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Elvis Presley Was a Superstar Essay

… " He developed some traits of a perfectionist, as he was known for being "a control freak," (Kakutani, 1996). It is highly likely that Elvis's predilection for perfection in his self-expression was fueled by the sense that his twin was watching over him, or that Elvis might have felt that he was living the life of two separate people. His sense of being abandoned by his twin might have also led to a fear of abandonment complex, manifesting in his "surrounding himself with sycophants and adoring young women," (Kakutani, 1996).

Although Elvis's behaviors are certainly and unequivocally maladaptive, such as his eating disorders and drug addiction, the superstar was also known for his generally warm personality. From a Freudian perspective, it is possible Elvis was…. [read more]

Elvis Presley Concert Review Essay

… Elvis Presley Concert

The "King" was on stage for myriad concerts in his career, and for fans in the audience who had that chance to see him, their memories remain vivid and alive. That's because Elvis was indeed a remarkable showman as well as having a distinctly unique and powerful voice. He was never nominated for an Academy Award for his acting, but his fans didn't care at all; they bought up all available tickets to his concerts, and showed up en masse at his movies as well. This paper reviews and critiques a concert Elvis did in 1973, called "Aloha From Hawaii: January 14, 1973.

The video on YouTube begins with a black screen with the music from the soundtrack from the movie "2001…. [read more]

Legend and Legacy of Elvis Case Study

… Interpretation of Elvis's Behavior and What Shapes and Explains His Life Story

It would be disingenuous to try to explain Elvis's behaviors without understanding their temporal and geographic contexts. According to Bertrand (2007), "In a nation that valued upward mobility and cultural progression, Elvis remained a proletarian provincial, an exotic and repulsive Other. A hip-swiveling 'Hillbilly Cat' turned B-movie star turned Las Vegas spectacle, he never convinced leading arbiters that he was anything but an uncouth and untalented truck driver. He was, in a word, at least to those who helped guide American public tastes and opinion, unfashionable" (p. 62). Calling Elvis "unfashionable," though, is like saying a drowning man has moist skin, and he was after all an entertainer. Today, Americans expect their entertainers…. [read more]

Elvis Presley Subject's Development: Erikson Essay

… Everyone is motivated by all these needs, but in varying degrees. In the case of Elvis, the desire to be liked and to conform to expectations (in terms of preserving his old image) eventually came into conflict with his desire to have creative control and to produce an innovative musical product, as he had in his youth.

No single explanation fully satisfies in answer of what motivated Elvis to succeed as a musician and his fall from public acclaim. Drug addiction played a critical role in shifting Elvis' motivation from producing art to obtaining his next 'fix.' The desire to maintain his old image also caused him to stagnate as an artist. He pleased his fan base but failed to win new fans in the…. [read more]

Elvis Presley Elvis Aaron Essay

… While it seems safe to assume that Elvis was significantly affected by his experiences during the early part of his life, one also needs to look at his personal identity when trying to comprehend him. He was especially concerned about his personal image as a consequence of the fact that he had trouble putting across his thinking during his adolescent years. As a consequence, he spent most of his later life trying to connect with people and to make them understand that he was not the unattractive (from a point-of-view regarding his eccentric behavior) individual they previously considered him to be.

Elvis was essentially responsible for most of the things that happened during his lifetime and it would be absurd for someone to claim that…. [read more]

Elvis Presley 20th Century Pioneer Term Paper

… Elvis

When Elvis Presley died of a heart ailment and drug overdose in 1977 at the age of 42, it sent shock waves not only through the music industry, but through the entire world. Such was the power of a man who, despite his young age, had established himself as the King of Rock, an American cultural icon, and one of the most bankable entertainers ever. Presley still holds various records for album sales and attendance at concert venues, and his string of 18 number-one hits is almost gaudy in the here-today-gone-tomorrow world of pop music.

