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Environmental Issues and Nuclear Power Essay

… Environmental Issues and Nuclear Power

The consensus among scientists is that there is an ongoing environmental crisis a large part of which is associated with Global Warming (Poiman & Poiman, 2007). Another very significant part of the environmental issues facing our descendants as well as many of us, particularly in the United States is the problem of dependence on fossil fuels, such as oil, other petroleum products, and coal for energy. Certainly, the continued burning of oil and coal contributes substantially to Global Warming, but its detrimental effects are much more complex then that. Ideological tension and conflict, mainly on the part of Muslim extremists in the Middle East and Africa, greatly magnify the real cost of continued Western dependence on OPEC oil (Larsen, 2007).…. [read more]

Environmental Issues and Risk Management Research Paper

… Environmental Issues and Risk Management

Can the construction of hazardous material/waste Contamination storage facilities survive tornadoes at their current protection levels?

Definition of Construction Waste

Construction Waste Generation

Composition of Construction Waste


Development of the Research Project

Brief Description of the Research Methodology


Sustainable Development and Construction Waste Management


Sustainable Construction

Construction Waste Management

Waste Management Hierarchy

The increased interest in the construction of hazardous material/waste Contamination storage and rather or not they can survive natural disasters is the recent movement have forced many construction practices to change considerably. Construction waste management, which is one of the most vital respects in all sustainability review systems, also plays a vital role in green building ratings. Current revelations verify that straightforwardly utilizing on-site waste…. [read more]

Environmental Are Vital Research Paper

… There was also a differentiation in lack of commitment to the protocol by developing nations. This is because of the essence of being the outside party in the contribution towards the climate change. This is evident through rapid increase in the economic group in the context of nations such as India and China not listed as the industrialized nations in the Kyoto Protocol. The United States passed the Byrd-Hagel Resolution in 1997. The main aspect of this resolution by the senate of the United States was to limit its adherence to the protocols in relation to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change of 1992 and negotiations in Kyoto in December 1997.

This is because of the omission of the developing nations in the…. [read more]

Government Role Renewable Energy Essay

… Currently the government has aided the private sector in generating clean energy through source such as "hydro, biomass, biogas, wind energy, and solar energy." [footnoteRef:13]Some of the main initiatives that Australian government has adopted to address the issues of growing energy demand and GHG emissions coupled with the aims of sustainable development are: [12: Ibid. ] [13: BREE. Energy in Australia, (Bureau of Resources, & Energy Economics, 2012)]

Large scale solar energy plants

Geothermal generation technologies

Ocean energy technologies

Carbon capture and storage (CCS)

Various state and territory governments have adopted aggressive plans to encourage demand and supply of renewable energy supply. Close analyses of statistics indicate that specific advancement in context of solar energy has been accomplished. As compared to 2001 to 2009 period,…. [read more]

Energy Policy Capstone Project

… The world now is a high tech world and technology previously has helped us achieve wonders and solving this energy crisis wouldn't be any different from that. The engineers and researchers are fully equipped and they all the technology readily available. Events in history has taught everyone a lesson, dependence on oil can be a risky thing to do as most countries are not self-sufficient in it and its very expensive to import. Many new things already have been discovered to produce energy in fact renewable energy; this new renewable energy will change the structure of the world. Countries would no longer be depended on other countries and this renewable energy will change the structure of the world as energy is the number one problem…. [read more]

Environmental Hazards as a Consequence Term Paper

… Data gathering and Analysis

Overview of the issues of environmental protection

In recent times, the need to protect and save the environment is growing. Most scientists and climatologists working with data related to the climate and the weather believe that the earth's temperature is rising. This is often attributed to the depletion of the ozone layer and the increase in the greenhouse gases. Temperature-rises have resulted in rising sea levels. Many islands in the Pacific Ocean are in danger of being submerged. These changes will influence the lives of the average citizen. More money will have to be spent on healthcare and preventive medicine. Health Services will be burdened due to rising pollution levels, depletion of the ozone layer and contamination of fresh water, the…. [read more]

