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Effects of Music on Heart Rate Term Paper

… Music and Exercise

Today's busy life styles become hectic for many people. Tensions and anxieties haunt each one of us in our daily lives. This busy life style and its various problems put a lot of physical, psychological and even spiritual stress on all of us. Exercise is an activity considered good for human health while listening to music has its own positive effect on human mind and psyche but if both of these things are combined together then it can be considered a lethal combination. Different researches have been conducted to find the effect of music and exercises together.

Exercise & Music

Different training sessions involving cardio and resistance work, including a cool down and stretch sessions increasingly involve music in the whole process.…. [read more]

Discovering Statistics Music Valence Lab Report

… Just by looking at the data it is apparent that there could be significant differences between different conditions. The arithmetic means are shown graphically in Figure 1 and the difference between genders is statistically significant [F (1, 24) = 140.8, p < .001). The interaction between gender and music groups was also significant [F (2, 24) = 11.8, p < 0.001], with the strongest difference between genders being the 2-fold increase in recall performance by women listening to rock music [t (4) = 6.72, p = .002, two-tailed]. Women also did better than men when listening to classical music [t (4) = 11.39, p < .001], but performed equally well without music [t (4) = 0.77, p = .49] However, overall the only condition that…. [read more]

Music and Movement Early Childhood Education Term Paper

… Music Education

Over the past decade, researchers have paid increasing amount of interest to the impact of music on child development. For example, in 1993 Alfred a. Tomatis coined the term "The Mozart effect" for the alleged increase in brain development that takes place in children under the age of three when listening to music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart based on University of California, Irvine, studies. Since then, there has been a great deal of controversy about the true impact of music on intelligence. Harvard University researchers Ellen Winner and Lois Hetland cautioned in 1999, for example: "Since 1997, we have been analyzing the research relevant to the claim that the arts lead to academic success. So far we have found no actual scientific evidence…. [read more]

Music and Personality Term Paper

… Over 3500 participants covering multiple samples, geographic regions, and methods were used. Questionnaires, and opinion polls were used to formulate the final instrument; Short Test of Music Preferences (STOMP). Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) was also performed using the LISREL.

Studies 1-3 used from 70-1700 University of Austin undergraduate students, while 4 was an online study using participants from all over the United States. Experiment 5 used 7 judges, representing a variety of musical tastes, while 6 used samples from study 2 and 3 to assess personality. The Big Five Inventory was used.

The data showed that music was an important aspect of people's lives and one they engaged in frequently in different situations. Participants believed that their music preferences mirrored significant aspects of their personalities…. [read more]

Music Therapy Term Paper

… Music therapy has become more accepted in recent years as a form of dealing with stress, illness and facilitating better overall health in all age groups. A working definition of music therapy is, "...a branch of health care designed to aid physical and emotional health through the use of music, either with listening, song writing, performing, exploring lyrics or other activities related to music" (Scott). It should be noted that the above definition makes reference to the various ways in which music therapy can be useful in enhancing both physical, emotional and mental health through the a myriad of activities that can be seen to be related to music.

An aspect of music theory that has also been pronounced in recent years is its effective…. [read more]

Listening to Music on Worker Case Study

… This study is also aimed at evaluating the impact of these emotional responses to music on the productivity and quality of work of employees with the personal stereos.

During this trial, the participants carried the personal stereos during their working hours and were paged randomly once after every four hours for the three-week period. During the paging process, the workers were expected to record their present activity in a response booklet. The main goal of recording their present activity was to identify the daily emotional experiences related to music and the impact of these experiences on the quality of work and productivity of the employees.

