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Emile Durkheim Suicide Theory Term Paper

… Emile Durkheim Suicide Theory

Emile Durkheim's Suicide Theory is considered a groundbreaking concept in the field of sociology. Published in 1897, Durkheim's book, "Suicide," addressed the connections between individuals and society, focusing on how these connections impacted suicide rates.

Many of today's modern studies on suicide focus primarily on individual characteristics. However, Durkheim believed that suicide was mainly the result of how an individual fit into society. This paper aims to address the accuracies and inaccuracies of Durkheim's theory and determine if the theory still holds ground in modern society. I believe that the theory is strong and accurate in many ways; however, it appears that it is also flawed and in need of revision to accurately apply to suicide as we know it today.…. [read more]

Durkheim's Study of Suicide Essay

… That can lead to pain they do not know how to address.

If someone already has a mental health problem or other issues, and then gets involved in substance abuse, naturally the chances of suicide go up much more quickly (Rubenstein, et al., 1989). Attempting to find individuality, rebellion, and people needing to be independent from the group, are all reasons for people to commit suicide. These needs have remained static literally for decades, but they are not issues that some people are able to handle. They will see how much they can "mean" to society and their families when they attempt to take their own lives, so they are noticed by others.

If they succeed in their suicide attempt, though, they will not be…. [read more]

Emile Durkheim on Social Solidarity Essay

… In as much as Durkheim does a good work of outlining the social order and the way this order can be maintained, he fails to comprehensively cover the clear differentiation between the individual mind and the social the community that shapes that particular mind. He holds the individual accountable (through punishment) to the disorder that the community moulds him to commit due to the social solidarity. He further emphasizes that the ideas and deeds that individuals within the group display is a projection of the social needs that the society has, this gives room and escape route for those who involve in abnormal things and then points at the social mesh and the level of integration.


Amity Institute of Higher Learning, (2010). Durkheim -…. [read more]

Theorist: Emile Durkheim Term Paper

… 14). Where there is a weak social structure, individual behavior is more likely to be abberrant than when there is a strong social structure binding individuals to a community (Durkheim, 1897, p. 14). He reasoned that Catholics, as a group, more fully integrate individuals into the group and have exacting rules of behavior (what is and is not acceptable) than do Protestants (Durkheim, 1897, p. 14). To Durkheim, this explained why Catholics in his study exhibited a lower rate of suicide than Protestants (Turner, 2002, p. 457).

Durkheim was a firm believer in control theory. He believed that behavior is determined by outside forces which comprise a social structure, namely, family, school, morals, values, beliefs, religion, etc.(Turner, 2002, p. 457). When an individual is strongly…. [read more]

Theories Suicide by Emile Durkheim Term Paper

… Theories

Suicide by Emile Durkheim

The central purpose of the article appears to be a description of human life in terms of the discrepancy between desire and fulfillment. The author appears to imply that, no matter what the status of the individual, his or her desires will always exceed the means to accomplish these. Human life is therefore likely to be a continuous series of disappointments. As a remedy, the author suggests either nationwide poverty or a moral rule of self-limitation that is acceptable to all human beings within society. In this way, limits are acceptable and desire and fulfillment are experienced within these limits. Problems however arise when society experiences an unusual crisis or upheaval. When the moral limitation or collective poverty is removed,…. [read more]

Suicide the Natural End Essay

… If there is a salary that is set that everyone makes, people are happy because that is how it is and there is no quarrelling. If one person is salaried more than others are, it provides the people some to purpose for and attempt to obtain and puts the system off balance (Hawton, K., & van Heeringen, K. 2009). My query is, would a group of employees that gets compensated with not much for one service, see another comparable service getting compensated more and try to get pay that matches or would they be content with what they already had? I don't believe they would and this would direct to anomic suicide. I think my understanding of the anomic suicide is basic at best.

