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Emergency Management and Communications Interoperability Research Proposal

… Emergency Management and Communications Interoperability

In an emergency situation, it is vitally important to have adequate communication software in place to ensure the speedy response of emergency personnel. Indeed, ideally, such systems would be free from failure and allow rescue workers to save the maximum amount of lives. The reality is however rather less than ideal, as demonstrated by the devastation of September 11, 2001 and Hurricane Katrina. In order to remedy the situation, interoperability issues need to be addressed.

The other side of the coin is however, would such attention adversely affect local jurisdictions in terms of cost and time investments? Conversely, the research might also ask - how much importance in terms of funding can be placed upon a human life? The dichotomy…. [read more]

National Incident Management System Theoretical Term Paper

… Generally, the incident command systems are the most common sets of command structures and terminologies, which are used on various incident scenes. They are important in providing efficient management of the resources that are involved during an incident resolution process. National Incident Management System is important in providing a national framework, which enables global responders work collectively on complex incidents. The National Incident Management systems command and management revolves around three key areas. The key areas are the Incident Command Systems, Public Information Systems and the Multiagency Coordination Systems. In this case, the National Incident Management System's Incident Command Systems revolves around the National Wildfire Coordinating Group. In contrast, the Incident Command Systems highly focuses on intelligence and information incorporation.

National Incident Management System Public…. [read more]

Emergency Management Evaluate the Cims Term Paper

… The Department prepared protocols with the NYPD for appointing an FDNY Chief Officer in a police helicopter to help manage bigger or intricate incidents. (FDNY Strategic Plan)

The Department has also done considerable growth in the direction of development of many important technological improvements led by a newly constituted Technology Oversight Committee -- TOC. The FDOC possesses the technological infrastructure to receive live video feeds not just from their NYPD helicopters, but also from their own satellite camera systems. The FDOC will deliver the commanders with the resources needed to promote improved situational awareness. The plan for the FDOC needs technological enhancements such as Video Conferencing, the capability for data analysis from wireless command boards in the field and a better Geographical Information System --…. [read more]

Technology in Emergency Management Term Paper

… According to Fincher, "This emergency notification method is far more comprehensive than other alternatives. The result is an informed public, armed with precisely the information its members need to respond in the desired manner. It also keeps citizens out of harm's way so that first responders can do their jobs" (2004, p. 31). The foregoing assessment of the importance of an interoperable communications network by Fincher (2004) is consistent with Davis (2007) who advises, "Communications networks that allow emergency managers to talk to police, fire and other first responders within a city or region have become important since the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks" (p. 3). In addition, emergency managers also use geographic information systems on a routine basis (Wayne, 2003).

Organizations Responsible for Emergency…. [read more]

Incorporating Knowledge Management in Organization Essay

… ¶ … open economy' a 'closed economy', discuss potential economic advantages economic disadvantages a country open economy.

Incorporating knowledge management at the Army National Guard G6

The military institutions have always represented the backbone of a country's security and safety system. Within the United States, they are part of the national symbols and the trusted organizations of the entire population. The scope of the military institutions is that of ensuring safety of the people and peace within the country.

In rapidly changing times however, the means in which the military institutions come to complete their roles and functions change and they become more demanding. In the specific case of the Army National Guard, more and more emphasis is being placed on the organization's ability to…. [read more]

Geographic Information System (GIS) Research Paper

… In addition, those in affected areas through GIS can also get constant alerts and information on the status of the existing situation. The system has the ability to automatically contact each residence via telephone and with a customized message.

During a disaster GIS addresses task such as tracking vulnerable landmarks and transportation system. In this regard, GIS distributes spatial information across through the internet as critical security measure. Dependence on this system, leads to spatial information lifeline during emergencies. GIS also helps in gathering many environmental parameters that aid in short-term prediction during disaster known as hazard modeling. For instance, the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) sea, lake, and overland surge from hurricane (SLOSH) model (Grif-th, 1986). Nonetheless, GIS helps in tracking hazardous…. [read more]

Emergency Management and Public Safety Communications Term Paper

… Katrina Communications

Failures in Public Communication Responses to Emergency Situations: A Return to Hurricane Katrina

Though Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast of the United States more than half a decade ago, the nation, its populations, and the many agencies and organizations involved in responding to emergency situations are all still learning from the lessons of this major natural disaster. Heavy criticisms have been levied against the federal government, certain specific individual leaders, and the organizations involved in providing disaster relief for this affected by Hurricane Katrina, and the emergency response and disaster preparedness structures and systems that were implemented in the wake of the hurricane have been cited as needing major adjustments. A variety of problems, from a lack of adequate resources to their…. [read more]

Emergency, Planning and Operations Methodology Term Paper

… The flip side however, is that given the scope of the potential incidents we as a nation are faced with, the isolated department may be happy to pass responsibility on to a state and FEMA (federal emergency management agency). The Homeland Security Team is much more likely to be better prepared to handle a wide scale threat to security.

