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Establishment Energy Cooperation Essay

… The examples of such programs include China implementing the energy efficacy programs through national development and reform commission and it has implemented an energy conservation law. Similarly Japan has also adopted an energy conservation initiative through government developed laws. The Korean energy management corporation is also an example of state owned enterprise with its focus on energy efficacy. The government has also adopted a regional energy utilization act to facilitate the institution. Thailand had initiated a department to facilitate energy efficacy. The energy conservation promotion act provides a basis for department of alternative energy development and efficacy's functioning (Wang, 2010).

Future State of Energy Corporation:

The East Asian region is facing a serious energy crisis as their fuel requirements are meet through imports. The countries…. [read more]

Africa's Petroleum and China's Economic Research Paper

… The world oil market has recorded important trends. The global demand for oil is projected to grow by more than five percent by 2030 with the Middle East, China, and India accounting for seventy percent of the increase. China's oil demand is anticipated to expand during this period, and oil imports will grow. This implies that China will overtake the United States thereby becoming the largest world net importer of oil by 2020 (Bhaumik, 2009). It will reach approximately twenty-four million barrels daily net oil consumption by 2030. This suggests that nearly eighty percent of China's oil consumption will rely on imported oil. However, United States oil demand will decline or remain unchanged; thus, its oil imports are subject to fall to the extent that…. [read more]

Government Role Renewable Energy Essay

… Currently the government has aided the private sector in generating clean energy through source such as "hydro, biomass, biogas, wind energy, and solar energy." [footnoteRef:13]Some of the main initiatives that Australian government has adopted to address the issues of growing energy demand and GHG emissions coupled with the aims of sustainable development are: [12: Ibid. ] [13: BREE. Energy in Australia, (Bureau of Resources, & Energy Economics, 2012)]

Large scale solar energy plants

Geothermal generation technologies

Ocean energy technologies

Carbon capture and storage (CCS)

Various state and territory governments have adopted aggressive plans to encourage demand and supply of renewable energy supply. Close analyses of statistics indicate that specific advancement in context of solar energy has been accomplished. As compared to 2001 to 2009 period,…. [read more]

Energy Policy Capstone Project

… The world now is a high tech world and technology previously has helped us achieve wonders and solving this energy crisis wouldn't be any different from that. The engineers and researchers are fully equipped and they all the technology readily available. Events in history has taught everyone a lesson, dependence on oil can be a risky thing to do as most countries are not self-sufficient in it and its very expensive to import. Many new things already have been discovered to produce energy in fact renewable energy; this new renewable energy will change the structure of the world. Countries would no longer be depended on other countries and this renewable energy will change the structure of the world as energy is the number one problem…. [read more]

China's Three Gorges Dam and India's Narmada River Research Paper

… China's Three Gorges Dam And India's Narmada River Dam

China and India, two fast growing economies of the world, are at the center of controversy relating to the construction of Dams. China's 'Three Gorges dam' built in the mighty Yangtze river, the third largest river in the world, and the 'Sardar Sarovar Dam' constructed in the Heart of the Narmada river, the fifth largest river in India have both evoked severe criticism from environmental and social activists. These two Asian giants being the most populous nations in the world are engaged in a desperate struggle to meet the growing energy requirements propelled by their surging economies. Power generation and agricultural production are two important concerns for these two nations as they are slowly emerging as…. [read more]

Environmental Policies and Problems in China Term Paper

… Environmental Policies and Problems in China: Air Pollution

From all appearances the economic success of China is secured, as China's economy is the fastest growing in the entire world however, unfortunately, China also has the highest annual incidence of early deaths stated to be attributed to air pollution. The National Geographic report entitled: "Chinese Air Pollution Deadliest in World" states that a World Health Organization (WHO) report "estimates that diseases triggered by indoor and outdoor pollution kills 656,000 Chinese citizens each year, and polluted drinking water kills another 95,600." (Holder, 2007) Pollutants which damage the air quality are inclusive of sulfur dioxide, particulate matter - a mixture of extremely small particles and water droplets- ozone, and nitrogen dioxide." (Holder, 2007) According to Holden's (2007) report:…. [read more]

