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Elvis as Icon Elvis Presley Essay

… Elvis represented freedom in every facet of the word. He was not afraid to use experiment with his music and sound, he was willing to use his sexuality, and most important of all, he was able to achieve the American Dream by overcoming poverty and helping to provide for his family at a young age. Elvis's generosity extended past his family and to his friends and family. Elvis became considered "a rock-and-roll Rockefeller who gave the gift of music, gave himself to is country, gave away scarves, cars, and expensive jewelry to friends and fans, and gave generously to charity" (15).

It is difficult for many people to deny the significance of Elvis Presley's television performances and subsequent public performances. Elvis's presence in the entertainment…. [read more]

Elvis and the American Dream Term Paper

… Elvis and the Dream

Elvis Presley

For those Americans who lived through the Great Depression, many without the basic necessities of life, the accumulation of material goods was more than a sign of financial success, it was a means of gaining self-worth. This can explain the extremely materialistic culture that arose after World War II, people who had gone without for most of their lives were ready for material self-fulfillment. For many of those, like Albert Goldman, the culture of the 1950's, and the fulfillment of its idea of the "American Dream," was indeed a dream come true. People of this time really thought that they could achieve happiness through financial success and the accumulation of material goods. That is why when the younger generation…. [read more]

Elvis Presley: Leading the Music Industry Thesis

… Elvis Presley: Leading the Music Industry of the 1950s and 1960s -- then going astray

When Elvis Presley came to the forefront of popular music, the type of music geared to teens was, in many ways, still relatively tame. There were two types of musical talent available: the 'doo-wop,' clean-cut stars and crooners like Pat Boone, approved of by parents vs. The African-American rhythm and blues and Motown stars. In other words, there was no happy medium of an artist singing music through which teens could safely explore their budding sexuality while still placating mom and dad, and conventional social norms. Elvis changed all of that. During Elvis' early career he remained true to his core principles and values, and had a strong sense of…. [read more]

American Popular Music Term Paper

… Music

An American popular music classic, "Blue Moon" has been covered countless times. The most famous version is arguably the one performed by Elvis Presley but both older and newer recordings offer unique interpretations. The original "Blue Moon" was written by Richard Rogers and Lorenz Hart in 1934, when the songwriters were under contract to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM). The song underwent four incarnations before Rogers and Hart penned the version that would become a commercial success. The first incarnation of the song was entitled "Prayer," and was written for a film called Hollywood Party. According to the Lorenz Website, "In its second life the "Prayer/Blue Moon" tune was given a new lyrics and became the title song of the 1934 M.G.M film Manhattan Melodrama which…. [read more]

American Graffiti and Easy Rider Term Paper

… Beatles' music had turned to acid rock, and rock groups such Jefferson Airplane and The Grateful Dead topped the charts, and Woodstock had drawn 400,000 hippies searching for peace, love and LSD (

Dennis Hopper's 1969 film "Easy Rider" reflects the counterculture of the era. It is a buddy road film about two bikers, Wyatt and Billy, who ride through the back roads of America from Los Angeles to New Orleans searching for the American Dream or rather the freedom it represents (Hopper 1969). What they find though, is prejudice, paranoia and violence, along with sex, drugs, and rock and roll (Lucas 1969). It was a time of innocence lost, when America had experienced three assassinations and the Vietnam War was dividing an already…. [read more]

Boundary of Art Andy Warhol Term Paper

… The Boundary of Art: Andy Warhol
In the middle part of the 20th century, Abstract Expressionism rules
the visual arts scene with a sense of serious experimentation that was in
its own way very constraining. The next generation of artists would appeal
to the media of popular culture as a way to simultaneously be liberated
from the prejudices of Expression and to broaden the palette of commercial
art. Turning concepts such as mass consumerism, the commoditization of
mankind and general materialism into a pointed philosophical statement, the
so-called 'Pop Art' movement would change significantly the both the visual
presentation and intended statement of the work dominating the scene in the
late 1950s and early 1960s. As our research shows, this would be a genuine
transition,…. [read more]

