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Effects of Economic Recession Thesis

… Recession

The recent economic downturn has impacted different nations in different ways. Each nation's specific characteristics contribute to the degree to which the recession impacts it. Canada, for example, has suffered because of its dependence on exports to the U.S., but at the same time it has not suffered much because strength in its financial system essentially eliminated the possibility of an economy-crippling credit crunch (Zakaria, 2009). The economy of Greece has seen strong impacts of recession because that economy's inherent weakness and lack of strong governance was exposed when the recession hit key European trade partners (Flynn, 2008). In the developing world, impacts have been similarly different India's key economic drivers are tied to the global economic system, resulting in that nation struggling through…. [read more]

Economic Recession on Customer Loyalty Research Proposal

… ¶ … Economic Recession on Customer Loyalty to Banks in the United Kingdom

The global economic recession has had a number of various effects on economics in the United Kingdom, including how people in the UK conduct their banking. While it is impossible to argue that the economic recession has been positive for consumers, it is undeniable that the recession has had some positive impacts on consumer behaviors. Because of recession-driven economic difficulties, costumers have had to make changes in how they choose their service providers, including banks. Furthermore, because of the recession some banks may have changed long-standing policies and programs in order to recoup losses from other areas. As a result, it is possible that the economic recession has had an impact on…. [read more]

Economic Globalization Has the 2008 Essay

… Towards the end of 2009, there emerged fresh fears as investment experts warned of a looming sovereign debt crisis owing to rising government and private debt levels in Europe along with a wave of decline in government debt in some European Union member states. In some EU member states, private debts emanating from an ongoing property bubble became sovereign debt owing to government intervention in slowing economies and post-bubble banking system bailouts. In Greece, elevated public sector pension and wage commitments prompted an increase in sovereign debt. According to economic experts, the absence of fiscal union in the Eurozone as monetary union triggered the crisis compromising the capacity of European leaders to react to the crisis. Banks in the European Union owe a momentous amount…. [read more]

Economic Systems of South Korea Term Paper

… The government also fostered development by allowing South Korea to be a destination of several global manufacturers. The government also provided impulses for foreign and local investors through expansion of its network of free trade agreements. This brought change to the country and allowed the economy to grow.

Though South Korea can be seen to rely greatly on exports it makes to emerging countries, the country also reduced its reliance on exports to Japan. This can be seen in the decline of exports to Japan from 11% in the year 2000 to just about 6% in the year 2010. South Korea also decreased its reliance on imports from Japan though they still stood at roughly over 15% in the year 2010 which indicate that Japan…. [read more]

Differences in Economic Slowdowns and Recessions Term Paper

… ¶ … Economic Slowdowns and Recessions

Macroeconomic concept defines recession as a decline in the GDP during two successive quarters which is a short period of depression. NBER's definition of recession is a situation that is marked by a massive reduction in the overall economic activity present for more than a few months. Some economists are of the view that when the natural growth rate in the GDP is less than the average of 2%, the economy is in the grip of a recession. Recessionary trends have been witnessed in the U.S. economy where several indicators have demonstrated the fact. These are fall in real GDP, real incomes, employment opportunities, wholesale retail and industrial production rates.


According to latest data, the U.S. is presently…. [read more]

Economic Indicators the Change Essay

… Beginning in early 2008, non-farm payroll numbers dropped every month, with the worst drops coming at the end of 2008 and beginning of 2009. Non-farm payrolls continued dropping month-over-month through the beginning of 2010, when payrolls began to gain numbers again. In the last 7 months shown, which include the last half of 2010 and first month of 2011, non-farm payrolls rose steadily, whereas the prior year showed both ups and downs. Like other measures, the non-farm payroll data suggests that the economy is growing stronger, as shown through the numbers of non-farm jobs being added.

The unemployment rate in the United States remains high and was close to 9% at the beginning of 2011. The rate has not changed much since rising above 9%…. [read more]

Economic Principles and Purchasing Essay

… Practically speaking, if my employer can outsource or offshore my job at lower cost, then that increases the chances of me being laid off. For the same reason, it also decreases the chances of me getting large salary increases.

