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Atomic Bomb and Nuclear Power Term Paper

… "Even when the planned cleanup has been carried out, billions of dollars and many years will be needed to address areas that are not in the cleanup plan." (Unavailable, 2000)

And the military was still up to their dirty work testing the might and killing power of the source. "The United States sets off first underground nuclear test in a mountain tunnel in the remote desert 100 miles from Las Vegas." (Schoenherr, 2003) Because the potential threat of misuse was so strong, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) was formed. The International Atomic Energy Agency was created to promote peaceful uses of nuclear energy. They also had the mission of providing safeguards and inspection systems to guarantee that nuclear materials were not used for military…. [read more]

Oil Price Fluctuation Actions Adopted Essay

… Hence, Sri Lanka suffers losses (Kojima, 2009, p.7).

Strategic oil reserves

Most of the countries adopt the strategy to reserve the stockpile. China is the first country who develops the strategic stocks at the four sites and can refill the emergency oil tanks at the low prices. Now, India is also planning to develop three sites for reserving the strategic stockpile of oil (Kojima, 2009, p.6).

Adopt assistance

Most of the countries adopt financial aid from the oil exporters. Moreover, governments of several countries negotiate with other countries for the settlement of discount. Republic Bolivarian a de Venezuela is the best example who sell oil and oil product at high discounted rates to eighteen constituent of Petro Caribe.

This figure illustrates that the countries, where…. [read more]

Wind Farm in Canda Case Study

… Similar to the first limitation, this second limitation is accepted and not expected to influence the findings of the research project. Additionally, it is not believed to create any real strains for the research project, since this is especially created to assess and explain the costs and benefits of building a wind farm in Canada, and not in other locations as well.


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Soy, S., 2006, The case study as a research method, University of…. [read more]

Electric Vehicle Essay

… ¶ … Electric Cars

I would like to speak to you today about the importance of considering alternative energy forms. One of the most important choices that we can make in that regard is the shift to the use of electric automobiles instead of continuing to use the fuel-dependent vehicles that we have been using for more than a century. The main reason that this is necessary is that the burning of fossil fuels produces hydrocarbons that we know are deadly to the ecology of this planet.

This topic is one that has great personal significance to me because in the city where I was born there was so much air pollution that many people who never even smoked died from lung cancer and other…. [read more]

Engineering and Sustainability Term Paper

… ¶ …

Wind has the potential of reforming UK's electricity requirements. According to a study presented by Poyry analysis, the wind power systems in the UK can be revamped significantly by 2030 without hampering the national grid or causing any energy shortages. The electric charges would be decided by the customer usage rather than wind speed. A study conducted over the National Grid, Centrica incorporated around 2.5 million weather reports recorded hourly which recorded the wind speeds in the different parts of the UK. According to the "Renewable Obligations Certificates," the study came to the conclusion that strong winds could lower electricity costs significantly. They are capable of overloading a wind turbine which are hardly ever used more that 33% of their potential. According…. [read more]

Nuclear Power -- the Future of Electricity Essay

… Nuclear Power -- the Future of Electricity Generation

Nuclear power production was first introduced in the United States and was touted as the future of energy. Nuclear power production has a wide range of benefits that it can offer the nation. Although there are some formidable risks in regard to nuclear power that have been illustrated by many disasters since its inception, modern technology and advanced safety management can now mitigate many of the concerns that plagued previous generations of nuclear power plants. Furthermore, the risks that are being presented by climate change and the exponentially expanding amount of greenhouse gas pollution far exceed the risks that are proposed by the use of nuclear generated power.

