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Egyptian Medicine Term Paper

… Basil- excellent for the heart.

Balsam Apple or Apple of Jerusalem -- laxative, skin allergies, soothes headaches, gums and teeth, for asthma, liver stimulant, weak digestion.

Bayberry -- stops diarrhea, soothes ulcers, shrinks hemorrhoids, repels flies.

Belladonna -- pain reliever

Camphor tree -- reduces fevers, soothes gums, soothes epilepsy.

Caraway -- soothes flatulence, digestive, breath freshener.

Cubeb pepper -- urinary tract infections, larynx and throat infections, gum ulcers and infections, soothes headaches.

Dill -- soothes flatulence, relieves dyspepsia, laxative and diuretic properties.

Frankincense -- throat and larynx infections, stops bleeding, cuts phlegm, asthma, stops vomiting.

Garlic -- gives vitality, soothes flatulence and aids digestion, mild laxative, shrinks hemorrhoids, rids body of 'spirits'.

Henna -- astringent, stops diarrhea, close open wounds

Honey -- a natural antibiotic,…. [read more]

Hypnosis in Medicine Proven Term Paper

… Yet, it is clear that one question that was often answered was that it was effective and some of the most respected clinicians of psychology and medicine came to see it as a valid and useful tool for the treatment of diseases and/or symptoms that could not otherwise be easily or quickly treated by more traditional means.

In the initial clinical use of hypnosis as a tool it was closely associated with psychoanalysis as a tool used to extract information from a patient in the accompaniment of other more traditional long-term psychoanalysis, in the form of what was known as Hypnoanalysis.

Hypnoanalysis is the utilization of hypnosis in connection with the long-term treatment that is usually associated with psychoanalysis. It may use hypnosis as an…. [read more]

Crystal Therapy Term Paper

… Crystal Therapy

Crystal healing and crystal therapy has a long history and has been used in various periods and cultures for healing and meditation.

In essence crystal healing is a "... non-invasive therapy which can be used in conjunction with other complementary therapies and with orthodox medicine." (Inside track: Crystal healing - Clear way to relax.) Crystal therapy encompasses the view that self-healing can be achieved through methods that allow the body to heal itself - as opposed to more invasive allopathic medical techniques and methods. It is also closely aligned with the view evident in other forms of alternative therapy that healing should adopt a holistic approach and that the conventional division between the body and mind and between the body and spiritual aspects…. [read more]

Birth Control Practices Annotated Bibliography

… Selphium is one of the most important materials in the history of birth control. Other texts explore the flower as one of many forms of contraception but Evans helps to explain it in the context of the other birth control techniques. In addition to this, the article also explains other contraception materials and their uses by both genders increasing knowledge of the overall issue.

Lipsey, Richard G., Carlaw, Kenneth, & Bekar, Clifford. "Historical Record on the Control of Family Size." Economic Transformations: General Purpose Technologies and Long-Term Economic Growth. Oxford University Press, 2005. 335-40. Recorded history shows that since the beginning people have endeavored to prevent the birth of children because they could not afford their care or were not in a social position to…. [read more]

Food History Term Paper

… Like garlic, olives were found in Egyptian tombs from around the second millennium BCE. Olive cultivation thrived in the entire Mediterranean basin between 5000-1400 BCE, but reached a pinnacle in ancient Greece. Indeed, olives became the financial and culinary staple crop of ancient Greece and Crete, where trees have grown for five thousand years. The expansion of the Greek colonies enabled traders to introduce olives to Southern Italy, Northern Africa, and Southern France by the eighth century BCE.

