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Early Sociological Commentators Can Be Characterized as Either Conflict or Consensus Theorists Term Paper

… ¶ … Sociological Theorists

We are basically social beings in that most of our activities are interactions with other people (Jones 2003). What happens in those interactions is, therefore, of utmost importance to all who are interested in human life. Sociologists have endeavored to explain social facts according to theoretical frameworks, each with a particular way of viewing the world and the different aspects of society (Lambert 1998). These views explore the ways of society and provide a more universal grasp of social life. Sociologists have proposed to categorize these perspectives broadly into conflict, rational/utilitarian, and micro-interactionist thoughts (Lambert). Most of the early sociological commentators maintained a view, characterized by consensus. This view held that people co-existed by reaffirming common bonds and values, such as…. [read more]

Sociology Families, Delinquency and Crime Term Paper

… Sociology

Families, Delinquency and Crime

The purpose of this paper is to introduce and analyze the topic of delinquency and crime. Specifically, it will compare and contrast two sociological theories that apply to delinquent behaviors, including major theorists in the area of sociology and delinquent crime. Delinquency, combined with gang membership may be one of the most pervasive problems facing American society today. Sociologists discuss group influences, social conditioning, and other factors when they discuss the sociological approach to crime. They offer several theories for delinquency, including the cultural deviance theories and social control theories, which this paper will address.

The social control theory of juvenile delinquency believes that social learning and socialization, which teaches self-control and reduces the need to participate in antisocial or…. [read more]

Advocate a Qualitative Methods Term Paper

… There is about both authors a sense of the clinical in descriptions of the female body that seems as if it should be off-putting but is in fact fascinating. Angier is creating a quantitative mode for analysis that stands very much in contrast to Winterspoon's.

The great skill involved in this telling of love and loss and the attempted reconstruction of the self in the midst of denial is that the narrator is given neither name nor gender. Certainly we conceive of the narrator as a real person (this is no ghost or dream lover of Louise's but a lover with a body). But without a designated gender we are left with two very different choices in reading this book. We can assume that the…. [read more]

Cultural Values and Ethics Essay

… For example, Justice in medical ethics focuses on fairness and equity in the allocation of limited healthcare resources. It represents the idea that people should receive healthcare based on their individual need, not on entitlement based on class, wealth, race, age, or other factors unrelated to their illness. Societal values, of course, reflect how decisions are made in regard to triage of resources, but the extreme of utilitarianism and deontology are less important as the thinking process in regard to fair care based on medical need. The nurses' role as an advocate is to facilitate, encourage or to enable patients to be involved in all aspects of their healthcare, and when unable to do so, act in their stead. This issue may blur, at times,…. [read more]

Child Abuse Term Paper

… Less severe acts such as habitual scapegoating, belittling, or rejecting treatment are often difficult to prove and, therefore, CPS may not be able to intervene without evidence of harm to the child.


Child abuse has been a harsh reality of practically every society for hundreds of years. Rather than citing specific instances of child abuse throughout history, a more accurate perspective of the issue may be gathered by examining statistics. Since the 1960s, efforts to ensure that abused children are identified have increased greatly in the United States. From 1962 to 1967 all 50 states and the District of Columbia enacted laws that required professionals in law enforcement, medicine, education, and other fields to report suspected cases of child abuse.…. [read more]

Military Employee Stress Thesis

… Military Employee Stress

The objective of this work is to compare, contrast and synthesize and evaluate the principles of societal development including an evaluation of the workplace and resulting family stress. In order to understand the effects of how societal development in the workplace has affected the family unit, an evaluation of the workplace and resulting family stress will be conducted. Additionally, this work will compare, contrast and evaluate the work of Weber, Durkheim, Spencer and Marx, the four social theorists upon whose work this study will be based and upon which the integration of current information meaning included in scholarly journals written by experts on family dynamics will be applied to the findings from actual application.


The objectives of the 'Breadth' portion…. [read more]

Shift From Agrarian to Industrial Term Paper

… But in addition to these trans-social fractures that the workplace reflects, Durkheim believed that there were particular forces in the workplace that caused particularly high levels of anomie. One of these was the fact that humans at work (at least at the historical moment that he was writing) tended to interact more with machines than with other humans, and this fact led to a process of dehumanization and further social fragmentation.

Both Durkheim and the German scholar Max Weber argued that managerial authority and power arise at least in part from the anomie that workers felt in factories. (It would be illuminative to apply their original arguments to today's high-tech workers who spend their time with "smart," anthropomorphic machines.) Managers derive their power because they…. [read more]

Sociology: Changing Societies Book Report

… A union leader in Washington, D.C., isn't a miner, but miner's groups are his reference group because he identifies so strongly with their needs and aspirations.

