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Department of Homeland Security Research Paper

… On October 1, 2002, DOD activated a new regional combatant command, Northern Command (NORCOM), which plays the lead role in homeland defense for missile or air attack defense. Yet unclear is where DOD will fit into a support role for other homeland security missions, such as intelligence analysis; intelligence gathering and law enforcement; research and development, particularly in the chemical/biological area; and use of reserves and the National Guard in functions ranging from protecting airports and borders to assisting in the wake of national disasters.

We must be mindful that if we look at missions from the DOD perspective, much interest centers on keeping overseas military operations as the department's primary focus. Providing personnel and resources to the support of a homeland security mission, though…. [read more]

Estimation of Road Traffic Emissions in Jakarta Indonesia and Development of Strategies for Reducing Dissertation

… ¶ … prosperity in the developing nations of Asia such as Indonesia is exacting a toll on the health of people and the environment through increased vehicular travel and concomitant increases in harmful emissions. This aim of this case study is to estimate and to quantify road traffic emissions and determine how they could have a bearing on the transportation sector in Jakarta, Indonesia. To carry out this research, it is proposed that it must follow three main steps. Firstly, to analyse the current data about characteristics of transportation such us traffic volume, average speed and proportion of vehicles in the main streets of Jakarta. Secondly, to examine these parameters within a particular air pollution model to determine the impact of the pollution this has…. [read more]

History of Women in Leadership Essay

… For women to get to leadership positions there was a need for upper support and since that lacked, it was not easy for anyone to see the sense for their involvement in leadership (Skaine, 2011).

Since men were so full of themselves and preferred to forget about any possibility of women leading in the military, any proof of contrary capabilities in women were never given any considerations. There was poor memory within the military or they simply opted to ignore the truths, which held the leadership possibilities of women. Regardless of all the challenges women had to go through, there is an evident leadership tradition in women (Zenor -- Lafond, 2008). It is also worth noting that American women had a passion for serving their…. [read more]

One on One Nursing During Childbirth Essay

… ¶ … Nursing through Stages of Labor and Delivery:

For many women and families, labor and delivery is usually a time of excitement and expectations that is coupled with anxiety, uncertainties, and fear. This is largely because childbirth represents a huge transition in a woman's life that involves becoming a mother and learning and growing in the entire process. Actually, the experiences of labor and delivery remain in the woman's memory for the rest of her life. As a result of the experiences, the care and support that women receive during this period is quite critical and important. The main objective of caring and supporting women during this process is to provide a positive experience for the mother and her family. Moreover, the care and…. [read more]

Cyber Terrorism and Warfare Research Paper

… Cyber-crime, Cyber-Terrorism, And Cyber-Warfare

Since the earliest days of the first primitive computer information networks and information systems, a perpetual evolutionary war has existed between entities relying on those computer systems and entities seeking to exploit those systems by acquiring unauthorized access to them or to disrupt them maliciously. This dynamic precedes the contemporary Internet Age by more than a decade and was already in full swing during the 1980s in connection with Usenet and the Unix to Unix Copy Program (UUCP) that were the technological precursors of the World Wide Web (Knapp, K.J. And Boulton, 2006; Wik, 1999).

Initially, the malicious intruders into computer networks were primarily insular communities of computer enthusiast called "hackers" whose attacks on computer systems were as much of a…. [read more]

Suicide: Duty of Care Essay

… However, there is real need for the expertise of healthcare providers in response to pandemics and disasters. No other segment of society can substitute for them. These healthcare professionals are expected to be well aware of the very high demand and very high-risk levels required of them in their specialty professions. This awareness, though, does not discount the need for them to care for themselves. Hospitals and other institutions where they work are also obliged to provide them safe working environments and conditions. But in times of disasters, resources run short. In many cases, these healthcare providers take in more risks than usual. They must choose between caring for others in adverse situations and their families or friends. They need to strike a balance and…. [read more]

Army Reserve/National Guard Retention Impact Thesis

… 37.8% of responders were married for the first time and > 50% were married for the first time or remarried. The responders also indicated, an interesting distribution of dependents, with 34 of 111 having 0, yet 48 of 111 having 1, and 24 of 111 having 2.

The problems of mobilization, according to the survey results were rather interesting as the very serious problems were reported to be, (E.) lost seniority, promotion opportunity or job responsibility at civilian job, (K) increase chances for marital separation or divorce, (M) burden on spouse. Considering the number of respondents surveyed indicating to be married, (M) is certainly believable. 36 respondents skipped question(s) 15 & 16, which is roughly 1/3, likely due to mixed feelings regarding their mobilization mission…. [read more]

Allure Cruise Line Term Paper

… Allure Cruise Line

The global business environment that affects companies' activity determines these companies to develop and implement flexible strategies that are able to counteract the effects of the environment. Multicultural workplaces are characterized by different challenges that managers must address. Human resources strategies must be developed in accordance with the characteristics of the business environment.

The following pages focus on analyzing some of the most important problems that affect the activity of Allure Cruise Line. The company's activity requires a multicultural environment that must be properly addressed by the company's management. This determines several problems regarding human resources that must be included in the company's strategy.

Allure Cruise Line's strategy focuses on objectives that refer to international expansion, organizing the structure and processes that…. [read more]

Virginia Public Health Care Research Paper

… Economics

Virginia Public Health Care

All full-time, part-time, salaried and classified state employees including regular, full-time or part-time, salaried faculty members are eligible for Virginia's health benefits program. Certain family members may also be covered, comprising legally married spouses and dependents children. State employees have a number of plan alternatives depending upon where they live and in some instances where they work. Full-time employees pay the employee piece of the total monthly premium, with the state paying the rest of the cost. These premiums are subtracted from workers paychecks before taxes are paid. Part-time classified employees who work a minimum of twenty hours, but less than thirty two hours, per week or salaried employees in comparable positions in legislative, judicial and independent agencies pay the…. [read more]

Participative Leadership Term Paper

… Leadership

Participative Leadership

Leadership means dissimilar things to different people. On the other hand, a usually accepted definition is that it is a procedure that takes place in sets in which one member pressures and controls the actions of the other associates toward a frequent goal. Participative leadership occurs when group members are involved in the decision making procedure right from the beginning, by contributing their thoughts and proposals (Shahani, 2010).

Participative leadership is a method of management that engages all associates of a team in recognizing necessary objectives and developing actions or plans for reaching those objectives. From this viewpoint, participative management can be seen as a management approach that depends a great deal on the manager performing as a catalyst rather than merely…. [read more]

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