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English Law Negligence in Hospital Case Study

… There are also damages that cannot be calculated or determined based on a directly quantifiable and numeric injury to a victim of negligence. The loss of one's leg, for example, is certainly injurious and gives new meaning to the phrase "made whole," but though such a victim would not be able to be restored to a pre-negligence position -- i.e. she would not be able to simply have a leg attached and go about life as normal -- she nonetheless deserves to be compensated for their injury to a degree that best approximates their position prior to the negligence. This would involve an awarding of non-pecuniary damages, which are necessarily somewhat more subjective both in asserting a claim to and in determining a value for.…. [read more]

English Essay

… In many other languages this is simply not the case. In addition, there are many native regional varieties of English, but they are for the most part mutually intelligible. English, Canadians, Americans, Australians, South Africans, Jamaicans, Scots, Nigerians, Singaporeans and more each have their own dialects and accents, but since they are mutually intelligible English speakers have become accustomed to hearing their language with a variety of regional terms, phrases and accents. If somebody foreign -- native speaker or not -- says something that is not understood, this usually is not a point of frustration for an English-speaker. The listener simply requests a different way of saying it, and the speaker can almost always oblige. English speakers are so accustomed to hearing their language a…. [read more]

English Civil War Essay

… 387). This obviously represents the destruction of the rebel movement, as it is contrasted with Milton's description of God's angels staying in line and keeping their military fortitude. Still, Satan's healing does show an optimistic hope for a commonwealth in the future. He lives to fight another day, "Yet soon he healed, for spirits that live throughout / Vital in every part, not as frail man / In entrails, heart or head. Liver or reins / Cannot but by annihilating die" (Milton VI.344-47). This is a possible allusion to how the struggle is not entirely over with, and this leaves open the possibility for the Parliamentarians to redeem themselves in future fights for what they believe to be justice.

There are also stylistic elements of…. [read more]

English in Teaching and Learning Thesis

… Zeng (2007, p. 46) explains the debate behind the medium of instructions at schools in historical terms. When Hong Kong was relinquished by the British during the 1990s, the government mandated schools to use Chinese as medium of instruction for all subjects. The rationale given for this was the international recognition that mother-tongue instruction is preferable to second-language instruction.

Regardless of these views, English has remained prominent in Hong Kong's business, mass media, and personal environments. These environments are also conducive to many young people being able to formulate complex ideas in English. Hence, many parents and students have opposed the government's mandate, along with teachers and other officials (Zeng, 2007, p. 46). Zeng notes that children with English-medium schooling have tended to find more…. [read more]

English for Oral Communication -Problems Essay

… However, the presenter needs to keep in mind that the members of the audience will only be able to remember two or three supporting points and thus should not fill the whole presentation with supporting information.

Another problem that arises for the presenters of sales and marketing presentations is in the arrangement of their points. The presenters often decide to begin with the least strong points while gradually progressing to the stronger points. However, this leads to the presenter giving an ineffective presentation. In a well-crafted sales presentation, it is important to start with the key points then gradually give the weaker points. This is what is involved in planning the presentation.

The presentation should be designed to follow a three part structure. First is…. [read more]

English Poems the Problem Thesis

… The powerful lines of "I'll rise" is repeated throughout the poem, indicating the poet's determined voice to literally take the higher ground and become great even through life's cruel obstacles. People want to see the author "broken," with "bowed head and lowered eyes." Once more, there is a distinct allusion to the plight of the slaves, of the limits and the pains and the agonies "out of the huts of history's shame." Yet the author seems to write with a head held high, confidence proclaiming that "I am the dream and the hope of the slave. I rise I rise."

Compare, Contrast, Conclusion

Both poems use the allusions of imprisonment and slavery to indicate the problems of racial limitations. In both cases, freedom is likened…. [read more]

English as a Global Language Essay

… English as the Global Language

As the world moves towards becoming a global community, communities within the global community will have to address the problem of language communication. This is actually a sensitive issue, because it goes to the heart cultural identity and heredity. Most everyone is proud of their ethnic origins, the country of their birth, and that is evidenced, among other ways, by what has been described as the beautiful rhythm, sounds, and command of language. French has been described as one of the most beautiful languages in the world, but it is English that is fast becoming the communication tool for bridging the gap in global communications. There are arguments against English, but it nonetheless remains the logical choice as the global…. [read more]

English as a Second Language Term Paper

… Gisela Ernst-Slavit has established the following specific set of principles that allow teachers and students to develop effective classroom practices (118-119):

The student's first language is essential to the acquisition of skills in a second language

Educational programs need to include what students bring with them Learning a second language is a long and difficult process

Fluency in the hallway does not necessarily mean proficiency in the classroom

Learners acquire a second language in different ways

Errors can indicate progress

Language develops best in a variety of settings that promote talk and interaction