As a public figure, Presley transcended the various music and film genres in which he worked. He was larger than life, and he had a tremendous influence on American…. [read more]

Elvis as Icon Elvis Presley Essay

… Elvis represented freedom in every facet of the word. He was not afraid to use experiment with his music and sound, he was willing to use his sexuality, and most important of all, he was able to achieve the American Dream by overcoming poverty and helping to provide for his family at a young age. Elvis's generosity extended past his family and to his friends and family. Elvis became considered "a rock-and-roll Rockefeller who gave the gift of music, gave himself to is country, gave away scarves, cars, and expensive jewelry to friends and fans, and gave generously to charity" (15).

It is difficult for many people to deny the significance of Elvis Presley's television performances and subsequent public performances. Elvis's presence in the entertainment…. [read more]

Elvis Presley Term Paper

… Elvis and Black Music

The Influence of Black Music and Culture on Elvis Presley

Ongoing celebration of the music and (still ever-expanding) musical legacy of larger-than-life American rock' n roll icon Elvis Presley (January 8, 1935-August 16, 1977) even a full three decades and counting after the pop idol's death on August 16, 1977, clearly underscores the quality and timeless appeal of Presley's unique and vastly appealing artistry. However Elvis's distinctive sound, although most often regarded as original to Elvis himself, especially by causal listeners, actually sprang from American black musical traditions. That musical debt of Elvis's though remains even now among the more lightly discussed of myriad aspects of the singer's otherwise exhaustively scrutinized art. Still, the truth is that significant musical blending, throughout…. [read more]

Elvis Presley: Leading the Music Industry Thesis

… Elvis Presley: Leading the Music Industry of the 1950s and 1960s -- then going astray

When Elvis Presley came to the forefront of popular music, the type of music geared to teens was, in many ways, still relatively tame. There were two types of musical talent available: the 'doo-wop,' clean-cut stars and crooners like Pat Boone, approved of by parents vs. The African-American rhythm and blues and Motown stars. In other words, there was no happy medium of an artist singing music through which teens could safely explore their budding sexuality while still placating mom and dad, and conventional social norms. Elvis changed all of that. During Elvis' early career he remained true to his core principles and values, and had a strong sense of…. [read more]

Personality Theory of Elvis Presley Term Paper

… Personality Theory of Elvis Presley

Elvis is well-known around the world for his music, eccentric clothes and a presentation approach like no other. Yet, something he is possibly less known for was his kindness towards others. He often gave gifts ranging from cars to diamond covered watches. His gifts were given as a symbol of his love to those around him, but they were frequently spontaneous acts. But it was not just in his famed life where Elvis was bighearted. From an early age he often gave away his new playthings to other kids that he felt were less privileged than he was, which could be explained as an oddly bighearted deed for a young boy. This attribute took hold, and from then on he…. [read more]

Elvis and the American Dream Term Paper

… Elvis and the Dream

Elvis Presley

For those Americans who lived through the Great Depression, many without the basic necessities of life, the accumulation of material goods was more than a sign of financial success, it was a means of gaining self-worth. This can explain the extremely materialistic culture that arose after World War II, people who had gone without for most of their lives were ready for material self-fulfillment. For many of those, like Albert Goldman, the culture of the 1950's, and the fulfillment of its idea of the "American Dream," was indeed a dream come true. People of this time really thought that they could achieve happiness through financial success and the accumulation of material goods. That is why when the younger generation…. [read more]

Elvis and His Music Term Paper

… Elvis and His Music

It is probably safe to say that everyone around the world has heard of Elvis Presley. He is still admired by fans and peers, almost 30 years after his death. Elvis was and remains the undisputed King of music.

