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Hero's Journey -- Life Coach Essay

… Would you be interested in these tai chi sessions?


Tai chi can be described as "meditation in motion" but experts report that it is also "medication in motion" ("Harvard Health, 2009). Mind-body practices, such as Tai chi, are often associated with an origin in Chinese martial arts. But the modern emphasis on this ancient practice is its value as a treatment or prevention form many health problems, especially those associated with aging. The benefits of Tai chi are particularly salient for people too frail for other forms of more robust conditioning, or for people who experience joint stiffness, impaired balance, or poor awareness and body-in-space awareness ("Harvard Magazine," 2010).

Long-Term Effects

Actual changes in brain plasticity have been observed in people who regularly train…. [read more]

Engaging in Regular Tourism Experiences Book Report

… 53).

Modern lifestyle also lends to a lack of motivation and desire to engage in recreational activities like travel. Greg, a male aged 30, answered with this response, 'I just don't like planning activities. I just don't have enough money to travel. I'd rather sit at home and watch TV'. When there is lack of motivation in doing something, there will be no positive change apparent in the individual towards something as beneficial as regular tourism experiences. David (Male, 32), Eric (Male, 29), John (Male, 40) all state they would rather eat, sleep, or watch some form of entertainment than travel. The above responses demonstrate how significant motivation as a reason to not engage in regular tourism experiences.

The third reason, "work constraint" can be…. [read more]

Eden Project Term Paper

… Eden Project is one of the largest ecotourism sites in the world. The purpose of the Eden Project is to highlight man's dependence on and relationship with plants. The Eden Project informs visitors about the importance of plants to life on earth, delivering a high-impact message about the importance of preserving plant diversity (Eden Project ltd., 2007). The message at the Eden Project is not delivered in lecture style, but utilizes an engaging display the showcases the major current environmental issues.

The Eden project contains more than 5,000 species, representing many of the major climatic zones of the earth (Eden Project ltd., 2007). The Eden Project utilizes the natural environment of Cornwall and contains two of the largest conservatories in the world (Eden Project ltd.,…. [read more]

Marketing Places and Spaces Essay

… Marketing Places and Spaces:

Market segmentation in the hospitality industry

Although not specifically marketing a product, the tourism and hospitality industry still engages in the same type of strategic marketing, positioning, and analysis as a more conventional product or service. A place such as a museum or even a general area of the country can be marketed just like a bottle of dish soap or personal training sessions (McCabe 2009). This phenomenon can be seen in the strategies deployed by the Napa Valley region in California and the Victoria & Albert Museum in the United Kingdom. Although quite distinct in their positioning, both embody the principle of market segmentation. Napa Valley targets a relatively narrow demographic of affluent adult travelers while the V&A targets a…. [read more]

Pervasive Video Games as Public Art Research Proposal

… Even though computer games were in their infancy in 1982, Crawford saw the potential of video games even in treatises like Pac-Man, Tempest, Space Invaders, Missile Command and Super Breakout. The latter of that series is screen-captured in the first appendix. However, Crawford asserted that even though the games of that era were crude, he held the view that they were a form of art and that over the years they would become more present and ubiquitous in the lexicon and activities of daily life and artistic expression. Indeed, he was precisely right

Crawford goes on to elucidate and explain that game design is both an artistic process as well as a technical process at the same time. Even while a game programmer tweaks and…. [read more]

Magic Circle Disappearing Essay

… The author remarks that there is an increasingly uncommon for people to truly have their own life and in their own mind and this can be very unhealthy (Turkle).


If there is a salient point that should be taken from this report, it is that while there are indeed valid concerns relative to the overuse of technology up to and including video games, it is not fair or wise to try to treat the symptom when the disease to be cured is something else entirely. People that get enraptured too deeply in video games and the associated "worlds" that are created within and around them are doing so for reasons that have nothing to do with the game. People that willfully ignore their duties…. [read more]

Computer Games Research Term Paper

… This development among others means that public safety has declined precipitously and that no one has complete immunity from the possibility of physical victimization by violent acts.

However, not all researchers have found a positive relationship between video game playing and violence. For example, Goldstein states that studies do not necessarily demonstrate the actual effects. "Some social psychologists argue that playing violent video games causes aggressive behavior, among other things (desensitization to violence, disinhibition of violence, belief in a 'scary world,' acquisition of cognitive schemas supportive of aggression). Three types of evidence are said to converge in support of this conclusion: correlational studies, field studies (which are typically correlational in nature), and laboratory experiments." Correlational research, he adds, can relate nothing about whether violent video…. [read more]

Photography and Images Our Memory Essay

… Photography and memory are fallible; images show subjective and not objective or absolute truth. What photography does not capture is the context within which the image exists and means. Memory is malleable and vulnerable to manipulation; the advent of photography externalizes and magnifies this condition. One of the ultimate messages of Memento is that no matter whether our memories "work" or we substitute them with images that are "true," people have the power to screw with us. People rarely manipulate us into situations that are actually for our own good/benefit. Thus, the film moreover is a discourse of how human memories are manipulated through our collective consciousnesses and through our collective memories by the use of images.

