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Safety Humanitarian Emergencies Research Paper

… Christian Aid and Save the Children also launched an appeal. The British government gave 38 million in emergency food aid to Ethiopia. Up to 1,000 Somalis every day were streaming across the Kenyan border to Dadaab, which was already the largest refugee settlement in the world. Thousands of Somalis walked for weeks to reach the camp, many of them arriving acutely malnourished, dehydrated, with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Some 2.5 million people required food aid in Somalia, but access was tough, particularly in the south, where an Islamist insurgency made it hard, and in some parts impossible, for aid groups to function. To the west, in Ethiopia, over three million people required humanitarian assistance. Pastoralist communities there saw eighty percent of their…. [read more]

ER Nurses Thesis

… Emergency Room Nursing: A Unique Segment of Healthcare Delivery

The role of the registered nurse in a hospital emergency department (ED) or trauma center (TC) is unique compared to that of other nursing specialties, such as a surgical nurse. The emergency room nurse often works a twelve hour shift, but is often called in to work when there are emergency room patient loads in excess of the recommended patient to staff numbers, or in the case of a local disaster. The ED nursing staff is responsible for assessing patients as they enter the emergency department. The assessment is an intake of the patient's complaint, so that in this overburdened area of healthcare delivery, the nurse can make decisions about prioritizing patient care. Prioritizing patient need…. [read more]

Integrated Emergency Management Essay

… (Handmer 2013)

All of these elements were incorporated into the Flood and Water Management Act of 2010.


Clearly, the flood of 2007 caused tremendous amounts of damage throughout the UK. To prepare for these issues, the government enacted the Flood and Water Management Act of 2010. This improves accountability, it provides additional amounts of funding and it changes the focus of stakeholders. The result is that communities began to implement workable strategies as a part of their contingency planning. At the same time, they are working with government officials to more effectively coordinate their responses. In the future, this is preparing everyone for these challenges, by ensuring that they know what to do and can receive the support they need.


Birkland, T. (2006)…. [read more]

Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA Essay

… In terms of the departments and offices therein, there is the office of the administrator which is basically the National Advisory Council. This council coordinates activities to do with recovery, response, logistics management, mission support bureau, Federal Insurance and Mitigation Administration, Protection and National Preparedness and United States Fire Administration (FEMA, 2010b).

After the council, there are several offices as Center for Faith Based Initiatives and Neighborhood Partnerships, Office of Chief Financial Officer, Office of Disability Integration and Coordination, Office of Equal Rights, Office of the Executive Secretariat, Office of External Affairs (includes Disaster Operations, Intergovernmental Affairs, International Affairs, Legislative Affairs, Private Sector Outreach, Public Affairs, Resource Management and Administration), Office of Chief Counsel, Office of Federal Coordinating Officer Operations, Office of Policy and Programs…. [read more]

State of Florida Has a Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan Term Paper

… ¶ … Florida Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan is a plan used to assist the federal government in the repatriation of United States citizens through a process of reception, temporary care, onward transportation to final destination, and follow-up assistance for U.S. Non-Combatant evacuees to the State of Florida in an emergency. (Florida Division of Emergency Management [FDEM], 2004) From a political and public policy standpoint the purpose of this document is a written guide of what to do in a given situation that is viewed as an emergency, therefore insuring that proper protocol is followed and no important aspects are missed. One example of a situation where an emergency plan such as this pone was necessary is during hurricane Katrina.

In 2005 Hurricane Katrina brought an…. [read more]

Emergency Contraception Term Paper

… ¶ … Emergency Contraceptive Pills in the United States

This chapter will discuss the use of Emergency contraceptive pills in general. The chapter serves as an introduction to the ECPs, their rate of unwanted pregnancies and effects of the pill on pregnancy.

Emergency contraception is commonly known as the morning after pill. The name comes from the fact that these methods of birth control are used after a person has had unprotected sex. Unplanned pregnancies are common around the world and it is believed that 50 million unwanted pregnancies are terminated every year globally. [1]in the United States alone, 1 million and more abortions could be prevented with more widespread use of emergency contraceptives. [2]

Background of the problem:

The use of emergency contraceptives pills…. [read more]

School Emergency Plan Essay

… , 2010). These issues are for the most part are not addressed in the Dunn School plan. On page 2 the Dunn School plan has a bulleted list of possible emergencies (including "hazardous materials spills," "weapons on school grounds," bomb threats, severe weather and power outages (Dunn School). But that is all the attention paid to those issues, just a list of bullet points.