Primary groups refer to groups where a person received his or her first important lessons about life and social realities - most often, a typical primary group is the family. Individuals develop their self-concepts and their sense of themselves in a primary group. In a secondary group, such as the HR department at work, a person is less emotionally connected, and feels less totally included in the group's values and actions. A secondary group allows for roles to be played in order to carry out that group's utilitarian functions, whereas in a primary group, one's role is pretty much…. [read more]

United States Has the Highest Essay

… However, 78% of sentences imposed by United States federal courts in 2005 involved incarceration, whereas 3% of sentences involved only fines and in 2004 70% of convicted felons in state courts were sentenced to incarceration. Essentially, in the United States people are more likely to be sentenced to prison for federal and drug offenses than other countries and these sentences are lengthier in duration. A person sentenced in the United States for burglary will serve about 16 months in prison, whereas in Canada they will serve about 5 months and in England about 7 months. In England only 12% of prisoners, compared to 41% in the United States have been sentenced to 10 years or more. Six percent of prisoners in England convicted of drug…. [read more]

Political Culture of Race and Racism Essay

… ¶ … Political Culture of Racism and Criminology

Race is not only a biological determination of skin color and ethnicity. It is also a social construct, meaning that "it is defined and created by those in power in a society, and those definitions change as conditions change" (Apple and Aasen 65). As such, the notion that people of certain races are disproportionately incarcerated because of some innate trait or predisposition that causes them to commit crimes is visibly erroneous. There is no "criminal gene" that is passed on from generation to generation. The fact is, society has created the conditions that perpetuate criminal activity in certain races due to prejudice, discrimination, isolation and oppression.

In the 21st century, at its most basic level, the forces…. [read more]

indepth analysis of Mental Health Essay

… Hence, suicide will, as expected, follow from a failure to perform well and from a blow to one's self-esteem. Furthermore, different cultures condemn suicide to different degrees. For instance, one argument accounting for the few suicides recorded in the African-American community is that the community views suicide as unacceptable behavior. On the other hand, murder rates in the community are much greater, as victims as well as perpetrators. In fact, a larger number of homicides that involve African-American individuals are precipitated by the victim, consciously or unconsciously. The Afro-American culture seems to regard victim-precipitated homicides as a better way to die than taking one's own life (David Lester, 2008).

2. Describe how physical, psychological, and social factors influence health.

…. [read more]

Criminal Behavior Approaches Term Paper

… It has been observed that people facing these disorders from early years of life are more viable to commit crime in later stages of life. Many of these individuals are more probable to face legal problems in later stages of life. Thus, identifying these individuals and treating them in the best possible manner is form of psychological crime control policies. Therefore, procedures and techniques of crime control policies founded on psychological principles object the individual and try to reorganize or stop criminal behavior from that viewpoint. Some strategies need beneficial involvement, re-skilling, or tutoring is psychological in nature. Any policy intended at inhibiting crime by directing persons such as giving rise to realization, encouraging self-awareness, or classifying persons at danger are also psychological. On the…. [read more]

Racial Identity Complexities and Potential Essay

… African-Americans are -- because of a complex and iterative series of social, economic, and cultural conditions -- generally less educated, less wealthy, and less healthy than white or Asian-American individuals. Reponses to the feelings of anger and/or hopelessness that result from ongoing poverty and lack of opportunities in some African-Americans is linked to a high level of drug and alcohol abuse, gang membership and violence, and involvement in the criminal justice system. Any one of these can lead to early death, especially for young black men. A therapist who does not understand the social stresses faced by her African-American client may, at least unconsciously, blame her client's own behavior instead (Jones, 1985).

Most African-Americans are not addressing acculturation or immigration issues because they are likely…. [read more]

Gemeinschaft and Gessellschaft. Second Term Paper

… This study includes which social rules and processes knit these people closer together, and which rules and processes separate people from society. This not only includes the study of individuals, but also individuals as members of specific groups, association and institutions. In the end, sociology is about the study of what drives humans to form communities, how these communities function and the complex sets of relationships and associations that form.

As mentioned, sociology does study how communities are formed and what binds these individuals together; however, more telling is sometimes the loss of community. Sociologists often concern themselves with aspects of social lives, such as Anomie, that separate individuals and groups from the societal group they were once a part of. Science, in any format,…. [read more]

Research Paper

… Religious Extremism: Radical Islam

Radical Islam is a multifaceted phenomenon, comprising numerous groups and movements that, while related (especially with regard to faith and anti-western mind-set), may embrace very different thoughts on means and objectives. Radical Islam is a politico-religious quest to establish - by violent means if necessary - a society that, as much as possible, tries to adhere to the perceived 'original' Islamic values. This perspective, for the time being, ignores the fact that interpretation of 'perceived 'original' Islamic values' varies among the different Islamic sects, and these sects are also concomitantly 'at war' with one another. Apart from Islamic extremist organizations and movements that focus on Jihad (in terms of armed combat) against western nations, there are other organizations, which mostly concentrate…. [read more]

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