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Energy Conservation Plan Term Paper

… Energy Conservation Plan

Energy conservation has become a matter of extreme interest at global level, but at individual level as well, given the fact that energy consumption has its repercussions on all of us. The effects that energy consumption has on the environment have determined world's nations to take measures that focus on energy conservation. The process of energy conservation does not address governments and state's institutions only, but individuals as well. Without individual support, these policies cannot attain their objectives. The following pages will focus on discussing the energy crisis that took place in California, beginning in the year 2000. The problem's causes will be discussed, followed by its consequences, and measures that were taken or that were supposed to be taken.

Over the…. [read more]

Energy Efficiency Term Paper

… Energy Efficiency

Energy conservation has become such a hackneyed topic that it has completely lost its shock and awe effect. Government's numerous energy conservation programs were certainly developed with best interests of the public at heart but over the years, their inability to penetrate public's consciousness have turned them into fatuous exercises. However energy conservation is not something that can be easily overlooked because lack of efficiency in the utilization of energy is costing the country dearly.

We must first understand what is meant by energy efficiency. Energy comes from host of sources- some of which are more vulnerable to depletion than others. In order to protect these sources from complete dissipation, we need to lessen our dependence on them and thus turn to more…. [read more]

Energy Planning Assessment

… Energy Planning -- Main Goals

"We are addicted to foreign oil and we have to wean ourselves off it."

Over the last twenty years or more, the American public has heard a similar refrain about energy use issues from just about every politician that has run for office and certainly from every politician that gets elected and takes a stand on energy use. That platitudinous catchphrase is so often used it's almost redundant and the problem is for many Americans it is so familiar it has become nothing more than a political slogan. What is being alluded to here is the concept that it is past time when America needs to become energy self-sufficient. How to go about being energy independent is the question. This…. [read more]

Dod: Pursuing Alternative Energy Conservation Essay

… The Navy has indeed been long leading the way in the regard, by engaging in proactive testing of biofuels and demonstrating that there is absolutely no reason that the future of the Department of Defense has to include a dependence on foreign fuels. The Navy was the branch of the DOD which engaged in the testing and certification of 50-50 blends of advanced hydrotreated biofuel and aviation gas as a means of testing, evaluating and demonstrating the wide-range utility and functionality of advanced biofuels in an operational setting. "The military's ability to use fuels other than petroleum reduces vulnerability to rapid and unforeseen changes in the price of oil that can negatively impact readiness, while also increasing energy security….Kaiser delivered 700,000 gallons of hydro-treated renewable…. [read more]

Globalization and the Demand for Energy in the 21st Century Term Paper

… Globalization and Energy Demands in the 21st Century

According to a May 2004 report from Deloitte Research, supplying enough energy on a reliable basis at prices that will not cripple the global economic growth has become a challenge with consequences that are difficult to predict (Globalization pp). Although this will provide new opportunities for oil and gas companies, pipelines, generators, utilities and others in the energy business, it also carries serious risks (Globalization pp). The demand for energy is growing, not only in the developed economies of Europe, Japan and North American, but in developing countries as well (Globalization pp). In fact, the fastest demand growth is in China and other emerging markets, thus from one side of the globe to the other, societies are…. [read more]

Alternative Energy Conservation Planning Research Paper

… ¶ … energy industry is heavily dependent on fossil fuel production, consumption, and technology. In order to better understand a more sustainable, environmentally friendly way forward, it is necessary to examine some of the more conventional alternative energy technologies available for use. Solar, wind, nuclear, natural gas, ethanol, hybrid, and hydrogen technologies all have their costs and benefits, and understanding them helps to mitigate these costs while amplifying their benefits. The structure of energy consumption is also likely to change in the coming decades, shifting from a centralized energy production model to one where communities and groups are creating their own independent and self-reliant energy infrastructures. Once the different types of technology are applied in smaller, more customized ways, they can be used in unison…. [read more]

Strategy of Renewables Energy in UK Research Proposal

… Strategy of Renewable Energy in UK

Strategies of Renewable Energy in UK

Energy resources are one of the most important natural resource for any economy around the world. This is because the energy is an essential and integral part of every human's life. From domestic use to industrial operations, from transportation to power generation, energy is the fundamental requirement in every aspect.