Even if my job were not in jeopardy, international trade still affects the health of the U.S. economy. The bigger the U.S. trade deficit grows, the more U.S. businesses potentially feel the negative effects. It becomes harder for them to raise capital, and government intervention in some form of protectionist action, which frequently does not produce the desired results, becomes more likely.

A Different Decision

If housing prices had not fallen drastically because of the crisis in the housing market, I probably would not have decided…. [read more]

Economic Crisis Policies US Current Research Paper

… S. money market back to its operations by assuming that U.S. financial system had enough liquidity to expand the market operations. Fed Reserve accepted the less credit worthy securities as collateral and held safe U.S. treasuries to keep the money supply constant. These were later termed as "toxic waste removal" policies.

Fed Reserve introduces another set of program by taking over multinational insurance company American International Group (AIG) on September 2008. This program was implemented through option of purchasing asset backed commercial paper from money market mutual funds. This policy was termed as Quantitative easing by Bernake.


First the U.S. economic crisis was only of real estate and later on it developed into global financial crisis. If it is to be judged that Fed…. [read more]

Economic Issues Regarding Greece and the Euro Currency Because of Greece's Financial Situation Essay

… Economic issues regarding Greece and the euro currency because of Greeces financial situation.

Economic issues regarding Greece and the euro currency because of Greece's financial situation

With a gross domestic product of $341 billion for 2009, Greece is the 34th largest economy of the globe. The model at the basis of the economy is a capitalism in which 40 per cent of the GDP is generated by the public sector and 15 per cent of the GDP is generated by tourism. Living standards -- given by the income per capita -- in Greece however remain lower in comparison to those in the developed countries of the European Union. Public debt, inflation and unemployment are however above the average in the euro zone.

Up until 2007,…. [read more]

Economics - Macroeconomics Economics Various Economists Essay

… Economics - Macroeconomics


Various economists, both theoreticians and practitioners, have developed and applied concepts and principles designed in order to explain the economic laws that govern the society at some point, and to drive economic growth. Some of these principles include the opportunity cost concept, capitalism and socialism, and the invisible hand principle. The following pages will focus on addressing each of these principles, by explaining them and relating them to the economic situation that currently characterizes the U.S. society.

Opportunity Cost

The opportunity cost concept was developed by John Stuart Mill in order to decrease the level of difficulty in the decision making process. The concept is usually applied in situations where scarce resources must be used as efficiently as possible. Basically, when…. [read more]

Economic Crisis the Revelation Research Paper

… 25%. The attraction for the prospect non-prime buyers evicted from the market perhaps during the first half of the year 2006, the Mortgage Bankers Association discovered the value, and total number, of subprime mortgages that had now gone down 30% on the second half of 2005

4: the fourth that contributed to the bubble burst was the adversity that, as personal saving from disposable income reached up to the level below zero, fewer households had the requisite finance to support increases in debt and the standard of livings of the residents.

The ever expanding consequences of the bubble burst that funneled down to the household of U.S. And ultimately the senate and state. Giving the strong evidence the senate the William Black asserted (Johnson, 2010):…. [read more]

Economics Mexico How Interest Rates Term Paper

… By March 2013 the inflation rate had neared the government target and growth in some economic sectors was slowing, so the government made a bold move, decreasing interest rates earlier than expected as a result of the decline in certain sectors, with the aim of limited the slow down in growth; they balanced the need to support growth and constrain inflation.