People who have the control over the creation,…. [read more]

Gambling Problem Gambling: No Quick Fix Term Paper

… Gambling

Problem Gambling: No quick fix for a behavior with a wide range of social, psychological, and biological causes

Gambling is one of the few leisure activities common to all races, classes and cultures. (Griffiths & Delfabbro, 2002) Australia is a nation particularly friendly to gamblers. The practice of gambling was legal since the nation's first white settlements. (McMillen, 2004) For most Australians today, gambling seems like a harmless 'flutter.' 80-90% of adults gamble. So why do some individuals become problem gamblers? (Dickerson, Baron, Hong, & Cottrell, 1996)

Problem gambling is an incapacitating disorder that often results in failure to maintain financial solvency. (American Psychiatric Association, 1980, p. 324, cited by Dickerson, Baron, Hong, & Cottrell, 1996) Mark Griffiths and Paul Delfabbro (2002) urge that…. [read more]

Social Media Marketing in Serbian Tourism Industry Thesis

… To help the industry achieve this aim, strategic marketing plays a substantial role. While there are various components of this strategy, the one that stands out in the Digital Era is the use of social media. How do travelers to Serbia use social media to plan their trips? How do organizations in the tourism industry use social media to appeal to consumers? Understanding the way in which these two groups view the phenomenon of social media usage can help to enable a deeper understanding of how social media can be used as a component in Serbian tourism's market strategy as well as the marketing strategy of tourist and hospitality organizations around the world.

To date, some organizations within the tourism industry are…. [read more]

20Th Century Capstone Project

… The Investigator, as mentioned above has the overall coordination responsibility on the site. It is in the way in which it conducts the investigation that the results can be rapidly identified. This is also due to the fact that "the designated investigator-in- charge organizes, conducts, controls, and manages the field phase of the investigation, regardless of whether a Board Member is also on-scene at the accident or incident site. (The role of the Board member at the scene of an accident investigation is as the official spokes-person for the Safety Board.) The IIC has the responsibility and authority to supervise and coordinate all resources and activities of all personnel, both Board and non-Board, involved in the on-site investigation." (Federal Aviation Administration, 2010)

Another important role…. [read more]

Improving the City of St Term Paper

… Improving City of Saint John's_

VI .Conclusion

Allocation of land for building nature or wildlife reserves in cities that are still developing gives children in such neighborhoods an opportunity to become more conscious about their environment. They in the process appreciate the need for environmental conservation. Nature and wildlife reserves have both social and economic benefits to the residents of such cities. The benefits can be varied and does include creation of employment opportunities and source of revenue for city authorities to mention but a few. This paper seeks to illuminate the benefits the City of St. John's Newfoundland, Canada is likely to accrue when it puts in place nature and wildlife reserves.

Bolduc, M., Guha, M., Laurendeau, E., & Satienpoch, M. (2003). WPI --…. [read more]

Branding in Service Markets Dissertation

… Consequently, the message starts to stimulate customers starting to consider making a purchase.

The brand also serves as a substantial financial and political power in the macro-level focus of culture; particularly as it relates to issues and discussion regarding globalization concerns. As noted in the first chapter of the AMP, just as the growing impact of marketing touches most aspects of the consumer's lives, brands and branding have likewise become "an increasingly dominant market economic and commercial ideoscape" (Heding, Knudtzen, & Bjerre, 2009, p. 210).

With organizations like WTO implementing branding in its marketing and management practices, branding will likely remain central to structuring commercial and economic activities -- in large as well as in small countries globally.

Branding Evolution

The process of branding reportedly…. [read more]

Spread of HIV / AIDS Has Highlighted Essay

… ¶ … spread of HIV / AIDS has highlighted how sexuality is at the intersection of biological and social forces. How has the HIV / AIDS epidemic contributed to the production of certain sexualized social categories and identities? How have different categories of risk been constructed and what have been the consequences of these constructions? How has the HIV / AIDS epidemic transformed gender and/or sexual relations?

