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Earthquake Risks and Hazards Research Paper

… In case of earthquakes it is not possible for the concerned authorities to reduce the force of the disaster. The authorities, therefore, are required to alter the environment in a manner that can withstand the shocks of earthquake. For this purpose mitigation can be divided into to two broad categories mandatory-structural mitigation and nonstructural mitigation. (Staff Members of the Directorate of Civil Defence & Home Guards, Government of Meghalaya, 2005)

Mandatory-structural Mitigation

Mandatory structural mitigation consists of the following techniques:

Risk Identification: Under this area the concerned authorities, on the basis of reliable and authentic data asses the risks that are associated with earthquakes. This may include assessment of property damage, assessment of risk of losing lives, assessment of the risks associated with the functionality…. [read more]

Combating Environmental Pollution Research Paper

… There are air purifiers that can be used indoors, such as HEPA filters and other types of filtration options, but these are not always successful in removing everything from the air (Truffer, et al., 2003). Some types of particles and other pollutants are simply too small to get rid of, as they pass through even the best of filters. On an outdoor level, there are no filters that can be used to remove naturally occurring elements from the air that is breathed. Human elements and chemical compounds provide more opportunities for governance, of course, because they are more easily identified. If human beings are polluting the air, they can be made to stop or to reduce their level of pollution in some cases, since they…. [read more]

Stakeholder Ethics Essay

… A good example would be petroleum. Many world leaders, past and present, have tried to push the idea that petroleum is evil and that it needs to be done away with. However, any idea that petroleum is going anywhere in the next century, let alone the next decade or two, is a joke on its face as the product is used all over the place including in gas, tires, plastics and others. Add this to the fact that businesses are being taxed and regulated based on the fact that pollution is supposedly causing global warming to accelerate and potentially doom the planet despite the fact that many hold that the science is far from definitive or final is exasperating to say the least to anyone…. [read more]

Preventing Obesity Essay

… For adults as well, awareness of how many calories they are taking in is essential, which is one reason there has been a push to increase the number of calorie labels at fast food restaurants, introduce fitness programs even at the workplace, create safe areas to play and work in low-income communities where people cannot afford gyms. There have even been attempts to pass legislation to make it more difficult to sell extremely unhealthy foods such as large sodas. Public health campaigns to inform people about correct portion sizes and to give them information about how to fit exercise into their day can be useful. The recently-passed Affordable Care Act has specific provisions to improve people's ability to maintain a healthy weight who are on…. [read more]

Hypervisors Analysis of Virtualization Term Paper

… Hypervisors

Analysis of Virtualization Hypervisors

Enterprises are seeking to gain greater control over their information technologies (IT) costs and long-term risks, often alleviating how dependent many of them have become with hardware-based systems and platforms. Coupled with the need for getting greater operational efficiency from their existing enterprise system investments and time-to-market advantages of cloud computing, virtualization continues to experience significant market growth. Estimates by research and advisory firm Gartner state that virtualization adoption driven by cost reduction, greater consolidation of IT infrastructure, and the speed and cost of advantages of cloud computing are catalysts making virtualization software sales grow at 35% a year through 2017 (Zhang, Chen, 2013).

The cost and time-to-market benefits of virtualization are accentuated by how quickly the applications and software…. [read more]

Deltacom Environmental Scan Research Paper

… The best strategy for Deltacom is to avoid head-to-head competition with AT&T on that company's strengths. AT&T offers more services but tends to take a middle-of-the-road approach to its business. While paying lip service to offering a high level of customization, AT&T is more likely to offer similar suites of packages to similar customers. There is a strong risk that a customer dealing with AT&T will feel like just another number. With Deltacom, that need not be the case. Deltacom can offer something that AT&T cannot -- Southern hospitality. Deltacom is a southern company that only operates in the South. This is something important, because Deltacom can offer the type of service that Southerners expect, with courtesy and hospitality, in contrast to the impersonal service…. [read more]

Concepts of Social Business and Social Media Dissertation

… " This point is also made by McGriff (2012, p. 49) who writes, "The emergence of social media platforms has expanded the communications reach of consumers who have become increasingly vocal through boycotts about the misdeeds or malfeasance of companies that market products or retail brands." In the past, companies have enjoyed exclusivity over communications control to improve brand equity; the emergence of interactive two-way online communications such as social media sites have exploded in growth in recent years, and it remains unclear just how much more growth the medium will experience before saturation levels are reached (McGriff 2012). According to McGriff (2012, p. 50), "The growth of the social media platform poses immediate communications challenges in the management of brand image and reputation."

Furthermore,…. [read more]

Pastorilism the Way Humans Eat Term Paper

… Local food benefits the environment and wildlife. Well-managed farms provide ecosystem services: they conserve fertile soil, protect water sources, and sequester carbon from the atmosphere. The farm environment is a patchwork of fields, meadows, woods, ponds and buildings that provide habitat for wildlife in our communities.

Local food is an investment in the future. By supporting local farmers today, you are helping to ensure that there will be farms in that same community tomorrow. That is a matter of importance for food security, especially in light of an uncertain energy future and our current reliance on fossil fuels to produce, package, distribute and store food. There's a unique kind of assurance that comes from looking a farmer in the eye at farmers' market or driving…. [read more]

Qualities of an Effective Leader Term Paper

… The Behavior of Effective Leaders

Gary Yukl uses the peer-reviewed Academy of Management Perspectives journal to present what he has learned about effective leadership; Yukl has studied various research projects on leadership qualities that have been published over the past fifty years (Yukl, 2012, 66). Yukl refers to a "…bewildering variety of behavior constructs" that he has discovered in doing this research on leadership (66). A great deal of the research that Yukl reviewed (especially research projects that had been launched between 1960 and 1980) emphasized how leaders tend to influence subordinates and the research zeroed in on "…task-oriented and relations-oriented behavior" (Yukl, 69). When studying task-related had to do with making sure people and equipment are used in a way that is efficient, Yukl…. [read more]

Nursing Process Improvement and Change Essay

… Most organization are facing challenges when trying to build up productive work atmosphere. However, when technical and social systems are jointly optimized, health care organizations considerably benefit from IT.

The ever-rising abundance of information requires that health care nurses synthesize and make decisions through inter-shift updates. Decisions are founded on the data trends and present information provided through handoffs (Simpson, 2005). To compress information besides making it controllable among the nurses involved, handoff s lead to progressive information loss given that data is not conveyed, misinterpreted or missed. The misinterpretation and omission of crucial information, particularly in handwritten handoffs causes discontinuity of care provision besides impending patients' therapeutic course. These failures come with major safety threats to patients and affects delivery of quality.


Initiating…. [read more]

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