The Dunn School plan speaks to where parents should go to reunite with their children in great detail, and it lists teachers who can be counted on to show leadership. The lock-down of the campus is also discussed. But nowhere in the plan does it allude to the National Incident Management System (NIMS), which is the federal set of standards which…. [read more]

Pastoral Care Emergencies Book Review

… ¶ … Pastoral Care Emergencies

In the following review, this author will review Pastoral Care Emergencies by David K. Switzer (2000). We will see how the author reshaped and spurred thinking about ministry and pastoral care in the present post-modern culture. We will also see how his thoughts have reshaped and sharpened pastoral identity, awareness, and development in the present day and have become standard fare. His work has become cutting edge for pastoral care that translates flowery sermons into saintly examples for members of the flock to follow and rally around. The book is highly practical in approach, but still extremely sensitive to the theological issues at hand in ministering to those experiencing great emotional, mental, and physical distress.

Included in this review will…. [read more]

Management the Future of Emergency Term Paper

… Management

The Future of Emergency Management

It seems the future of emergency management is wide open and growing. The text illustrates how the field has changed in just the last few years, especially since the threat of terrorism seems to loom larger every day. In five to ten years, I think professional emergency management will spread further around the world, as past experiences such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and other natural and man-made disasters keep showing the need for coordinated efforts between countries around the world.

It seems that training and education are going to increase as well. Governments are going to have to make more funds available for training and education to ensure the safety of all citizens the readiness of all emergency management personnel,…. [read more]

Teaching Disaster and Emergency Research Paper

… This knowledge will then be passed to the students, therefore, equipping them fully with relevant knowledge that will be applied while in the field.

There is also unrestricted interaction between the public and the emergency team. This encourages competitive and public involvement when the disasters occur in the vulnerable regions. Essentially, it is worthwhile to create some public and private partnerships helpful in dealing with the catastrophes. Teachers acquiring such knowledge about the behavior of the public during such occasions are necessary because it will be passed to the students during the lessons (Alexander, 2000). This will prepare the students in terms of quality interactions with the public during disaster occurrences.

Lastly, it is crucial to note that some disasters are common and inherent in…. [read more]

Terrorism Preparedness and Military Emergency Management Research Paper

… " (Keefer and Loayza, 2008, p.65) Spending on the expenses across components and not including disaster relief and insurance spending, is stated to total somewhere in the range of approximately "$13-14 billion." (Keefer and Loayza, 2008, p.65) It has been estimated by the Congressional Research Service that between September 1, 2001 and March 2005, the Congress "appropriated and authorized $201 billion for the campaign against terror, including OEF, OIF and enhanced security and other operations at home…" (Keefer and Loayza, 2008, p.65) Stopa, et al. (2004) reports that Federal Preparedness programs including the following categories: (1) emergency management and planning; (2) training and equipment for first responders; (3) weapons of mass destruction and hazardous materials; (4) law enforcement; and (5) public health and medical community.…. [read more]

Disaster Recovery Emergency Planning Essay

… Once the mobile phones have been tracked down, messages will be sent to each phone in order to warn them of the impending disaster.

The above proposed alert system will be more effective and give information on the impending disaster at a more personal level that the existing system hence bridging the gap that the current alert system leaves. The cell phone message system will as well reach more people within the danger zone as it will cover even the people who will not be at their office desks with access to television. It will alert even those who are out in the woods or in the farms working and hence leaving out no one in the alert system. This message alert system will also…. [read more]

Sepsis Bundle Research Proposal

… Emergency Room Sepsis Bundle Practicum

The objectives of this practicum are three-fold as follows:

To assess a tertiary healthcare facility's emergency room nursing staff's current level of knowledge concerning the diagnosis of sepsis;

To assess a tertiary healthcare facility's emergency room nursing staff's current level of knowledge concerning the treatment of sepsis; and,

To provide guidelines for providing a sepsis resuscitation bundle that can be used for these applications to achieve a 25% reduction in mortality due to severe sepsis or septic shock.