The time has come for a reevaluation of nuclear…. [read more]

Budgeting and Financial Planning Distinctions Essay

… The relatively narrow focus of budgeting has called many analysts to demand reforms in the process. Often, there are insufficient organizational controls to realize the vision of a budget that is truly holistic in nature and takes advantage of all the organization's resources. Effective budgeting requires a "low tolerance for budgetary variances, detailed budget reviews (i.e., policy level) and high importance on achieving the budgeted targets on a short-term horizon" (Holtkamp 2012: 63). Another problem is the self-interested nature in the budgeting process. Data must be solicited from a wide variety of organizational units and "costs can be overstated so that the subunit receives excess resources" (Church, Hannan, & Kuang 2012: 155). Organizational and personal politics can affect the budgeting process, which can make reaching…. [read more]

Strategy Porter's Schools Case Study

… Pounds Case Study

Business Models and Relationships

F.X. Pounds: Case study

F.X. Pounds: Case study

F.X. Pounds is at a crossroads. For many years it has flourished as a member of a fairly stable industry. However, increased competition, most notably from a larger, more regionally-based company known as Miller Fuel is threatening the F.X. Pound's future profitability. F.X. must expand and solidify its market base, and find a way to offer some unique brand value, in comparison to its main competition.

The greatest strength enjoyed by F.X. Pounds is that, according to a Porter's Five Forces analysis, the threat of the entry of new competitors is relatively low in utility markets, compared with more price-sensitive industries. The bargaining power of customers is also relatively low,…. [read more]

Wildland Recreation Management National Fire Plan and Community Preparedness Thesis

… National Fire Plan & Community Preparedness

What is National Fire Plan

Importance of Community Preparedness

Fire Wise

Recent Efforts and Challenged

Political Considerations

Current Applications

Year Implementation Plan

Project Wildfire

Developing Community Plans

Future Issues and Concerns

Lack of Concern and cooperation in some communities

Making the Message Personal

Lack of Personnel and Resources

Need for Education and Efforts to Foster Social Responsibility

Common elements of Success

Overcoming Obstacles

Fostering Higher Levels of Supp

National Fire Plan & Community Preparedness

Every year millions of dollars of property and thousands of acres of U.S. forest succumb to fire damage. As the population the United States increases, more people are moving into fire-prone areas. This places their lives and property at-risk; it also increases the likelihood of…. [read more]

Strategic Planningmanagement Term Paper

… Vision defines what an organization desires to be, and/or how it wants its world to be. In the long-term, it acts as the source of inspiration to the organization. Similarly, mission defines the fundamental purposes of an organization, concisely describing the reason for an organization's existence, as well as what it does towards achieving its vision. Schraeder (2002) elicits the values of an organization to be the beliefs shared among the stakeholders, which drives the organization's culture, priorities and offers the framework upon which decisions are generated. Finally, strategy defines the art of combined goals for which a company or an organization strives to achieve, and the means through which such goals are met. Through setting ofstrategies, an organization is capable of predicting its favorable…. [read more]

Urbanization and City Planning Considerations: A Prioritization Essay

… Urbanization and City Planning Considerations: A Prioritization

City planning in an urban environment is not without its challenges. However, as technology moves forward and people realize that sustainability and the environment are two very important considerations in urban planning and urban living, the horizon for change becomes ever closer. This fact could not be more evident in developed nations, as access to sustainable products and processes is far greater than in less developed places. However, these less developed urban environments allow for a greater scale of change and positive impact, since much of the growth is yet to take place and is there fore fairly malleable and easily influenced to become more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

The first priority of any future urban development, planning,…. [read more]

Procurement in Transportation the Role Term Paper

… Procurement in Transportation

The Role of Procurement in Transportation Planning and Policy

As industries struggle to maintain an edge in the marketplace, often one of the first places they look to find cost cutting measures is in their procurement processes. This is true in the transportation industry as well. As the transportation industry seeks to streamline and economize the procurement of goods and services while maintaining safety standards and service quality, other industries seek to streamline their procurement of transportation services. This paper analyzes the role of goods and services procurement within the transportation industry as well as the role of transportation procurement within the broader marketplace.

