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Egypt When Analyzing the Political Environment Term Paper

… Egypt

When analyzing the political environment in Egypt one of the most important questions one would ask refers to the political regime of Egypt. This paper is focused on presenting the level of democratization in Egypt by analyzing the latest elections that took place in Egypt in 2005. Elections are a very significant indicator of the level of democratization of a country and this is why the research of this paper was focused on elections.

Democracy is seen by Western countries as the best governing alternative as it guarantees equality and freedom to every citizen. The level of democratization of a country is a strong indicator of how developed that country is and its position in international politics is greatly influenced by the level of…. [read more]

Egypt Revolution and International Relations Case Study

… This project investigates the internal and external consequences of the Egyptian revolution faced by the Egyptian nation.

International Relations is a broad term of political science, it encompasses within itself the study of foreign affairs and policies within the international system. According to Trevor Taylor (1979) "International relations is a subject which attempts to clarify politics across state borders." Positive relations with other countries play a vital role in order to secure the interest of the nation, economic prosperity and chances of survival. Cooperation with the rest of the world results in more security ensures sovereignty and enhances trade with other countries (Pearson & Rochester, 1988). International relations remain in transition and change with the rapidly changing global community and complexities. It includes in itself…. [read more]

Pizza Hut in Egypt Term Paper

… Pizza Hut in Egypt and the United Kingdom

The fast food industry represents one of the greatest achievements of the 20th century in the light of the impact it had on the population as well as for the reactions it triggered in the world of business, economics, and most importantly in terms of corporate affairs. From a business market point-of-view, it represented a real success especially taking into account the period in which the term became a well established concept, in the late 50s. The financial perspective is also important because it offers the actual dimension of the impact the concept of fast made and delivered food has had on the food industry. Finally, one of the most important issues the fast food industry brought…. [read more]

Glaxo Smithkline Is a British Term Paper

… The threat posed to the profitability of Glaxo SmithKline is clear because those profits are being explicitly targeted by entities that have the power to reduce those profits.

The second major threat in the external market comes from competitors. Glaxo SmithKline lives by the drugs it develops. The cost of drug development is very high, and like others in the industry, Glaxo relies on a handful of hit products to drive revenues and profits that finance future development. There are often races to develop the leading drug for a condition, especially conditions that are widespread as first-mover advantage can be extremely beneficial for the development of market share over the long run. Glaxo deals with competition by developing a diversified range of drugs, across many…. [read more]

International Business Strategy Critically Analyze the Macro Essay

… International Business Strategy

Critically analyze the macro environmental and competitive conditions of the oil and gas industry

Oil and gas industry is one of the most important industries in the world today because of the huge impact it has on people, their governments, economy and the growth and development of the entire world at large. Though this is a powerful sector, it also faces stiff competition and problems and has to be on the constant lookout for events that can dampen this industry.

Competition from renewable resources

Despite the pervasive nature of the oil and gas industry, it is also beset by numerous challenges that the members of this industry have to overcome to continue their production and ability to make profits. The primary problem…. [read more]

Oslo Accords Jonathan Zaun Political A2 Coursework

… Extremists and radicals rallied their supporters to arms and the Second Intifada, otherwise known as the Al-Aqsa Intifada, was launched in earnest. This uprising of Palestinian youth and radical Islamists was fueled by a growing distrust of the Israeli government, a distrust which crystallized into violent rebellion following Sharon's controversial pilgrimage. Sharon is widely considered to be "the most reviled man in the Arab world," mainly because "his name is indelibly linked to the massacre of the Palestinian refugees in the camps of Sabra and Shatila following the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982" (Shlaim 29), and his dubious decision to visit a Muslim holy shrine incited a wave of violence which continues to this day. To date, an estimated 6,500 Palestinians and 1,100 Israelis…. [read more]

Exist for Wood and Veneer Case Study

… This makes it easier for them to deal with other suppliers, and gives Chabros more bargaining power. Also, because Chabros acts as a middle man between its suppliers and the ultimate customer, they have more power than the original supplier.