In…. [read more]

Social and Cultural Theory Study Essay

… The phrase 'looking-glass self' was used by Cooley to present the idea that "what we think of ourselves depends on what we think others think of us" ("Charles Horton Cooley,").

The human beings are living in groups, both large and small. The concern shown by the members of the groups towards each other differentiates the primary and secondary groups. Thus, a primary group is one in which the members share personal relationships that are permanent and long-term and family being the most important one. This group of prime importance plays a significant role in the life of an individual. Members of this group spend a lot of time with each other, display real concern for each other's welfare and understand each other really well. It…. [read more]

Sociological Theory Sociology Term Paper

… Relevance of the novel, America to our contemporary reality

The book is set on the leading theme of the societal interactions and changes that the society experiences from the interactions that happen in these meetings. The novel America is exceptionally reflective of the reality in the life of the contemporary America today. The social structural change that the American society experienced in the wake of the civilization era, and, which continues to occur today, is what the novel America covers. The novel tells of a story of the interactions between immigrants into America and the Americans that they found occupying the nation. It is true that the interactions existed long before the presentation depicted in the novel as though the interaction began only when the…. [read more]

Durkheim Term Paper

… Critics found Durkheim's method to be very empirical and that he sought through all kinds of data to find evidence of the relationship and conditions expressed through these figures or statistics. In the process, he discovered patterns, which were not themselves the cause of the phenomenon of suicide, that the cause was social and that those observed patterns were merely suggestive of the underlying causes.

Durkheim'e method began with statistics on hand in the conduct of its work and in combination with observations. He was in search of social facts and social explanations and tried to establish these with data on suicides. Although his observations were almost entirely empirical and his discoveries failed to connect the occurrences of suicide to what his statistics suggested, Durkheim…. [read more]

Durkheim's Anomic and Egoistic Suicide Term Paper

… Durkheim's Anomic And Egoistic Suicide

Flawed Masterpiece

Durkheim's Explanations

A, if not "The" Central Theme

In Light of Suicide's Darkness

Durkheim's Anomic and Egoistic Suicide

One hundred and nine years ago, the first edition of Le Suicide, Emile Durkheim's reportedly "flawed masterpiece" (Pickering and Walford 182) on suicide was published in 1897.

Durkheim most likely wrote this manuscript, currently considered a classic and the most popular of his books, after Victor Hommay, one of his close friends, committed suicide while still young. (Ibid 1)

Durkheim's Explanations In Le Suicide, Durkheim purported that anomic suicide transpires when a person's existence is destitute of restrictions and recognition and by other individuals in society. "Anomic suicides, as Durkheim described them, destroy themselves in remorse over their abandonment by…. [read more]

Durkheim: Modern Society and Punishment Emile Term Paper

… Durkheim: Modern Society and Punishment

Emile Durkheim is well-known for his work on suicide related issues. However Durkheim is not exclusive to the area of suicide, he had ample experience and expertise in other areas of sociological interest and one prominent field is crime and punishment. Why do societies punish offenders? This is a question that has been deeply explored by many sociologists including Binding who felt that a society's "right to punishment...was nothing but the right to obedience of the law, which has been transformed by the offender's disobedience." The main objective of punishment thus was "the inmate's subjugation under the power of law for the sake of maintaining the authority of the laws violated." Thus, punishment was meant to "represent the holiness and…. [read more]

Suicide Marilyn Monroe, Ernest Hemingway Term Paper

… A textbook of abnormal psychology explains it more aptly:

In general, any trait or any action of the individual will not be considered abnormal by the social group unless it proves to be an annoyance to the group. A man may possess an extraordinary fear of germs that will lead him to excessive hand-washing, but society as a whole will pay little or no attention to the peculiarity since it does not interfere with the comfort or activities of other members of the group.

