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Wind Turbines the Depleting Fossil Fuel Research Paper

… Wind Turbines

The depleting fossil fuel, sky rocketing oil prices, polluting air and global warming facilitates the demand for pollution free renewable energy resources. Among the various sources of renewable energy, wind energy is visualized as much promising because the recent advances in technology have reduced its cost to a level wherein it has become competitive with other sources of conventional fuel. The wind turbines exists in varied sizes and in varied capacity to generate power, operating over a wide range of wind speeds and they can be established by individual owners of property or by a society grouped together to create a wind energy farm linked to a utility. (Rodman; Meentemeyer, 2006)

Over the decades, the United States and European countries are increasingly turning…. [read more]

Environmental Science Nuclear Power Technical Summary Term Paper

… Environmental Science

Nuclear Power

Technical Summary

To eventually produce electricity with nuclear energy, a mining company must first find, purify, supplement, and make fuel-grade uranium pellets. Uranium is an element that exists in somewhat different forms in nature. All uranium atoms have the same number of protons, but not all uranium atoms have the same number of neutrons. The heat that is fashioned by uranium comes from nuclear fission, a process that causes an atom to split into pieces. When uranium naturally decomposes, it emits neutrons. Loose neutrons will have a collision with other uranium atoms and cause them to split. In turn, more neutrons are released that have a collision with even more uranium atoms. This chain reaction can keep expanding exponentially until a…. [read more]

Individual Project This Week Submitting Case Study

… International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy, 3, 168-177.

Yousef (2013)

. This paper examines the consumption of oil products in 7 OPEC countries. The researcher attempts to demonstrate the demand of oil in the OPEC countries and also the production. The researcher also attempts to assess the impact that this demand will have on the future availability of oil exports from OPEC. According to the data collected by Yousef (2013)

for 1980-2010, there has been a considerable increase in the consumption of oil by OPEC countries. This has resulted in the countries becoming the fastest growing oil consumers in the world.

Arguments to be presented

With the increase in the consumption of oil by OPEC members, there is also an increase in the oil…. [read more]

Alberta Tar Sands Issues Research Paper

… What happens next is the solvent condenses on the "cold walls of the vapor chamber and dissolves the bitumen"; in turn, the bitumen "drains with the solvent down to a production well" and next a surface facility does the separating of the propane and other gases (methane is one of the gases produced) from the bitumen. The estimate by N-Solv, the company launching the new strategy, is that the oil produced is 20% more valuable than the SAGD-produced bitumen (Chemical Engineering).

Clearly Canada has been planning to beef up its tar sands / oil sands production for many years. As the 5

th leading oil producing nation in the world Canada is relying heavily on tar sands oil.

(Courtesy Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers) T…. [read more]

Speech on How to Save Essay

… , n.d., Eco Mall). Using a programmable thermostat so the temperature of the house can drop during the nighttime or when no one is at home, yet rise in time for daybreak or when people are scheduled to return from work and school can make saving money on heating bills easy -- and try not to overheat or overcool the house even when in use (Orloff 2013). In terms of transportation, walking or biking when feasible saves money as well as offers a good source of exercise (20 things you can do to save energy., n.d., Eco Mall). Being outside will help you appreciate the environment! Car pooling and using public transportation also can help you save on the cost of gas.

Of course, it…. [read more]

Energy in Bloomington Indiana 11/16/2010 Essay

… An Energy Performance Contractor seeks to find energy-saving improvements within an existing budget by financing them with money saved through reduced utility expenditures, they make recommendations for improved direct and indirect lighting systems including retrofit, new systems, and natural lighting options, c) analyze collected data to prioritize property improvements in order of most cost-efficient way to proceed with lighting system updates, d) determine a cost analysis of initiative including initial investment for new generation lighting as well as a detailed analysis of long-term savings to be realized by the installation of high-efficiency direct and indirect lighting systems. Part of this step would involve seeking state and federal loans, grant, and program, including Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grants, e) consider if any political issues need…. [read more]

Risks and Benefits of Nuclear Power Energy Term Paper

… Risks and Benefits of Nuclear Power Energy

When Albert Einstein introduced his Special Theory of Relativity in 1905, he revolutionized the future of man on Earth. One of the implications of Einstein's theory, represented by the infamous equation E = mc2 was the equivalence of mass and energy.