The study is based on the fact that people's minds tend to wander during which individuals focus on the imperfections…. [read more]

Music Therapy According to Gary Ansdell Term Paper

… Music Therapy

According to Gary Ansdell, the music "product" created through Creative Music Therapy is like a "magic mirror" that reflects "physical and emotional vistas," (128). The role of music in therapy has been explored in formal and informal contexts because, as Langer states, "most people connect feelings with music," (213). While listeners and musicians both undeniably and unavoidably associate emotions with music, music in itself is not necessarily emotive. Kivy describes the difference between expressing emotions that are actually there and being expressive of an objective emotional condition (257). Music by itself is a tool, and its instruments are means through which people can express their personal emotional states. However, the use of music in a therapeutic session works mainly because of the communication…. [read more]

Music the Men Behind Term Paper

… Music

The Men behind the Music:

How Environment Shaped the Work of the Great Composers

No man is an island" - so goes the old saying. It is equally true of music as of so many other aspects of the human experience. Just turn on the radio and listen. What you hear today is not likely to have been the same as what you heard ten or twenty years ago, or what you will be likely to hear ten or twenty years hence. The anti-war ballads of the 1960s were shaped by the effects of the Vietnam War. The electronic rhythms of the 1970s were musical reflections of a world of discos and lounge lizards.

By the same token, the harmonious and balanced compositions of…. [read more]

Music and Pain Research Paper

… S. mandated legislation protecting human subjects); the HHS Policy for Projection of Human subjects (1981, HHS and FDA regulations); and the National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects -- Also known as the Belmont Report (1979) is the cornerstone document for the protection of human research and includes beneficence, justice, and respect for persons as guiding principles (Goodwin, 2010).

However, it is not always necessary to withhold pain control from patients because there is enough data available regarding pre- and post-operative anxiety and pain issues, that one can use a literature basis to buttress initial arguments. One study, for instance, used patient's elf-reported ratings to evaluate their relaxation, anxiety, pain level, and nausea before and after music therapy sessions. This study was entirely ethical…. [read more]

Music Therapy Charms to Soothe the Savage Term Paper

… Music Therapy


Music Therapy as a Standard of Healthcare

The human being is born into an environment of sound and stimulation and thereafter shaped and affected by it, most of all, by rhythmical music. Music therapy has been applied since Biblical times informally until its formal recognition after a gathering of significant benefits to physical, mental, and emotional disordered conditions. Today, various and numerous studies evidence its positive, reliable and long-lasting effects on the stress response during and after surgery, on back pain, on hypertension, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's, on people in rehab, the elderly, the mentally and terminally ill and on women in labor. Overwhelming evidence prompts that music therapy be incorporated into the standard health care system as…. [read more]

Music Motivation Research Proposal

… Conclusion

Music undoubtedly has an effect on the human brain and potentially the body, and this has been verified by scientific inquiry many times. There is also substantial evidence that music can have a motivational effect in a number of applications, but it is still unclear whether this motivational effect actually exists to a statistically significant degree in running, It is hoped that this research will help to clarify knowledge in this area.


Biehl, J., Adamczyk, P. & Bailey, B. (2006). DJogger: a mobile dynamic music device. Extended abstracts on Human factors in computing systems 1145-57.

Simpson, S. & Karageroghis, C. (2006). Effects of Synchronous Music on 400-Metre Sprint Performance. Journal of Sports Sciences 24(10):1095?-102.

Tenenbaum, G., Lidor, R., Lavyan, N., Morrow, K., Tonnl,…. [read more]

Mozart Effect the Work of Don Campbell Term Paper

… Mozart Effect

The work of Don Campbell (1989) entitled: "The Mozart Effect" relates the story of Campbell's healing as well as many other healings through sound and music. The music of Mozart is healing to human beings as well as other life forms. It is reported in the work entitled: "Music Stimulates Mental Growth, Experts Assert" published in the Boston Herald (2002) that Don Campbell states: "What we do to stimulate the brain through music lasts a lifetime. Parents can increase verbal, emotional and kinesthetic (movement) intelligence with music. My work is to show how music actually is a form of nutrition for the brain." (Nissman, 2002)

According to Campbell, the Mozart Effect "does not only reflect Mozart's music. it's the importance of auditory stimulation…. [read more]