Competitive Intensity

Since the economic downturn there is actually a greater amount of this than there was previously because of the lack of jobs globally. This means that the customer has the power to make the different suppliers compete for the jobs that are available. Rivalries are not a large part of the problem, but there is a lot of competition worldwide.

Internal Environment

A company's internal environment is more than just its financial statement. The company relies on a vision and values to energize…. [read more]

Role of Private Investment on Economic Development in Iraq Literature Review

… Role of Private Investment on Economic Development in Iraq

Private investment in developing countries

An overview on early Empirical studies

In 1980s, the developing countries encountered some increment in their development behaviours with debt crisis, which affected the formation of capital. Concurrently, the affected countries were transforming from the post-era to a structural reform efforts. In mid 1980s, the developing countries adopted the reform programs within the new paradigms (Serven&Salimano, 1993) & (Jaspersen, Aylward&Sumlinski, 1970). Consequently, this led to the formation of environmental private sector that highly relied on the existing market. The formation and implementation of the new policies affected the availability of response to the private investments. The debt crisis lowered the private investments within the developing countries and this disheartened them. The…. [read more]

Country Analysis for Samsung S Presence in Egypt and China Assessment

… Country Analysis for Samsung in Egypt and China

Market Opportunity

Country Risk

Business Environment

Political factors

Economic factors

Environmental factors

Technological factors

e-Business Readiness Rating

Samsung Electronics comprises 150 worldwide subsidiaries, which include nine regional production and sales headquarters, each in the divisions of Information Technology & Mobile Communications and Consumer Electronics, and five in its Device Solutions division. Its Consumer Electronics division produces and sells Cable TVs, ACs, refrigerators, monitors, and printers, while its Information Technology & Mobile Communications division is focused on handheld phone manufacturing and sales (including smartphones and feature phones), computers and network systems. The cellphone industry first surfaced during the early eighties with its first generation analog mobiles, subsequently evolving to its next generation digital technology, and then to the…. [read more]

International Crisis on Businesses Essay

… " (Curran, 2003). "It is usually observed that the firm's mishaps in its business strategies greatly affect the overall image of itself in front of its shareholders." (McPherson, 2007). There are many reasons which can result in the downfall of shareholder value especially in a civil unrest situation which is being observed throughout the Middle Eastern region, some of those main reasons include the following,

The fault of management in losing touch with marketplace

The fault of management in having or adopting a strong and flexible business plan

The fault of management in ignoring to leverage the commodities.

During a crisis situation like in the Middle East now, it is fairly common to observe that the marketplace goes out of reach for the firm, this…. [read more]

Conflict Prevention Theory Essay

… Foreign Policy

United States Foreign Policy:

The Situation in the Middle East

The United States has been deeply entrenched politically in the Middle East since the discovery of oil in the 1930s. Before this time, France and Britain held loosely controlled colonies in the region, chiefly to benefit through their own shipping routes through the Suez Canal and the Mediterranean Sea. Since the discovery of surplus oil in 1930, however, the Middle East has been a cornerstone of U.S. foreign policymakers. Rather than try to occupy or control the various states in the region, the United States has opted to support existing regime leaders through financial benefits, weapons technology, and worldwide political support. This paper will aim to examine four countries, namely Tunisia, Egypt, Libya…. [read more]

Civilizations Term Paper

… The political and military dominance that Roman Empire achieved over conquered states was dependent on the geographical advantages it had in attacking other states while defending itself through improvisation in natural barriers. The Roman Empire was established on the foundations laid by Greeks and thus it was Greek use of symbols and things that influenced the Roman more than any other factor. Vast expansion of the Empire was due to the diverse geographical location but this also caused the fall of empire as the geographical stretch spread too far (Adams et al. 2012, 5-50).