Activities that are not harmful to the personal well-being of the individual, or that are not injurious to society may go unnoticed for years....Attempts at suicide are dealt with by law. Suicide is disapproved of by society, not because it is…. [read more]

Durkheim's Notions of Anomie and Suicide Term Paper

… Durkheim Anomie Suicide

Durkheim's notions of anomie and suicide

Although today we tend to take an individualistic and biological approach to analyzing the causes of suicide, Emile Durkheim saw suicide as having a sociological cause. Specifically, he believed that the breakdown of social institutions in modern, particularly in urban societies, created a sense of estrangement or anomie within people. People are more isolated in modern life, and as a result they have fewer social and personal moral constraints on their behaviors. There has been a loss of external and thus internal forces of control. Rapid social change and raised expectations more than poverty creates deviant behavior, as peoples' expectations for success are raised, then often dashed.

When people feel detached from others, they are more…. [read more]

Conflict Resolution Theories Term Paper

… If we consider the view point of Israelis, they claim to have ownership of Jerusalem which is their prime religious hub and was acquired from them forcefully in 15th century. Now Israelis have believed Jerusalem to be rightfully theirs because of historical background, and the frustration caused by this deprivation act as the source of motivation for them for their current course of actions which involves military activities ranging from normal military operations to guerilla wars and attacks on civilians. Under the action of the relative deprivation perspective, Israel further attacked the then Palestine in 1965 and acquired the area provided to Palestinians by UN.

On the other hand, if we consider the ideology followed by Palestinians and other Arab groups supporting them, they believe…. [read more]

Sociological Theories Marx Weber Durkheim and Mosca Essay

… Sociological Theories

The theory of history from Marx, Durkheim, Weber, and Mosca- There are a number of different modern social theories regarding the nature of society, social change, human's place within society and the idea of how integration and alienation fit within a modern society. These paradigms combine reflexively into a notion of history. Many of these theories have been used to buttress political regimes, many social and psychological thoughts, and many simply to readdress the manner in which humans can more appropriate interact in a post-industrial world. There are three four theorists that have contributed to this discussion; certainly not an opus of their work, but clearly, influential and controversial in their own right: Karl Marx, Max Weber, Emile' Durkeim and Gaetano Mosca.

Karl…. [read more]

Anomie and Egoistic Suicide Term Paper

… Durkheim's explanation of anomie and egoistic suicide is a valid reflection of social reality, what patterns of suicide might we expect to observe in contemporary American social life?

A hate myself and I want to die." During the height of the popularity of the Nirvana musician Kurt Cobain, and the wake of his much-publicized suicide, these words emblazoned across the dead musician's brooding image were a popular motif for posters. Cobain's picture and words were hung on the walls of many dorm rooms across the nation. Kurt Cobain, and many less famous and less talented egoistic suicides embody Durkheim's analysis of modern life as an era in which persons feel little responsibility for others and have no sense of positive purpose or shared goals with…. [read more]

Fragmentation in the Society Term Paper

… Durkheim, Fragmentation

What an amazing situation, being able to come back over a century later and see what has happened to society since I have been gone. My name is Emile Durkheim. It appears that some people now call me the "Father of Sociology." And one of the more modern scholars, Erving Goffman, even called me "God." I am honored.

However, I have not been thrust forward into time to boast about myself, but rather to see if my beliefs on fragmentation, alienation and anomie have found validity in this new century. As a brief overview, I believe that society is the glue that holds individuals together. When society becomes fragmented, or starts breaking down and apart, there also is "anomie," or a disintegration of…. [read more]

Fathers of Sociology Essay

… Spencer was also known for his defense of the natural rights perspective.

