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Employee Engagement Essay

… Employees will not be motivated to act proactively unless they feel as though they are working to fulfill a vital, specific mission in the service of an organization that has a purpose beyond that of rapacious profitability. Although an effectively-worded vision statement alone is not enough to motivate employees, having a genuine corporate ethos that permeates the entire organization can be profoundly motivational and help improve employee performance. For example, companies such as Google and Whole Food have clear 'values' beyond that of pure profitability, which draw uniquely-committed workers and contribute to the overall value of the organization. At my company, the fact that the organization is so old and well-respected has created a coherent corporate culture that inspires workers.

However, it should be noted…. [read more]

Employee Engagement Research Paper

… Employee Engagement

This research report intends to analyze the fundamental concept of employee engagement as an instrument for facilitating high-level business purposes. In the literature review part, it will provide description of the practical and philosophical connections between employee engagement, managerial leadership, strategic aspirations and HR strategies focused on infrastructure maintenance and also the development of human resource management (HRM) competitive differentiators. Finally, it will explore the critical contribution of employee engagement as a route to strategic, reputational and competitive excellence within a high-performance working environment and make conclusions.

Table of Contents



Literature Review

Analysis and Discussion


Employee Engagement


An employee who keeps himself fully engaged and passionate about his work is known as an Engaged Employee in the world of…. [read more]

Employee Engagement Is the Corporate Term Paper

… It will increase their level of engagement with the company and professionally groom them for the career.


Employee engagement is build by creating a culture for engagement in an organization. This culture is based on the performance management of employees though high level of involvement and creating employee commitment to work. Leadership role is prominent in contributing the development of this culture. This leadership role is defined on the grounds of increased dialogue with employees, greater involvement in their development and continuous efforts to make work teams more workable towards the organizational growth and development.

The concept of employee engagement is slightly different from the concept of motivation and employee commitment. It is the strategic approach of building employee commitment to work which last…. [read more]

Employee Engagement Organizations Essay

… Eventually, the accountant was able to make improvements and these were acknowledged by management. As a result of the recognition, the accountant realized the value of her work and felt better at the valuable contributions she has made in streamlining business processes in the Finance and Accounting Department of the organization. The actions taken by the company to engage her reap benefits for both parties.

The example presented above is but an engagement undertaking for one person and the organization may not maximized the potential of employee engagement if only one or a few employees are involved. Hence, employee engagement should span the strategic, tactical, and operational levels of the organization. In addition, there has to be leadership from top level management in order to…. [read more]

Employee Motivation Intrinsic Term Paper

… In the end, employees who get used to intrinsic motivation deliver without having to look at what might have taken place in the external world or what they are to access after delivering. Their intention is based on meeting the set targets, and relishing the chance to demonstrate improvement once again.

Extrinsic motivation

Extrinsic motivation refers to a type of motivation that is instilled in an individual in order to make him or her achieve a definite purpose. Many employees fall under this category of motivation. The fact behind this kind of motivation is that an external factor initiated by another individual or the environment drives one into achieving a set target. Extrinsic motivation can also be positive or negative in nature. A positive motivation…. [read more]

Irish Telecommunications Managing Employee Engagement Literature Review

… The importance of employee engagement can be seen in recent studies that point to its efficacy as a means for companies to recover from the recession (Lewis, Thomas & Bradley, 2012).

Recession and Employee Engagement.

It was difficult for employees, especially in sectors that were hardest hit by the recession, to maintain the level of engagement they had felt prior to the recession. The reason for this is that the employees who were not laid off or terminated, still were worried that they would not be able to maintain their jobs (Lewis, Thomas & Bradley, 2012). This issue was more apparent in the construction and other building occupations that faced rapid downsizing at the beginning of the recession and have had a difficult time recovering.…. [read more]

Employee Relations Belong to Employer Research Paper

… The lack of labor plagued employers at the height of the economic boom that has not vanished. It may be off the radar now, but it is returning strong as ever. Tesco plc realizes by having an effective employee retention strategy will help them sustain their leadership and growth in the marketplace (Roger, 2001).