3. What was the function of religion in these ancient civilizations? How did it help to shape them, or how was it shaped by them? Compare and contrast the religions of…. [read more]

Testing Materials) -- Sensitive Case Study

… But these are secondary objectives when the Axis' main goals are to defeat the Russians and the British on their homelands. A sufficient Allied push into North Africa will readily force the Axis's hand and cause them to abandon North Africa as strategically insignificant, thus preparing the way for a potential Allied path into Europe by way of Italy and Sicily -- basically chasing the Axis back up their own LOC.

Question 7. The chief decisive points in Operation TORCH are first, control of the port cities of French North Africa -- Casablanca, Bone, Algiers, Tunis; second, the allegiance of French forces in North Africa; and third, secure Allied control of the outlets of the eastern and western Mediterranean at the Suez Canal and the…. [read more]

Principal-Agent Model in Economics Dissertation

… The entire implementation procedure was accomplished in twelve sequential steps, staring mainly from the reduction and the removal of the customs and import quotas among the trading coalition. The Tunisia-EU free area trading agreement after affects and whereabouts are discussed in order to explore the findings about the research question that is the impact of the Tunisia-EU agreement on the trading patterns of Tunisia.

Literature Review

The international political perspectives of free trade

A Global Analysis

The growth of world trade has consistently outstripped rates of world output in post-war years, a trend that has continued to play a key role in the internationalization of economic activity and to deepen global inter-dependence of regions and nations. In 1994 world trade was valued at $5.14 trillion,…. [read more]

NATO and the European Union the Cold Term Paper

… NATO and the European Union

The Cold War period represented an important time in the history of the European continent and in the development of the concept of security and the way in which it was dealt with at the level of the national security strategies. The bipolar system that succumbed following the fall of the Iron Curtain had established up to that point a security structure based on the alliance system, NATO and the Warsaw Pact. However, when the Pact no longer represented an adversary for the Northern Alliance, the major problem for NATO as well as for the European Union became obvious in the lack of threat such a construction must face. At the same time, the challenges facing the new, emerging, international…. [read more]

Pharmaceutical Industries Have to Operate Term Paper

… The data that was evaluated was a combination from book, journal articles, review papers and the Internet. The information reviewed pertained to a wide variety of situations and industries. There were some common trends observed in all the material. The commitment of the management and the involvement of the worker are critical no matter what the condition of the external and internal environment the company faces. Integrating the core function -- marketing and sale of products along with the goals and the objectives of the organization is the new route the organization has to now follow.

A distillation of the interviews will be provided in Chapter 2.


Understanding the main…. [read more]

Internationalization: Strategic Challenge Management Report Research Paper

… Internationalization

The automobile industry is one of the most globalized industry in the world. Yet, it is still subject to a considerable amount of fragmentation. The industry features global giants (Ford, Toyota, Volkswagen) but many nations also have local automobile industries to compete with the global firms (SEAT in Spain, Proton in Malaysia, Tata in India, for example). The industry is faced with a number of challenges as well. In the long-run, higher oil prices is changing the types of vehicles that are being demanded, and the global economic slowdown also impacted the auto industry. Two of three major U.S. automakers -- among the world's largest -- have been the recipient of significant government aid that has strengthened firms that only a few years ago…. [read more]

Occupy Wall Street Movement Began Research Paper

… The living condition of the protestors notwithstanding, there is a tactic of diminishing the significance of the movement in an attempt to sweep the protests aside with no significant action taken by Congress or the President on the issue of income inequality.

Liberal Coverage

The Liberal media has taken a much more proactive approach to the Occupy Wall Street movement. Embracing a sit back and watch approach, these media outlets provide their cameras to individual protestors to hear their complaints, and are often far more open to allowing the protestors their time to speak their mind. Liberal media has an inherent support of these sort of movement, as their main concern is with the protection of the less fortunate, which includes many whose vital life…. [read more]

Firm Australia Business Philippine Essay

… S. And Spain, it will be quite easy for the company to manage to breakthrough in the Philippines which is somewhat a mash-up of Spanish and American cultures. Therefore, this is a low risk item Rodell, 2002()

Economic issues

The economy of the Philippines is the 45th largest economy in the whole wide world. The country has an estimated GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of 216 billion U.S. dollars. The major exports of the country are electronic products such as semiconductors, microchips, etc. Mercer, 1996.