Negative Effect of Media in Each Group Age Research Proposal

… ¶ … Negative effects of media on different age groups

Picture this: a young teenage girl is in her room, her music turned up as loud as possible as she sings along to the vulgar lyrics and gyrates just like the superstar singer she's seen on television countless times. Her mom, hearing the words from downstairs, rushes up to see her daughter's suggestive moves and immediately turns off the music. An epic fight ensues. This scene is fairly typical, with differences in detail, of every generation of the industrial era, when media became a thing not only accessible to but developed for different and specific age groups. This has led to better focused advertising, and content that has a more obvious and immediate appeal to…. [read more]

Rhythm, Dynamics, Melody, Harmony and Texture Essay

… ¶ … rhythm, dynamics, melody, harmony and texture, and timbre into a composition to add interest and character. Remember to discuss what each of these elements does.

There are many elements to music, and composers of music must necessarily familiarize themselves with those elements in order to craft rich works full of interest and character. The driving force behind any composition is, of course, its pulse -- or rhythm. Rhythm is "the earliest and most basic of the building materials or elements of music," according to Jean Ferris (p. 11) and is the arrangement of time in music. Just like poets will use beats, or rhythmic patterns of speech, to write poetry, musicians use musical beats, rests, meter and tempo to infuse their works with…. [read more]

Music in the Upper Grades Term Paper

… An association of music and math has, in fact, long been noted. Creating and performing music promotes self-expression and provides self-gratification while giving pleasure to others. In medicine, increasing published reports demonstrate that music has a healing effect on patients. For all these reasons, it deserves strong support in our educational system, along with the other arts, the sciences, and athletics." (DeBakey) Music teaches communication, diversity, and important life-skills.

Participation in music in Junior High and High Schools has also been shown to improve overall development of intelligence. It has long been believed by philosophers and artists that this is true, but modern science allows us to actually prove that musicians are, in essence, smarter than other kids. Higher levels of brain activity and functioning…. [read more]

Censorship in Music Term Paper

… The Spanish-born Pablo Casals (1876-1973), who enjoyed a spectacular international career as a violin and cello virtuoso and conductor, was considered to be one of the finest musicians of his day. However, he had a rather harsh assessment of rock and roll in the early 1960s, one that should be viewed through the filter of a person whose life was devoted to European fine-art music.

You want to know what I think of that abomination, rock 'n' roll? I think it is a disgrace. Poison put to sound! When I hear it I feel very sad not only for music but for the people who are addicted to it. I am also very sorry for America-- that such a great country should have nothing better…. [read more]

Sony Corporation the Recorded Music Term Paper

… Computer technology combined with the Internet now takes 'music sharing' to a whole new level. Where once a person may have shared an album with a couple of friends or family members, now, thanks to the connectivity of the Internet, one person can literally share their album with millions of people worldwide. These illegal music downloads are the most significant substitute threat to Sony BMG and others in the industry.

The bargaining power of the end users is also quite significant, in the industry, thanks primarily to the technological advancements noted above. Despite the shutting down of many of the illegal peer-to-peer file sharing services, and even the prosecution some of the users, consumers have found ways to continue to share music via the Internet.…. [read more]

Critical Care Nursing Case Study

… ¶ … care needs, concerns and treatment strategies for Mrs. Margaret Cronin, an elderly patient admitted to HDU following assessment in DEM. This paper will first examine her necessities of care while determining the impact of all biopsychosocial and pathophysiological responses of the client. Given the melee of Margaret's symptoms, along with her medical history -- hypertension, pneumonia, and extreme anxiety -- much of her care will have to be collaborative. This paper will examine the details of her collaborative care, including all diagnostic procedures and therapeutic interventions. With a patient suffering from these conditions including the immediate treatments she's been prescribed -- drug therapy, blood transfusion, and rigorous cardiorespiratory monitoring, and a saline IV -- the nursing care priorities will have to be extremely…. [read more]

University of Michigan Life Sciences Orchestra Term Paper

… ¶ … University of Michigan Life Sciences Orchestra

The Life Science Orchestra is extremely popular because classical music offers a therapeutic effect for both players and audiences, this affect has created an new American culture of classical music appreciation.