Ever since the industrial revolution began, the demand for energy resources increased more than ever before. Massive manufacturing plants meant more fuel energy was required. As a result of industrial revolution, electronic home appliances became a household essential, which meant that more power resources would be needed for domestic use. Later on, after the first and second world war, the world saw an…. [read more]

Pacific Oil-Strategic Plan Essay

… In both these countries, the demand of natural gas and oil is currently running at the rate of more than 10%. This trend can help Pacific oil to develop new market and increase the company revenues. Some of the major characteristics of oil industry are as follows:

Increased trends of mergers and acquisitions in oil market are resulting in oil giants

Technological advances

Increasing trends of deregulation and privatization in oil industry

Instability of the industry

Pressures of oil demand for larger economies and developing economies

Due to technological advances, new competitive forces are now in place for the oil companies

Newly introduced products aligning with customer needs and wants

The global trade of oil accounts for 53% which is 10% of the world-trade. This…. [read more]

Energy Conservation Process Basically Consists in Achieving Term Paper

… Energy conservation process basically consists in achieving the same results with smaller quantities of energy. Energy conservation has become a matter of extreme importance that is affecting life on Earth at all levels. This matter affects households, industrial consumers, and the state itself, in different ways. However, each of these affected parties tries to diminish energy consumption, for environmental purposes, for profit related purposes, or for energy policy purposes. The energy consumption distribution per sector in the United States is the following: transportation 28%, residential 21%, commercial 17%, and industrial 33%. As households are concerned, energy consumption distribution follows the following pattern: space conditioning 44%, water heating 13%, lighting 12%, refrigeration 8%, home electronics 6%, laundry appliances 5%, kitchen appliances 4%, and other uses 8%…. [read more]

Energy Policy of the People's Republic of China Research Paper

… ¶ … 21st century shapes up to be the "Century of Asia" with China in the vanguard, it is becoming increasingly clear that the world's finite supplies of fossil fuels will not be able to satisfy the growing demand from China and other rapidly developing nations such as Brazil and India. In fact, some scientists believe that peak oil will be reached by mid-century, and supplies will become even scarcer after that point. While scientists continue their quest for fission energy, other researchers are seeking alternative energy sources from other renewable sources such as solar, wind and biomass energy. The purpose of this study was to (a) determine China's current energy reliance on coal, and why this is changing; (b) identify viable energy options for…. [read more]

Application of Solar Thermal Systems in the UK Dissertation

… ¶ … economic and environmental benefits of using a solar water heating system for hot water applications in a typical British commercial building. Of particular interest was to initially estimate the energy use for heating of water. The most relevant variables were the horizontal solar irradiance, the sky clearness index, the solar declination angle and the ambient air temperature. Since the incident energy is a function of the solar collector tilt angle, an optimum angle which fortunately is equal to the average UK household roof pitch was determined. The Solar Savings calculation was used to calculate the amount of the total conventional hot water heating load (delivered energy and tank standby losses) provided by solar energy less any associated parasitic energy use. These figures were…. [read more]

Grid Connected Photovoltaic PV Systems Research Paper

… Grid-Connected Photovoltaic (PV) Systems

Though French physicist Edmond Becquerel discovered the photovoltaic (PV) phenomenon about 1839, the earliest practical application came in the 1950s, when crystalline silicon cells powered United States space satellites (Solar Direct) by generating electrons from sunshine. Despite the requirement for electricity storage at night, photovoltaics are becoming increasingly common, particularly as grid-connected systems (St. John). The four main parts of PV systems (silicon cells, inverters, controllers, and batteries) are becoming ever cheaper despite issues with grid integration and environmental concerns (Solar Direct). Financial incentives make PV particularly attractive (Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE)).