Olives made more of an economic impact on the cultures of the Mediterranean region than garlic did. Because the olive tree leaches nutrients from the soil in which it grows, the land on which the trees are cultivated has a tendency to become arid and barren. This…. [read more]

Muhammad Ali in Egypt Thesis

… But they took away, for five centuries, the possibility of an independent Arab-dom, and Arab nationalists bore them considerable ill-will for it[footnoteRef:13]. The only 'Arab' state conquered by the Turks which was not in irremediable decay, was the Mamluk state of Egypt and Syria[footnoteRef:14]. The Mamluks themselves were a dynasty of Turkish slaves; and in any case they afterwards succeeded, as did all the North African provinces, in enjoying internal autonomy under Ottoman suzerainty. The claim that the caliphate had been transmitted to the Ottoman sultans was made only late in the history of the Empire. It was as Turkish rulers that they held their power, and only secondarily (if at all) as vice-regents of the Prophet. They preserved and even sharpened the distinction between…. [read more]

Obesity Among Adolescent Girls in Saudi Arabia Essay

… Adolescent Obesity in Saudi Arabia

Obesity in Saudi Adolescent Girls

Obesity is a serious health problem in any population, but it is of special concern in younger individuals. The longer a person is obese, the longer that person has potentially to suffer the negative health consequences of being overweight or obese. Thus when children or adolescents are obese, this condition must be considered seriously both by the individuals themselves (as well as by their families) and by health professionals. Given that obesity increases the health costs associated with treating an individual, the concern should be one that affects an even wider audience, that of public health officials,

One of the costs that every national government must contend with in the twenty-first century is that of…. [read more]

Civilizations Term Paper

… The political and military dominance that Roman Empire achieved over conquered states was dependent on the geographical advantages it had in attacking other states while defending itself through improvisation in natural barriers. The Roman Empire was established on the foundations laid by Greeks and thus it was Greek use of symbols and things that influenced the Roman more than any other factor. Vast expansion of the Empire was due to the diverse geographical location but this also caused the fall of empire as the geographical stretch spread too far (Adams et al. 2012, 5-50).

3. What was the function of religion in these ancient civilizations? How did it help to shape them, or how was it shaped by them? Compare and contrast the religions of…. [read more]

Healing Through the Senses the Use of Aromatherapy in Addiction Treatment With Women Term Paper

… ¶ … Aromatherapy in Addiction Treatment for Women

Many people regard the sense of smell of the least valuable of the five senses; however, experts today point out that the human olfactory system provides more environmental information than any of the other senses. Furthermore, while there has long been a firmly held belief among alternative medicine practitioners that specific types of fragrances could trigger specific changes in emotional states, recent findings by the 2004 Nobel Prize winners for Physics appear to scientifically validate these claims. As a healing modality, though, most authorities today believe that aromatherapy is many thousands of years old, dating back to the times of the ancient Egyptians, Mesopotamia and ancient China (Ba, 2003). Today, aromatherapy represents a promising new addition to…. [read more]

Formation of Ancient Societies Essay

… Formation of Ancient Societies

The Ancient Near-East

The different religious beliefs of the Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Hebrews, and Assyrians tell us many things about the differences in these societies. However, since there was much cultural contact in the Fertile Crescent, similarities exist between the various religions and rules as well. The Mesopotamian cultures (Assyria and Babylon), for example, like the Egyptian culture had several gods: the deities influenced the way cultural perceptions were formed (for example when it came to burying the dead and preparing them for the afterlife): Egyptian beliefs featured Isis and Osiris, Amun and Ra; and Egyptian rulers were believed to possess a certain kind of divinity (Johnston 9).

The Hebrew religion, however, was strictly monotheistic -- and the Hebrew peoples were often…. [read more]

Mozart Effect the Work of Don Campbell Term Paper

… Mozart Effect

The work of Don Campbell (1989) entitled: "The Mozart Effect" relates the story of Campbell's healing as well as many other healings through sound and music. The music of Mozart is healing to human beings as well as other life forms. It is reported in the work entitled: "Music Stimulates Mental Growth, Experts Assert" published in the Boston Herald (2002) that Don Campbell states: "What we do to stimulate the brain through music lasts a lifetime. Parents can increase verbal, emotional and kinesthetic (movement) intelligence with music. My work is to show how music actually is a form of nutrition for the brain." (Nissman, 2002)

According to Campbell, the Mozart Effect "does not only reflect Mozart's music. it's the importance of auditory stimulation…. [read more]

