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Emergency Preparedness Planning: Denver Essay

… The formation of an incident management team seems to represent an effort by the Denver government to go the extra mile to ensure the safety of its citizens, since this type of planning is not highlighted in national guidelines (FEMA, 2010).

The hazard/situational annex of Denver's EOMHS is the Emergency Operations Center (EOM) (EOMHS, 2010). The primary responsibility of the EOM is to monitor the city for signs of an emergency requiring a response beyond the routine scope of first responders, orchestrate the response of multiple emergency support annexes, and manage information sharing and the mitigation efforts. This level of monitoring requires the staffing of a 24/7 duty officer position. While this level of commitment is not mentioned in the CPG 101, the establishment of…. [read more]

Emergency Preparedness the Role Research Paper

… [17: Alpert, Michael, E. Preparing for Catastrophic Events, Pennsylvania: Diane Publishers, 2009. Pp. 19-43] [18: As in above]



In conducting this study, a variety of approaches apply in data collection and analysis. The approaches used in collecting the data included observation, secondary sources, interviews, and questionnaires. The book review process focused on identifying the already collected facts on disaster management. Also of focus in these publications included the elements of disaster management, the significance of the phenomenon in the society and the participants in such activities. The review gave much attention to the participation of private companies in facilitating the emergency preparedness program through the public. The focus was the ability of private organizations to train the public in emergency preparedness with the…. [read more]

Emergency Plan Business Name: Mwv Research Paper

… Upon receiving the assessment reports and recommendation the IC in liaison with the EMG determine the external response teams to alert and call upon to assist in managing the incident.


Communication before, during and immediately after the incident will be between undertaken using contingency communication system. The IC will authorize the use of high frequency two way radios for external communication and issue group leaders with low frequency radio equipment for internal communication. The IC will use distinctly audible sirens and loud speakers to give orders for evacuation and shut down. This communications will be issued before the incident occurs. Using the high frequency radio the IC will communicate with:

Outside response organizations

Neighboring businesses


Emergency responders

Government regulatory agencies

The above group…. [read more]

Emergency Management Program Research Paper

… The identification of the regulations that provide minimum requirements for the disaster management program will also include collecting information regarding hazards and risk assessment. The third step in this process is to evaluate ways to prevent hazards and lessen risks as well as to carry out a business impact analysis.

In relation to the implementation of the emergency/disaster management program, there are several things to consider as part of the preparedness plan. Some of the most important elements to be included in the implementation stage of the program include emergency response, employee assistance, incident management, crisis communications, resource management, business continuity, and training. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the emergency management program, the implementation process will also include testing and evaluation to examine…. [read more]

Emergency Management Disasters Are Political Essay

… President Bush during his administration ascertained that grave disasters call for substantial federal influence and powerful role of the armed forces. President Bush viewed a top-down system compared to bottom-up perspective as a perfect strategy in disaster management.

The response of the government during Hurricane Katrina was dysfunctional and disorganized. The government had restructured FEMA reaction's response abilities in the aftermath of 9/11 attacks and this led to the breakdown of the whole response system. FEMA did not implement effectively the NRP (National Response Plan). After declaration of the disaster by the president, decisions to make NRP to seek the services of civilian and military resources of the Federal government to help the local and state agencies did not come in time (Palser, 2007). .…. [read more]

Emergency Room Management Diagnose Essay

… Since the patients received via the Good Samaritan might be in a danger state than the normal patients, it is evident that the doctors and nurses will abandon the other duties to treat the emergency patient. The Good Samaritan law requires that the emergency patients brought in by the Samaritan received immediate health care from the health institution (Kavaler & Spiegel, 2003).