Literacy is a part of language; thus, reading and writing develop alongside speaking and listening

Schools should demonstrate appreciation and respect for cultural diversity

Furthermore, Zou (242) states the simple premise that…. [read more]

English as a Global Language Essay

… English also makes creative expression easier for everyone. With national boundaries blurring significantly in recent times, English is no longer the language for the native speakers alone when it comes to creative expression. Gupta (1970) explains:

Mankind is no longer exclusively or even mainly national in its outlook; it cannot remain so if it is to progress, to take the next step in evolution. We say if mankind overpasses the nationalistic stage and attains something of the international consciousness and disposition, it would be possible and even natural for a few at least among the educated to express themselves in and through the wider world language, not merely as an instrument of business deal, but as a vehicle of literary and aesthetic creation (pp. 289…. [read more]

English Only Education State Laws Regarding Language(s) Research Proposal

… English Only Education

State Laws Regarding Language(s) of Instruction

Public education is a resource guaranteed by the federal government to all citizens and other legal residents of the United States, yet it is up to each of the individual states to develop and implement their own system for meeting its learner's needs. The issue of English-only vs. bi- or multi-lingual instruction has become more and more prevalent as the number of non- and limited-English speakers in the country has increased while educations costs in general have also climbed quite steeply. There are significant benefits and challenges to providing instruction in languages other than English, and each state has developed its own unique legislation to address the issue. This paper examines three such states and their…. [read more]

English Only Policy Term Paper

… As Woodrow Wilson once said, "as long as you consider yourself a part of a group, you are still not assimilated into American society because America like other nations is made up of individuals and not made up of groups" (Debate pp).

Critics point out however, that while learning English should be a priority goal, the fact is that there is such a demand for English classes in many areas, that students are being turned away (Debate pp). In 1994, more than 5,000 immigrants were turned away from English classes in Washington, D.C. And in New York City, schools have resorted to using a lottery to determine enrollment in English classes, while in Los Angeles, more than 40,000 applicants were on waiting lists for English…. [read more]

English Language Learners in the California Elementary Term Paper

… English Language Learners in the California Elementary School

In recent years, learning English as a second language has become a significant issue in the California elementary schools. Ensuring that all California students learn both English and academic content has proved to be a challenging task, and there are many opinions regarding the most appropriate means of achieving this goal.. This is an unenvious task, for almost a million and a half children attend public schools knowing little or no English. Additionally, an estimated 70% of them are in elementary grades, and over a million live in Spanish-speaking households (E-Source Online, 2005). In the California elementary schools, there are several different programs for English language learners, however, the school districts which provide these services have limited…. [read more]

English Patient Term Paper

… English Patient

Michael Ondaatje's novel the English Patient ranks with other major novels about the first and second world wars, including Ernest Hemingway's a Farewell to Arms, Joseph Heller's Catch-22, Pat Barker's Regeneration, and Erich Maria Remarque's All Quiet on the Western Front. These five novels share much in common in terms of their treatment of the world wars. All depict war's general and blind brutality; the hypocrisy of commanding officers; the emotional numbness and detachment one develops in order to stay sane; the all-consuming, life-transforming nature of war; the proximity of death; loyalty and friendship. These novels address these central themes differently, according to their different plots and characters. However, the English Patient treats war and world war in particular, in unique ways, focusing…. [read more]

English Language Learners Philosophy of Education Thesis

… English Language Learners

Philosophy of education is a study that has been around since the classical teachers. Socrates has a particular philosophy of education, which developed into a theory, the Socratic method. Educators throughout history have each had theories and practices that they decided were best used for their teaching methods and their classrooms. Some educators have used ideas and theories from those contributed by previous educators. Others have coined their own theories, practices, and educational philosophies. Regardless of the type of philosophy that one chooses, however, each educator does, indeed possess an educational philosophy. As an educator, it is important for me to state my own educational philosophy so that I can filter my classroom practices and materials through this ideal. In addition, as…. [read more]

English Grammar Essay

… English Grammar as Reveled by an English Textbook Used by the Pupils in Hong Kong

Globalization is the buzz word of the twenty first century and this can be simply explained through the numerous effects it has had upon the international community. Emerged from the economic context, the globalizing forces expanded to the cultural domain as well, leading to a better circulation of religious convictions, languages spoken or traditions practiced. As the United States is the largest national economy of the globe, the term globalization has often been assimilated with Americanization. This is mostly relevant in the high popularity of the English language throughout the globe. Some peoples find it difficult to comprehend the language, whereas others learn it as they go along.