The HIV / AIDS epidemic has been an ongoing and relentless expression of the fusion of social forces and biological realities. The biological realities form the underlying science of the epidemic. The transmission of the disease occurs predominantly through sexual contact which is a socialized biological experience. Thus the resultant is the defining and describing of the disease…. [read more]

Cross Platform Mobile and Web Widgets Installation Thesis

… Cross Platform Mobile and Web Widgets Installation

Computer-mediated communication and decision-making applications for teams are extremely varied and ubiquitous, ranging from e-mail to shared bulletin boards for classrooms to remote conferencing. As the potential to put these applications onto the Web becomes better exploited, computer-mediated communication and coordination of teams of individuals will become even more widespread. Although the Web is normally thought of as an individual-to-mass form of communication, it actually has a great deal of potential to serve team collaboration. This is largely due to the cross-platform nature of Web design. It is also partly due to the fact that Web-based applets do not require the team members to have specialized software installed on their machines in advance (Proctor & Vu, 2005). Likewise,…. [read more]

Plan for the Care and Maintenance of the Facilities Research Proposal

… ¶ … Care and Maintenance of the Facility

In this paper, we are examining how a maintenance and management strategy will be implanted for the Crescent Moon Hotel in Montreux, Switzerland. To do this, we will look at the management and the sustainability of the facility. This is when we can make specific recommendations that will improve the upkeep of the hotel over the long-term.

Over the last several years, the issues of facilities management and maintenance have been increasingly brought to the forefront. Part of the reason for this, is because this is ensuring that customers are having positive experience. As the appearance and upkeep, will play a major role in determining how comfortable they will feel inside the facility. Over the course of…. [read more]

English Creative Writing in Singapore Dissertation

… Creative Writing in English: Singapore


Singapore is a country in which the learning of the English language has become vitally important. For many students, the learning of the English Language is dependent upon the development of creative writing skills. Creative writing is used as a learning tool because it permits students to write in a manner that allows them to feel comfortable as they become more proficient in using the English language. Creative writing is utilized as a mechanism that allows students to expand their vocabulary and improve comprehension skills. In recent years creative writing in the English language for junior college students and into adult working life in Singapore has been encouraged. The goal of the study…. [read more]

Organizational Culture and Sustained Competitive Dissertation

… This study will survey a number of organizations in a variety of industries in an attempt to find consensus in the strategic application of organizational cultural concepts.

This study will not result in a unified definition of culture, competition, or competitive advantage that will apply uniformly to all organizations in every situation. However, it will serve in the development of criteria that organizations can utilize to help determine the characteristics of their own organization and how they can be used to an improve the sustainability of their organization. This research will play an important role in the development of processes for analyzing and developing an organizational culture that maximizes the organization strengths and minimizes its weaknesses. It will examine the state of knowledge in organizations…. [read more]

Negative Impact of Video Games on Children Research Paper

… Negative Impact of Videogames on Children

Video Games are very entertaining and for millions of children around the world it is an interesting hobby. These children are able to balance videogames as an entertainment without affecting their real lives. However, as several research studies have shown, video games have become a negative influence for a sizable proportion of children who are not able to achieve this balance. In such children long-term health and behavioral effects have been reported. The development of addictive personality and being lost in the virtual reality of the gaming environment results in a sedentary life style posing a high risk factor for developing obesity and attendant health complications. My personal experience of witnessing friends who are addicted to Grand Theft Auto…. [read more]

Recreation: Disabilities People Term Paper

… Recreation: Disabilities

People with Disabilities

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, there are 34.1 million non-institutionalized Americans currently living with some form of disability that impairs usual activities - that represents roughly 12% of the U.S. population (Disabilities, 2007). More than 15 million American adults lack the physical ability to walk a quarter mile, or one lap around a track (Disabilities, 2007). Quite simply, it is a certainty that any recreation and leisure professional will need to consider how to develop appropriate programming for people with disabilities. As the baby boomers continue to age, we may experience even higher levels of disability, presenting additional challenges for recreation and leisure professionals.

Recreation and leisure professionals need to overcome these challenges because research has shown…. [read more]

Relationship Between Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty in 4 Star Hotels in Geneva Term Paper

… ¶ … Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty in 4-Star Hotels in Geneva

recognized problem for the hospitality industry is to find a way to keep their loyal customers and earn new once. A lot of hotels create questionnaires to find out if their customers are satisfied during their stay. If the questionnaire score shows a result which is better than good, they will think that the customers are loyal to them and will always return back. Since all hotels are competing for customers, the industry needs to be aware of the competitors, since customers will shop around and stay at the hotel that gives them the best value. It is important to remember that service is something we cannot touch which means intangible. When giving service…. [read more]

Exciting About Video Games Thesis

… Meta-analysis however has its limitations which include factors such as the researchers selecting their included studies (therefore incorporating bias to a certain degree), excluding others that they may not be aware of and/or that come from sources that they do not necessarily recognize that may be just as authoritative such as dissertations), and including faulty studies. To that point, Ferguson et al. (2008) did not seem too particular regarding the studies that they chose. They also only included a relatively small amount of studies as well as focused on sub-analysis which does not obtain a good chance for results. Most importantly, meta-analytic studies may just show association. They certainly cannot conclude that there is a casualty.