W.E.B. Du Bois' contributions to sociology may be more noteworthy than that of his predecessors, since Du Bois was probably the first major sociologist to investigate the impact of race and racism on American society. He began by conducting empirical inquiries into the conditions of blacks in America (Encyclopaedia Britannica, p.1). These studies were noteworthy for two reasons. First, they studied race in America. However, second, and perhaps more importantly for the science of sociology, they represented the first truly scientific approaches to sociology. Du Bois's motivation was not purely academic; he believed that social science could "provide the knowledge to solve the race problem" (Encyclopaedia Britannica, p.1). However, Du Bois eventually became…. [read more]

Suicide and Society Term Paper

… Anomie is defined as the state of individual alienation from society, which tends to result in unsocial behaviors. This social isolation can originate from either an excess or a lack of social integration, occurring more in urban societies where displays of increased social and professional specialization are seen, allowing for more heterogeneity and thus a loss of common culture. It is a paradoxical situation where the rate of suicides tends to increase when choices and freedoms increase, allowing individuals more control over their own lives. The resulting anomic condition is more likely seen during periods of prosperity and poverty, primarily affecting the mobile, professional, educated, and divorced people in the social group. This trend demonstrates that people need limits, and limits are set by a…. [read more]

Social Control Theory Term Paper

… Social Control Theory

All control theories play on the theme that deviance is mainly a function of the kinds of constraints to which people are exposed. The most well-known specific theory of this genre is Travis Hirschi's revised theory of social control (1969). It contends that everybody is motivated toward deviance, but only those who are relatively free of the bonds of commitment to, and belief in, the conventional order, attachment to others, and involvement with conventional institutions of society actually manifest their deviant motivation in unacceptable behavior.

Following especially the work of Emile Durkheim, control theorists argue that individuals are freed to commit crime when their ties to the conventional social order are weak or broken. In the late 1800s, Durkheim concluded, "The more…. [read more]

Labeling Theory Originating in Sociology Essay

… " Precisely because a child is labeled a delinquent, the label "transforms the offender's identity from a doer of evil to an evil person" (Tannenbaum, 1938, pg. 37). In essence, then, social labeling theory suggests that juveniles, having been labeled a "delinquent" begin to believe not only that they are people who do bad things, but that by labeling, such children are transformed into believing they are bad people. Bench and Allen (2003) suggest that younger inmates have higher rates of disciplinary infractions than older offenders. Consequently, labeling theory would explain the incidental increase in gang activity given the relatively few opportunities for inner-city youth to achieve a measure of success. Likewise, gang leaders getting out of prison yearly for good behavior might also be…. [read more]

Sociology: Comprehending September 11 Attacks Term Paper

… In the case both of threat and of support we must ask what salient contradictions of structure may be involved" (Social Problems). Hence, when we closely analyze, it becomes clear that it is the loopholes in the structure of our society that motivate many individuals to perceive victory in a different sense than what is normal and healthy as well as constructive. When culture shapes the destiny of individuals, we ought to view their actions in the form of a part of social order. This is because, for the suicide bombers there are various social forces at work just like in the case of normal human beings when they act and behave in a particular manner.

Culture, being the highly energizing force is usually the…. [read more]

Theorizing Society Essay

… Durkheim and the Division of Labor

This author has found the Durkheim text on the Division of Labor to be most interesting. Durkheim has introduced a Hegelian dichotomy that is contradictory, yet binary at the same time. The question is very much one of what is now the synthesis. The division of labor (hypothesis) brings about individualization (antithesis) (Raapana, N. And Friedrich, N. 2005). This dialectic is established to answer why the division of labor is universal across the board in human societies. This synthesis is religion. From it, Durkheim evolved his views upon and created the subdiscipline of sociology of religion.

Durkheim was born in Epinal, France. The scion of a rabbi, Durkheim also was intended for the rabbinate. His early Jewish religious education…. [read more]

Adolescent Suicide Integration of CBT and Self-Psychology Term Paper

… Adolescent suicide integration of CBT and self-Psychology

Adolescent Suicide: Integration of CBT and Self-Psychology

Determining why children and adolescents commit suicide is a concern that many individuals in the helping professions face. Obviously, they commit suicide because they are depressed in many instances, but it is also accurate to say that there are other reasons why many of these adolescents choose to take their own lives. Some of them are involved in substance abuse and other issues that cause them to think suicide is the right idea. Others are involved with crowds of other adolescents that drag them down into painful issues and problems that they have trouble facing. When this happens, some of these individuals begin to feel that they are trapped in these…. [read more]

