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Enforcing a Code of Ethics in a University Term Paper

… Code of Ethics

In the academic world, as well as in the business world, as an essential part in the conduct of activities and actions there is an increasing need for the existence of a code of ethics, due to the fact that students and staff alike must take into account certain moral guidelines in order to increase the efficiency of their actions and the respect for the community. However, nowadays, despite the fact that more and more schools have established codes of conduct, there seems to be a lack of interest in applying it. Therefore, aside from the moral guidelines it provides, the code of conduct should take into account a series of enforcement measures to insure the utility of the…. [read more]

Code of Ethics in the Department of Justice Term Paper

… Code of Ethics as Applicable to the Department of Justice

The topic of ethics from the aspect of a professional and scientific viewpoint has emerged as a topic of significant concern in recent years, both for the Department of Justice and for other organizations as well. Ethics is generally a term used to describe a set of values that describe what is right or wrong, good or bad. As a result, guidelines and discussions surrounding ethics should be applicable to a broad range of cases, as conflicts are likely to arise between ethical principles. Any system of ethical principles is derived from philosophical reasoning, and research in this area indicates that if we have a system of a few principles that apply in all cases…. [read more]

Company Code of Ethics Essay

… This segment assures the reader that educational certification is being performed by all employees and stands as an important part of the workings within the company.

The next part of Boeing's ethical program is a 45-page booklet designed for employee reference. The original code of conduct is stated followed by examples for procedures of typical ethical problems that arise. These specific polices deal with, procurement integrity, export and import compliance, antitrust compliance, political contributions and equal opportunity employment. This booklet appears to have the most complete information regarding the totality of the program as it includes all recent policy change memos and other altered regulations.

Application of the Code of Conduct

In the last decade, Boeing's ethical reputation has come under criticism. This is mainly…. [read more]

Ethics and Judges Federal Essay

… It is very difficult not to make the case that different judges allow personal, or some other outside force, to influence their sentences when there was such a disparity among sentences for similar crimes. Next, Canon three of the Code of Conduct for United States Judges requires that "a judge should perform the duties of the office fairly, impartially, and diligently." ("Code of Conduct for United States Judges") Not only does this require a judge to remain courteous and respectful to everyone in their courtroom, but is requires a judge to act in a fair and impartial manner. In respect to sentencing guidelines, this means that a judge should not be swayed by public opinion, political interests, or the words of critics. In the past,…. [read more]

Code of Ethics Essay

… A code that has been democratically produced is more likely to be accepted and honored by those subscribing to it than one that is delivered. It is strongly recommended that a process of consultation and feedback in developing a code be followed (Stephen, Robbins, & A., 2008). This will entail following the idea of enabling spaces for discussion (Collins, 2011).

When developing a code of conduct for an organization it is important to consider the following steps. Addressing and articulating the problem clearly; agreeing on objectives; identifying all stakeholders; identifying a range of solutions and potential costs and benefits. Hold Preliminary discussions with major stakeholders, test preliminary findings and options with major stakeholders.

Select working group members who will decide how the group is to…. [read more]

Business Code of Ethics Essay

… ¶ … Business Code of Ethics

Wells Fargo Ethical Statement

Ethical Violations

Culture Speculations

This paper discusses the ethical code and policy of Wells Fargo financial institution. Wells Fargo is a major player in the financial services industry and offers six thousand six hundred fifty retail branches; which are comprised of banking and mortgage establishments that service over forty eight million customers. Wells Fargo is also considered to be one of the big four banks in the United States; the other three are Bank of America, Citigroup, and JP Morgan Chase.

Wells Fargo foregoes the standard mission statement in the "about us" section of their website. Instead, they choose to focus on the vision statement and where they are going. Wells Fargo vision statement is…. [read more]

Company Having Strong Ethics Case Study

… For example, the code should be focused on either deontological or consequentialist ethics, rather than cribbing sloppily from both, which could lead to an incoherent code that is tough to apply.

The code of ethics should then be tested for a few traits. One trait is clarity. It is important that the code is easy to understand. It should be consistent as well, because that is important -- a code that doesn't make sense it not going to work for most people. Furthermore, the code should be convertible to action. If the ethical code does not help people to make better ethical decisions than they otherwise would make, and does not ensure that all stakeholders understand the organization's ethical perspective, then the code is not…. [read more]

Code of Ethics and Professional Essay

… Acting competently, diligently, being prompt and attentive, honest and communicative, are all part of zealous advocacy.

B. As a paralegal, I will strive to work hard and diligently, and I will be dedicated to advocating in the interest of the lawyer, who in turn represents the client. In Simmons, there are no issues pertaining to a lawyer's zealous advocacy presented.