Weiss, Michael J. "Death of the Arts Snob? - American attitudes of the theater."

American Demographics (June 2001).

Hoffman, Janalea. "Therapeutic Use of Music." POST-POLIO HEALTH 22.1 (Winter

The event that I chose to attend was the Life Science Orchestra at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor campus. The LSO is extremely well-known through campus and nationally, unlike other orchestras, the majority of the musicians do not specialize in music, but rather are volunteers drawn from the medical staff and medical students within the university. The…. [read more]

Charlie Parker Music Term Paper

… These houses also normally employed a solo piano player who was called "Professor" by the girls. Jelly Roll Morton had also taken up employment as a professor and that had resulted in his being kicked out from his family. The importance of New Orleans as the center for Jazz ended when Storyville was closed down by the Navy. But, by then the spread of Jazz had started and gradually it became America's Classical Music, and finally made the long trip to Carnegie Hall. (The origins of Jazz)

While the title of creator of Jazz was claimed by Jerry Roll Morton, the different forms have their own claimants of creators. Jazz in its orchestrated form has three creator claimants - Art Hickman, Ferde Grofe and Paul…. [read more]

Music Therapy Reduce the Level Capstone Project

… Participation in the music program did not significantly affect agitation and anxiety in older people with dementia. Both the music and reading group activities, however, gave some participants a 'voice' and increased their verbalization behavior. Agitation was found to be predicted by a number of background factors (namely level of cognitive impairment, length of time in the facility and gender) (Cooke, Moyle, Shum, Harrison, & Murfield, 2010, p. 905-916).

In the final study, a music mediation was achieved to observe the effects of customized music programming on agitation and depression for people suffering with moderate to high levels of dementia. The study involved a two weeks with no-music and then two weeks with music: "music programs were streamed to the rooms of individuals assigned to…. [read more]

Authorship and Attribution in Early Music Research Thesis

… Authorship and Attribution in Early Music Research

Scholars of early music face a problem that is one of an important nature and one that endures and that is the question of who is actually the composer of music surviving today and in the form of various written manifestations from early period of music. The work of Bruce Haynes entitled: "The End of Early Music: A Period Performer's History of Music for the Twenty-First Century" states that the "true Canonic musical experience requires knowing who wrote the piece one is hearing, knowing when they lived and knowing where they fit in the hierarchy of the Pantheon." (Haynes, 2007)

Haynes writes that John Spitzer "…for his dissertation…traced the histories of works attributed to great composers that were…. [read more]

Reducing or Reinforcing Media Impact Grant Proposal

… Reducing or Reinforcing Media Impact: Rap Music

Rap music, videos and the hip-hop media industry as a whole often makes use of shocking and violent words and images: the rap industry has thus spawned fear in the hearts of many parents, parent's organizations, and even politicians. But the idea of the potentially dangerous impact of music on teen behavior is hardly new. Swing, be-bop, rock and roll and heavy metal all brought forth similar charges from parent's organizations before they became part of mainstream popular culture. However, some social science researchers contend that the nature of contemporary rap music is particularly deleterious to adolescent moral development. Regardless, rap's popularity worldwide has exploded: "In 2003 the number-one selling artist, according to Billboard Records, was the former…. [read more]

Women's Biology Review and Critique Essay

… Uterine fibroids are tumors that develop on the smooth muscles on the uterus. The tumors have a prevalence ranging between 20 to 50% of women based on the age, ethnicity and the intervention used in detecting the problem (Donnette & Horace, 2012).