CIA, (2013), Mexico, [online] accessed 29th April 2013 from

Howells P.G.A, Bain, K, (2007), Financial Institutions and Markets, London, Longman

Hughes, E; O'Boyle M, (2013, April 27), Mexico Holds Interest Rates, Watches Capital Inflows, The Globe and Mail, [online] accessed 30 April 2013 from

Index Mundi, (2013), United Kingdom GDP, [online] accessed 30th April 2013 from

Index Mundi, (2013), Japan…. [read more]

Economics There Are Several Factors Essay

… 2. a)

p per mile


Total Revenue

Old Total Cost

New Total Cost








% formula

8-10 pair



10-12 pair



b) The profits under the old cost structure are as follows: 120 million for the 8p fare, 60 million for the 10p fare and 30 million for the 12p fare. Thus, 8p was the optimal price under the old cost system.

c) The case states "demand willMillion miles." That number is rather integral to the completion of this question. The bus company should decide on this option by calculating the profits expected from adopting the option. Whichever option yields the highest profit is what should be adopted.

Question 3.

a) If the price of…. [read more]

International Labour Economics Term Paper

… International Labor Economics

Programme Title

Module Number & Name

International Labour Economics (Irish Labour Market)

Statistical Profile of Irish Labour Market

The Republic of Ireland is a member of the European Union in order to maximize its international benefits in relation to the economy. Republic of Ireland represents one of the vital players in the global market with respect to its population levels and geographical size. The labour market of the Republic of Ireland continues to experience numerous radical changes towards improving the living conditions of the citizens. The population of the country has been on the rise, which is observable from Figure 1 below.

Population of Ireland (IRLPOPL) (

The latest census (2011) in relation to the Republic of Ireland shows that the current…. [read more]

Macro-Economics Macro Economics There Are Numerous Issues Term Paper

… Macro-Economics

Macro Economics

There are numerous issues that governments must refer to when developing the strategy that the budget must be based on. Such issues are represented by fiscal and monetary policies. Fiscal policy is represented by the strategy developed by the government regarding the expenditure and revenue collection that are intended to be used as instruments of economic influence by the state. The most important objectives of the fiscal policy is to determine a situation of economic stability that can be reached by the control of interest rates and spending of the government. These objectives can be reached by fiscal policy instruments like government expenditures and taxation.

The government can influence the country's economic situation by modifying the level and composition of taxation and…. [read more]

Social Policy and Economic Policy? Essay

… This, in turn, will be elevating for the economy.

Keynesianism goals are several:

1. Economic spending - where increase of ability spend boosts earnings in others. This in turn has a positive effect on the economy and encourages competition which stimulates innovation and leads to increase in employment.

2. Greater government investment in economy -- This promotes public spending and serves as model example. Government should invest and introduce incentives as well as engage in government spending in order to encourage people to spend.

If the government has little money at the moment, it should borrow money in order to boost demand by pushing money into the economy. The government can repay once the economy has stabilized.

Private investors too should be encouraged to contribute…. [read more]

Macro-Economic Indicators of Performance Essay

… If there is less at the moment (as there was in the recession), then PetSmart would have to figure out ways of attracting potential consumers to spend according to more necessary and dominant requirements. Pet food, for instance, may currently sell better (given tight economy) than expensive pet toys. PetSmart, accordingly, may decide to stick up on pet food and other similar essential as well as cheaper pets (such s goldfish) than the more expensive and rare breeds.

The Money Supply measure in its technical sense consists of three categories, M0, M1, and M2. M0 represents the dollar value of physical cash and coin, whilst M1 is also checking accounts, traveler's checks and demand deposits. PetSmart would find M2 the most instructive. M2 includes all…. [read more]

Economic Situation What "Current Macroeconomic Essay

… Low interest rates also ease the pressure on consumers with adjustable-rate mortgages. The Fed has stated that despite the lengthy period of time it has kept interest rates at rock-bottom levels, it will continue to keep them the "short-term rate near zero until the 7.7% unemployment rate is 6.5% or lower" (Davidson 2012). The Fed will continue to buy back mortgage-backed securities in an effort to lower long-term interest rates for assets such as mortgages and corporate bonds and hopefully 'nudge' consumers to buy stocks, further stimulating the economy (Davidson 2012).