Do you believe that the Federal government has to do more to simplify and limit liability for state and local governments and industry for certain disasters? Briefly discuss this issue.

Not necessarily, the federal government needn't do anything more to limit liability for local governments. However again, one must consider each disaster on a case by case basis. One thing came out of Bhopal incident, where…. [read more]

Decision Tree This Project Designed Essay

… The fire department acts as a first responder to all emergencies within the county.

Marine services

The marine services can be accessed by dialing 911. This is a 24 hour service that can be accessed by anyone within the county. The marine services include any incidents that occur on the shorelines, beaches, ocean, lakes, bays, waterways, and canals. Any person having a water emergency can reach the marine services using the number provided above. The service is available to all residents of Miami-Dade County. Continuity of care is provided by ensuring that the victim is provided with emergency support and quick delivery to the nearest health facility. The marine services also provide training in life saving in case of any waterway incident. Once a person…. [read more]

Law Enforcements Role in Emergency Management Term Paper

… Law Enforcement

The Role of Law Enforcement in Emergency Management Situations

Without question, emergency management situations -- such as the September 11th terrorist attacks, the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina, or more typical emergencies like building fires -- will require law enforcement agencies to take an active role in restoring order and maintaining normalcy. Of course, this does not even take into account the significant role that law enforcement agencies will play in preventing these kinds of disasters in the first place, when at all possible. But developing a clear understanding of the appropriate role and scope of law enforcement's involvement in an emergency management situation can be difficult at best. Conflicts of interest between other agencies -- such as emergency medical services or firefighters…. [read more]

Public Safety Interoperability Thesis

… Public Safety Interoperability

First responders require seamless communications for a number of reasons. The very nature of incidents requiring their attention requires inter-dependence and interoperability between police and other emergency services (Davitt, 2008). The Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks highlighted communications interoperability issues between first responders, after the lack of interoperability was considered a major factor in the deaths of more than 100 firemen at the World Trade Center in New York City (Why first-responder interoperability hasn't happened, 2004). First responders have to be able to work closely with a wide variety of other government and community organizations, including hospitals and health departments, quarantine, public utilities such as gas and electricity providers, the food and transport industries and the owners and operators of critical national…. [read more]

Fire Department Manages Emergencies Like 911 Term Paper

… ¶ … Fire Department Manages Emergencies Like 911 and Katrina

The abstract provides a general overview of what the paper will be discussing.

The section will introduce the topic of the paper and dealing initially with the history of fire and the fire service.

The Evolution of the Fire Service

The section will provide more details on the history of the fir e service particularly in the United States. The challenges faced by the modern fire service will also be introduced and how these challenges are managed.

Extraordinary Challenges of the Modern Fire Service

The general challenges of the fire service have been discussed in the previous section but in this section, extraordinary challenges are the main focus particularly of the magnitude of the 9-11…. [read more]

911 Attack Communication Research Paper

… The PA is planning to hard-wire the new buildings at the site and build in transmitters, antennas and broadcast equipment that would allow emergency workers to communicate even if all power fails and the buildings again come under attack (Margolin, 2011). Former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge called the United States' inability to achieve interoperable communications between first responders "a national disgrace" during a speech that assessed how far homeland security has come since 9-11 (Harwood, 2011).

Although there have been some improvements to the communication system in NYC, they are still a long way away from having a fully functioning interoperable system. Communication is certainly one of the most salient critical success factors in the event of a disaster. Therefore, it is definitely a…. [read more]

Health Information Technology System Hospital Research Paper

… User Training

Information Technology, though not a very new concept in the contemporary world is considerably technical. This means that users of the systems associated with this feature ought to have substantial knowledge on them if they desire to be successful in using them (Cummings, 2006). Putting this element into consideration, the organization embarked on a training programme for the potential users of the system following the automation. Both the staff and the clients to the facility were trained on the use of the system. The hospitals Information Communications Technology Department facilitated this training.

Lessons were provided for users in sessions and this included both theoretical and practical training. Different end users were trained in accordance to their needs and privileges on how to use…. [read more]

U S Army Corps of Engineers Research Proposal

… Effective Communication & Public Safety Challenges within the U.S. Army Corp's of Engineers.