Other exports include garments, transport equipment, copper products, coconut oil, petroleum products and fruits. The major trading partners of the country are the U.S., China, Japan, Singaporre, Hong Kong, Netherlands, South Korea, Taiwan, Germany and Thailand. The currency unit that is…. [read more]

Global Terrorism's Impact on International Business Term Paper

… Terrorism Impact

When a terrorism attack hits a country, such as September 11, 2001, naturally the citizens of that nation are most affected. They are the ones who are immediately impacted by the injuries and deaths of peers, friends and loved ones, the shut down of production and services, and the psychological and physical long-term effects. However, such an attack also impacts the rest of the world economically, either through the way that the national organizations have difficulty fulfilling their international obligations or the way that other countries perceive that they, too, are being threatened by these same terrorists. In the future, it surely can be expected that such terrorist attacks will continue. It is up to the organizations to prepare their processes and people…. [read more]

Decision Making Strategies Research Paper

… Terrorism is a way of life; watching for bombs and activities "normal," just as serving in the military and knowing your State is surrounded by enemies becomes so intrusive it is like being blinded by a horrible odor; other people can sense it, but after a while, it is moot to the individual. Thus, the Israeli culture has transposed from the various cultures that immigrated in the 1940s to one with three major paradigms: individualism, directness, and a polychromic world view:

Individualism -- The United States has always enjoyed a sense of rugged individualism, back from the pioneer days and the age of expansion into the west. For Israel, though, in decision making, the culture has become even more individualistic as it has evolved towards…. [read more]

Leadership Skills Impact International Education Term Paper

… However, many people do not understand what leadership is and how it applies to the school environment. In their 1997 study of visionary companies, James Collins and Jerry Porras define leaders as people who "displayed high levels of persistence, overcame significant obstacles, attracted dedicated people, influenced groups of people toward the achievement of goals, and played key roles in guiding their companies through crucial episodes in their history."

This definition is very much in line with the definitions currently used for school leaders, although this definition has changed in recent years (Education Week, 2004). Until recent years, most research assumed that leadership did not have to come from the school principal (Riordan, 2003). The realization that improving instruction requires shifts in the behavior of school…. [read more]

Hamas Middle East the Group Essay

… Yassin had his primary influence in Gaza where he delivered many of his religious ceremonies. His leadership in the delivery of the jihad aspect of the HAMAS movement was influential in the early 1990s for the Istishhadis' attacks on Israel. His exploits were essentially the driver of the radical Islamic fundamentalism that is spoken when referring to jihadists and their activity to promote a free Palestinian state.

Ahmed Yassin was behind the sentiment of never yielding to support a Israeli state o occupation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and in the movement to use terror tactics to create fear and a more manipulative environment for HAMAS to obtain political control. Speaking to the organization's reign of terror, Yassin's directive was in consensus with…. [read more]

Rwanda Genocide ) the Role Case Study

… According to Alison Des Forges (2000), after seeing the complete indifference of the international community the Rwandans became totally convinced that the genocide government would win. As a result of this the people who were against the genocide started to slaughter as well whether due to fear or seeing opportunities.