Types of Procurement in the Transportation Industry

Procurement plays two roles in the transportation industry: an internal role…. [read more]

Strategic Planning Present Essay

… However, if innovative approaches are used (such as: the home health model) these costs will dramatically decline. This is because there is a concentrated effort on offering different solutions by controlling the kinds of services everyone has access to. These groups can be able to seek out more specialized services only after their condition has worsened. Those who do not need them will receive preventive treatment to ensure that their underlying levels of health remain consistently strong. This is achieved through regular visits and teaching everyone the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. (Berenson, 2012)

At the same time, technology will be used to improve communication between health care professionals and stakeholders. These ideas are showing how strategic planning, performance improvement and information systems are…. [read more]

Planning Strategic Foresight People and Organizations Need PhD Model Answer

… ¶ … Planning

Strategic foresight

People and organizations need a strategic foresight plan and warning model to establish a framework for strategic success. This framework may incorporate a lot of factors including a strategic vision for the future that stipulates what a person or organization is doing. This would basically define why institutions exist and each member involved in the organization should be able to identify with the vision because strategic foresight and warning models are basically a people's process (Bolt 2005). A scenario plan provides a mechanism to which people, institutions or organizations can better cope with uncertainties. There is always a constant diversity in the environment and dynamics that are difficult to predict which necessitates this process.

Many traditional forms of management tend…. [read more]

Environmental Conditions Impacting Organizational Forecasting Organizational Planning Term Paper

… Environmental Conditions Impacting Organizational Forecasting
Organizational planning will be heavily dependent upon the ability of
administrative decision-makers to properly forecast challenges and
transitions. This is an already complex undertaking given the inherent
uncertainty of the business world. However, today, with environmental
matters becoming ever more apparent economic and political effectors, it is
necessary to consider here the types of environmental conditions are likely
to impact organizational forecasting.
Of course, among the most pressing of issues which is most
immediately apparent is the rising price and scarcity of fossil fuels. The
price of crude oil regularly reaches record highs, causing a broad
inflation of commodities which inherently impacts the whole array of
expenses with which organizations must contend. This includes resources,
transportation and the powering of…. [read more]

Letter to the Newspaper Essay

… Theo Colborn, a scientist who has been investigating the effect of fracking chemicals on the human body, has focused on one chemical in particular, 2-BE or 2-butoxyethanol, known to cause damage to the eyes, liver, spleen, bone marrow and kidneys in laboratory animals (Cernansky, 2009). Moreover, the list of fracking chemicals includes benzene, a known human carcinogen, along with xylene, toluene and tetramethylammonium chloride, chemicals that with prolonged exposure can lead to liver damage in humans and even be fatal (Junkins, 2010). Fracking chemicals can leak into the water system in several ways, including from the derrick, well casing, and fractured shale or from surface contamination (Kimball, 2011).

Based on this and other information, I concluded that my hypothesis was valid: the gas company drilling…. [read more]

Bipolar Treatment and Planning Research Paper

… The diagnosis of Appendix D of the DSM-5 is "Bipolar 2 Disorder, in which the primary symptom presentation is recurrent depression accompanied by hippomanic episodes (a milder state of mania in which the symptoms are not severe enough to cause marked impairment in social or occupational functioning or need for hospitalization, but are sufficient to be observable by others) appears to be correct in regards to this patient. However, Z60.3 Acculturation difficulty should be added to the diagnosis as well as G47.9 Unspecified sleep-wake disorder. As stated earlier, drug screening will be used to assess the presence of substance abuse in this patient.