For over two hundred and thirty years, the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has guided America in the course of its development. A significant aspect of this agency is the collaboration between its military and civil operations. Further to the USACE Civil Works Program's direct contribution to national environment safety and economic growth, the agency also uses Civil Works knowledge for supporting defense missions, like operations that foster stability and peace throughout the world. The USACE, in turn, draws broader experiences and greater depth from international operations by positing as a fundamental component of the bigger Defense and Army agencies. Most recently, the USACE has proven this synergy in disaster…. [read more]

Can Anticipatory Logistics Work in the Corporate World Term Paper

… Anticipatory Logistics in the Corporate World

As to whether anticipatory logistics can work in the corporate world, the answer would seem to be 'yes.' However, it is not enough to make this claim; it must be backed up by reasons and information. This paper will look at the reasons that anticipatory logistics can work in the corporate world and provide information indicative of this through the use of references that allude to this idea.

Anticipatory logistics are used to predict what a customer is going to need and help to prioritize these needs so that a certain level of product or other needed item can be maintained (Lenzini, 2002). By doing this, whatever the customer needs will always be available and therefore there will not…. [read more]

Post 9-11 Emergency Services Research Paper

… ¶ … Police & Firefighting Policies Since 9-11

The terrorist attacks in New York and Washington D.C. On September 11, 2001, changed the way citizens in the United States view their own safety. The damage done by the terrorists was the most severe that the American homeland had been subjected to since the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Indeed, nearly 3,000 people died in the attacks, including "hundreds of firefighters and police officers" in New York City (Frank, et al., 2004). Clearly those who govern in the U.S. could see that America was unprepared for the 9-11 attacks on many levels. One of those levels that were not prepared was the first responder level -- police and fire. But meantime, governments in…. [read more]

Automating Compliance With Federal Information Security Requirements Case Study

… Automating Compliance With Federal Information Security Requirements

In this paper we present a discussion on a case study regarding SRA International, Inc. which is a corporation that provides the federal government with information technology (IT) solutions at various levels such as national security, health care, civil government and public health sector with various information technology (IT) solutions. Our aim is to study the way in which the firm adapts and responds to the automation compliances with regards to the Federal Information Security (IS) requirements. Our attention is on the dynamics and procedures that the firm puts in place in order for it to ensure maximum compliance levels with the laid down standards of compliances by the homeland security. We begin by an analysis of the…. [read more]

U.S. Strategy Thesis


There have been several government-written strategies addressing terrorism in the United States since the terrorist acts of September 11, 2001, and all of these are required to complement one another if the defense against a terrorist attack in the United States is to be effective and efficient. This work intends to select three strategy documents from the required readings, the supplemental readings, and research and compare and contrast the objectives of each of these documents. Toward this end the three chosen documents to be examined are those listed as follows:

The National Strategy for the Physical Protection of Critical Infrastructures and Key Assets published in February 2003 by the White House in Washington, DC;

The National Strategy for Secure Cyberspace published…. [read more]

EHR Functions in a Healthcare Facility Essay

… It also promotes interoperability with other systems and providers. Order management function allows clinicians to enter and store prescription orders, tests, and other services for the enhancement of legibility, improve speed, and reduce duplication. Decision support function assists in improving compliance with best clinical practices by making use of notifications and decision-support systems. Decision support is not only for the clinician but for the patient population as well where they can be reminded to take preventive care to mitigate against risks of chronic disease.

Electronic communication and connectivity functions allow for secure, efficient, and readily accessible communication between the patient and provider. Patient support function offers tools that allow patients the ability to access their health records, assist providers in home-monitoring of patients with…. [read more]

Australian Defense Force and Whole of Government Operations Term Paper

… Australian Defense Force and Whole of Government Operations

Has the Australian Defense Force (ADF) "broken the code" to successful integration of joint-interagency support during the conduct of military operations?

Following the end of Australian involvement in the Vietnam War a decision was made by the Government of Australia to reorganize the department supporting the military services, which included the Army, Navy and Air Force, which recommended the unification into one single Department of Defense. These recommendations were accepted by the government and the Australian Defense Force (ADF) was formed on February 9, 1976. Over the course of the next thirty years the ADF would continually redefine its role and how it interacts with supporting government agencies in the conduct of military operation. The contemporary security…. [read more]

Information Technology: Telemedicine Solutions Offered to Remote Research Proposal

… Information Technology: Telemedicine Solutions Offered to Remote Places in the Country of Greece

The term 'telemedicine' derives from the Greek 'tele' meaning 'at a distance' and the present word 'medicine' which itself derives from the Latin 'mederi' meaning 'healing'." (Mavengere, nd) The American Telemedicine Association defines Telemedicine as "...the use of medical information exchanged from one site to another via electronic communications to improve patients' health status. Closely associated with telemedicine is the term "telehealth," which is often used to encompass a broader definition of remote healthcare that does not always involve clinical services. Videoconferencing, transmission of still images, e-health including patient portals, remote monitoring of vital signs, continuing medical education and nursing call centers are all considered part of telemedicine and telehealth." (in Kodandaram,…. [read more]