Globalization and the Demand for Energy in the 21st Century Term Paper

… Globalization and Energy Demands in the 21st Century

According to a May 2004 report from Deloitte Research, supplying enough energy on a reliable basis at prices that will not cripple the global economic growth has become a challenge with consequences that are difficult to predict (Globalization pp). Although this will provide new opportunities for oil and gas companies, pipelines, generators, utilities and others in the energy business, it also carries serious risks (Globalization pp). The demand for energy is growing, not only in the developed economies of Europe, Japan and North American, but in developing countries as well (Globalization pp). In fact, the fastest demand growth is in China and other emerging markets, thus from one side of the globe to the other, societies are…. [read more]

Green Energy Indicates Essay

… China has huge geothermal resources. Recently 49.17 billion cubic meters of underground hot water resources have been identified in the central eastern china. In comparison to other green energy geothermal resources are safe, and stable. Geothermal energy emanates from inside the earth. Every day the earth's core radiates energy which is equivalent to 100 billion barrels of oil. Current exploitation of china in geothermal energy is 500 million cubic meters. Though over the past years geothermal did not receive much focus because of extensive concentration on solar, wind and nuclear energy. But recently geothermal energy has bee given special attention and this sector is growing at the rate of 10% per year.

Investable project in china

There is a potential investable project of Hebie Shangyi…. [read more]

Nonrenewable vs. Renewable Energy Use Essay

… Non-renewable sources of energy have the potential of shaping foreign policies of industrialized and developed countries. Countries such as the U.S., China, Russia, and India strive to secure the non-renewable bases of energy resources (Asif & Muneer, 2007). Industrial and non-industrial use: Though, non-renewable energy has assumed much importance in the policy discourse of governments, NGOs, and transnational corporate bodies of the world, industrial and large scale manufacturing is still dependent on power generation from non-renewable sources of energy. Petroleum and petroleum products, natural gas, and coal remain the dominant non-renewable resources used by manufacturing and production plants to generate power and other products. This particular difference is still large enough to exist during several years to come.


The use of non-renewable and renewable…. [read more]

Obama Energy Policy Term Paper

… The plan seeks to limit and reduce the amount carbon that polluters are allowed to pump into the atmosphere.

President Obama proposals are very ambitious indeed and they need and demand an altogether effort and partnership between the private sectors, the government, Wall Street and all individual Americans. Through this initiative President Obama puts together the economic revival goal and the climate protection goal. The proposals will help America as a nation become dependent with regard to the importation of fuel as the plan provides for ways that the country through its firms can manufacture bio-fuel, it will also help reduce the emission of carbon and other harmful substances into the atmosphere.

The plan also counts on new limits to encourage increased production of renewable…. [read more]

Solar Energy Essay

… Solar Energy

As typical hydrocarbon materials are significantly challenging and costly to draw out, energy businesses need to alter their approach in order to fulfil the needs of an expanding populace progressively depending on power. Renewable resource has actually become the focus for numerous energy businesses as they look to a 'greener' future. Whether this enhancing dedication has actually come from an authentic will to do much better or from the altering needs of stakeholders is one argument that continues still. That aside, the numbers promote themselves. Financial investment in renewable resource has actually enhanced five-fold from 1990. The solar market is a quickly expanding sector within renewables as technological advances recently have actually made solar cells more efficient and far less costly to produce…. [read more]

Solar Energy Essay

… Solar Energy

The threats posed by our relationship to energy has given rise to some devastating results on a global and a personal scale like human-induced climate change, famine, poverty and cycles of deforestation; all these while on our overzealous appetite search for energy. Global economic, environmental and social pressures are driving the human race to search for a better alternative and renewable source of energy that is also more eco-friendly, reliable and sustainable. Many national governments have stated making energy policies with solar energy harnessing as the backbone of these policies. Nations are trying to escape the uncertainties that come with the fact that most fossil fuels have their deposit localized in particulars areas of the earth, a region that is filled with political…. [read more]

Energy in the United States Term Paper

… It should be noted that if more is invested in the erection of a windmill or a generator and the interest rates that are being charged for the manufacturing equipment then the consumer of this energy will also have to bear a part of this cost. According to a study it was discovered that if the finance of the wind plants are made at the same level as that of gas plants, then the cost of these plants would decrease by almost 40%. Fortunately enough, the cost of wind energy is proportional to the facilities being built.