Gerald Pearson, a physicist, accidentally developed crystalline silicon cells in 1953 at Bell Laboratories (Perlin). Further fine-tuning came from Daryl Chapin and Calvin Fuller…. [read more]

What Is Better for Environmental Protection Conservation Preservation or Both? Research Paper

… Conservation Preservation

Conservation and Preservation: An Emergent Compatibility

Prior to the introduction of major legislation concerning the environment, it had been a popularly accepted notion that our utilization of the earth would be subject to no limitations. Our manifold purposes, pertaining to the expansion of commercial industries, the procurement of lands for residency, the optimization of geological settings for pedestrian needs and the constantly swelling demand for space upon which to drive had for many years after the start of the Industrial Age taken precedence in our notion of sociological advancement. The overarching notion that the earth belonged to man to do with as he pleased was given little contest in the public forum, with large economic, political and cultural contingents generally conceding to the…. [read more]

Pacific Plan Is a Document Essay

… Another step towards the realization of sustainable development was developing and implementing conservation as well as management measures both in the national and the regional levels. These measures would make sure that fisheries' resources got utilized in a sustainable manner. In addition, policies and plans that regulated the way waste was managed were to be developed and implemented. Pollution of the environment is a major drawback in developmental efforts therefore it is important to determine how waste will be managed in order to conserve the environment. Efforts to achieve sustainable development in countries in the Pacific region were being hindered by lack of energy sources that were environmentally friendly and affordable. The Pacific Plan came up with a recommendation that the 'Pacific Islands Energy Policy'…. [read more]

Cox Communications Telecommunications Innovation Status Essay

… He makes the case that many telecom companies have difficulty tracking network assets once they've come out of service; when this scenario is not managed properly, there is real potential for telecom companies to undo the eco-friendly work being done in product development and manufacturing.

According to Adelman, telecom companies need to know what they have, where it is located, what condition it is in, and its value, either for reuse or resale. He advocates knowing more about the location, condition, and value of equipment after its removal from the active network in order to drive the following environmental and business gains by:

Dictating transportation events to ensure equipment always travels the shortest distance from point of storage to point of need, thereby dramatically reducing…. [read more]

Environmental Hazards as a Consequence Term Paper

… Data gathering and Analysis

Overview of the issues of environmental protection

In recent times, the need to protect and save the environment is growing. Most scientists and climatologists working with data related to the climate and the weather believe that the earth's temperature is rising. This is often attributed to the depletion of the ozone layer and the increase in the greenhouse gases. Temperature-rises have resulted in rising sea levels. Many islands in the Pacific Ocean are in danger of being submerged. These changes will influence the lives of the average citizen. More money will have to be spent on healthcare and preventive medicine. Health Services will be burdened due to rising pollution levels, depletion of the ozone layer and contamination of fresh water, the…. [read more]

Natural Gas Drilling Thesis

… Natural Gas Drilling

A Retrospect View on Natural Gas Drilling

Natural Gas Drilling in the United States

The United States of America possessed vast resources of natural gas and was as such able to support most of the demand from internal production. In 2007 for instance, the U.S. natural gas reserves produced an estimated 545.9 billion cubic meters of gas, in a context in which the average consumption per annum was of 652.9 billion cubic meters. Exports of natural gas accounted for 23.28 billion cubic meters and imports totaled 130.3 billion cubic meters; proven reserves of natural gas within the country reach a level of 5.977 trillion cubic meters (Central Intelligence Agency, 2009). The amount of natural gas exacted from the national territory is however…. [read more]

Delphi Study: Influence of Environmental Literature Review

… Green IT and energy costs

Although IT devices consume energy, you can use them to control energy, particularly electricity consumption.

You can use IT systems to take care of building management. For example, using movement sensors, thermostats can be adjusted, lights switched on and off, and computers switched off out of hours and reawakened for software upgrades.