Former president Ronald Reagan clearly indicated how he felt about Elvis, saying, "Elvis epitomized America, and for that we shall be eternally grateful. There will never be anyone else like him" (O'Meara 2002). Although Frank Sinatra was respectfully referred to as the "chairman of the board," even he once said, "I'm just a singer...Elvis was the embodiment of the whole American culture" (O'Meara 2002). Paul McCartney recalled that "when we were kids growing up in Liverpool, all we ever wanted to be…. [read more]

American Popular Music Term Paper

… Music

An American popular music classic, "Blue Moon" has been covered countless times. The most famous version is arguably the one performed by Elvis Presley but both older and newer recordings offer unique interpretations. The original "Blue Moon" was written by Richard Rogers and Lorenz Hart in 1934, when the songwriters were under contract to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM). The song underwent four incarnations before Rogers and Hart penned the version that would become a commercial success. The first incarnation of the song was entitled "Prayer," and was written for a film called Hollywood Party. According to the Lorenz Website, "In its second life the "Prayer/Blue Moon" tune was given a new lyrics and became the title song of the 1934 M.G.M film Manhattan Melodrama which…. [read more]

Internet and Social Networks Affect PR Term Paper

… ¶ … Internet and Social Networks Affect PR for professional athletes and artists

Social networking has brought an entirely new level of transparency and truth to the spin that athletes and entertainers have long tried to create. The media and PR strategies of Diego Armando Maradona and Elvis Presley take a more of a messaging and unique value proposition (UVP) approach to defining these celebrities. Their individual brands are manufactured to make the UVPs of their careers consistent. Conversely the use of social networking strategies has as their foundation authenticity, immediacy and transparency (Rubio, 2007). Examples of celebrities using this approach include David Beckham, Brittany Spears (both for promoting her career and for damage control), and Barbra Streisand for make political statements and support Hillary…. [read more]

On Music of the World Essay

… Caribbean Music ( class 5,6,7) - What is meant by Caribbean Music in a new mode? What emphasis, in this chapter, seems to justify a departure from traditional presentations of music and culture of the Caribbean?

Though Caribbean musical approaches have historically taken a diverse array of folk forms relating to the tribal and spiritual traditions of the inhabitants of various islands, today the commercial manifestation of Caribbean music which has been exported to the American and European mainlands is dominant in our understanding of the term. The expansion of this form over more traditional modes though may be emphasized by the effectiveness with which commercialization has extended representative genres such as Reggae, Calypso and Soca.

(2) Jazz Music ( 8,9,10)- the blues made its…. [read more]

Bruce Cockburn, a Musical Performer Article Review

… ¶ … Bruce Cockburn, a musical performer who, according to the author, has been more successful than even many of the biggest names in modern music who shared his musical influence in gospel music. Whereas even the most successful Rhythm and Blues and Rock and Roll performers of the early and middle of the 20th century all started out singing Christian or at least gospel-inspired music, by the time they achieved mainstream success they invariably found themselves unable to return to their musical roots successfully. Inevitably, they found themselves faced with the dilemma of being perceived as performing out of their established genre and either lacking in sincerity or in some aspect of artistic credibility, either when they attempted to return to performing Christian music…. [read more]

Pop Is Tomorrow's Classical- Paul Term Paper

… " Although...removed from the music's more traditional folk music origins, it no less captures the contemporary music of our day - rock -- just as Bach and Beethoven did in their day (Ode To Joy from the ninth symphony, for example)." (Reed)

In the early years of true Rock and Roll, circa 1950s, modernized versions of Classical pieces were already emerging. Billy Storm's "I've Come of Age," Elvis Presley's "Tonight is so Right for Love," and Jackie Wilson's "Night" ended this decade with an emerging fascination with borrowing themes and pieces of Classical music that would shape Rock for years to come. "The popularity of classical borrowing is not in any way diminishing. It spans all musical genres and its prevalence is widespread. As new…. [read more]

Boundary of Art Andy Warhol Term Paper

… The Boundary of Art: Andy Warhol
In the middle part of the 20th century, Abstract Expressionism rules
the visual arts scene with a sense of serious experimentation that was in
its own way very constraining. The next generation of artists would appeal
to the media of popular culture as a way to simultaneously be liberated
from the prejudices of Expression and to broaden the palette of commercial
art. Turning concepts such as mass consumerism, the commoditization of
mankind and general materialism into a pointed philosophical statement, the
so-called 'Pop Art' movement would change significantly the both the visual
presentation and intended statement of the work dominating the scene in the
late 1950s and early 1960s. As our research shows, this would be a genuine
transition,…. [read more]

Music Has the Power to Influence Essay

… ¶ … music has the power to influence as well as to entertain people?