Pop Is Tomorrow's Classical- Paul Term Paper

… " Although...removed from the music's more traditional folk music origins, it no less captures the contemporary music of our day - rock -- just as Bach and Beethoven did in their day (Ode To Joy from the ninth symphony, for example)." (Reed)

In the early years of true Rock and Roll, circa 1950s, modernized versions of Classical pieces were already emerging. Billy Storm's "I've Come of Age," Elvis Presley's "Tonight is so Right for Love," and Jackie Wilson's "Night" ended this decade with an emerging fascination with borrowing themes and pieces of Classical music that would shape Rock for years to come. "The popularity of classical borrowing is not in any way diminishing. It spans all musical genres and its prevalence is widespread. As new…. [read more]

Blues Leadbelly Told Alan Lomax Essay

… This is not to say necessarily that the lyrics focus on this, but the sense got out from the songs is related to this. For example, in "Ain't Nobody's Business," the sense is that the person is reluctant to any outside opinion and somehow disappointed in his condition ("There ain't nothing I can do, or nothing I can say, Some folks will criticize me. So I'm gonna do just what I want to anyway, And don't care if you all despise me.") This can be interpreted as a revolt against the society he lives in. Similarly, in "Nobody Knows You When-You're Down And Out," the disappointment is with the closer society and the intimate relations. For instance, "Well, once I lived the life of a…. [read more]

Boundary of Art Andy Warhol Term Paper

… ¶ … Master of Mixing Art and Design

Over the course of the 20th century, commercial design emerged as a vital and highly influential aspect of both design and art. And key to the rise in importance of commercial design was Andy Warhol, whose art was influenced by commercial work and in turn proved to be a substantial influence on commerce. While many artists and critics consider Andy Warhol to be nothing more than a commercial designer sans artistry, others argue that Warhol's Pop Art was as much art as "simply" design, and an enterprise that enriched both traditions. In this paper I examine one of the key questions that Warhol's work (and philosophy) raise: Can design (or an amalgam of art and design) that…. [read more]

Durkheim Four Principles of Deviance Essay

… Due to its popularity the culture eventually changed. Rock and Roll became acceptable by 47% as early as 1959 and has know grown immensely as one of the top forms of American music earning Billions of dollars annually today (Digital Dream Door, 2005).

3. When there is deviant activity it will cause those of similar values and morals to band together (Macionis, 2006). In the case of Rock n Roll, teenagers and young adults secretly found ways to purchase and listen to the music they loved. The response from older adults was outrage and further measures to inflict censorship and control over the youth. The adults enlisted the support of the local and state lawmakers against playing Rock n Roll. According to Durkheim this was…. [read more]

Alternative Rock Meanings Essay

… Rock Song

My name is Michael James. I was born in 1977. When I was 15 years old, I heard a song by the band called Rage Against the Machine, and it work me up to the political and social realities around me. At first I thought the song was just catchy on a musical level, but as I listened to the lyrics I knew there was more to it. I am putting this song into the time capsule because I appreciate what it has to say about the political and social events taking place in the United States in 1992. The song is called "Know Your Enemy." Although the song is not expressly about the Rodney King riots that took place the same year…. [read more]

Tabloid Magazines Although Very Few Term Paper

… Characters such as the hero, God, the demon, the sun and the moon were present in all of these stories. The only differences he found were that the names of these characters were different.... He believed that we use our personal unconscious (memories that only the individual has) and the collective unconscious (archetypes that we all share) to overcome these problems.

Tabloids serve in many ways as a repository of the collective unconsciousness. We wish to believe that death does not mean an ending - for Elvis or Diana or John Lennon, or us. We read tabloids because they tell us stories - fantastical as myths, and just as true.