Global Environmental and Ecological Issues Essay

… This capacity put the nuclear power plant in the category of the world's 15 largest nuclear power stations ("Dirty inheritance," 2012). On March 11, 2001, an earthquake of the magnitude of 9.0 struck Japan ("Dirty inheritance," 2012). The earthquake and the tsunami that followed caused irreparable damage to the nuclear power plant ("Dirty inheritance," 2012). Reactor cooling systems in the plant were disabled which enabled nuclear radiation to leak into the environment. A 30-kilometer evacuation zone was established around the nuclear power plant as concerns about contamination of food and water supplies and harm to nuclear workers were addressed ("Dirty inheritance," 2012). In the years prior to the major earthquake, four incidents were recorded which indicated that some systems had failed ("Dirty inheritance," 2012). Importantly,…. [read more]

Environmental (Alberta's Oil Case Study

… Exploitation of water endangers the animals or creatures enjoying the resource. This leads to destruction of natural resources hence harm to the ecology.

Production of oil sands enhances the threats to the planet in relation to climatic change. This is because of the transmission of greenhouse gases. The development of the oil sands production in Alberta proves to be a threat to the globe because of effects relative to global warming thus endangers the existence of the human race. Lack or minimal involvement of the government in reducing and controlling the development of the oil sands leads to political conflicts in the region (Pasqualetti 249-267). This might prove harmful to the sovereignty of Canada in current and future interactions with other international entities. The environmental…. [read more]

Environmental Issue Energy Research Proposal

… Wind Energy

Proposal for research project

First Segment

I first became interested in the energy of the wind as a young girl flying kites. At that time I didn't think about wind as an practical source in the sense of turning turbines to generate electricity. I was just fascinated with the flight of the kite, the way a nice heavy tail helped steady the kite in a really strong, gusty wind. I also became interested in wind because I enjoyed going out in sailboat and being pushed by the wind across the water. Listening to the sound of the wind through the sails was intriguing. Being transported strictly by the wind and not having to hear an outboard motor, I remember, was very pleasant. When…. [read more]

Environmental Policies Essay

… Environmental Policies

Give an example of an ecosystem and use this example to describe the concepts of "input-output," "source-sink relationship," and feedback.

An ecosystem refers to separate units consisting of groups of nonliving things, plants and animals interacting with each other and the external environment. A desert can be regarded as an ecosystem and so can the rainforests. In fact, the whole earth can also be regarded as an ecosystem. For the purpose of this discussion, we will take the freshwater ecosystem as an example. Here, water enters into the system via rains, groundwater flow or surface water flow (input) and evaporation results in a loss of water from the system (output). Nutrients like carbon, nitrogen and oxygen may enter the system via many sources…. [read more]

Environmental Issues Faced in 21st Research Paper

… The main technique for controlling stormwater releases is the application of best administration practices (BMPs) that stop or diminish the release of contaminants into a water body (e.g., building of a stormwater holding pond to stop stormwater drainage straight into getting waters). best administration practices appropriate for one airport are not necessarily appropriate for another. Issues that may have some kind of an affect on permit supplies (i.e., suitable best administration practices), include the local climate (dry vs. rainy/wet, cold vs. warm); (Suzanne & Fallacaro, 2011).

the size or type of neighboring water bodies -- contaminants are weak depending on the size of the water body getting the release (a stream or creek vs. A river or ocean);

the water excellence of neighboring water bodies…. [read more]

Environmental Science Nuclear Power Technical Summary Term Paper

… Environmental Science

Nuclear Power

Technical Summary

To eventually produce electricity with nuclear energy, a mining company must first find, purify, supplement, and make fuel-grade uranium pellets. Uranium is an element that exists in somewhat different forms in nature. All uranium atoms have the same number of protons, but not all uranium atoms have the same number of neutrons. The heat that is fashioned by uranium comes from nuclear fission, a process that causes an atom to split into pieces. When uranium naturally decomposes, it emits neutrons. Loose neutrons will have a collision with other uranium atoms and cause them to split. In turn, more neutrons are released that have a collision with even more uranium atoms. This chain reaction can keep expanding exponentially until a…. [read more]