In this case, the doctors will have to create enough space for the emergency patient received from the Good Samaritan. Since the space is limited, the doctors in this case will have to eliminate one of the sick patient from the hospital to go back home. However, this will only depend on the health condition of the patient received and the risks that…. [read more]

Emergency Management (Mitigation) Policy Analysis Research Paper

… President Carter is reported to have "transmitted to the Congress, the Reorganization Plan Number 3 (3 CFR 1978, 5 U.S. Code 903). The stated and achieved intent of this plan was to consolidate emergency preparedness, mitigation, and response activities into one federal emergency management organization. The President proclaimed that the plan would provide for the establishment of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and that the FEMA Director would report directly to the President." (Haddow, 2006) This was passed on June 19, 1978. It is reported that Reorganization Plan No.3 "transferred the following agencies or functions to FEMA: National Fire Prevention Control Administration (Department of Commerce); Federal Insurance Administration (HUD); Federal Broadcast System (Executive Office of the President); Defense Civil Preparedness Agency (DOD); Federal Disaster…. [read more]

Emergency Planning Disasters Essay

… However, technologies for disaster recovery security differ from business to business. They are totally dependent on the company's network, layout, applications and information system's complexity.

Virtualization, basic data backups or continuous data protection (CDP), identity and access management technologies, cloud-based services are some of the kinds of technologies that can be used for recovering information and knowledge. The best technology can be adopted only after pondering over what is best for the business. Therefore, the best people must be approached who can decide about what technology to adopt after looking at the company's environment and identifying the real risks ("Disaster Recovery Security," 2011).

The companies should hire an employee who must be distinctively handed over the responsibility of "backing up critical data files at specified…. [read more]

Emergency Management and Communications Interoperability Research Proposal

… Emergency Management and Communications Interoperability

In an emergency situation, it is vitally important to have adequate communication software in place to ensure the speedy response of emergency personnel. Indeed, ideally, such systems would be free from failure and allow rescue workers to save the maximum amount of lives. The reality is however rather less than ideal, as demonstrated by the devastation of September 11, 2001 and Hurricane Katrina. In order to remedy the situation, interoperability issues need to be addressed.

The other side of the coin is however, would such attention adversely affect local jurisdictions in terms of cost and time investments? Conversely, the research might also ask - how much importance in terms of funding can be placed upon a human life? The dichotomy…. [read more]

Emergency Disaster Planning Term Paper

… Emergency Disaster Planning

In Case of an Emergency

Ponder, Plan and Practice

General Emergency "Kit" Guidelines

Past Lessons

Current Considerations

III Moving Forward

Somewhat Prepared?


In Case of an Emergency

Ponder, Plan and Practice

In emergency men will do many things they would scorn to do in easy circumstances.

Darius and Alexander will drink dirty water and think it nectar when distressed with thirst.

Kings and queens, to make good their escape in times of danger, will put on the most menial disguise.

And hungry men will not be over particular as to the food they eat. (Brewer, 1898)

Preparing for an emergency or disaster before it occurs, helps diffuse panic when an emergency happens, Linda Moss contends. Emergency Disaster Planning also…. [read more]

Emergency Management: Hurricane Katrina Case Study

… 146). Likewise, Sylves (2008) emphasizes that, "In the wake of the poor government response to the 2005 Hurricane Katrina disaster, many questions have been asked about why the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), along with a host of other federal, state, and local emergency management agencies, performed so ineffectively" (p. 68).

While it is frequently easier to identify what went wrong than what went right, it is less easy to assign blame or accountability for these failures to any single individual or individuals, despite the efforts to do so by many Americans. Rather, there was plenty of blame to go around at every level of state and federal government, as well as the private sector that chose to rely on an aging infrastructure despite…. [read more]

Emergency Management Plan City's Fire Essay

… Question 3: Which of the above stated requirements should involve participation and approval well beyond the authority usually granted to a Department head such as the Fire Chief?

In as much as there are numerous decisions and measures that are within the mandate of .the fire department, there are those that are beyond them even during and emergency and can be a challenge for them to obtain even if they wanted to execute. Issues like identifying and mobilizing resources must be done by other supporting bodies of the government like FEMA and not the fire department. Equipping the crisis management center once they have identified the location of one is also well beyond their mandate. The remaining measures like selection of the team, training, testing…. [read more]

Emergency Plan: For Communities Essay

… During a large-scale crisis, establishing an effective dispatch service ensures that the community or agency is prepared in the face of disasters ("Emergency Dispatch Service," n.d.).