The treatment plan will involve the patient being prescribed a mood stabilizer if her parents will agree to the patient taking this…. [read more]

Electronic and Hybrid Engines Essay

… The internal combustion engine is used to generate electricity for the motor. General Motors -- GM uses a slightly modified version of this design in the Chevy Volt. GM refers to this design as an extended range electric vehicle -- EREV. The electric motor drives the wheels almost all of the time, but the vehicle can switch to work like a parallel hybrid at highway speeds when the battery is depleted." (Alternative Fuels Data Center: Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles Govt Energy site)

Modern Hybrid Vehicles Schema:

There is a combination of processes that involve the combustion engine, electromotor and an accumulator with the modern combustion engines runs in a range of 30-40%. Gas engines' effectiveness is on the bottom on the range while the diesel…. [read more]

Electricity Restructuring Term Paper

… " (Knittle, 2006) Toward this end the National Electric Light Association (NELA) Subcommittee on Public Regulation and Control is stated to have reached three main conclusions as follows:

That the NELA should favor properly constituted general supervision and regulation of the electric light industry;

That if state commissions be constituted, they should be appointed in that manner which will give them the greatest freedom from local and political influences, to the end that their rulings shall be without bias; and That state commissions be clothed with ample powers to control the granting of franchises, to protect users of service against unreasonable charges or improper discriminations, to enforce a uniform system of accounting, and to provide for publicity. If the state provides for publicity on the…. [read more]

Gas Field Development Term Paper

… Engineering

Gas Field Development

In gas field development, it is vital to clearly discover the structure and properties of the underground gas buildup and house them in surface facilities. The gas reservoir field data is the foundation for development of exploration and production planning. This includes the economic efficiency and lifecycle cost of the development of the field. After getting hold of the mining concession rights and confirming the existence of the gas, a development plan is put together. Based on the assessment of gas reservoir analysis results, the development planning of the gas field is started in order to optimize gas production. This includes gas processing facilities planning on the ground. During this planning, the gas recovery is optimized by looking at the gas…. [read more]

Environmental Conflict Case Study

… Message Board for Order Number


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Environmental Conflict

The April explosion at the BP Deepwater Horizon oil drilling platform has had far-reaching effects on political ecology, and has focused renewed, substantially negative attention on oil as an energy source. The environmental conflict in this situation is painfully obvious: millions of barrels of crude oil spewing unfettered into the Gulf of Mexico each day. The environmental disaster will, by all accounts, heap huge reprisals from political, economic, social, and environmental factions alike.

Oil workers thus far have been unable to completely staunch…. [read more]

Management Strategic Planning Research Paper

… Management

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is an administration tool that aids a company to center its energy, to make sure that affiliates of the company are working toward the same objectives, to evaluate and regulate the company's direction in reply to an altering atmosphere. Strategic planning is a regimented attempt to create basic choices and actions that form and direct what a company is, what it does, and why it does it, with a focal point on the future (What is strategic planning, 2009).

The process is strategic for the reason that it entails planning the best manner to react to the conditions of the company's atmosphere, whether or not its conditions are known in advance. Acting strategically means being apparent about the company's goals,…. [read more]

Creation of the Tennessee Valley Authority Research Paper

… ¶ … Tva

Tapping Water Power

The Creation of the Tennessee Valley Authority

The Origins of the Tennessee Valley Authority

In 1916, the federal government acquired the Tennessee Valley area to construct a dam, which would generate electricity to produce explosives for World War I

This did not materialize. In the following years, there were efforts to sell it to the private sector and opposition to keep it in public ownership and to develop it. When Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected in 1933, he signed the Tennessee Valley Authority Act within his first 100 days in office. The Act was committed not only to improve navigability on the Tennessee River. It was also mandated to provide flood control, reforest and improve farmland, contribute to industrial…. [read more]

Expenditure Plan From the Office Research Paper

… ¶ … Expenditure Plan

From the Office of the Chief Administrative Officer

The city of Encinitas is a diverse and vibrant city that should reflect the allocated resources from the city budget and the federal funds matching program that will match the $10mm dollar for dollar. The aggregate operating budget for the city will be a handsomely sum of $20mm.

