Tutoring" British Journal of Educational Psychology (2004) 74-37-70) proposes assessment and use in an approach as to teachers and learning styles differentiation in a down to earth manner while addressing the needs of teachers in their practice of incorporation through "informed decisions" as to areas/units possible for incorporation of learning styles.

A study in Belgium, "Fostering Reading Comprehension in Fifth grade by Explicit Instruction in Reading Strategies and Peer…. [read more]

Student Body Size on School Term Paper

… Where the more graduating seniors that enter college after graduation is a recognized factor of the success of both the individual student and the school from which he or she came. Though college attendance rates have long been a tool used to asses the success of programs supporting or dealing with large numbers of students at risk fro academic failure it is also a good indicator of the general success of a school. (Fashola, & Slavin 1998)

It was recognized twenty years ago that there is not enough evidence to suggest that consolidating schools is a good idea, "There is no strong empirical base to support the assumptions and assertions of school and district consolidation advocates. This article reviews and analyzes this body of evidence…. [read more]

Students With Disabilities and Their Mathematics Instruction Book Report

… ¶ … students' needs"

The main objective of teaching is meeting the needs of students. So as to attain this goal, teachers ought to be willing to do whatever it takes. This particular paper explores how educators ought to be flexible enough to permit the application of helpful technology- despite how challenging it is to apply- to assist the students that heed personal education programs. Other things that shall be considered include: permitting complete parental participation through tackling the issues of language, feelings, as well as culture. Lastly, this paper shall study what teachers ought to be ready to do to so as to assist the ELLs students in their learning process. This case acts as a type of case study to illustrate the real…. [read more]

Pedagogic Model: Teaching Technology in Special Education Dissertation

… " (Dougiamas, 1998) Such trivial constructivism, though, is the bedrock from which Glaserfelds more radical constructivism springs. He continues to state that because knowledge is constructed by the learner, and because no two learners are the same, knowledge itself is not absolute. There is a degree to which knowledge is an illusion, and every individual constructs their own conception of reality which (while susceptible to the demands of "real" or normal reality) does not necessarily align with the normal paradigm. Constructivism does embrace this relativistic and existential approach to reality, but it also holds as a primary value the idea of constraint which enables the thinkers to participate in social interaction and mainstream reality. (Glasersfeld)

One interesting area of constructionist theory is…. [read more]

Creative Project Tall Buddies Term Paper

… Tall Buddies: Peer-Assisted Learning Initiative for Elementary Schools

Using a Peer-Assisted Learning Program to Help Both Young Tutors and Tutees Achieve Improved Academic Outcomes

The ability to read well contributes to virtually all other academic pursuits, and it is little wonder that there has been a great deal of attention paid to this aspect of education in recent years. In this regard, Otaiba, Fuchs, Fuchs et al. (2001) emphasize that, "The problems associated with limited reading competence are serious. Students with poor reading skills have lower self-esteem, pose greater discipline problems and are less likely to complete school than more skillful readers" (p. 15). One initiative that has been shown to be highly effective in helping young students with reading problems achieve improved ability across…. [read more]

Achievement of a Teaching Task Term Paper

… Both the traditional and contemporary style of teaching mathematics has concepts that profoundly allow the learners to use their intellectual abilities to solve problems. The difference however is in the manner of their approach in establishing the interest of the learners. The contemporary approach allows the learners to engage themselves more in activities such as the use of computer technology, while the traditional approach is more on engaging the learner on individual activity of problem solving. M. Klein states one consequence of how the contemporary positively affects the learner.

A as students engage themselves in those learning processes that educators recognize as powerful and productive, they are simultaneously subject to positioning within the familiar storylines and practices of the classroom.

This means that the classroom…. [read more]

High School Sports Impact on Student Academics Thesis

… But the NCAA reserves the right to overrule principals' decisions. The NCAA's modest response followed meetings with national education groups, including AASA. The Minnesota Association of School Administrators has submitted to AASA for consideration a resolution that states it is not the NCAA's role to dictate course content to high schools.

The U.S. Department of Justice also has challenged the NCAA for automatically rejecting courses involving special education services. Some students who had attained acceptable college entrance test scores despite their disability were not allowed to participate as freshmen because they had taken high school courses involving special education assistance. The NCAA argued in several court cases that it does not have to follow the Americans with Disabilities Act. After months of…. [read more]

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