However, as well as an expansionary monetary policy, an expansionary fiscal policy also seems warranted in the current economic situation. This would require the federal government to reduce taxes, increase government spending, and effectively…. [read more]

Economic Impact Study: Students Research Paper

… Often, college students fall into that category, as do many people who are just out of college and now have a number of student loans they will have to repay in an economy that is not growing or adding new jobs (Kadlec, 2013). Students who are in college and those who are just out of college have very little disposable income, and they are not spending like they would if they had more money and the economy was strong. The struggle that they are facing is very real, and compounded by the higher education system and how it has become so expensive to get a good education.

That is not to imply that the recession is the only issue, or that there would be no…. [read more]

Creating a Library Budget in an Economic Downturn Term Paper

… Economic Conditions and Library Budgeting

Criminological Theory into Murder

Recession and Library Budgeting: Implications and Recommendations

The year 2007 had hit the world quite hard. Stock markets crashed globally and real estate prices toppled down. Even the biggest of the companies found themselves struggling for survival. Unemployment rate shot up at a rapid rate and so did inflation. To top it up, U.S. Dollar got onto the road of everlasting devaluation. This was the beginning of what we know as the current economic recession. Ever since 2007, funding expenditures have been hard on pockets for everyone, be it individual households, private sector companies or the government itself. Even the most necessary and crucial sectors like health and education had to face sharp budget cuts. Like…. [read more]

What Are the Social Impacts on People's Daily Life of the Current Economic Crisis? Research Paper

… Economic Crisis

The Origin and Impact of the 2008 Economic Crisis

The economic crisis that hit in 2008 had its beginnings nearly thirty years ago under President Ronald Reagan. It was Reagan who ushered in the era of Wall Street de-regulation, which continued under Bush (I), Clinton, Bush (II), and Obama. During that time, the position of Treasury Secretary had been given to men who had maintained important spots in the world of finance, such as Donald Regan (Merrill Lynch), Robert Rubin (Goldman Sachs), Henry Paulson (Goldman Sachs), and Timothy Geithner (President of the Federal Reserve). The close association of the White House with the financial banking industry is more than largely suspect in the light of the crashing economy: it is considered by many…. [read more]

Economic Growth. It Starts Off Essay

… ¶ … economic growth. It starts off with discussing how growth typically manifests itself in the short and long-run scenarios that come up. Changes in capacity are obvious in the long run but changes in the USE of capacity are more prevalent in the short run. In other words, how capacity is utilized and changes within the production possibilities curve is a short-run concern whereas the overall ability to make products overall would change more in the long-run.

In other words, Apple could change from 500 iPods and 500 MacBooks per run to 400 and 600, respectively. However, in the future, they could make 1000 of each with no problem but they wouldn't be able to do that in the first example. The book also…. [read more]

Economics of Strategy Term Paper

… ¶ … economic crisis -- bankers to blame?

Be it resolved that bankers in developed economies are responsible for the global economic downturn and have behaved without moral integrity.

To blame bankers for the global recession that has been steadily degridating assets values globally by the trillions of dollars from 2007 to 2009 (Corden, 2009) is to miss the broader and far more significant factors. The last series of scandals including Enron, Tyco and many other corporations had as their catalyst the complete lack of insight and compliance initiatives on the part of the U.S. Federal government. The same could be said of the world's governments as well. In reaction to the astounding lack of compliance with regard to financial institutions and the publicly-traded corporations…. [read more]

High Oil Prices and Effect Thesis

… Quantitative gauges of the macroeconomic harm brought by past oil cost shocks and benefits from the 1986 collapse of the price to the economies of oil importing nations vary. This is because of distinctions in the models used to analyze the issue (Pahl & Richter, 2009). The impacts were certainly notable: a sharp economic decline in oil importing nations due to price spans between 1973 and 1980. In fact, the major economic declines in the United States, the Pacific, and Europe since the 1970s have been surpassed by a sudden rise in the cost of unrefined petroleum, despite the fact that different components were more imperative in a few cases.