The best way to retain employees starts off from the phase of recruiting. Attracting new employees and then retaining them may not be two similar things, but each one reinforces the other in real sense. These functions require creating a repute of the organization internally as well as externally so that good employee generation is possible and once employees are hired, they may be so satisfied that they do not want…. [read more]

Employee Stock Ownership Programs Research Paper

… In addition to this, companies that want to invest in ESOP programs must allow access to company valuation to their employees in these programs. There can be minimal requirements in such cases, but companies that want to be transparent with their employees provide more information. But most of these employees do not know how to interpret the information provided by the company. Therefore, companies must also invest in training programs where their employees can benefit from financial education. These investments are intended to increase the sustainability of the company. However, this does not mean that the company must disclose confidential information to employees. Basically, employees in ESOP programs are entitled to receiving documents like the Summary Plan Description, Individual Benefit Statement, and the Annual Report.…. [read more]

Employee Engagement Term Paper

… The risks of not taking this seriously include employees filling in information voids with details that may or may not be accurate, higher employee turnover and low morale, just to name a few (Mishra, Boynton & Mishra, 2014; He, Zhu & Zheng, 2014). Examples of the concept in practice would include being at least basically honest about the chances of layoffs, being effectively communicating about the priorities and mission of the business and so forth. The author of this report fully believes and agrees with the idea of being transparent, asking for feedback and otherwise engaging employees in the process rather than simply manipulating employees like pawns. There are times where discretion and tact should be the order of the day but this should be…. [read more]

Motivation and Employee Engagement Research Paper

… Bassford, Offermann, & Wirtz (2012) have discussed the varying effects on motivation levels of employees of the support demonstrated by direct supervisors and senior management. Their studies show that employees tend to experience higher levels of motivation when positive support is demonstrated by senior managers. Increase in motivational levels is also experienced by the support shown by direct supervisors, but the magnitude is smaller than that resulting from senior management supportive behavior. The likely explanation for this is that interaction with senior managers is rare as compared with interaction with direct supervisors. This creates an increased perceived value for support from senior managers. Moreover, the effect of motivation from these two sources is independent of the effect of one another so that motivation derived through…. [read more]

Employee Satisfaction and Productivity Case Study

… During the survey of participants, the researcher investigates:

Employee satisfaction;

Employer/Employee perceptions of employee satisfaction;

Factors contributing to employee satisfaction;

ASDA reports;

Measuring employee satisfaction and productivity;

ASDA Interviews.

Study Objectives

Objective 1

Conduct a thorough review of literature relating to employee satisfaction and productivity/output; seeking specific information related to ASDA; including information applicable to employee satisfaction and productivity throughout the world.

Objective 2

Develop, implement and assess results evolving from a survey of ASDA employees and managers.

Objective 3

Analyze information retrieved through the literature review.

Analyze data retrieved through the implementation of the survey.

Analyze data/information the interviews reveal.

Present compilation of findings from the literature review as well as from the survey and the interviews during the analysis chapter of the dissertation.…. [read more]

Employee Involvement and Workplace Productivity in Today Essay

… Employee Involvement and Workplace Productivity

In today's hyper-competitive, increasingly globalized world, one of the most critical resources a company can wield is their human resources. Maximizing productivity is in today's complicated business environment is a primary method of increasing competitiveness. New technologies and new strategies are sought to increase productivity; however, Rosso (2010) notes there is often one strategy that is overlooked -- employee engagement. This paper will critically assess how employers can use employee involvement and participation to increase workplace productivity.