The economic constraints facing the southern California region are generally energy related as well as based on job creation. The city of Encinitas is a coastal city that has a population approaching 60k and needs to ensure that the current and future population is able to obtain a financial future within our city. Investment into the energy industry is a function of focusing on obtaining…. [read more]

Strategic Planning: Greening a Home Thesis

… Strategic planning: Greening a home

Not every family is willing or able to move to a new, totally 'green home.' But simply shifting from standard to energy-efficient appliances, also known as ENERGY STAR-approved appliances, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), can result in considerable savings for a family over time, as well as make the family feel better about doing its part to reduce its carbon footprint and save the planet. Doing an 'audit' of the home for the most often utilized and the oldest household appliances is a good start. For example, given the average household does four hundred loads of laundry a year, replacing a ten-year-old washer with a new ENERGY STAR-qualified washer can result in a savings of over $145 each…. [read more]

Denver Climate Action Planning Project Carbon Dioxide Research Paper

… Denver Climate Action Planning Project

Carbon dioxide emissions, the most common greenhouse gas, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports, increased by 20% from 1990 to 2005. One recent climate action report projects the projected 19% increase in emissions between 2000 and 2020 will contribute to an array of environmental crises not only in the U.S., but also in countries throughout the world. If business-as-usual continues, increases in greenhouse gas emissions could skyrocket in places like Denver, Colorado, the city for the focus in this Capstone.

A current primary goal of the City and County of Denver, noted in the Denver Climate Action plan, purports to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Denver. Through city support of alternative transportation, the plan involves either incentivizing and/or searching…. [read more]

Green Building Laws Term Paper

… The employees of NYSERDA who work for and maintain services regarding green building are kept in the same building as the group of Energy Efficiency Services. Employees of NYSERDA are of the view that it is only fair to accept their tries as that of a fundamental association based on an idea rather than merely an article in the budget line (Kneeland, 2005).

The State entities offer the leverage of the resources and other technical services which allow the entities to become effective. Moreover, it has been acknowledged by New York State that green building and other Executive Orders related to the green building are successful if the initiatives regarding green building are made affective by the entities. The primary sources for this leverage are…. [read more]

Global Business Planning for Spain Research Paper

… Global Business Planning for Spain

The development of increasingly sophisticated communication technology has created an interesting global platform for business and trade. Unfortunately, such trade does not occur on equal grounds, with some countries and entities languishing in third-world poverty, while others are increasingly prosperous. This has created "seemingly contradictory economic conditions around the world," according to Kelly (2006, p. 131). The author also notes that, while prosperity and opportunity will rise for millions over the next decade, others will be the victims of friction and economic decline.

With the current worldwide dynamic of business and global communication, the question is if the phenomena of friction and decline are in fact unavoidable. Surely, with communication technology and business prowess being at their current levels, there…. [read more]

6Th Ave Condominium 6Th Avenue Term Paper

… 6th Ave Condominium

6th Avenue Condominium

Electric, HVAC, & Site Logistics

Electrical Power Distribution

Energy Efficiency

The electrical power distribution system in the condominium should begin first with commitment to use energy efficiently. Designing the building and the applications within the building to require less electricity will ultimately have implication for the power distribution design. Sustainable office and mixed purpose buildings often include multiple measures to reduce energy use and to monitor energy consumption. Energy represents 30% of operating expenses in a typical office building; this is the single largest and most manageable operating expense in the provision of office space (Eichholtz, Kok and Quigley).

Not only is the inclusion of energy efficiency good for the environment, but in many cases it also makes sound…. [read more]

Oil Wells in the Northeast Essay

… VOCs and nitrogen oxides (NOx) in gas structures promote the development of ozone "smog," which decreases lung operations among healthy individuals, activates bronchial asthma attacks, and has been connected to improves in school absences, trips to medical centers and early deaths. Fracking is a significant resource of air contamination in areas experiencing considerable amounts of exploration. Oil and gas manufacturing was a larger resource of smog-forming contaminants than trucks and cars. Gas manufacturing is approximated to be responsible for 5,000 NOx tons. Pollution from fracking plays a role in such poor air quality that the region failed to live up to federal air quality requirements.

Global warming is a powerful risk to virtually every aspect of nature and human civilization -- disrupting the operation of…. [read more]

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