However, investments are being made to find out and exploit other sources of power and ways to make them viable. These sources include wave energy, geothermal and biomass.…. [read more]

Nuclear Energy: Risks vs. Reward Essay

… Apart from the benefits of nuclear power posted above, the same also has several drawbacks. The very first concern in this case has got to do with safety especially after the high profile disasters that have taken place in the past. Such high-profile disasters include the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown and the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. According to Mckinney, Schoch and Yonavjak (2012), the Chernobyl nuclear plant explosion which took place sometimes in April 1986 is largely regarded one of the worst disasters that has ever occurred in a nuclear power plant. According to the author, the number of deaths that came about as a direct effect of the explosion were 31. However, what is more worrying is that of the 600,000 individuals who were exposed…. [read more]

Energy Policy of the People's Republic of China Research Paper

… ¶ … 21st century shapes up to be the "Century of Asia" with China in the vanguard, it is becoming increasingly clear that the world's finite supplies of fossil fuels will not be able to satisfy the growing demand from China and other rapidly developing nations such as Brazil and India. In fact, some scientists believe that peak oil will be reached by mid-century, and supplies will become even scarcer after that point. While scientists continue their quest for fission energy, other researchers are seeking alternative energy sources from other renewable sources such as solar, wind and biomass energy. The purpose of this study was to (a) determine China's current energy reliance on coal, and why this is changing; (b) identify viable energy options for…. [read more]

Energy in China and the US Research Paper

… China's energy sources reflect their local resources and their economic status, with the country seeing significant changes over the past few years, with high levels of government support for renewable and green energy. In 2012 66% of all energy used, oil 20%, hydroelectric power 8%, natural gas 5%, nuclear power and other renewables at less than 1% (EIA, 2016b). This has resulted in recent shifts; in 2015 the country increased renewables, installing an additional capacity of 32.5 GW of wind power and 18.3 GW of solar power generation (Energy Post, 2016). Nuclear power generation and use also increased by 30%, gas has increased by 3.3% and coal consumption has fallen by 3.7% now accounting for approximately 64% of all energy consumed in China; all occurring…. [read more]

United States: Mitigate China's Influence in African Continent Research Paper

… China's Influence In Africa

Though the United States remain the sole true global superpower following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War, over the subsequent two decades China has risen to fill some of the subsequent power vacuum, particularly in regions where the United States has never maintained a substantial presence. This is nowhere more true than on the African continent, here China has made important economic, diplomatic, and military inroads with numerous governments at the same time that the United States' focus is directed towards the Middle East, and particularly the War on Terror. China's success in Africa and the United States' own difficulties in the region are the result of historical and cultural factors that benefit the…. [read more]

China's One Child Policy Historically Research Paper

… This made Korea to adopt a sex selective technology that gave birth to the ratio problem. This problem reached a peak for South Korea in 31992 when the male to female ratio of fourth births was at an astonishing 229:100 in a contrast to the general ratio of 114:100. This prompted a public campaign and education as well as social awareness that sought to warns the entire country against the perpetuation of such a trend. South Korea also passed laws forbidding sex selection technology; this has seen a correction of this ratio back to 1: 1 by the year 2011 (WorldPress, 2011). This has not been an easy feat and China should consider reversing the policy or giving more reprieves to many areas as exempted…. [read more]

International Energy Law Essay

… State authorities sat in front of formal and proper arbitral tribunals and were assisted by foreign counsel, the result of which were important, fair, and legally balanced cases (Kosheri, n.d.).