Music -- the truly universal language

Although it is generally appreciated for its ability to entertain people, music is far more complex than it seems. Music has played an essential role in people's lives ever since the beginning of history, considering that all cultures have a rich background in music. Music has been proved to affect all individuals by inducing feelings that are either negative or positive and by eventually influencing the way that they act. Music accesses parts of the brain that are very important and makes it more difficult for the individual to concentrate on matters that are more significant. The contemporary society is dominated by music, as there…. [read more]

Drugs in Rock Music Thesis

… 50). John Lennon (p. 50) said that the band had to work "…all these incredible hours" in an "all night place" so the waiters would see the musicians "falling over with tiredness or with drink," and "…they would give you the pill… you'd sober up, you could work almost endlessly -- until the pill wore off, then you'd have to have another" (Roylance, p. 50).

Meanwhile, the Beatles came to the U.S. For a tour in 1964. While in New York, in a hotel, Bob Dylan came up to visit them. "Vocally and poetically Dylan was a huge influence," Paul wrote (Roylance, 2000, p. 158). "One thing [Dylan] did introduce us to was pot…. [he] came round to our hotel and he said to us,…. [read more]

Race and Music: Richie Valens Term Paper

… Although Keane encouraged the name change from Valenzuela Reyes to Valens, he wisely did not try to get his new acquisition to ignore his Latin heritage and agreed to release records which contained both English and Spanish language lyrics, a first for a semi-major record label.

Richie Valens' first singles were performed in English, but were infused with the sounds of his heritage by the use of traditionally Hispanic and Latin instruments in the background. However, his greatest hit was the result of a complete utilization of the culture and subsequent introduction of that culture to the Caucasian majority. Valens' most famous single, the hit song "La Bamba" was released entirely in Spanish and became the first Spanish-language song to reach the Billboard pop charts.…. [read more]

Yo MTV Raps Yo Essay

… YO MTV Raps

Yo! MTV Raps: The Rap Revolution

Yo! MTV Raps was way before its time. Before the show aired, there was no television presence of hip hop, nor was there an internet that is used as a primary outlet today. The show helped expose world to rap music, introducing hip hop to a mainstream audience. Its success and its great and many contributions to supporting the growth of hip hop highlights how television amplifies the potential success of musicians reaching out to a broader audience.

The television show first aired on MTV in 1988 and ran until 1995, with a later spin off, Yo!, running until 1999. Hosts Dr. Dre and Fab 5 Freddy became household names as they exposed new artists and…. [read more]

Rock History -- Analyzing Songs Essay

… Hound Dog -- Big Mama Thornton & Elvis Presley

The difference between these two versions of the same song is as dramatic as the difference between hot chocolate and lemonade. Both taste good, but are very different for reasons of culture, musical genre, and production styles. Big Mama Thornton's version is raw and loud. Her voice is shrill and she hits the listener with a club. She isn't just angry, and she is raging at a lover who turned out to be phony. The old-time rhythm and blues arrangement is a lot like very early B.B. King instrumental. In the bridge, which features bluesy guitar picking and a rumbling sound that might be a drum, Big Mama speaks in rebellious tones, saying things like "Ahhhh……. [read more]

Human Conduct Term Paper

… Human Conduct

The study of modern day philosophy often involves examining some of the key ideas that humankind has wrestled with for generations. One of these is the overall issue of equality, where a wide variety of philosophers have expressed their views on this subject. Yet, many are still debating this issue based upon new insights that are provided by modern day philosophers. One of the most notable is Louis Pojman, where he said, "The virtuous are rewarded and the vicious punished in proportion to their relative deserts." For some, this provided a good philosophy on life, while others disagreed with these views. To fully understand the underlying meaning of Pojman requires: comparing the ideas presented with our own individual views. This will provide the…. [read more]