Essentially, the support of economic development in oil-exporting nations given by higher prices of oil…. [read more]

Economic and Quantitative Analysis Topics Term Paper

… The United States has shifted in a major way on two different occasions over its existence. First, they went from an agrarian economy to an industrial one and now they are shifting to a service/knowledge foundation while the once dominant manufacturing industry in that country is becoming an afterthought except when speaking of advance/high-tech manufacturing. If someone were to analyze the United States economy over its entire existence, using a singular and fixed model would be asinine and obtuse because of these seismic changes that have occurred. Looking at the United States economy now through a year 1840 lens would be silly.

In a similar vein, looking at Nigeria now would require a certain model and that model would exhibit certain patterns and trends. However,…. [read more]

Is Today's Recession a Mirror Image of the Great Depression? Thesis

… ¶ … Recession a Mirror

recession has been making world headlines since early 2007, some calling it pending ("Fears Housing Crisis Could" 21) and others stressing its inevitability, while still others emphasize the fact that most presidential election years are accompanied by a recession economy. (Brummer 20) Either way the U.S. recession is occurring and is reflective of slowing home prices and reduced consumer confidence and therefore spending. These issues are the greatest economic issues and are very similar in nature to the occurrences of the Great Depression. Though it is not safe to say that the current recession and the Great Depression are exact mirrors of one another it is important to see the economy as something that cycles, in and out of good…. [read more]

Economics UK Economy an Analysis Essay

… For example, production fell by a seasonally adjusted basis by 2.4% in November 2012 when compared to November 2011 and manufacturing fell by 2.1% (Office for National Stastistics, 2012). This has ushered in many fears of another recession. Britain's economy has only just emerged from a double-dip recession in the third quarter of 2012, when it recorded 1% growth (Kirka, 2011). A recession can often build on itself. Once consumers lose confidence in the economy then this can reduce consumer spending. Consumers will hold off on purchases until they feel comfortable with the economic environment. Therefore once the threat of a recession emerges then the situation can be made worse by the public's perception of uncertainty.

Figure 3 - Percentage Changes (Office for National Stastistics,…. [read more]

Economics Essay

… One such bank was Lehman Brothers, but there were many others. These institutions began to collapse, putting the entire financial system at risk. The government was forced to orchestrate a bailout for the system, adding to the deficit, and the banking system began to withdraw from credit markets.

With the banking system on life support and there not being any credit available to businesses that wanted to borrow to invest, the economy began to falter severely. With no investment, a weak banking system, and one of the major drivers of economic growth (the housing market) all but eliminated from the economy, the conditions were ripe for a major recession. Businesses began to lay off workers in anticipation of reduced demand. This in turn put more…. [read more]

Economics Unemployment if You Loose Your Job Thesis

… Economics


If you loose your job for whatever reason-getting laid off, downsized, or because the demand for what you used to do has gone away, than you are considered unemployed. Unemployment is a problem that comes and goes with the ebb and flow of our modern financial cycle. During periods of recession, there will generally be higher levels of unemployment than during strong economic times. During rough economic times, companies will fail, businesses will downsize, services will run out of work, and factories will close. Most times thousands of people end up out of work and thus are unable to spend money on anything. And because no one is spending, goods and services are not bought, and businesses lay off more workers, and the…. [read more]

Economic Impact of Katrina Impact of Hurricane Term Paper

… Economic Impact of Katrina

Impact of Hurricane Katrina on Job Market and Economy Both Locally and Federally

What is the overall impact of Hurricane Katrina on labor markets in affected areas and how that affected both local and the national economy?

When Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Gulf coast, it left behind many lasting affects. Aside from the horrendous loss of life, the Hurricane left behind devastation and destruction of unprecedented amounts. There are two primary arguments concerning the impact of Katrina on employment and the Labor Market in the south and in the nation. The first scenario only considers the loss of business in the area. The other considers the need to rebuild, creating a surge in the construction industry. This research will explore…. [read more]

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