The International Energy Sector Landscape: In the 1980s

During this decade, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) arbitrators of the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) panels rendered rulings that exhibited the maturation in the field of arbitration (Sabater, 2011). AGIP v. Congo, Case No. ARB/77/1 occurred during this period, as did the Aminoil Tribunal of 1982, which was characterized by its elaborated and detailed reasoning (Sabater, 2011). A number of petroleum claims were submitted from 1983 through 1987 that were brought before the Iran / USA arbitration Tribunal (Sabater, 2011). In the…. [read more]

Decreasing Nuclear Energy Qualitative Analysis Thesis

… Similarly, many would-be nuclear powers have had trouble getting their reactors built such as Bangladesh, Belarus, Jordan, Lithuania, Poland, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam among them (Schneider et al., 2013). In the established nuclear power countries, there is a lack of investment in adding new capacity (World Energy Resources, 2013). Where there is new construction, it is to replace aging facilities (Schneider et al., 2013).

Given the decline in the development of nuclear power reactors, the world continues to rely on conventional sources of energy to meet the current global energy needs. This continual reliance has exacerbated the problem of the global climate change (Schneider et al., 2013). Consequently, environmentalists, policymakers, and governments have continued to search for a sustainable source of power…. [read more]

Geopolitical Energy Competition Term Paper

… Given the geography of the area, this typically means going through territory that is hostile to U.S. interests. Central Asia in general, being former Soviet colonies, is sympathetic to Russian interests. This is especially true in Kazakhstan, with its 30% Russian population. Turkic-speaking Uzbekistan has leaned towards the west as it attempts to leverage its historical connection to Turkey to fuel economic growth.

Nations have traditionally been wary of building their energy infrastructure in dangerous places. For example, Aruba and Trinidad have strong refining industries because Venezuela is not deemed stable enough for multi-billion dollar infrastructure investment, in spite of the fact that they produce most of the Caribbean's oil. Likewise, a pipeline is a massive undertaking. In addition to the billions of dollars and…. [read more]

Renewable Energy Resources and Investment Essay

… At least 20 countries in the Middle East, North Africa, and sub-Saharan Africa have active renewable energy markets. Outside of Europe and the United States, other developed countries like Australia, Canada, and Japan are seeing recent gains and broader technology diversification. The increasing geographic diversity is boosting confidence that renewable are less vulnerable to policy or market dislocations in any specific country. (Sawin and Martinot 9)

This global trend creates a situation where less developed nations as well as developed nations may have less reason to seek outside sources, reducing cost of transport of renewable energy sources. Seeking energy independence, by any nation or entity necessarily allows that entity the freedom to function without the added burden of energy procurement and costs.

These two works…. [read more]

China Syndrome Several Interesting Facts Term Paper

… For example, rather than push Detroit to build cars that get much better mileage, the administration has sided with the auto industry, and worked against legislation that would force Detroit to make more fuel-efficient cars. Two years ago, the administration even went so far as to advocate tax breaks for people who buy big gas-guzzling SUVs.

Rather than push solar power usage on middle class homes, cutting the need for electricity to heat hot water in homes, the administration has pushed for more the building of more nuclear plants, and has re-written rules regarding the Clean Air Act, in order to help utilities avoid having to install expensive equipment to put out less pollution.

The administration has also pushed for more oil drilling in places…. [read more]

Renewable Energy Marketing Bill Bryson Described Australia Essay

… Renewable Energy Marketing

Bill Bryson described Australia as the "Sunburned Country," which would imply that there is potential for a strong solar panel industry. However, whereas decidedly cloudier countries such as Germany have used strong government incentives to create a burgeoning market for solar panels, the same cannot be said for Australia. When the Rudd government cancelled the rebate for families installing solar panels on the roof of their home in 2008, the industry took a nosedive (Beer, 2008). European manufacturers in particular cited the lack of government support for the lack of private investment in the Australian solar panel industry (Millar, 2009). This paper will examine the state of the solar panel industry in Australia and then set out an approach to market the…. [read more]

Hydroelectricity China's Three Gorges Dam Term Paper

… Technology

Hydroelectricity China's Three Gorges DAM

Hydroelectricity is a widely used form of energy, accounting for approximately 10% of the energy production in the United States alone and even more worldwide. Thus, hydroelectricity accounts for up to 80% of the renewable energy used in the United States, making it by far the most widely used means of alternative energy production. Its current acceptance and use make it a promising energy source, as it has already become an entrenched idea in the minds of many (Urbauer, 2010).