Eminem: Making of a Celebrity Term Paper

… The law suit probably suited the rapper just fine since it earned nothing for the offended mother, and created some more free publicity for her estranged son. If the initial sales of Eminem's new studio album The Eminem Show are anything to go by he could do with a few more suits by 'dear mum.' The release of the album was preceded by the single "Without Me" that debuted at Number One in UK in March 2002. The track was backed up by a controversial video in which Eminem dressed up as Osama bin Laden and inevitably gave rise to the rumors (unfounded) that Al-Qaeda were gunning for the rapper for showing disrespect to their leader. Goes to prove that Al-Qaeda either do not watch…. [read more]

Modernism and Modern Music Thesis

… Rock Modernism

Rock Music and the Modernist Dilemma

The end of the 19th Century brought with it a host of changes which, as driven by technology and spreading urbanization, brought the entire world under the sway of the Industrial Revolution. Factories, tenements and immigrants filled the cities of Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States, and with them came overcrowding, urban blight, aesthetic conformity and the seedling of mass consumerism. The artistic community produced an organic resistance to this social impulse that would be represented by its commitment to abstract visual forms. As early as the 1880's, the modernist movement of art, literature and design logic began to present itself as a refuge from rigid Victorian ideals of aesthetic appeal or even the definition…. [read more]

Censorship in Music Term Paper

… The Spanish-born Pablo Casals (1876-1973), who enjoyed a spectacular international career as a violin and cello virtuoso and conductor, was considered to be one of the finest musicians of his day. However, he had a rather harsh assessment of rock and roll in the early 1960s, one that should be viewed through the filter of a person whose life was devoted to European fine-art music.

You want to know what I think of that abomination, rock 'n' roll? I think it is a disgrace. Poison put to sound! When I hear it I feel very sad not only for music but for the people who are addicted to it. I am also very sorry for America-- that such a great country should have nothing better…. [read more]

Diversity Critique of Michael Jackson Term Paper

… They saw past his flaws and accepted his success. However, as is often the case, when the blockbuster singles were harder to come by, Jackson opened up his eccentricities to the world as pleaded for continued fan support. Much of Jackson's criticism comes from the black community. They could no longer relate to the King of Pop. Although he claims his dramatic color change, for example, comes from a skin disease, the black community saw Jackson as a black man trying to escape from his roots by medically changing his skin color. His appearance today seems too unreal for the average person to understand who Michael Jackson has become. There have obviously been some major facial reconstruction sessions but Jackson claims he had only one…. [read more]

Rock 'N Roll Music Term Paper

… Punk-rock was fast, loud rock and roll music, but it quickly became the angry music of the time. (Riznar)

In the 1980's, punk-rock evolved into hardcore music and fans became even more experimental with fashion, makeup and hair color. In addition, a mixture of pop and folk-rock was introduced, and wild children everywhere listened to bands such REM and the B-52's. The street phenomenon of the ghettos, hip hop, revolutionized the music scene and bands such as Beastie Boys, Run DMC, Public Enemy crossed over to the rock audience. (Allen)

The 1990's saw the expansion of alternative rock, both artistically and commercially. The general trend of the era was towards more and more abstract music and rock music had lost its original label of dance…. [read more]

British Invasion Essay

… The British Invasion").

The Beatles

Arguably the most influential band to emerge from the British Invasion was the Beatles. A generation of American teenage males strove to be like them, while a generation of teenage females wanted to be with them. During the sixties, the Beatles not only became a musical phenomenon, they also affected the styles and fashions of the decade and transformed the record industry as well. The group brought about royalties for artists and producers, revolutionized music tours, and started the pop promo film or what we know today as the music video.

When the Beatles began they started by wearing black suits and a clean cut appearance. However, their attitudes began to change as their music evolved. They wrote their own…. [read more]

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