Western Civilization Mesopotamian Religion Term Paper

… Western Civilization

Mesopotamian religion is the first to be recorded. Because they had very little knowledge on the universe, Mesopotamians believed that they were surrounded by water, and that the world was born out of that immense body of water. Also, their religious faith was polytheistic, and they sought to explain everything around them by interpreting what they believed to be messages from the gods. Unlike Mesopotamian faith, Judaism is a monotheistic religion, and has no principles of faith that are recognized by all Jews. Also, it has no central religious authority and is considered to be centered on the individual to a larger extent than the other formal religions. However, central authority resides in the sacred writings and traditions that are still closely respected…. [read more]

Las Vegas Nevada Homeless Community Mental Health Essay

… Las Vegas, Nevada Homeless Community Mental Health

Situated in a hot, dry, desert valley, Las Vegas has experienced phenomenal growth in recent years, including large influxes of retirees as well as Latino immigrants searching for work. This population surge is primarily due to the casinos located on Las Vegas Boulevard, commonly known as "the Strip" which is actually located in an unincorporated township within the city borders of Las Vegas called "Paradise" which also contains the city's airport and convention center (Ventura, 2003). According to Ventura, "The story of Las Vegas is inextricably bound to the story of the Strip. Its casinos spur the area's unprecedented growth by providing jobs for working people while creating a backdrop of activity for the retired and others who…. [read more]

Diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder Thesis

… ¶ … diagnosis of bipolar disorder in the main character and narrator of the JD Salinger's novel, the Catcher in the Rye. After considering, comparing and corroborating the symptoms indicated in medicine today and the story told by Holden Caulfield, the conclusion is that he is highly likely to have suffered of the illness, especially under the extraordinary circumstances of his younger brother's death, his parents', professors and peers unawareness of his medical problems and his own ability to hide for several years his aggravated state of mind.

Bipolar disorder

The key symptom of bipolar disorder is the swing in moods that has to be observed in an adolescent over a period of a few years and in a much more severe way than it…. [read more]

Migraine Management Term Paper

… At birth or shortly after the birth, tissues flap and close this hole. But in about a quarter of the U.S. population, complete closure never occurs (Harder, 2005). What remains of this tunnel like opening is called patent foramen ovale or PFO and it can act as a valve. It is normally shut but occasionally throws blood to the lungs off to the brain and other part of the body. Most of the people who have a PFO never screened for it since the doctors rarely suspect it of causing health problems. But in some cases blood clots passing through the PFO can shoot to the head and trigger strokes. An Italian patient treated for PFO infusion due to a stroke had her migraine immediately…. [read more]

North American Women Continue Term Paper

… Many people want to feel good about how they look," says Dr. Erhardt. "People spend a lot of time through exercise, diet and skin care to attain a certain look, and plastic surgery has taken its place in the continuum of care people use, to maintain or enhance their appearance." Many women are the victims of these superficial plots and one can only hope that more women would ask themselves the question, "Why am I going through with these procedures?" before the surgery, and not after the damage has been done. Trouble occurs when women are looking for a quick fix to a problem that did not occur overnight. For example, a woman that enters a plastic surgeons office for whole body liposuctions addresses temporarily…. [read more]

Humanities the Renaissance Period Changed Term Paper

… Universities should also upgrade their curriculum and inculcate an interdisciplinary approach covering practical situations according to the ever changing needs and times (Audsburg 2005).

The traditional approach defines of humanities as the study of human condition, using critical speculative or analytical approaches.

An alternate definition can be "Disciplines under Humanities help us comprehend and explain human experience of cultures, history, literature, art and ethics. The examination, review and understanding of an object created by humans or a factor that makes us human, the emerging thoughts and processes that take place within ourselves something deliberated, discussed and opinionated" (Humanities Council 2001).