Hydroelectricity will not drain its resources from being used. Though its location may change, the amount of water stays constant. The water cycle has never been seen to actually stop operating and this is surely an important factor in…. [read more]

Strategy and Policies of the Oil Industry in Responding to Global Warming Essay

… Strategy and Policies of the Oil Industry

Over the last several decades the issue of global warming has been increasingly brought to the forefront. Part of the reason for this is the changes in the environment that are being seen around the globe worldwide. A good example of this would be the in the North Pole, where during the summer the polar ice caps are melting at a faster rate every single year. Where, a study conducted by the Danish Meteorological Institute found that within ten years the Arctic will be ice free during the summer months. (Terril 2010) This is problematic because the ice is warming based on a phenomenon known as global warming. Simply put, the overall amounts of emissions that are released…. [read more]

Offshore Wind Energy Introduction

… 371-372).

2. Wind Power: "air that is in motion in relation to the earth's surface, especially in a horizontal direction."

3. Wind Energy: "the energy contained in the movement of air masses; in human energy use traditionally captured by means of the sails of a ship or the vanes of a windmill, and currently by mechanical blades similar to air plane propellers" (Cleveland & Morris, 2006, p. 485).

4. Wind Turbines: "a wind-driven machine containing curved rotors or blades inside a wheel set vertically on a revolving shaft; wind or air pressure against the blade turns the wheel, and the rotating shaft may then drive a dynamo to produce electric power" (Cleveland & Morris, 2006, p. 487).

5. Wind Farm: "a wind farm (often also…. [read more]

How Does the Use of Coal Impact People and Technology? Research Paper

… ¶ … Coal Impact People and Technology

An important feature which characterizes the modern day society is given by the incremental pressure put on environmental stability. Human kind has still a long way to go before becoming entirely environmentally responsible, but the first steps in this direction are made by individual efforts of energy consumption, the development of environmentally responsible legislations or the efforts towards the reduction of industrial pollution.

One particular reason as to why these efforts need to be made is represented by the limited nature of the natural resources, which are being consumed at a too fast pace, and which will no longer be able to support life for the future generations. This topic is an inexhaustible and extremely complex one, but…. [read more]

Strategy of Renewables Energy in UK Research Proposal

… Strategy of Renewable Energy in UK

Strategies of Renewable Energy in UK

Energy resources are one of the most important natural resource for any economy around the world. This is because the energy is an essential and integral part of every human's life. From domestic use to industrial operations, from transportation to power generation, energy is the fundamental requirement in every aspect.

Ever since the industrial revolution began, the demand for energy resources increased more than ever before. Massive manufacturing plants meant more fuel energy was required. As a result of industrial revolution, electronic home appliances became a household essential, which meant that more power resources would be needed for domestic use. Later on, after the first and second world war, the world saw an…. [read more]

Why the World Should Use More Nuclear Energy Term Paper

… ¶ … Nuclear Energy

Why the World Should Use More Nuclear Energy

Capacity to Provide Energy

The G8 and Other Developed Countries


Cost of Waste Treatment


Measures Required

Small and Advanced Nuclear Power Generation Plants

The Waste Management

The world energy requirements are souring with the passing days. The requirements are increasing in a multiplying manner as more and more populations are gaining access to developed facilities. The changing life styles and increased usage of urbanized amenities plays a vital role in increasing energy demands. The major developed countries and developing nations across the globe keep energy as their central focus to maintain the levels of growth they have already attained. Furthermore they aim to provide uninterrupted and economically viable energy for their…. [read more]

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