This equivalence meant that very small amounts of energy represented tremendous amounts of energy, which could be released through nuclear fission (Rennie, 2003).

Nuclear fission, when it occurs instantaneously, releases vast amounts of destructive energy; it is the basis for nuclear weapons. When it occurs much more gradually, it releases the same energy, but in ways that can be harnessed and controlled, for several beneficial purposes: it is the basis for advanced medical imaging technology and is…. [read more]

Competition in Energy Drinks Sports Drinks and Vitamin Enhanced Beverages Case Study

… Beverage Company Analysis

What are the strategically relevant components of the global and U.S. beverage industry macro-environment? How do the economic characteristics of the alternative beverage segment of the industry differ from that of other beverage categories? Explain.

The most strategically relevant components of the global and U.S. industry microenvironment include the annual per capita drink consumption of consumers, the demand for food services at drinking and entertainment establishments, and the demand for beverages from grocery stores and other retail outlets. Additional relevant components include the price of each ingredient that goes into the beverage, with sugar being one of the most pervasive and dependent on outside markets. While the overall beverage industry continues to consolidate and shows signs of being in a rapidly declining…. [read more]

International Business and Politics Research Paper

… International Business and Politics

In the last several years, outsourcing has become an integral part for helping a firm to decrease their costs and improve productivity. However, depending upon the region, this could have an adverse effect on their bottom line results. In the case of the GE plant, there is intense competition between the Philippines and the Ukraine. To fully understand the benefits that the Ukraine has to offer requires focusing on: the business environment and actual firms that are located in the country. Together, these different elements will highlight the strengths of the Ukraine for foreign direct investors.

The Ukraine's Business Environment

The Ukraine is focused on energy imports to meet the demand of businesses and households. In 2009, a dispute over the…. [read more]

International Environmental Laws on Oil/Gas Essay

… Combining solar energy and carbon dioxide can be developed by artificial photosynthesis; this will produce hydrocarbons, which can be burnt.

Waterborne oil spillage should be identified through forensic evidence of samples with those of suspected sources. This will enable the potential responsible firm and party to be prosecuted and charged for the pollution. The forensic methodology involves sampling, analyzing and interpretation of results in order to identify with the rightful party. Legal entities should be set up to conduct such forensic evidence, and international oil regulations should be set in order to set jurisdictions on illegal oil spillage to the marine environment (Wang & Stout, 2007, p 230). Charging the responsible firms depending on the amount of oil spilled to the marine environment also reduces…. [read more]

Energy Management Wal-Mart Business Plan

… The execution of the lightning retrofitting project based on the previous specifications through the actual implementation of the stages previously designed.

The monitoring and controlling of the lightning retrofitting project in a continuous manner, throughout the entire implementation process, as well as at its completion. At this level, emphasis would be placed on the ability of the completed project to attain the initially foreseen goals.

Last, the closing of the project through the assurance that the lightning retrofitting is completed and able to generate the initially stated objectives.

4. Conclusions

Wal-Mart is the epitome of corporate success and it has attained this triumph through the creation of scale economies and the adjacent advantages. Still, to fuel its large size operations and facilities, the company encounters…. [read more]

Planning Budgeting Term Paper

… Planning, Programming and Budgeting: Understanding Financial Management and Enterprise Resource Planning and How it Is Applicable in the Real World

The objective of this work is to research planning, programming and budgeting and to understand how financial management and enterprise resource planning is applicable in the real world.