Employee Involvement and Workplace Productivity

In today's hyper-competitive, increasingly globalized world, one of the most critical resources a company can wield is their human resources. Maximizing productivity is in today's complicated business environment is a primary method of increasing competitiveness. In fact, "while…. [read more]

Employee Comp the Future Essay

… Part of the reason that we have typically used this approach is because the items we produce are basically project-specific. Accordingly, we design, bid and manufacture the items based upon our best estimates of what the ingredient elements costs, the steps involved and the needed manufacturing elements. The price (within allowable parameters) is then negotiated. As a business, we constantly look back on what was promised and seek to ensure compliance while saving money. If we happen to do better than expected, the end savings can be used to augment the core compensation elements either in special recognitions or perhaps through bonuses or other perks. Merit pay is very much a backward looking approach (Wang, 2004). Success breeds bonuses as well as other types of…. [read more]

Employee Training and Career Development Research Paper

… Employee Training & Career Development:

Employee development in an organization basically entails training these workers to develop hidden talents or obtain new skills in order to keep them acquainted with technological changes, maintain proficiency and improve performance. Employee development is centered on improving the employee's individual potential by enhancing his/her current skills, expanding his/her qualifications and improving his/her attitudes. Furthermore, employee development also focuses on improving employees' work habits and promoting their understanding of the objectives, policies and practices of the organization. While this process also includes training, it's not only the impartation of knowledge but also the preparation of employees to advance with the organization as it grows and change ("Employee Development Series," n.d.).

This process of employee training and career development has a…. [read more]

Employee Motivation Concepts and Theories Term Paper

… Employee Motivation / Concepts & Theories

Employee Motivation: Theories and Concepts

The issue of employee motivation is one that has become a central concern of management and leadership in modern business. There has been an increased realization in theory and praxis that employees are motivated by much more than salary and that in order to get the most from an employee there are many theories and practical motivational aspects that need to be considered. These range from psychological theories, which view motivation in terms of variables such as self - esteem and self - understanding, to more sociological and organizational theories about motivation

Motivational theory in an employment context is a relatively new field of inquiry and research. The importance of motivational aspects in terms…. [read more]

Disintegrating Relationships Between Organizational Leaders Dissertation

… (Krebs, 2008)

It is important to note that research shows that employees who are "included in key information flows and communities of knowledge are more dedicated and have a much higher rate of retention." (Krebs, 2008)

The work of Fu (2004) reports that the idea of social capital was developed by Bourdieu in the 1970s and 1980s and that social capital for Bourdieu "represented an aggregate of the actual or potential resources which are linked to possession of a durable network." (Fu, 2004) Bourdieu is reported to have emphasized the social capital "occurred via the development of durable relationships and networks of connections especially those among prestigious groups with considerable stocks of economic and cultural capital." (Fu, 2004) Research on social capital has emphasized individuals…. [read more]

Employment Motivation and Engagement Essay

… Journal of Law and Health, 17(2), 385-386.

Weiner, B. 1980. Human Motivation. Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Wilson, S.B. 2008. Goal Setting: How to Create an Action Plan and Achieve Your Goals. New York: AMACOM.

Wilson, I. & Madsen, S.R. 2008, April. The Influence of Maslow's Humanistic Views on an Employee's Motivation to Learn. Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship,

13(2), 46-51

Ziegler, A. 2001, January 1. Achievement Motivation and Implicit Theories of Intelligence.

Psychologische Beitrage, 43(1), 1-5

Neff, T.M. 2002. What successful companies know that law firms need to know: The importance of employee motivation and job satisfaction to increased productivity and stronger client relationships. Journal of Law and Health, 17(2), 385.

Alderman, M. Kay. 2004. Motivation for Achievement: Possibilities for Teaching and Learning.…. [read more]

New Employee Orientation Essay

… Employee Orientation

Situational Overview

A large firm with many employees working in different geographical areas must devise communications mechanisms that permit the effective long-distance dissemination of essential information in general. More particularly with respect to employee orientation and training, firms with many employees in diverse locations must be able to deliver new employee orientation presentations and other forms of employee training using the latest available communications media, especially in an economic climate that emphasizes cost reduction by necessity. That requirement entails the process of designing a new employee orientation program capable of being delivered effectively remotely, specific program content that fulfills all of the objectives of traditional employee orientation programs, the anticipation and resolution of all technological barriers and issues, and the adaptation of supervisory…. [read more]

Low Employee Morale, Cultural Essay

… The growth needs are noted by Maslow to have a high motivational effect on the employees. This is because it helps them in maintaining as well as improving their levels of work performance.