Strategies for practicum

It is axiomatic that in order to improve anything, it must first be measured. Therefore, the practicum proceeds in a series of stages that are designed to first assess nursing staff's current level of knowledge concerning the diagnosis and…. [read more]

Emergency Readiness Annotated Bibliography Biochemical Annotated Bibliography

… DOI:


The report was done on behalf of the Yale Center for Public Health Preparedness in cooperation with the Connecticut Department of Health. In April of 2006, Connecticut conducted a readiness and emergency preparedness exercise that tested its ability to receive and dispense antibiotic supplies from the Strategic National Stockpile. Additionally, a competency-based assessement was done to determine the training needs of Point of Dispensing (POD) workers. POD core competencies were produced by adapting the existing preparedness materials. They were used to assess the training needs of over 250 people who staffed a POD during the exercise. The assessment exercise measured their ability to perform 17 competency-based tasks (Durante, Melchrei, Sullivan, Degutis &, 2010, 3).

Most of the POD workers required training on…. [read more]

Responsible for Emergency Planning in Miami Application Essay

… ¶ … responsible for emergency planning in Miami, an area that is vulnerable to hurricanes. You devise a plan

Emergency planning in Miami

Miami is a region highly subjected to the risks of hurricanes and whenever the calamity strikes, significant material and human damages are registered. In order to minimize the damages, it is necessary to construct a solid emergency plan. This plan would contain elements such as:

Steps to be taken before the calamity strikes, such as the use of technology to foresee the hurricane, its point of impact and its intensity

Steps to be taken to evacuate the population from the affected regions

Measures of insuring humans, animals, properties and goods

Offering training to the individuals so that they know what to do…. [read more]

Injuries and Emergency Response in Rural Areas Thesis

… Injuries and Emergency Response in Rural Areas

How can nursing make a difference in your chosen topic of injuries and emergency response in rural areas?

Injuries on farms involving machinery and animals, emergencies in areas that are socially isolated, and deaths amongst populations where guns are commonly used for hunting spell a recipe for disaster for many medically underserved communities in rural America. According to the National AG Safety Database article "Rural emergency response: The safety and health safety net," nearly 40% of the rural population is deemed to live in what is described as a medically underserved area. While 1 in 5 Americans live in rural areas, only about 1 in 10 physicians practice in a rural location. 43 rural counties in the United…. [read more]

Fireman's Rule Term Paper

… Emergency and disaster management law is an extremely important aspect of the legal system. The purpose of this discussion is to describe the history, present status, and future of the "Fireman's Rule." The research will explore how it applies to modern day law, and how this "rule" applies. The discussion will also focus on lawsuits that have been filed.

History of the Fireman's Law

According to the American Dictionary of Criminal Justice the fireman's rule was created to "protect from liability those who prevail upon firemen and police officers to put out fires or arrest persons, and where injuries to firemen or law enforcement officers occur in response to such citizen requests (Champion, pg.103)." Basically the fireman's law posits that a fireman or a police…. [read more]

Final Critique of Emergency Nurses Article Critique

… Emergency nurses' knowledge, attitudes, and experiential survey on advance directives," by Jezewski et al. (2007) is a qualitative paper. It seeks to assess the knowledge of emergency nurses about advance directives (AD) and how this correlates with their confidence and experience. The researchers use a device called the Knowledge, Attitudinal, and Experiential Survey on Advance Directives (KAESAD), developed in previous studies (Jezewski, 2005), to survey nurses belonging to the Emergency Nurse Association (ENA). The nurses surveyed resided in four different states in order to also assess knowledge of state laws regarding AD.

The researchers found that nurses' knowledge of AD was very poor ranging from 68% in general knowledge, 51% in knowledge about the Patient Self-Determination Act (PSDA), and 56% on state law knowledge. Nurses…. [read more]

Miami Dade Emergency Management Office Term Paper

… Miami Dade Emergency Management Office

Miami Dade County Emergency Management Office - Bibliography notes

This paper will present the definition of the Miami Dade County Emergency Management organization, highlighting its operations and achievements. Further more we will discuss how this institution works, monitoring the activity of a volunteer association - NVOAD. In the end, the author will present his thoughts and ideas on this matter.

The present reality is characterized by important modifications in the actual state of things, related especially to the environment but also on the man's actions targeted at the environment. Two of the most used words nowadays are 'disasters' and 'terrorism'. The human kind is faced with natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, tsunami and related unfortunate events, as well as…. [read more]

Government Emergency Management Term Paper

… Government

Emergency Management and the Government

Both Nice and Grosse (2001) and Farazmand (2001) agree that the structural nature of the U.S. federal government results in very specific policy-making patterns when it comes to crisis. Nice and Grosse (2001) argue that crises are focusing events for legislators and that government policy is always a function of crisis. In other words, the emergence of a crisis is what will most likely spur on action at the federal level because it draws attention to an existing problem. Similarly, Farazmand (2001) points out that policy-making in the United States is fundamentally reactive instead of proactive, primarily because rapid changes in political power make consistent policy decisions all but impossible.