Canon 8. Improve the legal system.

A. Lawyers must endeavor to maintain the integrity of the legal system and improve its functioning. Preserving the integrity of the system requires that lawyers not make false statements or misrepresentations of fact, act fraudulently, or engage in conduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice.

B. As a paralegal, I will exercise appropriate discretion, act professionally responsible,…. [read more]

Business Code of Ethics Evaluation Essay

… (Fowler, 2008, pp. 79 -- 96) ("Code of Ethics," 2012)

Summarize the results of your systematic analysis or inquiry into the code of ethics of this organization.

Clearly, the ANA code of ethics is providing basic guidelines for everyone in the field of nursing. This is creating standards of professionalism, by forcing nurses to take into account the interests of various stakeholders on a daily basis. Moreover, there is an effective mechanism in place through having them enforce these standards equally. The combination of these factors is creating a situation where there is an improvement in treatment options for patients. This is when productivity increases and quality improves. ("Code of Ethics," 2012)

However, despite the success of the code, the reality is that it needs…. [read more]

Ethics and Professional Behavior Essay

… These tools provided in the seminar will enable them to effectively identify and handle all the possible ethical issues that may arise in the course of their work (Joycelyn M. Polock, 2010 ).

The five areas of ethical conduct that will be looked at are value statements that they should always remember, the codes of conduct that they should always strive to abide by, the Mechanisms to discuss difficult cases still within the ethical dimension, ethical modeling process and ethical communication channels and standards. These shall have embodied the vast concept of ethics within the criminal justice system and will have modeled the law enforcers into behaving in an ethical manner as well as passing down the ethical behaviors to other officers within the system.…. [read more]

Ethics: Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Essay

… This module suggests that if FCPA is enforced without considering its collateral impacts, the U.S. will be unwittingly sacrificing both outbound FDI opportunities and poverty reduction. This will be done with the sole purpose of combating bribery within both the country and emerging nations. Although the module is because curbing bribery is a reaction towards material certainty, the readings conquer that it would be wiser to curb bribery as a component of continuing business associations and not as a prerequisite for conducting business (Cory, 2005).

Evidently, the goal of the readings is to incentivize ethical business practices in emerging economies. The challenge identified from the readings and the module encourages policy makers to reform the details and enforce the scheme of the FCPA law. This…. [read more]

Ethics in Law Enforcement Essay

… The "Law Enforcement Code of Ethics" was created by the Peace Officers' Association of the State of California in 1956, and has generally be adopted and used by a number of law enforcement agencies.

In the first paragraph, the officer is sworn to "…protect the innocent against deception" and to protect the "weak against oppression or intimidation" (Riverside Sheriff, CA). Protecting the innocent "against deception" is ironic because police use deception as a commonly, court-approved strategy, and "intimidation" is part of the everyday process of interviewing and interrogating. In the second paragraph, the officer is pledging to be "honest in thought and deed in both my personal and official life," and obviously deceiving suspects is not honest. The third paragraph reminds officers to enforce the…. [read more]

Enforcing Ethical Business Practices Essay

… How CEOs Can Prevent Unethical Behaviors in Federal Contracting

Practitioners in the public and private sectors frequently encounter similar ethical dilemmas (Lynch, 2005). To address these issues, there are several statutes in place that are designed to protect the release of trade secrets, procurement information, as well as other sensitive or confidential information and classified information (Wentick, 2001). Furthermore, the Standards of Ethical Conduct also stipulate that it is illegal to use or allow the use of nonpublic information for private purposes (Wentick). There is also a The Federal Code of Ethics that binds federal employees to good judgment and ethical conduct (Lynch, 2005). Despite efforts to inculcate higher ethical standards, though, some companies still run afoul of the law or otherwise violate statutes concerning…. [read more]

Ethics Program Imagine Company Toyota Essay

… Conclusion

For an organization to be classified as either successful or beaten depends on how the company channels the varied talents and energies of its employees towards achievement of its goals. Organizations need to invest in employee engagement to company success. Effective motivation strategy should include providing a good working environment, good pay and participation of employees in decision making. This creates the feeling of importance and enables employees to commit towards achieving organizational objectives and enhance successful training and implementation of an ethics program. Top managers should avoid the common mistakes that arise during designing and implementation of an effective ethics program. For example, during training, managers should not offer long hours of lecture instead organize employees in small discussion groups. Another common mistake…. [read more]

Ethics in Law Enforcement Essay

… It also destroys the public's confidence in their law enforcers and defames all law enforcement departments.