Marx Weber Durkheim Term Paper

… Sociology - Theorists

According to Karl Marx, the mode of production consists of productive forces and the relations of production. The former include desire, human labor power, and the means of production - which can be anything from tools and materials to the type of land on which one is working. The relations of production are the social and technical means by which work is carried out. This might include the power relations that govern a particular society's productive assets, cooperative work relations, and specific modes of relation among workers. A social relation may be a relation among different groups, among individuals belonging to a particular group, or between one particular individual and a group. This group may be an ethnic group, a social class,…. [read more]

Weber Durkheim Marx Term Paper

… Philosophy

Division of Labor

The division of labor as a concept developed by Durkheim refers to specialization in terms of work (Dunman). According to the philosopher, the growth of industry and technology, along with the increase of the population necessitates specialization if society is to survive. According to L. Joe Dunman, this is increasingly evident in modern society, as human beings increasingly enter into specialized professions. According to Durkheim, the increased specialization is favorable for the survival of humanity, but can also have detrimental effects in how human beings interact with each other.

Increased specialization would for example mean increased separation between individuals. Each specialized area of work for example entails a specialized et of interests and norms that are not necessarily either compatible or…. [read more]

Social and Political History Term Paper

… Although Americans do invest power in the leaders of the government, the "taking" of power by the present administration has become unacceptable to most Americans who want protection "from" terrorists instead of becoming "suspected" terrorist themselves. Americans desire a "just" or "balanced" form of government rule and not the invasive and violating standards of the Patriot and Homeland Security Acts recently implemented in the United States.

In a sense, the "protection" afforded our leaders in the present administration has incurred daily violation of American citizens since the implementation of the legislation passed since 9/11. For example, the recent G8 Summit in the Georgia Islands should not have caused the massive descent of Homeland Security complete with Humvees and machine guns on the small town of…. [read more]

Sociology and Health Essay

… Sociology and Health

How sociological factors affect an individual's health

Sociology is a discipline of study that concerns itself with the human society by analyzing its foundation, growth, regulation, and institutions. As such, sociology seeks to understand the interaction between persons and groupings in the human society. Sociology has been in the forefront advocating that social factors have a link with the health wellness or illness of an individual. Authors like Anthony Baron Giddens have argued that sociology is concerned with not only the study of the human society but also how it interacts with other aspects that are external to an individual or groups (Barry and Yuill 2011, p.21). This has led in the rise of the notion of medical sociology, which is concerned…. [read more]

Macro Analytical Approaches of Marx Term Paper

… Huntingdon gives the main point of his theories in the way that cultures are depicts and foreseen as able to clash. This is something far more fundamental to the human psyche. History tells us many wars are created not by economic necessity or by political idealism, but those that are long running are often tinged with religious or cultural elements that cannot be overcome through negotiation alone.

The hypothesis of the book can be summed up in a single paragraph; " the fundamental source of conflict in this new world will not be primarily ideological or primarily economic. The great divisions among humankind and the dominating source of conflict will be cultural.... The clash of civilizations will dominate global politics... conflict between civilizations will supplant…. [read more]

Healthcare Policy Western Philosophical Thought Thesis

… His work on power and the relationships between power, knowledge and communication will provide guidance for this study, particularly in the areas of power between the social classes, as it relates to healthcare actions by the individuals and the development of better access to public health care.

This study will use these theorists and philosophers to develop effective strategies for societal change that results in wider access to the public healthcare system. It will utilize a multidisciplinary transtheoretical approach, based on key theories from the area of sociology, psychology, and philosophy to develop effective public policies that will result in improved access to the public healthcare system for individuals and various SES classes. The transtheoretical approach will be applied to societal, rather than individual change…. [read more]

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