Many businesses deem interdisciplinary skills not as a "nice to have" but a "must have" these days. Humanities and arts graduates attract employers as they…. [read more]

Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery Term Paper

… ¶ … beauty" is as old as humanity itself. From earliest times, worldwide cultures altered their appearance based on what was desirable by that society's standards. Both female and male Egyptians wore makeup to enhance and shape their eyes. Small feet remained a standard of beauty in China, even after footbinding was outlawed. Throughout parts of Africa, obesity of the buttocks was associated with erotic desirability and fertility. In the U.S., as with other Western nations, consumer demand for cosmetic surgery goes back to WWI. Yet even when negative factors are associated with the procedure, most individuals still go ahead. For example, medical problems with breast implants may have motivated some women to defer this procedure, but on the whole the majority is willing to…. [read more]

Scientific Revolution and Management of Western Civilization Literature Review

… ¶ … Scientific Method, Scientific Revolution and Scientific Management of Western Civilization

The quest for knowledge for knowledge's sake is an inherent part of mankind, and with this knowledge we are able to progress as a race through scientific advancements, in the form of medicine and technology to name but two. One of the most famous figures who pushed knowledge for knowledge's sake was Galileo, who discovered, to the horror of the Church, that the Earth is not the centre of the universe. So important was Galileo that he has been called the "father of modern observational astronomy" (Singer 217). The Scientific Revolution itself was a major turning point in human understanding of the world, but rather than being confined to a single area or…. [read more]

History of Surgery Term Paper

… F. Greek Medicine

Carola (1992) writes, two Greek scholars, Alcmaeon and Empedocles made their researches using human body dissection and physiology study. From this discovery, they successfully determined the function of the heart to give life to human, and transfer "pneuma" through blood vessels.

When Hippocrates (ca. 460-377 B.C) set the journey of medicine, the modern medicine had advantaged from previous study to relate diseases to more scientific manner, instead of mystical terms.

He studied about the effect of pleurisy and said that pleurisy led to empyema in 20 days and might cause death. After examination and listening to patient's succussion splash, he recommended cutting the bulge on the patient's chest and draining the pus using a tin tube (Warren, 2001).

Two other scientists, Herophilus…. [read more]

History of Construction Technology of 12 Periods in Western Civilization Essay

… History Of Construction Technology of 12 Periods in Western Civilization

What makes humans different from other animals can be attributed to many things, but it usually begins with our conscious choice to explore the world and separate ourselves from nature through some mastery of it. With the advent of agriculture, humans were now congregating in population centers and living for both themselves and their gods. Religion has always taken a guiding hand through history and is intimately connected to the history of construction itself.

What pushes man to go beyond himself and create structures of immense stature and/or beauty? Only Gods can do that and have done that as evidenced in the still standing great pyramid of Giza and the Parthenon in Athens. Building these…. [read more]

Dream Content as Therapy: Ego vs. Repression Dissertation

… For example: a parent has repeating nightmares, and the child "dreams his dreams " because the child is in a psychic resonance with the parent. The child's dreams end when the parent's does. Four, it might be a repetition of a past traumatic event in current lifetime. For example: a person might dream of a recent rape, a childhood assault or a wartime battle. This type of nightmare is so deeply etched in the psyche that it can require heavy use of behavioral dream-work techniques to modify the content and emotional intensity.

A fifth factor could be that the dream is a depiction of a past or probable life. For example: a client might dream the last events prior to a violent…. [read more]

Islamic Technology Cultural and Construction Essay

… Another contribution from the Islamic world was its modifications to libraries. The libraries in Muslim countries had collections of ancient manuscripts that made the scientific discoveries of ancient cultures accessible. In addition, they introduced the public library and the ability to borrow books on loan, thus giving some the opportunity to increase their knowledge. Libraries also served as places to discuss scientific theories and discoveries, rendering science more understandable to the public. Finally, the organisation of books into categories and genres in a catalogue was first introduced in medieval Islamic libraries (Francoise 988 -- 91).