The transactional networks played a huge role in supplying the arms for the genocide. Although, this fact was kept hidden because the civil war against the RPF was continuing as well and it was thought that the arms were coming for it. Countries such as Egypt, France, China and South Africa were responsible for supplying arms from machetes to the rocket launchers. The significance of the import of arms was noted by Klare as well…. [read more]

Deuteronomy, Chapter 7, Verses 1-11 Thesis

… Deuteronomy 7:1-11

The fifth book of the Pentateuch, or Jewish Torah is known as Deuteronomy, translated from the Hebrew word Devarim, which means "things or words." Most of the material inside Deuteronomy consists of a series of lessons ostensibly delivered by Moses as he reviewed he past forty years of wandering in the desert. The central element in the Book is that of a series of detailed law-codes that allow the Israelites to live in the promised land with fewer outside contacts. Theologically, the book renewed and professed the covenant between God and the Children of Israel. Although conservative tradition holds that Moses wrote most of the passage, most modern scholarship believes it to be a product of reform carried out under King Josiah, with…. [read more]

Popularity of Tourist Destinations Tourism SWOT

… Popularity of Tourist Destinations

Tourism can be defined as travel by people for leisure or business purposes to any destination outside their usual environment (MAS, 2009). The international tourism industry churns out billions of dollars every year. Many countries develop their infrastructure and other political activities around building up their tourism industry in order to attract foreign remittances (OROZCO, Manuel, 2005). Success of a country's tourism industry provides it with an influx of foreign currency, becoming the backbone for any economy. In a perfect world, tourism should increase globally year on year. However, this is not the case, as it is not a perfect world. In the previous few years, the tourism industry has experienced a decline in the numbers of tourists visiting other countries…. [read more]

Future Wars of the Middle East Will Result Over Water Shortages Term Paper

… Water in the Middle East

Governments around the world have a primary concern over water availability and the Middle East and North Africa are no exception. The thesis evaluates the possibility of future wars throughout the Middle East and North Africa due to water scarcity and limited water resources presently being experienced in that region.

The paper starts by revealing the gravity of the situation by showing the present statistics surrounding the problem of water scarcity throughout the world. Thereafter, the paper highlights the importance of water in the national economy. From then on, the paper briefly discusses the present situation of water scarcity in the Middle East by noting down the present available resources of water in the Middle East. Lastly, the paper briefly…. [read more]

Terrorism Affects the International Tourism Research Paper

… Terrorists see these vacationers as vital targets and utilize them as a political instrument. Acting against the tourism business permits the terrorists to harm a flourishing industry and additionally gather broad communications consideration. In the event, terrorist dangers happen in a nation remote voyagers reexamine their choice to visit reason being that the danger included has altogether expanded. The danger of being a potential terrorist target evokes a quick negative customer reaction.

Government and Political Reactions to Terrorism

Governments might react to terrorism by securing regulations and rules. For instance, a choice on the most proficient method to screen air transport explorers and the gear is utilized is chosen within the United States by the laws that are passed in Congress. Responses to terrorism from…. [read more]

Applied Logistics and Supply Chain Management Dissertation

… ¶ … oil and gas industry in Libya is also directly reliant on global prices that are based on supply and demand; and any revenues generated at a given point in time depend in large part on how effective the supply chain is in mitigating the high costs of production and transporting the final product to customers. The purpose of this study was to provide a comparison between an American oil industry firm, Mobil, the world's largest publicly traded international oil and gas company in the field of supply chain management in the United States from the perspective of the Toyota supply chain approach. This analysis will then be applied to a Libyan oil industry firm, Alwaha, to identify best practices for Alwaha in developing…. [read more]

Ancient Civilizations: Society Subcultures and the State Essay

… Ancient Civilizations: Society Subcultures and the State

The dynamics of early civilizations that in their totality form the society that subordinates itself to the state, or leadership, and perhaps in very early civilizations means the stronger forces within the society. Those dynamics fall into subculture categories like religion, trade and exchange, the protections afforded the society in the action of warfare, and the technology that is created to support the society and to protect it; and the need to coordinate these subcultures and to organize it into an effective and cohesive working system gives rise to the state. Through archeological excavation and study and analysis remains and artifacts from the ancient civilizations, a pattern emerges in the socialization of the ancient society, the rise of…. [read more]

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