But even as we peek into tabloids as we are waiting in line to try…. [read more]

Rock and Roll Clearly Music Term Paper

… Rock and Roll

Clearly music is as an integral part of a society's history as a widespread phenomenon of everyday interactions and occurrences. It has existed as early as humans themselves. As Bennett Reimer (2000, p.25), music educator and philosopher, noted: "Whenever and wherever humans have existed, music has existed also." Thus music that becomes popular acts as a gauge of what is happening in society at that time. It reveals an illustrated picture of the attitudes, views and disposition of the present day, as much as does art or literature. Music offers insights and multiple perspectives in addition to its emotional influence as much or more than even written historical materials. As such, it is impossible to understand the reason why rock and roll…. [read more]

Rock 'N Roll Music Term Paper

… Punk-rock was fast, loud rock and roll music, but it quickly became the angry music of the time. (Riznar)

In the 1980's, punk-rock evolved into hardcore music and fans became even more experimental with fashion, makeup and hair color. In addition, a mixture of pop and folk-rock was introduced, and wild children everywhere listened to bands such REM and the B-52's. The street phenomenon of the ghettos, hip hop, revolutionized the music scene and bands such as Beastie Boys, Run DMC, Public Enemy crossed over to the rock audience. (Allen)

The 1990's saw the expansion of alternative rock, both artistically and commercially. The general trend of the era was towards more and more abstract music and rock music had lost its original label of dance…. [read more]

Rolling Stones Bio Thesis

… Like the Rolling Stones before them, these two heavy metal bands were influence by Chicago and Delta Blues, marrying the style with religious and controversial iconographies.

The Rolling Stones' music, style, and persona continue to influence bands everywhere. The Rolling Stones' have had such a large impact on music, culture, and society that they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1989. Despite their many hiatuses, and line-up changes, the Rolling Stones have continued to produce great music and continue to tour the world. In 2006, the Rolling Stones had the highest-grossing North American tour, bringing in $139 million. Additionally, during their "Bigger Bang" Tour in 2005, the band managed to gross $437 million, making it the top-generation tour in history…. [read more]

Rick Bragg's Somebody Told Me Term Paper

… ¶ … non-fiction work is simply a compilation of news stories originally written by the author for the New York Times and other newspapers. The main idea is to showcase the author's writing, and his ability to bring people and their problems (and joys) to life for the reader. The book is divided into fourteen chapters that discuss everything from aging to education and secrets. Bragg won the Pulitzer Prize in 1996 for his newspaper writing, and he has won numerous other awards, too. Not even a college graduate, he was born in 1959 in a small town in Alabama. He has written for a variety of newspapers, and most of the stories in this book were written for the New York Times, where he…. [read more]

Music and the Counterculture Thesis

… Music and the Counterculture

Music has long been an expression of the society within which the particular kind or genre of music originated in. There is a distinct musical expression that can be identified with most cultures at any given time within the evolution of the cultural tradition and setting. There is a relationship between music and the identities of the people within the society. Western musical idiom easily is associated with the periods of the pre and post World War II era with an evolutionary pattern that leads to and distinctly defines the counterculture experience that began in the 1950s in Paris in the Left Bank student community, and was influenced by "French bohemian intelligentsia (Shuker 57)." It spread to America in the early…. [read more]

Johnny Cash Term Paper

… Johnny Cash

On a hot summer day in May, 1993, the haggard and exhausted shell of what was once a great man, and indeed an American icon, sat motionless in a church pew, in the midst of bidding goodbye to not only his recently deceased wife, but also his soul mate and the center of his world. In his lifetime, this man had been a friend to presidents and preachers, sinners and saints, and in his own right had traversed from the pinnacle of superstardom to the depths of anonymity and back again- in the process, securing his place in the history of American music as a living legend, if his current sad state could be considered living at all. The man was born as…. [read more]