The use of financial incentives or pay is noted by Gallup to be a less effective predictor of job satisfaction as well as employee motivation. This is because employees may join an organization due toits generous pay scale as well as lucrative benefits packages.The question is how long tey would stay as well as how productive they would be.The work of Coffman and Gonzalez-Molina (2002) indicated that employee engagement is one of the most powerful ways of motivating them.,This means that how they relate with their supervisors and the management is very…. [read more]

Employee Motivation in a Pcba Contract Manufacturing Dissertation

… Employee motivation in a PCBA contract manufacturing industry -- an example of Plexus

Today many organizations are going through change due to globalization and ever changing technology. Organizations have to cope with these changes by broadening their networks, introducing new systems at work place, hiring new staff or other many such type of changes. These changes influence workplace atmospheres as well as existing employees and they feel it difficult to cope with the changes. Current paper is a case study of Plexus Company a part of the PCB contract company. Plexus organization went through change as its widened its network and as a result workplace atmosphere was affected. The researcher explored the change affect in the company at operational level by exploring the factors of…. [read more]

Employee Motivation Essay

… An excellent manager will be able to also sense and define the relative levels of focus for each of these four drives while still keeping an organization moving quickly towards its objectives. This isn't to say however that the best managers who rely on a drive-based approach to motivation coddle or shelter their employees. Quite the opposite, the best managers give the employees the confidence they need to excel despite obstacles and significant odds over time. Implicit in the statement is the need for managers to create and sustain a culture of continual improvement and self-reliance.

The authors also illustrate how employee motivation is influenced by a broad, complex system of managerial and organizational factors. These include commitment, engagement, intention to quit and satisfaction (Nohria,…. [read more]

Employee Motivation Roles and Approaches of Managers Thesis

… Employee Motivation

Roles and approaches of managers of in employee motivation

Employees' enthusiasm is important for the success of every organization. For employees to be enthusiastic about their jobs, the basic goals of employees must be satisfied. These include equity, achievements, and camaraderie Sirota & Meltzer, 2005.

Management must thus ensure that these fundamental reasons are met. The research therefore aims at uncovering the strategies that managers adopt in winning the loyalty and enthusiasm of the employees. The topic on the research is important in explaining the cause of variation in performance of companies in the same market or segment. In as much as all managers are interested in improving performance to higher levels, some of their efforts and ways have faced immense resistance from…. [read more]

Raines, M. ). Engaging Employees Article Review

… So often in dealing with companies, human interaction is often overridden with technicalities and mandated standards in hopes of turning a profit and keeping things structured. However, this structured environment does not assure that employee health and safety remain at an optimum level. In viewing the research set forth in Raines' article, including the aforementioned statistics, it can be seen that in including true employee engagement into the repertoire of any company's standards of operation, employees can continue to work in a manner than not only increases their personal health and safety, but increases their utility within the company as a whole.

In bringing operations back to a personal-level, companies can easily apply the tactics discussed within this article in order to create safer environment…. [read more]

Manage Employment Relation Essay

… Employment Relations

Management Discretion in Australia

Contrary to the belief that managers have the utmost say in the work place, it is the reverse that is actually true. This is because of the favorable conditions that the employees receive from the authorities. The unions that represent the employees have also of power and, therefore, control the employees. The Fair Works Authority has the most power with regulations that favor the employees. These reduce the strong hold that a manager may have in the work place. The managers have limited control over the employees due to the constant scrutiny of third parties.