Environmental Concerns Term Paper

… Environmental Concerns

In 1900, the beginning of the 20th century, the world population was 1,650,000. In July, 2007, the world's population had reached over 6.6 billion. Such an impressive population boom has brought about extreme usage of resources which has led to a threat on the possibility of renewal of these resources. Climate change, threats to biodiversity, genetically engineered food, nature conservation, etc. are environmental issues that have been gaining momentous with general audiences who are becoming aware of the importance of protecting the environment which will ultimately lead to a better quality of life for future generations. Unfortunately, things are not as simple as they sound. These problems are universal and need to be addressed through global legislation and international cooperation. Protection of the…. [read more]

Environmental Security Term Paper

… Environmental Security

The environment and its preservation for future generations has become one of the most important current issues not only in general society, but also in the political arena. As such, the issue has enjoyed attention from the highest and most powerful entities. It is no longer a question of whether to pay political attention to the environment; it has become compulsory if the human race is to survive. The question is rather on which platform to focus the most energy in terms of the environment. A large amount of attention has been given to the economic implications of the various environmental crises humanity faces today. Recently, attention has begun to also focus upon the implications of environmental concerns for security. The question of…. [read more]

Hydraulic Fracturing ("Fracking") the Legal Research Paper

… Law School Student Willie -- Let States Regulate Fracking

Matt Willie takes a position similar to Spence; at the same time he admits that the debate over the potential negative environmental effects of fracking has caused "an outright firestorm" in public opinion (Willie, 2011, 1743). Writing in the Brigham Young University Law Review, Willie asserts that environmental concerns vis-a-vis fracking "should not be ignored" but on the other hand he says those concerns "…have been overstated" (1746). Willie also notes that in 2005, Congress passed the Energy Policy Act which essentially "…exempted all fracking with the exception of diesel fuel from the definition of underground injection in Section 1421 of the Safe Drinking Water Act" (1743).

Willie goes on to point out several court actions…. [read more]

International Environmental Laws on Oil/Gas Essay

… Combining solar energy and carbon dioxide can be developed by artificial photosynthesis; this will produce hydrocarbons, which can be burnt.

Waterborne oil spillage should be identified through forensic evidence of samples with those of suspected sources. This will enable the potential responsible firm and party to be prosecuted and charged for the pollution. The forensic methodology involves sampling, analyzing and interpretation of results in order to identify with the rightful party. Legal entities should be set up to conduct such forensic evidence, and international oil regulations should be set in order to set jurisdictions on illegal oil spillage to the marine environment (Wang & Stout, 2007, p 230). Charging the responsible firms depending on the amount of oil spilled to the marine environment also reduces…. [read more]

Grid Connected Photovoltaic PV Systems Research Paper

… Grid-Connected Photovoltaic (PV) Systems

Though French physicist Edmond Becquerel discovered the photovoltaic (PV) phenomenon about 1839, the earliest practical application came in the 1950s, when crystalline silicon cells powered United States space satellites (Solar Direct) by generating electrons from sunshine. Despite the requirement for electricity storage at night, photovoltaics are becoming increasingly common, particularly as grid-connected systems (St. John). The four main parts of PV systems (silicon cells, inverters, controllers, and batteries) are becoming ever cheaper despite issues with grid integration and environmental concerns (Solar Direct). Financial incentives make PV particularly attractive (Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE)).

Gerald Pearson, a physicist, accidentally developed crystalline silicon cells in 1953 at Bell Laboratories (Perlin). Further fine-tuning came from Daryl Chapin and Calvin Fuller…. [read more]

Environmental Power Options Term Paper

… ¶ … Environmental problem in the world today [...] environmentally friendly power options that are renewable, rather than non-renewable and harmful such as oil and coal. This has always been an interesting topic to me, because it seems that people do not think that these types of fuels will ever go away, and they tend to waste energy without thinking about it. It makes me wonder where the world will be as far as power and fuel are concerned in even just a hundred more years. This is highly relevant to environmental education because the world largely depends on these fossil fuels for just about all its' energy, and they are being depleted rapidly. In the future, environmentally friendly power options will need to be…. [read more]