The question…. [read more]

English Structure vs. Russian Term Paper

… Several sources must be utilized when attempting to decide how to translate between the Russian language and English from a lexicography perspective. "In 1985 Morkovkin's Leksicheskie minimumy sovremenngo russkogo jazyka was published. It was followed by Gabuchan's (1988) Uchebnyj tolkovyj slovar' russkogo jazyka. Gabuchan's dictionary contains almost 3,500 entries that were selected based on their high frequency and their typical inclusion in Russian language textbooks."(Resources for Teachers of Russian) These types lexicography texts have an objective of translating Russian through a monolingual dictionary and entries are therefore defined only in terms of each other. Vocabulary should be presented in general rubrics such as "man," "society," "nature," and "time, space and quantity." Other sources should be used to focus on adverbial, auxiliary and modal expressions. These…. [read more]

English Puerto Rico Fostering Essay

… To many, the maintenance of the latter is important as a way of protecting the Puerto Rican heritage against the forces of colonialism and globalization. Accordingly, Pousada would write in 2006 on the subject by suggesting that the opportunities implicit in learning English far outweigh the dangers of cultural assimilation. Here, Pousada points out that "English is a required school subject from kindergarten through university graduation, and bilingual Headstart programs are springing up around Bayamon and San Juan (Bliss 2005). Moreover, there are countless commercial institutes dedicated to the teaching of English. Nor should we forget the constant migratory flow between the U.S. And the island. A motivated individual can count on many opportunities to acquire English while living in Puerto Rico." (Pousada1, 7)

To…. [read more]

English Literature - Argument the Importance Term Paper

… English Literature - Argument


Being able to read and write fluently is an asset no matter what job one gets. Therefore, vocational-technology colleges should require demonstrated college-level proficiency in English."

Among vocational technology students, there exists a belief by many that college- level proficiency in English is not required for professional success. They consider

English fluency comparatively unimportant in highly mechanical fields in relation to their technical skills and sometimes react to college writing requirements as wastes of their time, since their vocational training and experience will determine their value in the job market and not their English writing ability. While it is true that their primary course of study is the technical training, these students are mistaken as to…. [read more]

English Class System Jane Austin Term Paper

… In the movie, starring John Hurt and Ian McKellen, a British social climber takes a young showgirl under his wing. Under his tutelage, she becomes a coveted British socialite who soon has almost all of Britain's political elite eating out of the palm of her hand. Ultimately, she creates the scandal of the movie's title when she reveals her affairs with John Profumo, a British government official and a Russian spy.

Similar to Austin's Persuasion, Scandal reveals the British class system as being obsessed with superficial appearance and status. The young showgirl is treated as the toast of the town when she is presented as an upper class socialite. However, when she is embroiled in a sex scandal and her real roots are revealed, she…. [read more]

English as 2nd Language Learning New Languages Research Proposal

… English as 2nd Language

Learning new languages are fun and interesting but they can be difficult as well. Through language, we can also get a glimpse of a society's culture and structure. English, as a language, eases our communication process and bridges global barriers. These are some of the importance of learning English.

For those who are not native speakers of this language, there are certain difficulties and areas of ease that can be encountered.

In my case, one of my strengths in writing in English as my second language is my thorough understanding of the grammatical structure or syntax of this language. I find my lessons in grammatical structure very interesting which makes it easier to understand. Subsequently, writing with correct grammatical structure can…. [read more]

English Legal System the Sources of Law Essay

… English Legal System

The Sources of Law and the Development of Equity

The phrase "the source of law" can mean both the reason that laws are necessary in a society, as well as the specific and direct procedural influences that have shaped the laws in any given civil society (Slapper & Kelly 2006, pp. 1). The English legal system has developed primarily from three separate sources: parliamentary legislation, delegated legislation, and what is often referred to as "common law" -- laws effectively made by judges during the practice of deciding both criminal and civil issues, including equity (Slapper & Kelly 2006).

Delegated legislation is becoming more frequently applicable and more directly utilized in the English legal system, so although it has not been of great…. [read more]

English Methods K-2 Teaching Essay

… d.)

Phonemic Awareness Activities for Kindergarten

The National Institute for Literacy (2010) suggests simple word games for kindergarten students that can be incorporated into circle time or whole group reading instruction. For differentiation, the teacher could use different word sets for instruction in small groups. These word games could include phoneme isolation ("What's the first sound you hear in 'cat'?"), phoneme identity ("Which sound is the same in 'man,' 'mitt,' and 'mess'?"), and phoneme categorization ("Which word doesn't belong -- 'fan,' 'fat,' 'tap'?").

Kindergarten students enjoy rhyming activities. A good circle time activity is a simple game in which children give a thumbs up or thumbs down to indicate whether or not a pair of words rhymes. For most kindergarten students, it would be best…. [read more]

English Grammar Grammatical Analysis of UNICEF Essay

… English Grammar

Grammatical Analysis of UNICEF - supported soap opera raises awareness about HIV / AIDS in Niger

It is often said that today's generations tend to learn less than the older ones have learned in the past. The children of the contemporaneous society have an increased access to resources and technologies and may easily prefer a computer game instead of a math exercise. This is somehow understandable even more when the educational system has not evolved at the rapid pace of other advancements. Therefore, it fails to attract the pupils by presenting the same lessons it did five decades ago, lessons which are no longer applicable in today's social context.