Fair Work Australia

The actions of this independent body affect the extent to which the managers can control the employees in an organization. Most…. [read more]

Ft/Pt Employees to Explore Case Study

… FT/PT Employees

To explore whether types of employment make a difference in terms of work commitment

To investigate factors influencing employee work commitment

To find suggestions for enhancing employee work commitment

Principle of employment type

- Definition of full-time and part-time employees

Importance of full-time and part-time worker

There is no federal law that specifies the number of hours an employee must work to be considered full-time. It is the sole discretion of the individual employer to make that determination. An employer can specify a certain number of hours per day and/or week. If wages or benefits are involved, however, then the employer is required to clearly state in writing (e.g., employee handbook) the different requirements for full- versus part-time employment (North Carolina Department of…. [read more]

Study of High Employee Turnover in a Florida Comprehensive Services Company Term Paper

… ¶ … High Employee Turnover in a Florida

In recent years, organizational knowledge and employee turnover have been the focus of an increasing amount of attention from management experts seeking to identify improved methods of providing effective human resource services to help companies recruit and retain qualified employees (Droege & Hoobler, 2003). To this end, the purpose of this study is to determine the relationship between high employee turnover and personal factors against the preference for compensation. This evaluation will be conducted on a comprehensive services organization located in Northeast, Florida that employs more than 12,000 people. The organization is one of the largest billing and customer service organization in their county.

Statement of Problem. Today, there is a problem with the subject financial services…. [read more]

Organization Alignment Among Employees Page Essay

… R. And J.W. Boudreau. 2001). Economic downturn of the last decade has transformed business processes throughout the industrial, manufacturing, service, private and public sectors. Business strategists are more focused on target oriented achievement through efficient utilization of resources and mobilization of human capital. The transformation has heightened the concentration of business process outsourcing, globalization of economies, institutional capacity building and workforce diversity. All these has effected business models and now they function as boundary less entities with strong supply chain functions interconnected with each other and with the central control unit or headquarters. In such business scenario organization alignment plays an important role in communicating the goals at different levels of management and its diverse functional units dispersed geographically throughout the globe. Organizations are trying…. [read more]

Individuals and Managers Essay

… Employee Motivation and Production Maximization

Getting employees to do their best work is one of the most challenging aspects of being a manager. Individuals act based on many different types of motivation. From the very basic need to survive to intrinsic motivation, to motivation that is associated with outside forces and rewards. Managers need to understand how to identify important motivational actions and activities as well as how to motivate employees to do their best and help increase productivity. In their understanding of motivation, the manager can increase the efficiency of the employees as a team, while making the work environment pleasant and enjoyable as possible for his or her staff. The emotional triggers to motivation are often easy to identify, but hard to completely…. [read more]

Rights of the Employees Term Paper

… If by any chance an employee is caught without work permit, the employee will be presumed as guilty as the employer.

Considerable forms of defense for workers have been provided by the UAE Labor Law and ministerial decrees. Any worker has the complete right to file a complaint at the Labor Department in the Ministry of Labor about a disagreement with his owner. Employers can be given severe penalty in case of disobedience with the labor laws.

The worker has the right to protest about the organization albeit he is working on a visit visa. Any other form of proof is inadequate to confirm that he is working for the organization (HRW, 2006).

The Rules and Regulations for an employee to sponsor his family

There…. [read more]

Managers Want a Healthy Research Paper

… In 2008, WorldatWork found that nearly 9 out of 10 organizations who responded to them have employee recognition programs in place and that only 7% were doing less recognition that year than they had a year ago. Approximately 90% of the sampled organizations were intending to continue their programs, and more than half of the organizations said that they were thinking of supplementing those programs with additional ones. Consider too that the sampled population was extremely large: surveyed 4,617 WorldatWork members in the United States -- and we see that a sufficiently large number of workplaces are enthused with employee recognition programs.

Employers have a tough time finding the right individual and then persuading that individual to sign on to the workplace. Employers, sometimes,…. [read more]

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