In a recent research study conducted, these tumors were present in over 77% of post-mortem specimens examined. In that research, more than 50% of women tested asymptomatic. Hormone estrogen influences the development of uterine fibroids, is present after the menarche, and disappears after menopause. Usually, the patient feels inferior and the most affected women are from African ancestry. Some of the common problems of uterine fibroids include menorrhagia with symptoms of anemia, dysmenorrhoea, pressure signs, abdominal swelling, and infertility. Infertility is a severe…. [read more]

Hip Hop as a Co-Culture Term Paper

… Hip Hop Culture

The hip hop cultural movement began in the early 1970s, in the Bronx borough of New York City. Since this time, hip hop culture has spread to all four corners of the world, garnering fans beyond their originally intended audience ("Don't Hate"). There is no youth trend that is more visible globally than hip hop (Watkins).

As Grinage notes, today "it is not uncommon, while walking down the street, to see groups of youngsters, hats backward, durags exposed, pants sitting low on their waists, sporting baggy t-shirts adorned with logos and phrases such as "Stop Snitching" and "Welcome to the Hood" or a picture of a notorious rap music icon such as Tupac Shakur or the Notorious B.I.G.."

There are four primary…. [read more]

Morality Then and Now the Technological Era Essay

… Morality Then and Now

The technological era that we as a society have entered has completely altered the way that morality and proper behavior is viewed and expressed. Before the Internet was as freely used as it is now, there was more control as to what children and teenagers had access to. Now, because of the rapid advancement in the exposure of the Internet, everyone has access to just about anything -- both appropriate and inappropriate. It is this unregulated exposure that has tainted morality. Cultures who are more open about such things as sexuality or who are not so religiously guided, can now influence and expose people who are a bit more conservative. Parents have a harder time explaining to their children what is…. [read more]

Drugs Marijuana in Depth Research Paper

… Among the specific interventions recommended by the National Institute for Drug Abuse (2010) include a rewards-incentive system in which a counselor provides a reward for stopping smoking. However, community organizations can offer the person activities that help take their mind off using the drug. There are many ways a person can replace the habit of smoking marijuana with creative and fun pursuits ranging from art and music to sports and dancing. My personal observation has shown that people who are physically active tend to use fewer recreational drugs than people who are more sedentary in their lifestyle. Therefore, a treatment program that includes some kind of physical activity will help. Additionally, yoga and meditation might help take the place of the calming effect that some…. [read more]

Flapper Movement the Effect Essay

… The creation of a specific "hip" and special language is often been observed as a sign of a particular generation or ostracized group searching for its own values and definitions. A sign of a behavioral shift in a group is often associated with that group developing its own lingo or jargon to differentiate itself from the majority (Isaacs, 1975). Nonetheless, despite the use of the new lingo by the Flappers many of the sayings and slang terms that originated during this time continue remain popular and in use even today.

A Shift in Gender Roles.

The Flappers certainly challenged traditional roles expected of women. Traditionally women stayed home and men worked outside the home; however, the Flapper movement saw women more and more working outside…. [read more]

Salcedo, C.S. ). The Effects Article Critique

… The author hypothesized that "shifting the focus of teaching method from spoken or read texts to a musically-based material would provide students with the opportunity to practice second language production through entertaining and culturally rich songs" (Salcedo 2010: 20). The thesis of the article is supported by Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences, as well as what is known about oral acquisition of language: "learning to listen for changes in pitch in music may promote the ability to sound out new words" (Salcedo 2010: 20). Music has a specific ability to facilitate learning by enhancing the phonemic stage of learning, in which visualized words are connected to sounds. It can reduce the tediousness of memorization, providing "sequential information, line and syllable length information, chunk linking,…. [read more]

Authors Communicate Essay

… A more thorough literature review might have elucidated this point prior to the study thereby rendering it more efficacious, if the authors had chosen to include review articles or educational reports (which they did not), or perhaps used some other literature review sources other than Pubmed and Cinahl. The relative paucity of articles reviewed for this study helped to offset some of the positive aspects of the review, which indicated that none of the previous studies were randomized clinical trials and that post-operative rehabilitation massage therapy had not been evaluated. The authors did a good job by conducting a study that incorporated both of these aspects, but should have reviewed more articles to find other areas that they could have tested as well.

There are…. [read more]

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