One of the biggest challenges in reducing electricity consumption is ensuring that electricity users can monitor their own consumption. What gets measured gets managed -- once people are aware of their consumption, they can go about reducing it. This isn't yet common practice, even in data centers. But, with new smart metering technologies, organizations could monitor the electricity usage of individual departments. Departments could be charged for usage,…. [read more]

Business Plan for Green Tongues Business Plan

… 4).

Although the specific technological applications used in the solar-powered billboard array described herein differs from that illustrated in Figure 1 above, the underlying concept -- using renewable energy sources -- is essentially the same. The ability to deploy solar-powered billboards in the otherwise-hostile environments that characterize much of the GCC states is therefore a viable marketing approach which is especially well situated to take advantage of this railroad grid connecting the GCC member states. This railroad grid consists of hundreds and hundreds of miles of potential billboard sites, and the ability to continually power these billboards and their projection displays using solar power makes them particularly suitable applications. According to Blanche (2011), "Middle East governments have committed more than $100 billion to railway projects…. [read more]

Conservation Value of Semi-Natural Oak Term Paper

… In addition by being conservation-worthy, these woodlands are also valuable as recreational and tourist areas. The value of these areas has increased in relation to their scarcity in the face of increased urbanization

As wooded areas have become scarcer in relation to numbers of people in the country, and the relative rarity of large blocks of undeveloped natural land has increased, the value of existing woodlands to provide recreational opportunities has increased. Such areas are especially critical near cities where opportunities to experience natural landscapes are so limited. (ibid)

Other aspects that make these areas so important for conservation are the utilization of the woodlands for "hiking, hunting, and wildlife viewing; the presence of these areas can improve the quality of life for nearby residents…. [read more]

Oil Production Project Essay

… The other beneficiaries are mainly the locals who in the end purchase petrol and oil products at subsidized price.


The Community

The community found on the location of the oil production project will be have a number of benefits. They include;

Development of infrastructure such as communication systems, schools, and power systems plants and social amenities

Building cohesion among local community members

Employment opportunities

Increased security

Developed health care facilities

Improvement of means for transportation initiative - colleagues have been set SMART targets. This means they are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely for community involvement. Colleagues are free to decide the best way to meet these targets. This means that they are not being told what to do, but have the freedom to…. [read more]

Future Supply and Demand Case Study

… Thereafter, the supply remains stable until the end of the period. In terms of the net supply of electricity available for export, it doubles during the study period. (Viscusi et al. pp102-06)

The electricity prices are set in regional markets. The consumer price takes particular account of production costs, transport and distribution. They are generally lower in the countries that produce hydroelectricity, where there are a significant proportion of low-cost cultural assets, including hydroelectric plants, which consist of; often have several decades and whose construction costs are largely amortized. (Ammann, pp16-38)

In most jurisdictions, prices are based on the actual cost of providing services to consumers and include a regulated rate of return for generation assets, transmission and distribution. This model is recommended by all…. [read more]

Keystone XL Pipeline Project Research Paper

… Hence, in what can only be referred to as cynical politics at its toxic, House Speaker John Boehner has announced that he will author a pro-Keystone bill that will be attached to legislation giving unemployed workers additional weeks of benefits and reducing payroll taxes for millions of American workers.

To push for a controversial pipeline that could wreak unprecedented environmental havoc on millions of Americans and threaten millions of acres of farmland and water supplies -- and to attach that legislation to a bill that Obama wants to sign, a bill that helps unemployed workers and reduces taxes for the middle class -- is quintessentially nasty partisan politics, and reflects the brutally bitter divide between progressives and conservatives in Washington D.C. And elsewhere. On the…. [read more]

Five-Year Development Plan Essay

… (Adf Online, 2006) The company's forward looking operational boundaries have been illustrated in figure 1 at the appendix below. Based on these the following projections can be made for the next five years.