An effective emergency dispatch service is important in the successful management of an emergency since it enables the first-responders to handle situations correctly depending on the particular specifications. Dispatch service is also important to the successful management of emergencies especially large-scale ones since it provides guidelines that are essential to the handling of that particular situation. As a result, the emergency service workers are able to dispatch the appropriate kind and number of units as reactions to the calls for assistance.

The field of emergency management and disaster planning has been largely impacted by terrorism especially the threat of…. [read more]

Emergency, Planning and Operations Methodology Term Paper

… The flip side however, is that given the scope of the potential incidents we as a nation are faced with, the isolated department may be happy to pass responsibility on to a state and FEMA (federal emergency management agency). The Homeland Security Team is much more likely to be better prepared to handle a wide scale threat to security.

Do you believe that the Federal government has to do more to simplify and limit liability for state and local governments and industry for certain disasters? Briefly discuss this issue.

Not necessarily, the federal government needn't do anything more to limit liability for local governments. However again, one must consider each disaster on a case by case basis. One thing came out of Bhopal incident, where…. [read more]

Emergency Planning: Washington Term Paper

… There is no template, per se, that we can work from.

Another threat in Washington, DC is a transportation strike: Sounds simplistic, but a such a move would cripple the city's economy. Emergency planners have to be ready in case mass transit workers do ever strike and shut down the metro and the buses in Washington.

Just this week, Washington declared a state of emergency for snow. Although Washington is not as affected by weather as other cities - there are not tornados, hurricanes, etc. - snow and ice can still pose serious hazards that emergency planners will have to contend with.

In any emergency, though, urban search and rescue, law enforcement, medical assistance and government will have to operate in completely different contexts. That…. [read more]

Emergency Management When Emergency Management Policies Essay

… Emergency Management

When emergency management policies are put in place, and an emergency situation arises, what are the legal ramifications? This paper delves into those issues and more with reference to emergency management.

As to the federal government in the United States, when emergency management functions are put in place in a response to an emergency, the Stafford Act becomes a shield from liability for federal employees and those legally part of the federal effort. The Stafford Act states that the federal government "…shall not be liable for any claim based upon the exercise or performance of or failure to perform a discretionary function or duty on the part of a federal agency ort an employee of the Federal Government in carrying out the provisions…. [read more]

Emergency Management When Disaster Strikes Essay

… " This is similar to that mission of FEMA. OEM tries to fulfill this mission, however, utilizing the help of federal agencies such as FEMA, who can support it with better resources. Thus, one can see from the first case that even state agencies must rely on federal aid and funds to fulfill their missions, thus, necessarily local agencies must also do this and are thus not suited to respond individually. [3: Unknown. (2011). "About SEMO." New York State Office of Emergency Management. Retrieved April 19, 2011, <>. ]

OEM also states to "routinely assists local government, volunteer organizations, and private industry through a variety of emergency management programs," which include hazard identification, loss prevention, and operational response to emergencies. OEM further coordinates emergency…. [read more]

Emergency and Disaster Management: Hurricanes Research Paper

… According to the director of the Disaster Recovery Unit in the Office of Community Development, Michael Taylor, "There are still thousands of homeowners who have applied to the program and are awaiting their awards" (as qtd. In Muhammad, 2007).