Regardless of the age of size of a business, financial planning is a critically important activity. Fort businesses that are new, financial projections are centric to the planning process of the business and in companies of a larger size, annual budgeting is partially formed by financial planning and financial planning plays a key role in planning that is long-term in nature as well as in business appraisals and corporate development. A model that is centric to the…. [read more]

Delphi Study: Influence of Environmental Literature Review

… Green IT and energy costs

Although IT devices consume energy, you can use them to control energy, particularly electricity consumption.

You can use IT systems to take care of building management. For example, using movement sensors, thermostats can be adjusted, lights switched on and off, and computers switched off out of hours and reawakened for software upgrades.

One of the biggest challenges in reducing electricity consumption is ensuring that electricity users can monitor their own consumption. What gets measured gets managed -- once people are aware of their consumption, they can go about reducing it. This isn't yet common practice, even in data centers. But, with new smart metering technologies, organizations could monitor the electricity usage of individual departments. Departments could be charged for usage,…. [read more]

Diesel Fuel Pricing Effects on Trucking Enterprise Research Paper

… Diesel Fuel Pricing Effects on Trucking Enterprise

The Frame of Reference

Diesel Fuel Consumption for Transport as a ratio of overall Oil consumption

Cost of Fuel consumption in trucking enterprises

Impact of Diesel price increase on trucking enterprises

Planning and control of fuel costs for attaining competitiveness

SWOT Matrix

The capitalism and market systems have evolved over the years and incorporated various basic principles of exchanging goods and services. The traditional markets in the history were known for their characteristics such as places of gathering buyers and sellers, exchange of goods, and individual business. However over the years the markets have evolved into virtual and physical places where goods, services, ideas, interests, and knowledge in not only shared but it is exchanged. The information, knowledge,…. [read more]

Leibstadt Nuclear Power Plant as of 2007 Research Proposal

… Leibstadt Nuclear Power Plant

As of 2007, the last year for which complete and reliable data is available, approximately fourteen percent of the world's electricity was produced in nuclear power plants. Though they are still controversial, given fears of reactor meltdowns, general hazards of radioactivity, and the issue of the disposal of nuclear waste, interest in nuclear power is surging again as concerns are mounting about the use of fossil fuels -- particularly coal -- in the production of energy. Strangely, nuclear power might be making a shift from the dark and dangerous new technology that it was when it first emerged to the cleaner alternative that promises a more energy-rich and pollutant-free tomorrow. Even the older plants that have been online for decades release…. [read more]

Strategic Planning for Business Essay

… " (, 2012, p.1) The review and planning process involved in strategic planning is stated to include the following:

(1) Relate to the medium term i.e. 2/4 years

(2) Be undertaken by owners/directors

(3) Focus on matters of strategic importance

(4) Be separated from day-to-day work

(5) Be realistic, detached and critical

(6) Distinguish between cause and effect

(7) Be reviewed periodically

(8) Be written down. (, 2012, p.1)

II. Precursor to Strategic Planning

It is reported that prior to developing the strategic plan a SWOT should be conducted. A SWOT measures the company's 'Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats, and Opportunities'. The strategy development process follows and addresses the following issues in detail:

(1) Vision

(2) Mission

(3) Values

(4) Objectives

(5) Strategic;

(6) Goals; and…. [read more]

Epistemological Assumptions Reconciling Safety Essay

… Underlying Assumptions

The Board operates under some unspoken assumptions that underlie their consideration of the experts as authoritative, and it is these assumptions that will form the basis of my discussion and comparison regarding the Board's opinions and the field expertise of the petroleum engineers. Some of these assumptions appear legitimate and others seem flawed. Nonetheless, these assumptions have a huge influence on the way the decision makers interact with experts, and consequently, deserve clarification. This paper will examine four key assumptions that are apparently held by the board of Belfast Petroleum; (1) Assumptions about ability; (2) assumptions about viewpoint and identity; (3) Assumptions that affect attributions; and (4) assumptions concerning the ease of transferability of expert knowledge.