The Islamic Golden Age nourished public education by creating the university. The world's oldest university to grant diplomas is at Al-Karaouine in Morocco. No doubt different than European universities, the…. [read more]

Historical Background Relationship and Contribution of 12 Periods in Western Civilization Essay

… ¶ … society as if it were essentially autonomous: There were the Egyptians, and the Greeks, and then the Romans, and so forth. But while, of course, there are core practices, habits, and beliefs -- and historical moments -- that set off these and other societies from each other, there are many key connections as well. Societies borrow from each other all the time; indeed, one might argue that the level of "borrowing" from one culture to the next arises to the level of grand larceny.

When one thinks about it, though, there is every reason for societies to borrow from each other in the same way that one generation learns from its predecessor, and passes on what it has learned. Some of what different…. [read more]

Hypnosis it Is Unknown Term Paper

… Hypnosis

It is unknown as to the exact origins of hypnosis but it is commonly believed that a form of it was used by the Egyptian in their dream temples. "Some ancient Egyptian paintings depict an apparently sleeping person with others who seem to be making hypnotic passes over them" (History of Hypnosis). However in the modern times it is generally accepted that Dr. Franz Anton Mesmer, an Austrian, started using hypnosis in the late 18th century. He received great success in this field and the process of hypnosis which he used was then called "mesmerism." At that time Mesmer's techniques cured any disorder like convulsions etc. prevalent in the late 18th century. He is also known to have cured the eyesight of a woman…. [read more]

Origins of Al Qaeda Term Paper

… Origins of Al Qaeda

The Origins of Al-Qaeda: The World View of Osama Bin Laden and Ayman Al-Zawahiri, the leaders of Al-Qaeda."

Al-Qaeda and its leaders, Osama Bin Laden and Ayman Al-Zawahiri are frequently popular world news subjects.

The world seems to want to be constantly aware of the goings on of these people and their organization. There is no secret to the desired need for this information. As most people know Al-Qaeda is a significant and ongoing threat to the world, with regard to terrorist activities and continued fundamentalist extremism with regard to jihad, or what these extremists see as a holy war against the rest of the world, but mostly the Western world. This work will begin with a short introduction to the…. [read more]

Britain and France's Imperialism and Competition in Egypt Research Paper

… Britain and France's Imperialism And Competition In Egypt

Britain and France locked horns over Egypt at the dawn of the New Imperialism. Both nations had significant interest in Egypt for reasons of money, pride and power; both nations staked claims to the area before the turn of the twentieth century. From those years up to the "scramble for Africa" and Suez Canal, imperial possession gained greater and greater importance for nation states.

With Britain being the most powerful nation in the world, and France steadily gaining ground, disputes over the lands of Egypt were heated and ego-driven. This competitive, power-hungry spirit lingered in Egypt for a century after, and has become strikingly relevant today.

What is Imperialism?

Imperialism has been awarded many definitions over the…. [read more]

Historical Relationship of 12 Periods in Western Civilization Literature Review

… Western Civilization


Historical and Geographic Background -- The word Mesopotamia is Greek and means "the land between two rivers," in this case, the Tigris and Euphrates river systems. This area is considered to be the cradle of civilization, in that it is one of the first verifiable areas of organized urbanization and domestication of plants and animals. Modern scholarship has extended the actual area of influence for Mesopotamia as far north as parts of Southeastern Turkey and parts of Khuzestan, forming a much larger area of influence for organized civilization (Dlott, 2007). The Sumerian period (from the indigenous peoples: Sumerians and Akkadians) dominated the Middle Eastern region from approximately 3100 BC to the fall of Babylon in 539 BC. During this period, of course,…. [read more]

Cancer: A Deep Study Essay

… Cancer: A deep study through ages

Oncology is the study of cancer. It's a field in which numerous doctors and scientists have worked all across the world. Their work in chemistry, physiology, anatomy and epidemiology transformed oncology into what it is today. Oncology is the fastest developing field in science with cancer understanding and technological breakthroughs. It is a quickly developing medicinal field with huge prospects.

Cancer and its definition

Cancer starts developing in a human body when human cells spiral out of control. There are numerous forms of cancer and yet they all commence from abnormal growth of cells. In the United States of America, cancer is the second cause of most deaths. One third of women and one half of women will stimulate…. [read more]

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