Some observers (e.g. (Ferguson, 2007, Ferguson & Kilburn, 2009)…. [read more]

Hotel Vendome Fire and Collapse Essay

… Hotel Vendome Fire and Collapse

Hotel Vendome Fire & Collapse:

The Vendome Hotel Fire is regarded as one of the most significant fires that have occurred in the history of the United States. The fire broke out on June 17, 1972 in Boston, Massachusetts and rapidly became the worst fire-fighting tragedy in the history of the city. The fire became the worst in Boston history because nine firefighters from Boston Fire Department lost their lives while eight others were injured following the collapse of a section of the hotel. These firefighters were killed and injured during the routine overhaul operation conducted by the fire department. Since its occurrence, the Vendome Hotel Fire has provided important lessons about the collapse of structures and the associated risks…. [read more]

Online Gaming Although Video Games Essay

… 217). Because of the ability of tech-savvy consumers who can easily engage in piracy and the lack of transparent and enforcing intellectual property laws, piracy remains a huge problem for both game developers and players. The virtual world requires that stronger mechanisms are put in place to protect intellectual property of game developers and virtual property of consumers.

Ying-Chieh et al., identify several forms of crimes involving online gaming: theft, fraud, robbery, kidnapping, threat, assault, battery, destruction of property, counterfeiting, receipt of stolen property, privacy violations, software piracy, and extortion (p. 249). And while these activities can more or less be subject to criminal investigation, there are still many issues which the courts are unable to clarify. For example, the existence of virtual property and…. [read more]

Wind Farm in Canda Case Study

… Similar to the first limitation, this second limitation is accepted and not expected to influence the findings of the research project. Additionally, it is not believed to create any real strains for the research project, since this is especially created to assess and explain the costs and benefits of building a wind farm in Canada, and not in other locations as well.


Burton, T., 2001, Wind energy: handbook, John Wiley and Sons, ISBN 0471489972

Rosano, M., 2009, On with the wind: wind energy in Canada timeline, Canadian Geographic Magazine, last accessed on July 4, 2011

Saunders, M., Lewis, P., Thornhill, A., 2009, Research methods for business students, Pearson Education, ISBN 0273716867

Soy, S., 2006, The case study as a research method, University of…. [read more]

Online Gambling Should it Be Banned Term Paper

… Online Gambling: Should it be banned?

Gambling over the years has transpired from a frowned upon cultural deformation to a more enticing pastime for easy money making opportunity. Its approval into the social sphere is not only dynamic but has speedily grown from what it was over the years. In fact there are many media outlets like the television and the internet that propagate games like poker for a wide audience to view daily contributing to the immense increase in the number of gamblers in the U.S. And the world. (Prystash, (

It isn't a hidden fact that the technological advancements have helped the businesses and industries flourish throughout the world, the gambling industry is no exception. In fact, the gambling industry benefits from the…. [read more]

South Korean & German Trade Show Industry Dissertation

… Trade Show Industry in Germany and South Korea

Trade as Marketing and Communication

Area of Study

Study Components

The History of Trade

History of Trade Shows

Patterns of Trade Shows

Marketing Theories

Trade Shows and Market Entry

Development of the Trade Show Industry

Contributions of the Trade Show Industry

Marketing Processes in the Trade Show Industry

Marketing Planning and Tactical Considerations in the Trade Show Industry

Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research

Data Analysis Plan


Role of Land Settlement Cooperative in the Kingdom of Thailand and Its Business Performance Term Paper

… Role of Land Settlement Cooperative in the Kingdom of Thailand and Its Business Performance

Prior to the Cooperative Crisis

Agriculture is a mark of civilization for the mankind.

It is beyond economy.

It is a part of our society, and a part of our culture." (Kittiampon)

Interview: Thailand...," 2000)

Cooperative Contentions

This researcher contends that in Thailand, an agricultural cooperative's business duties, when dealing with farmers may be divided into two primary scopes:

The first "scope" consists of the original idea founding the agricultural cooperative, focusing on money, in the realms of either savings or loans.

Another "scope," marketing needs to cover the dual aspects of marketing agricultural products, such as providing pertinent agricultural input to members and gathering members' products to resell.

The primary…. [read more]

Comprehensive Study of Offshore Financial Centers and Their Effects on Global Economy Dissertation

… ¶ … Offshore Financial Centres and Their Effects on Global Economy

The past 3 decades or so have witnessed the proliferation of offshore financial centres that have drawn both criticism and praise for their cumulative effect on the global economy. These offshore financial networks included 36 jurisdictions by the end of the 1970s that involved three main types of geographical locations, inland enclave states, coastal enclave states and island states. The enclave states have established a global pattern of so-called satellite clusters that are compatible with four main business time zones with linkages to the major global and regional capital markets. The Western Hemisphere is generally served through the New York epicenter by the Caribbean and the Central American Basin; European enclaves, coastal enclaves and…. [read more]

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