Knowledge and Leadership Issue

Disagreement between the…. [read more]

Nuclear Power Thesis

… Nuclear power has long been one of the world's major sources of energy, especially electricity. Touted as a viable alternative to fossil fuels, nuclear energy does create waste but its waste is not carbon-based and therefore not a greenhouse gas. Fossil fuel energy production, on the other hand, is a culprit in global warming and climate change as well as in overall air pollution. Nuclear energy is, however, not a direct substitute for fossil fuels and should not necessarily be viewed as such. The waste created by nuclear energy production is highly hazardous, which is why nuclear power generation is receiving dwindling consumer and policy support ("Guide to UK nuclear power"). Moreover, nuclear energy cannot be used as a source of fuel for the internal…. [read more]

Greenhouse Emissions "The EPA&#8230DECLARED Essay

… The question of the maintenance of some of the systems is also a factor.

There is substantial evidence that proves that emissions of greenhouse gases are causing climate change and global warming. It is a serious problem that will need strict standards to be enforced to even begin to at least put limits on the amounts of these gases emitted into the air. Strict standards that are strongly enforced with strong consequences would help in making the emissions not worth the consequences, more especially where industrial business is concerned.

Renewable energy sources may be natural alternatives, but there are still the questions of cost effectiveness and the limitations where some geographic locations would not be able to participate. Renewable energy products would create some industrial…. [read more]

Wind Farms in Canada Business Plan

… Local cooperatives can explore the possibility of engaging in the business to distribute initial costs and share in the long-term financial incomes. In time, when the business from this new technology is developed, this can increase the municipal tax base and government can earn more from the area. Whether on a national, state, municipal or household level, earnings and savings are expected, and direct dollars saved especially for those who choose to install individual resident turbines for home, business or farm electricity needs.

In addition, the economic benefits of having cleaner air to breathe in the locality, and less air quality related health concerns, in the long-term, would be substantial, although not an immediate need. However, by informing the community of these increased benefits for…. [read more]

Develop Workplace Policy and Procedures for Sustainability Essay

… Sustainability

a) the Queensland Sustainable Planning Act of 2009

b) Queensland has a specific code of practice for the sugar cane industry, for example, as found here:

c) The American company Wal-Mart is one of the biggest companies in the world and has famously imposed sustainability standards on its suppliers in China:

d) EEO/diversity principles reflect human rights and removing barriers

e) Reducing pollution, such as eliminating mining waste is a workplace health and sustainability issue.

2a) When stakeholders are directly involved and when they are indirectly affected.

2b) Communication makes audience understanding of issues easier and you can convince them of your argument, but every audience is different.

Government websites, and subject matter experts, maybe in an interview

You find out what the…. [read more]

Strategic Planning vs Strategic Intent Essay

… Thinking in time-One should be able to hold the past, present and future in mind at the same time for him/her to make a better decision and be able to implement it faster since he has ideas of happened in the past, what is happening now and what may happen in the future .The past always predicts about the future for example if the past was bad compared to the present, what can you do to secure the future?

Hypothesis driven- One should ensure that both creative and critical thinking are incorporated in his/her strategy making. One should be able to open up to the emerging opportunities.

Conventional strategic planning can lead to a better strategy practice since it plugs people in the system by…. [read more]

Cape Wind Project Proposed Term Paper

… However, their views are not the biggest issue here. Many of these property owners have owned property on the Cape for decades, and their property values could plummet, leading to a loss in local taxes to the entire area.

In addition, tourism is a major part of the area's economy, especially in the summertime, and if tourism dollars plummet, as predicted by the Beacon Hill Institute, sales tax and room tax revenues could plummet, as well. This would lead to a reduction in tourist-related jobs, and an overall downturn in the area's economy. This of course, would be in addition to the effects of the recession that are already hitting the area, and it could be catastrophic to the economy of the area for decades…. [read more]

Strategic Planning Based Work Completing Essay

… A second obstacle is the lack of time to schedule these activities.