FEMA also undertook considerable efforts to provide housing to the individuals and households that had been displaced by the hurricane. Among other efforts, the Federal Emergency Management Agency also provided accommodations to individuals in the hotels as they were at displaced from corner to corner in the country. However, it was found out that even though FEMA was responsible for paying hotel costs, it did not call the hotels for the collection of registration information regarding the individuals to whom the hotel accommodations were provided. The…. [read more]

Emergency Management Essay

… Emergency Management

Over the last ten years the issue of emergency management has been increasingly brought to the forefront. This is in response to a number of different events that highlighted the need for effective emergency management. As disasters ranging from the 911 terrorist attacks to Hurricane Katrina, underscore the need to have effective emergency management in place at all times. However, with the changing nature of the different threats requires that the emergency management system undergo a transformation, where it will eliminate the diverseness and rivalries of the past. This means that the various tools / tactics to change the situation should be examined and how the different silos (rivalries) can be resolved. These two factors together will provide administrators with the greatest insights…. [read more]

Emergency Management When Emergency Strikes, All Levels Term Paper

… Emergency Management

When emergency strikes, all levels of government do what is required and spend but later worry about paying for all the spending. Some governments have contingency or emergency funds for disaster response. It is the responsibility of governments to protect their citizens from disasters but even if a disaster strikes they are responsible for helping them to recover. In most cases emergency funds are exhausted and most governments have to call for some emergency measures. In United States, special session of the legislature is called to seek additional appropriations.

Hurricane Katrina

In case of emergencies like Hurricane Katrina or 9/11 people look towards governments to come to their rescue. Here, Hurricane Katrina has become very crucial for public as emergency response and its…. [read more]

Emergency Management Continuity of Government (Cog) Term Paper

… Emergency Management

Continuity of Government (COG) vs. Comprehensive Emergency Management vs. Integrated Management Systems (IEMS) vs. Incident Command System (ICS)

Continuity of Government or COG focuses on the actions and procedures taken in an emergency or disaster situation to ensure that governments are able to fulfill their functions during said emergencies (Farazmand, 2001). One may also consider COG the principles that underlie the procedures necessary to allow functioning during catastrophes or other natural disasters. Comprehensive emergency management is the process through which COG can be achieved; it involves strategic communications through local and federal channels to ensure the complexities of an emergency are clearly defined, and the procedures for ensuring order and functioning are outlined and followed.

IEMS and ICS both focus on more specific…. [read more]

Emergency Management Evaluate the Cims Term Paper

… The Department prepared protocols with the NYPD for appointing an FDNY Chief Officer in a police helicopter to help manage bigger or intricate incidents. (FDNY Strategic Plan)

The Department has also done considerable growth in the direction of development of many important technological improvements led by a newly constituted Technology Oversight Committee -- TOC. The FDOC possesses the technological infrastructure to receive live video feeds not just from their NYPD helicopters, but also from their own satellite camera systems. The FDOC will deliver the commanders with the resources needed to promote improved situational awareness. The plan for the FDOC needs technological enhancements such as Video Conferencing, the capability for data analysis from wireless command boards in the field and a better Geographical Information System --…. [read more]

Emergency Management Cycle Involves Four Essay

… In this phase, it is necessary to consider activities for mitigating the future impacts of disaster (Nicoletti, Spencer-Thomas & Bollinger, 2010).

Emergency management seeks to offer protection against hazards for property and people. Effective emergency management measures entail functional approaches to any emergency, shared responsibilities within an organization and proper consumption of resources. Preparing for disasters and emergency is increasingly becoming a necessity in our everyday operations of institutions and businesses. Moreover, educational institutions such as campuses cannot be immune to the effects of emergencies and disasters (Nicoletti, Spencer-Thomas & Bollinger, 2010). Campuses have realized that they are prone to disasters. Therefore, they realize that they require careful communication and coordination to respond to disaster and emergency. This includes necessary skills and resources in responding…. [read more]

Emergency Management Essay

… In other words, it is the role of the recovery unit to compile data on the necessary cost reimbursements and to complete and file the "applications for cost reimbursement for personnel, materials, equipment, and damage arising from the incident" (Website of the Los Angeles Unified School District).