When law enforcers are given the power to use force or other such liberties, it is because they are expected to act ethically and responsibly. That is why normally departments upon recruitment look into an individual's previous moral and ethical background. They view their past conduct, as Aristotle claims that a person's actions reveal his character. However, it has been noticed that actions are not always the best judge of someone's character. As is evident in the study conducted by Stanley Milgram, a psychologist employed by Yale University, that moral judgments are tested and pressurized by external sources. Therefore he concludes that in pressure situations people often rely on…. [read more]

Code of Ethics Essay

… The creation of this evaluative tool will be done by members of the executive body in concert with members of the selected teaching staff.


Once again, considering that the world of global finance is an ever-changing landscape, it will be important for all members of the Beacon Corporation to remember that this code of ethics is a living document that may be changed to suit the current situations of the present day. New interpretations are to be expected and are welcomed. With this knowledge Beacon Inc. will strive to maintain open and reliable lines of intra-organizational communication regarding future ethical concerns or proposals.


Boyce, G. (2008). The Social Relevance of Ethics Education in a Global Era: From Individual Dilemmas to Systemic Crises. Critical…. [read more]

Ethics Policies on 3 Companies Term Paper

… Ethics Policies on 3 companies.

Ethics Policies

Memo of transmittal

Ethics policies within companies

Microsoft Corporation


Intel Corporation

Memo of transmittal

The current ethics policies are the outcome of years of debates as to what should define morality and fair and appropriate behavior. Nowadays, most institutions in the fields of economy, politics, medicine and law guide their activities by a set of morals rules concentrated in their internal code of ethics. To better understand the concept of ethic policies, one needs to analyze the code of ethics of at least three major organizations, preferably all three belonging to the same industrial sector, for instance electronic engineering.

Executive summary

The term ethics generally refers to the conduct and behavior of individuals and groups within our…. [read more]

Ethics Has Been Regarded as Fundamental Practice Term Paper

… Ethics has been regarded as fundamental practice with reference to the all design research procedures, and it the responsibility of the research to ensure that the contents and the scope of the research is ethical and moral, the design research shall be conducted 'within an ethic of respect for persons, respect for knowledge, respect for democratic values, and respect for the quality of the literature' (David, 2006).

During the phase of research design, it is important to develop social relationship with the participants, and it is the responsibility of the researcher to ensure the existence of good communication and mutual trust between both the sides. Secondly, it is important to realize that 'central principle of ethical research is that of informed consent; Informed consent can…. [read more]

Ethical Code for a Company Essay

… The code will be kept by the employee, and he or she cannot provide an electronic signature. At the time of signing, the signature sheet will also include the employee's position, the time and date, and the version of the code being used by the company. When new versions come out, new signatures will be required. While this can take time and effort, it will ensure that no employee can claim he or she did not receive the newest version of the ethical code or did not know about the changes.

The code and any issues surrounding it must be properly communicated to the employees, which should not prove difficult. A check of the personnel files will show what each employee has signed, and anything…. [read more]

Corporate Ethics in the 21st Century Term Paper

… Corporate Ethics in the 21st Century

Corporate ethics has emerged as one of the leading business issues of the Twenty-First century. Scandals at formerly reputable corporations such as Enron have sullied the corporate image for the public, not to mention major shareholders. Transparency and accountability are the new corporate watchwords, as companies from all industries and at all levels of operation struggle to adapt to the new climate of corporate responsibility. One of the greatest weapons that corporations have developed to deal with these new circumstances is the corporate code of ethics, or sometimes the code of conduct.

At its most basic, a code of ethics is a "management tool for establishing and articulating the corporate values, responsibilities, obligations, and ethical ambitions of an organization…. [read more]

Organizational Ethics in Life Business Plan

… Leaders in such positions are certainly responsible for the successful operations and financial success of an organization, but through the discussion in this paper, readers may increase awareness of the social responsibility placed in the hands of those who lead organizations.

Additional aspects of the social and ethical responsibility of organizational leaders are to respect and involved the community. The community may actually be a physical location. The community may be a group of peers. The community may be organizations of a similar nature and purpose, or that are in related fields. Organizations, businesses, and companies of all sorts stay in operations longer with the support and collaboration of the community, whatever or wherever the relevant community is located. This responsibility further extends into the…. [read more]

Personal and Organizational Ethics Term Paper

… ¶ … Personal and Professional Ethics

A focus on ethical decision making is vitally important for the organizational leader of today and in the future. In accordance with ethical standards, every person in an organization is responsible to those whom his or her actions directly affect. As individuals progress through their careers and their role continues to evolve into one of greater and more diverse responsibilities, the effects of their decisions will increasingly need to be examined from an ethical perspective in order to ensure proper implementation. However along with the ability to examine these issues must come the responsibility to deal with them effectively, whatever the consequences may be. Therefore a reflective look into one's personal and professional ethics is paramount for achieving successful…. [read more]

Business Ethics Focus on Merrill Essay

… Ford's senior management calculated the cost per life lost on the basis of the National Traffic Safety Administration's data and stated that recall for correcting the problem with the Pinto would cost $121 million as compared to only $50 million for injuries and deaths caused by the problem.