Five Year Projections:

Based on the current contracts that are based on fair practice and the ecological perimeters the company can continue the work contracts as it can sustain one or two years of cash flow with the above stated contracts. There may be an increase in the energy costs and the company is in search of alternative and renewable fuels. This may become feasible in the next five years in which case the cash flows can increase making the company sustainable. According to the company in future the fossil fuel costs…. [read more]

Reasoning for Alternative Fuels Essay

… The costs that are higher are being delivered on to the customer, either straightforwardly, as is the situation of shipping where freight fees are rising, or circuitously as is the circumstance of airlines, where travelers are being charged extra fuel surcharges. These charge increases are likely to have major impacts on movement and trade, including on the modal split.

Some more changes are taking place because higher transport prices are increasing the transportation of distance and restrain movement. What most do not realize is that the major customer of petroleum the transport industry has to raise the rates. Across the board increases are causing people to reconsider their designs of development and companies to regulate their source and circulation chains. One of the predictable effects…. [read more]

Apple Corporation Company Compliance Plan Essay

… When there are repeated violations, it states that it will change suppliers. But Apple's factories in China have been under particular media scrutiny and Apple continues its relationship with Foxconn. The independent Fair Labor Association audit of Foxconn, "China's largest private-sector employer" found that more than half of Foxconn employees had worked 11 days or more without rest and "more than 43% of workers reported experiencing or witnessing an accident at the three plants audited" (Garside 2012).

The environmental organization Greenpeace criticizes "Apple's data centers' dependence on coal [which] is estimated to be at 54.5%, followed by Facebook at 53.2%, IBM at 51.6%, HP at 49.4%, and Twitter at 42.5%" (Pelaez 2012). In terms of greenhouse gas emissions, Apple also appears to fall short, in…. [read more]

Green Building Laws Term Paper

… The employees of NYSERDA who work for and maintain services regarding green building are kept in the same building as the group of Energy Efficiency Services. Employees of NYSERDA are of the view that it is only fair to accept their tries as that of a fundamental association based on an idea rather than merely an article in the budget line (Kneeland, 2005).

The State entities offer the leverage of the resources and other technical services which allow the entities to become effective. Moreover, it has been acknowledged by New York State that green building and other Executive Orders related to the green building are successful if the initiatives regarding green building are made affective by the entities. The primary sources for this leverage are…. [read more]

Smart Grid Term Paper

… Wind Farm Grids

Wind Farm Valuation

Value a new Wind Farm project

Hurricane or tornado survivors or anyone who has seen pictures of the aftermath of these storms will realize there is enormous energy potential in wind power. The problem is taming this energy so that it is useful without being destructive.

Wind energy is derived from the sun. Because the sun's energy is not absorbed uniformly, some regions of Earth's atmosphere are warmer than others. The warmer air expands and rises; the cooler air contracts and settles. The expanded air is at a lower pressure than the cooler air. The difference in pressure causes a wind to blow. There is a further bonus in wind energy, not attributable to the sun but to whatever…. [read more]

Apolitical Ecology Term Paper

… Who will win these scrimmages?

The stereotyping of oil companies as great friends of the environment is not a new effort nor will it be over anytime soon. But what matters is the political ecologist's ability to "trace the contextual forces that constrain and direct more immediate outcomes," and moreover the political ecologist must record fully objective explanations of the outcomes of the war between eco-activists, scholars, biologists and other scientists -- and the energy companies like Shell that plan to drill in the Arctic, where polar bears are making what appears to be their last stand as global warming melts the ice floes that they have relied on for eons.

Robbins doesn't say it, but radical protests like Greenpeace activists have recently pulled off…. [read more]

Fossil Fuels - An Exploration Thesis

… Fossil Fuels - an Exploration of a Dying Resource

As fuel prices continue to rise across the world and effects of global warming are already being observed in some degree, the public's need to know about fossil fuels is greater than ever. Most understand that the fuels are non-renewable resources produced during the years of the dinosaurs, but most do not understand the exact dept of their usage and the profound importance of their discontinuation. Fossil fuels were created in a manor so unique that it would be nearly impossible to recreate today. Because they have been around for millions of years, however, people have been using fossil fuels for quite some time, in spite of the fact they are a non-renewable resource. While the…. [read more]

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