Trends in healthcare industry that will affect decisions

The healthcare industry has continued to be demanding for health care providers by requiring them to spend more of their time doing their work and leaving them only few hours for their own personal development. This will affect my decisions by leaving very little time for personal activities which are needed for achievement of some of the goals. However, there are certain trends that will influence my decisions positively. One example is the progress towards improving quality of health care provided. This will provide the environment for achievement of the goal of improving the overall quality of health care provided.


A personal mission and…. [read more]

What Is Wrong With Gas Prices Today? Term Paper

… ¶ … Drp)

What is wrong with Gas Prices?

I am afraid, not many Americans will agree with my point-of-view, when I submit that what is wrong with gas prices is that we have become used to low gas prices. I believe that higher energy prices will benefit United States and our planet in many ways, and I for one would be willing to accept the sharp shock that high energy prices will deal to the gas guzzling ways we, the Americans have taken far granted. (Ferguson, 2006) in an article in the Telegraph joked that if gasoline reached $3 per gallon in United Kingdom, people would be queuing from Beaconsfield to Brighton to buy it. When the price of gasoline hit $3 per gallon…. [read more]

Regulating Oil and Gas Drilling Research Paper

… The OPA also expanded the role and breadth of the "National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan" (NCP), establishing a multi-layered "planning and response system" in order to improve the preparedness and responses to any spill that occurs in a marine environment (Ramseur, 13). Moreover, the OPA in 1990 required that oil tankers (flying the U.S. flag), offshore facilities (like the Deepwater Horizon rig), and certain onshore facilities operated by oil companies "…prepare and submit oil spill response plans" to federal agencies that regulate oil drilling and transport (Ramseur, 13). Without those advanced response plans, any drilling or transporting of oil is illegal, according to the particulars of OPA.

In 2004, Congress passed an amendment to OPA that requires vessels carrying oil for their…. [read more]

Marketing Activities of Monster Energy SWOT

… Building an image is a vital, experimental step in developing a general organizational structure and as this contextual information depict, Monster Energy has achieved that.

Monster Energy is also advertising itself locally and internationally by engaging in sponsorship of social activities such as education in the grassroots' levels. The brand supports different sporting activities such as action sports, water, snow and desert among others. It also promotes itself by supporting athletes, bands and music and also hosting TV shows (

Other strengths include the product's innovative style, affordability of the product to the customers in relation to the leading brand in market and having immense revenues through the segmentation of the DSD (Albornoz et al.).

b) Weaknesses

Despite having entered the beverage industry in a…. [read more]

Future Supply and Demand Case Study

… Thereafter, the supply remains stable until the end of the period. In terms of the net supply of electricity available for export, it doubles during the study period. (Viscusi et al. pp102-06)

The electricity prices are set in regional markets. The consumer price takes particular account of production costs, transport and distribution. They are generally lower in the countries that produce hydroelectricity, where there are a significant proportion of low-cost cultural assets, including hydroelectric plants, which consist of; often have several decades and whose construction costs are largely amortized. (Ammann, pp16-38)

In most jurisdictions, prices are based on the actual cost of providing services to consumers and include a regulated rate of return for generation assets, transmission and distribution. This model is recommended by all…. [read more]

Thermal Conversion Gecp Team Members Essay

… As such, most businesses follow standard code requirements. The result can lead to serious challenges. One being that businesses are unable to take advantage of the cost and other sustainability savings built into the capacities of highly computerized new technologies. A second that few are able to move easily toward other sustainable options as they become viable. Our GECP puts geoenergy (specifically geothermal) within reach and harnesses the controlling capacities of the IT digital equipment as a factor in switching between power sources on instant demand, as needed for operational and health returns:

1. Provides a stand-alone geothermal generation unit specific to the client's services (and allows for achieving federal and state stimulus funding to offset costs);

2. Demonstrates how our methods can be easily…. [read more]

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