The decision-making process in this case was flawed in that the Ford Motor Company attempted to place value on the life of a human being. How could it possibly be that lives lost totaled less than the cost of a recall and modification to the company's vehicles? This happened because of the failure of the Ford Motor Company and its employee to assign intrinsic value to the life of human beings which would mean that the company…. [read more]

Code of Ethics Implementation Research Paper

… Code of Ethics

Description of Code and Links with the Organization

The code of ethics underpins everything else. Its values are embedded in some of the most important documents for the organization, such as the vision and mission statements. The code of ethics is less about ethics, and more about behavior, so it has a lot of influence over how people interact with each other; that is the main focus of the code. The subject matter of the code -- mentorship, diversity, respect and learning, are universal values, and we should guide our behaviors in accordance with those principles.

The mission statement is in some ways a rewording of the code of ethics, which highlights how important the code of ethics is to the organization.…. [read more]

Ethics in Dental Hygiene Term Paper

… Dental Ethics

As all other healthcare professionals, dental hygienists have responsibilities to their patients, employers, associations and, most important, to their own personal integrity. It is therefore critical that they be prepared to make sound decisions and actions based on ethical considerations. The growing importance of enforcing ethical behavior in dental hygiene is observed by seeing the number of dental schools that now have formal ethics courses as part of their curricula. Over the last three decades, dental professionals have emphasized the requisite for ethics training and dialogue. Today, ethics education has moved from mainly traditional instruction to more interactional teaching approaches that promote student introspection and group problem-solving. In addition, various dental hygiene associations have codes of ethics that are expected to follow. With…. [read more]

Ethical Problems in Business Principle Research Paper

… his ethical obligations towards the firm (Ferrell, Ferrell, Hirt, 2010).

Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations (FSGO) Details (Lawrence, Weber, Post, 2004):

In 1991, U.S. Sentencing Commission circulated FSGO to impose punishment upon those corporations or organizations whose employees or other agents have committed federal crimes.

The guidelines promote the use of effective programs to prevent these ethical issues from arising by prescribing seven measures that need to be taken care of.

Implementation and compliance of standard to reduce criminal conduct

Assignment of high level personnel for ensuring compliance

Avoid giving assignment to individuals who t have a risky past

Ensure all standards and procedures are properly communicated and the required training is provided

Establish compliance monitoring and audit systems along with proper reporting systems where…. [read more]

Ethics and the Internet Term Paper

… S. Department of Defense to "provide a distributed, flexible and self-healing command network which would enable the U.S. military to continue operating even if Soviet military missiles took out certain geographical locations on the network." (INTERNET ETHICS: OXYMORON OR ORTHODOXY?) The idea of a network of computers was adopted by the academic community in order to increase research capabilities and to communicate easily over long distances with one another. The early Internet also enabled people to share and discuss large amounts of information.

The Internet then began to expand and there followed the creation of Newsgroups. This was an important development as this technology allowed anyone to share information on any subject. This also included unethical practices such as the sharing of pornographic information. This…. [read more]

Ethics Research Paper

… Ethics and Behavior

Ethics and morality

The discussion between the ethical can the moral has been going on for a long time and the philosophers tend to agree that these two terms most of the time are use interchangeably and at times may have a thin line between these two terms. There are issues that can be considered moral yet are unethical, and there are acts that also be considered ethical yet they are immoral. Morality is widely considered as the code of conduct that that is accepted by a given society and for those who can understand it, there is no universal standards to it. On the other hand, ethics are more general and have the aspect of general laws that guide them (Stanford…. [read more]

Ethics Training for Employees Term Paper

… Therefore, the management in a company must be willing to lead by example.

However, involvement by management does not ensure employee satisfaction with an ethical compliance program. Organizational ethics can be viewed as a spectrum extending from compliance with external and internal regulations, policies, and procedures to maintenance of organizational and universal values (Worthley, 1999). What this means is that organizational ethics have to incorporate personal ethics and broader ethical standards in order to be relevant to employees. While ethical compliance needs to be top-down, the development of ethical standards and rules needs to be bottom-up. If employees feel like they have a stake in the ethical reputation of their employer, they are more likely to comply with the employer's ethical rules and regulations.

In…. [read more]

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