As a result then, it may be true that today's generations possess less knowledge…. [read more]

English Have Learned Valuable Communication and Writing Term Paper

… English have learned valuable communication and writing skills in this English course and will be able to apply what I have learned toward other academic classes as well as throughout my personal and professional life. From information on plagiarism to thorough tips on writing research papers, the content of this class has been comprehensive and challenging too. My writing has become much better since taking this course, and so has my researching and critical thinking skills. I always knew that writing research papers demands a considerable amount of time, energy, and concentration. Researching a topic can be tedious work, involving hours of library hunting. Organizing our thoughts is one of the most important steps in the process. We learned how to create clear outlines before…. [read more]

English Writer Humanist, William Hazlitt Essay

… Also, the story is nonfiction and happened very recently in American history, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. While Zeitoun's family left during the evacuation before the Hurricane, Zeitoun stayed to help. He had an old canoe that he used to paddle around the city streets, seeing whom he could assist. Zeitoun saved the lives of several people, fishing them out from the water and bringing others food and assistance. For his pains, the Syrian-American was taken away by a SWAT team, who were convinced, because of the man's race, that he must be a terrorist. Despite the fact that the city was in shambles, they had created a makeshift detention center in a Greyhound bus station, where Zeitoun was questioned. For days, his wife…. [read more]

English Lit an Analysis of Elizabethan Essay

… English Lit

An Analysis of Elizabethan and Jacobean Literature

Elizabeth I's "Golden Speech" unwittingly defines the age in which she ruled -- and it defines it just as the Pharisees defined the Jewish opposition to Christ: by hypocrisy. Elizabeth's speech delivered in 1601 before the Commons is full of self-love and flattery, of flowery prose -- as was ordinary -- and exaggerated sentiment. Her definition of the age is, of course, hierarchical and patristic: she speaks of the "glory" of the crown and her own "sexly weakness" (700) -- but she also defines the age and her reign in terms of religion: "I have ever used to set the last Judgment-Day before my Eyes, as so to Rule, as I shall be Judged to Answer…. [read more]

English Teaching the Love Song of J Thesis

… English

Teaching the Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock to High School Students or Undergraduates:

Learning for History, Literature, and Personal Involvement

Teachers of high school English and undergraduate general courses are of utmost importance. Their class may be some students' only exposure to literature and literary theory. Because of this, teachers at this level have utmost responsibility. It is their duty to engage students, to impress them with the importance of the subject and the contributions it has made to history, literature, and one's personal life. T.S. Eliot's "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" is a work of much complexity that can leave many seasoned readers grasping for meaning. On the other hand, Eliot's rhyme, imagery, energy, and seeming nonsense makes the work…. [read more]

English Literature Thin-Is-In Culture Research Paper

… Knowing that people look up to the mass media and enjoy it so much, helps with this pressure. As time as gone on, the importance of mass media, visual media especially, has grown in western cultures and other cultures where the ideal is very thin. Goodman (2002) asserts that the media forms are the main sources for information about the various social processes within a culture, the images that represent that culture, and conceptions of self-presentation. There are other sources available, yes, but the media is the main source and a source that many people access frequently and take quite seriously, whether consciously not. Women uses the information from the media as guides for the attitudes and behaviors they adopt or internalize. (Goodman, 2002) The…. [read more]

English Outcome Learning Outcomes Participation Capstone Project

… Accurate summarizations, conversational references, and critical writing of these complex texts are all practiced and honed through this course, and through development of the knowledge and skills necessary to communicate an understanding of these texts greater conceptual understanding is reached. The major practical outcome of this capability is the increased ability to communicate complex information both verbally and in writing in a manner that is understandable and analytical. This has many practical benefits in the military, as concise yet detailed reporting accomplished rapidly through various communication media is required in almost all positions.

The development of persuasive strategies targeting different audiences with varying levels of knowledge and understanding in a given area is also an important learning outcome of this course. Persuasion is much more…. [read more]

English Rhetoric Prison Punishment or Rehabilitation Essay

… english rhetoric. Prison: punishment or rehabilitation?

[the inmate skills development program is focused on putting together abilities which are indispensable to a successful integration in society. There are a series of skills involved in the program, each meant to create individuals that will have no trouble in dealing with the outside world, and that will not consider crime an alternative in accomplishing their goals. All inmates, regardless of the crimes that they have committed, should be entitled to using this program, since it presents people with the chance of coming at peace with themselves. At the same time the programs assists society in its efforts to eliminate criminal behavior and criminal thoughts.]

The criminal justice system is basically meant to insure the well-being of the…. [read more]

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