From an emergency response perspective, this reality of federal…. [read more]

M5D1: Federalism and Emergency Management Discussion Chapter

… Volunteer firemen are the backbone of many communities. Resources are finite and without volunteers, day-to-day operations would be difficult to maintain. But volunteers usually act as a supplement, rather than the main component of emergency management, given the need for full-time, professional expertise at times of crisis. According to the Department of Homeland Security, volunteerism is encouraged: "the mission of Citizen Corps is to harness the power of every individual through education, training, and volunteer service to make communities safer, stronger, and better prepared to respond to the threats of terrorism, crime, public health issues, and disasters of all kinds" (Citizen Corps, 2014, DHS). DHS also suggests that citizens have a more general responsibility to prepare themselves for the eventuality of crisis events. "Citizen Corps…. [read more]

Corporate Risk Management Emergency and Contingency Planning Communication Term Paper

… Corporate Risk Management: Emergency & Contingency Planning

Communication is one of the most important elements of running a business. It plays a crucial role in daily operations and teamwork, while also being of utmost importance during unusual circumstances such as times of emergency and crisis. In fact, it is particularly during emergency and crisis situations that communication plays an especially important role. Regular communication establishes interpersonal trust. This trust is vital during all stages of a crisis situation, including contingency planning prior to the event, the event itself, and the recovery period after the crisis event. It is only by establishing trust that crises can be handled, mitigated and planned for with optimal success.

Specifically, pre-crisis communication entails not only spoken, but also written language.…. [read more]

Atlanta Medical Center Emergency Room Essay

… Health Literacy is defined as the "capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions." (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2011) This can be best accomplished through ongoing education, which provides information that assist patients in processing information on health care provided specifically in plain language. Plain language is stated to be a strategy used in "making oral and written information easier to understand." (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2011) Key elements of plain language are reported to include the following elements: (1) organization of information highlighting the most important facts first; (2) breaking down information that is complex into portions that are understandable; (3) use of simple language and definition of technical…. [read more]

Emergency Departments (Eds) Research Paper

… 60). Long waiting times, chemical and alcohol intoxication, particularly use of amphetamines or delirium caused by alcohol and drug withdrawal are more likely to lead to violent incidents. Among psychiatric patients, those suffering from paranoid delusions are also more likely to act out in a violent manner, such as imagining that the ED staff is plotting to kill or injure them. All staff members should be alert to warning signs of potential violence such as "pacing, staring, [or] any noncompliant behavior" (Hoag-Apel, p. 60). Voice, tone and body language are all important cues that a violent situation might potentially erupt, and the best method for dealing with this situation is to listen to the concerns patiently and rationally, to not "take the anger personally and…. [read more]

Communication Between Commercial Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers During Emergency Situations Thesis

… Pilot/Air-Traffic Controller in Emergency Situations: Literature Review

Krieger, J. (2005). "Shared mindfulness in cockpit crisis situations: an exploratory analysis." The journal of business communication.

Communication is key in any industry, but in the airline industry -- especially during emergency situations -- aircraft pilots and air traffic controllers must act and respond to each other in a completely error-free manner to ensure the safety of passengers and people on the ground (Krieger, 2005). The communication between these two operators is vital even in the best of situations; the air traffic controller is much more able to focus on a wide array of data and information, while the pilot must focus on the practical realities of flying a plane. Up to date communication between the two is…. [read more]

Emergency Response Literature Review

… Supervisor Draft



Emergency management / disaster management

Emergency Preparedness


Community resilience












This chapter is comprisesd of the literature review regarding community resilience and emergency preparedness in the context of emergency/disaster management. Additionally It will additionally discuss the general terms and definitinons that includes all aspects related to emergency management and preparedness specifying the terms is…. [read more]

Emergency Room Usage Why African-Americans Term Paper

… In addition, good health care practices should be taught in the schools, especially in predominately black communities. Alternatives to the emergency room should be discussed, and viable health care options for even the uninsured should exist.

Another major obstacle is poverty. Eliminating poverty in our country would not only result in a better standard of living for all the poor, it would result in better health care. As African-Americans move up the income ladder, they tend to rely less on emergency room medicine. They have more preventative medicine choices, and they have insurance of some form to help with costs. Poverty and no insurance are two of the biggest factors in emergency room usage, and eliminating poverty could change the figures dramatically. So could some…. [read more]

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