The adequate implementation of the four phases of emergency management within the Los Angeles Unified School District is nevertheless limited by the decreased access to financial resources. Out of all the four phases, the phase which is most sensitive to the financial constraints is represented by the recovery phases. Before the crisis, the people seldom think about risks and construct their lives in a highly protective manner, weakening the mitigation phase. Then, as an emergency situation unfolds, public…. [read more]

Emergency Management Essay

… In other words, as the modern day society evolves, so do the crisis situations which arise. Communities are now more prone to random shooting, but also to terrorist attacks, natural disasters as a result of global warming or even technologic attacks.

In such a setting, the ongoing improvement of the preparedness phase at the Los Angeles Unified School District allows the emergency managers to continually identify the new sources of emergency situations and to create programs and responses suitable for these actions. They as such implement the principles of continuous learning in a manner that saves lives (Holdeman, 2012).

Aside from the ongoing dedication to learning and development, the preparedness phase is also characterized by a strong and well structured set of activities. Specifically, these…. [read more]

Emergency Communications Considering Different Roles Essay

… The same is equally true with respect to establishing appropriate formats for conveying information to employees except that the specific personnel selected for this purpose will be technical experts capable of responding directly to technical questions without adding to frustration or anger by having to defer and promise to provide answers, such as where public relations personnel are tasked with informing employees.

Communication Intended for Families

Dear Family Members:

As you undoubtedly already know, we have suffered a mine collapse at one of our mining facilities. We are currently marshalling every conceivable effort available to us to execute successful rescue procedures and we are confident that we will be able to reach all of our employees who are currently unaccounted for.

Certainly, this is a…. [read more]

Emergency Response Plan- Non-Government Entities Essay

… This role is equally critical for those victims with minor injuries that can be treated on site in order to avoid shock (Reynolds).

The secondary role of Red Cross is that of first response debriefing. Often first responders can experience post-traumatic stress equal to that of the victims after dealing with an emergency situation (Armstrong, 1991). The role of the Red Cross is to obtain all names and jobs of personnel involved on first response teams and debrief all workers. This debriefing provides the volunteers with a means of releasing their emotional responses away from the victims whom they are helping. These sessions also provide a way to gauge whether a first responder is fit enough to continue aid at the site or should be…. [read more]

Emergency Room Overcrowding Essay

… Emergency Room Overcrowding

Healthcare reform must take emergency room overcrowding into account.

Emergency room overcrowding is characterized by a dual phenomenon:

There are actual increases in the number of patients seeking treatment.

There is also a reduction in staff and hospital resources.

Actual definitions of emergency room overcrowding include long wait times, lack of available beds, and boarding patients.

Boarding patients is both the cause and effect of emergency room overcrowding, and hospital administrators and policy makers alike must work together for solutions.

The causes of emergency room overcrowding are multifaceted.

Staff shortages are a major problem for hospitals.

Emergency physicians contend with skyrocketing liability insurance.

Nursing shortages are also creating emergency room overcrowding.

B. Budget cuts have resulted in fewer emergency rooms being built…. [read more]

Emergency Services Grant Proposal Thesis

… Emergency Services Grant Proposal

Disasters are part of life in the United States of America. They come in many shapes and forms. Natural disasters, terrorism, and chemical emergencies are only three examples of the many emergency situations that Americans have faced in the country. The problem investigated in this research is not so much the disasters themselves, but rather the lack of public knowledge to deal with such calamities. Indeed, many lives can be saved if a proper contingency plan and preparedness equipment are in place.

Importantly, the research recognizes that the public should be part of the disaster management process. In addition, health organizations and disaster management entities such as the police should make a conscious effort to work together in handling disasters. By…. [read more]

Organizational Performance Management Emergency Medical Essay

… Leadership would be charged with information analysis, process development, human resource development, and strategic planning. To properly gauge an organization's performance, leaders will have to collect data that they will use in making strategic decisions. The leaders will then have to ensure that their employees are well informed in regards to what the data actually means, and advise the employees on how to interpret the results. The goal for this process is maximizing patient care.

When the employees are involved in the processes that are currently taking place within the organization, it would allow for an easy buy-in by the employees. This is because they will readily understand and accept the changes been proposed. As they understand what the organization is intending to achieve, it…. [read more]

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