Use of Technology for Effective Policing Research Paper

… ¶ … Technology for Effective Policing

As technological advances proceed at an exponential rate, police must adapt their own tools and behaviors to remain relevant and effective in this new world without creating the opportunity for abuse or public resentment. That is why an investigation into the use of technology for effective policing must examine the topic from a variety of perspectives, looking not only at what technologies have aided police work in the past, but how those technologies are developed as well as any negative side effects incurred from their deployment. Increasingly, police must concern themselves with politically expansive issues such as counter-terrorism, large-scale monitoring, and online crime, leaving less time for traditionally community-specific, beat-oriented policing. Technology can help bridge this gap when applied…. [read more]

Web 2.0 With a Focus on Social Networking and a Little on Its Privacy Issues Research Paper

… Web 2.0 with a focus on social networking and a little on its privacy issues

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 with a Focus on Social Networking

The second phase of the Web development, commonly known as Web 2.0, has increased in significance and potential with the proliferation of the social networking phenomenon. The reality of Web 2.0 has also become closely linked to new architecture and applications that facilitate increased levels of interactivity and input from Internet users. This includes important aspects which take into account information sharing and creation, as well as interoperability and user-centered design.

This paper will deal not only with the technology and applications involved in the growth and development of Web 2.0 but will also investigate the social, cultural and economic…. [read more]

Providing Digital Security for Federal Agencies Case Study

… In fact GISRA did many of the things that FISMA does, including develop security policies and submit those policy plans (and a compliance report) to the Office of Management and Budget. However under GISRA agencies were not provided funds to agencies that could pay for assessments of their security measures, and FISMA does provide those funds. The GISRA also did not provide specifics as to the kinds of IT controls that agencies should put in place and there were no standards through which risk levels could be determined. The FISMA guidelines are far more specific, and FISMA gives each federal agency eight requirements to comply with.

Those eight FISMA requirements are a very good model for business information security programs because they provide specifics on…. [read more]

Movement Toward Electronic Medical Records Chapter

… ¶ … Movement toward Electronic Medical Records

In the recent years, the United States of America's healthcare system has been riddled with criticisms. According to Fung (2012), the healthcare system is complex, expensive, and riddled with inefficiencies in quality of care. Poor quality of healthcare is closely associated with professional practice, health care products, procedures, and systems, including prescribing; order communication; product labeling, packaging, and nomenclature; compounding; dispensing; distribution; administration; education; monitoring; and use." Improved quality of care can reduce mortality rate in the healthcare sector. According to Gabriel (2008), EMRs are instrumental in enhancing quality of heathcare. Gill (2009), explains that the United States has well received the EMR in outpatient settings. The government has slated over $20 billion of the federal economic stimulus…. [read more]

Emsa Evidence-Based EMS Systems Research Paper

… Ways and means to evaluate performance needed to be created with tangible and justifiable measures (Goman, 2007).

The insight of each agency had to be taken into account to ascertain parameters that would need reporting. Hospitals needed to be kept in the loop to know which data was accessible and could be transferred if the need arises. Another local agency of data accessibility is the fire department which should also be a party in the reporting process.

Having thus formed the framework, the next logical step is to zero in on the format of reporting in the most comprehensive manner possible (Gorman, 2007).

The last stage combines the effect created by all the above steps. The system plan making process involves inter-as well as intra-agency…. [read more]

Evolution of Health Care Information Essay

… " (Southern California Evidence-Based Practice Center.

Implementation of Health Information Technology Systems has resulted in higher efficiency for physicians, hospitals and other health care providers. As well, Electronic Health Records have enabled more safety in prescribing medication to patients since physicians can view what the patient is presently being prescribed by other physicians and avoid prescribing medications that will interfere and interact badly with medications that the patient is already taking.

Other advantages of Electronic Health Records is the immediate access to patient health information so that the individual who has a history of heart attacks, strokes, or the patient who is allergic to specific medications or allergic to bee stings can receive the most appropriate treatment possible in emergency situations that are life-threatening. There…. [read more]

Officer Safety Term Paper

… Corrections/Police Law Enforcement

Police Technology - Police Safety

Has the increase in technology that is evident in today's world effected the police officer and if so then how?

The police officer's job is one that is demanding as well as dangerous. From the routine traffic stop to the pursuit of someone armed and dangerous, the police officer depends on the technology and equipment that are the tools of his trade. The advancement of technology in the twentieth century was one of rapid acceleration and has proven to be effective both in the control as well as the perpetration of crime. The technology provided to the police officer is being at all times defended by offensive creations and implementations by the criminal element in society.

Estimates…. [read more]

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