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Effects of Drug and Alcohol Addicts on Our Society Specifically Economically and Socially Thesis

… Drug and Alcohol

The effects of drug and alcohol addicts on our society, specifically economically and socially

The effects of drug and alcohol addicts on our society

The effects of drug and alcohol addicts on our society

There is little doubt that drug and alcohol addiction has become a pervasive part of our modern society. The increasing number of especially younger people in society who are addicted to narcotics and alcohol has had a profound impact on modern culture and the community. The effect of these addictions are often difficult to determine definitively as it impacts a wide range of factors; including social aspects such as the family as well as economic facets, such as work and employment loss and the amount spent on rehabilitation…. [read more]

Poverty and Substance Abuse Addiction a Risk for Homelessness Essay

… ¶ … dedicated towards the link between poverty and drug abuse. In the contemporary America, there are conflicting views on the various causes and link between drug abuse and poverty. There are various factors that have been reported to be the high level of drug abuse among the poor on rural America. Poverty is among them. The other factors include unemployment and isolation in the rural areas. The consequences of drug abuse include the dealing in drug, driving under the influence, public misconduct, assault and various forms of robberies. There are also cases of poor performance in schools and various forms of complications such as at work. The drug induced cases of drug abuse are due to the fact that the addicts are in need…. [read more]

Effects of Technology on Personal Relationships Dissertation

… ¶ … Technology on Personal Relationships

The rate at which information is shared in today's world is very different than just a few years ago. More and more, individuals, particularly college students are living both in the "real" world and in the virtual world provided by the internet, Facebook and other social media sites. There is a concern, raised by some, that because of the use of advanced technology, young people are no longer engaging in traditional forms of social capital or interpersonal engagement. The following study seeks to examine the impact social media has on the development of mature interpersonal relationships. Participants for the study will be college students at a designated college or university who will voluntarily participate in the study. Through the…. [read more]

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