Outsider Art Term Paper

… Outsider Art

It is called "Outsider Art," because it stands outside the realm of "fine" art. It is painted by patients in asylums. It is created by prisoners in their cells. It is made up by untrained artists and thus considered self-taught. It also goes by other names: na f, naive, Art Brut, to list the most common. Tattoos were once worn by a select group of Americans, but now adorn all ages and backgrounds. Computer nerds or geek were once laughed at and singled out, but now receive top billing in television commercials. Outsider Art once only hung on the walls of a select few who saw the energy and compassion within its frames. Now it is collected by the most well-known collectors. The…. [read more]

John Martin Pulled the Plug Term Paper

… The advent of DVD may well lead to another sort of media revolution where the book is replaced by a reader of an interactive nature. We will probably in the next decade begin to see a proliferation of these products DVD books which will be especially useful for instructional material.

The Big Six

It's not just small presses that are living on the edge, as the downturn in the economy over the last couple of years has shown just how marginal profits in the publishing world are. The downturn has created cash flow problems for many of the largest companies and these past few years have seen a frenzy of acquisitions and mergers in the media world.

Up until the 1960s the publishing industry had…. [read more]

Kanye West: His Influence Term Paper

… Kanye West: His Influence and Impact on the Modern World

When Kanye West debuted on the music scene, he did so in a lasting and powerful manner. West has been able to produce albums with lasting critical and popular success, thus securing his name as one of the music's greatest and most influential people, easily placing him among the ranks of some of the most legendary -- such as Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra. However, West is often fodder for the tabloids and the legitimate press due to his outspoken nature. West has receive a tremendous amount of attention for the remarks that he's made to the press -- remarks which some say are just the self-absorbed blatherings of a celebrity and which others say…. [read more]

Spy Kids ): A Radical Departure Term Paper

… Spy Kids (2001): A radical departure or consistent with Robert Rodriguez's cinematic style?

In contrast to the violent, action driven-films that are the usual hallmark of Robert Rodriguez's cinematic style, Spy Kids (2001) seems to use members of his usual acting troop (including Antonio Banderas) in an apparent, more wholesome parody of the spy genre. The film begins with a flashback of a married couple, Gregorio and Ingrid Cortez, during their life before they were married. Ingrid tells the tale of the couple 'meeting cute' in typical Hollywood fashion, to her children Carmen and Juni. Once upon a time, they were two spies attempting to do one another in. Gregorio and Ingrid fought, then found out they really loved one another and decided to marry…. [read more]

Herb Kelleher Co-Founder of Southwest Airlines Term Paper

… Herb Kelleher (co-Founder of Southwest Airlines)

Herb Kelleher

Offer Better Quality at a Lesser Price adds Value and Spiritual attitude of employees and the result' is an unbeatable success formula. Herb Kelleher is credited to lift Southwest Airlines from the brink of disaster to be the most successful airlines with unmatched 26 years of profitability and emerge as the model of Lost Cost Carrier -- LCC. This paper discussed at length the unique leadership qualities of Kelleher and the manner in which he helped in transforming the airline. His leadership skills, along with his myriad self-motivated personality, have been envied by many but hardly replicated by few. His leadership philosophy is putting 'employees first, customers second and shareholders third'. He believed that a company needs…. [read more]

Bob Dylan Term Paper

… Bob Dylan: The Poet and Man

His poetry and song writing define Bob Dylan. He writes songs about protesting and religious themes. It is necessary to consider how the events in his life affected his music. Also Bob Dylan had other musicians that influenced him in his early years. The paragraphs below will explore his background, the times he wrote in and analyze six of his greatest works: "Mr. Tambourine Man," "Blowin in the Wind," "Highway 61 Revisited," "Oxford Town," "The Times They Are a-Changin" and "With God on Our Side."

Biography and Influence

Bob Dylan was born in Duluth, Minnesota on May 24, 1941. By the time he was ten years old he was writing poems and had taught himself to play guitar. He…. [read more]

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