Solar Energy Essay

… Solar Energy

As typical hydrocarbon materials are significantly challenging and costly to draw out, energy businesses need to alter their approach in order to fulfil the needs of an expanding populace progressively depending on power. Renewable resource has actually become the focus for numerous energy businesses as they look to a 'greener' future. Whether this enhancing dedication has actually come from an authentic will to do much better or from the altering needs of stakeholders is one argument that continues still. That aside, the numbers promote themselves. Financial investment in renewable resource has actually enhanced five-fold from 1990. The solar market is a quickly expanding sector within renewables as technological advances recently have actually made solar cells more efficient and far less costly to produce…. [read more]

Energy Sources of the Future Essay

… Energy Sources of the Future

One of the key changes of the late 20th century, certainly enhanced in the early 21st, is that of the economic, political, and cultural movements that broadly speaking, move the various countries of the world closer together. This idea, called globalism, refers to a number of theories that see the complexities of modern life such that events and actions are tied together, regardless of the geographic location of a specific country (political unit). The idea of globalism has become popular in economic and cultural terms with the advent of a number of macro-trade agreements combined with the ease of communication brought about with the Internet and cellular communication.

The Environment as a Global Issue - the rapid growth of the…. [read more]

Environmental Management Removing Natural Resources Essay

… There is a much higher morbidity and mortality rate at much younger ages as compared to the general population. This is probably due to a number of reasons but most prominent all relate to coal mining. Significant contributors to this disparity are the unhealthy environment created by the industry, the diseases which are specific to, or heavily influenced by conditions encountered working in coal mines, and the socioeconomic status of most coal miners.

First are the environmental factors that all residents encounter regardless of whether they are miners or not. Coal mining releases gas and dust into the air which the entire population of the area is then forced to breathe. There are also harmful chemicals released in the air as a direct result of…. [read more]

Environmental Policies and Problems in China Term Paper

… Environmental Policies and Problems in China: Air Pollution

From all appearances the economic success of China is secured, as China's economy is the fastest growing in the entire world however, unfortunately, China also has the highest annual incidence of early deaths stated to be attributed to air pollution. The National Geographic report entitled: "Chinese Air Pollution Deadliest in World" states that a World Health Organization (WHO) report "estimates that diseases triggered by indoor and outdoor pollution kills 656,000 Chinese citizens each year, and polluted drinking water kills another 95,600." (Holder, 2007) Pollutants which damage the air quality are inclusive of sulfur dioxide, particulate matter - a mixture of extremely small particles and water droplets- ozone, and nitrogen dioxide." (Holder, 2007) According to Holden's (2007) report:…. [read more]

Alternative Energy Conservation Planning Research Paper

… ¶ … energy industry is heavily dependent on fossil fuel production, consumption, and technology. In order to better understand a more sustainable, environmentally friendly way forward, it is necessary to examine some of the more conventional alternative energy technologies available for use. Solar, wind, nuclear, natural gas, ethanol, hybrid, and hydrogen technologies all have their costs and benefits, and understanding them helps to mitigate these costs while amplifying their benefits. The structure of energy consumption is also likely to change in the coming decades, shifting from a centralized energy production model to one where communities and groups are creating their own independent and self-reliant energy infrastructures. Once the different types of technology are applied in smaller, more customized ways, they can be used in unison…. [read more]

Environmental Health Website Review Essay

… Accordingly, most of the information is related to the production, containment, and unintended releases of radioactive compounds related to nuclear power plant construction and operations. However, information concerning pollutants generated by power plants burning coal, cyber security, and the medical screening program for past federal DOE employees or contractors is also provided. The other DOE website provides links and information related to energy conservation (Department of Energy, 2011).

Non-Governmental Organizations

Two non-governmental organizations concerned with environmental health are the Teleosis Institute (2011) and the Center for School Mold Help (2007). The website operated by the Teleosis Institutes provides information for medical professionals who are aware that the medical community can have a significant impact on the environment. Of primary concern is the inverse association between…. [read more]

Environmental Assessing Canada Term Paper

… An EIA would obviously demonstrate that the Haida Nation and the environment would suffer greatly if the government would allow other organizations to intervene and deforest areas believed to belong to Aboriginals.

4. Post decision follow-ups are an important phase of EIA projects, taking into account that "while weak and non-existent legal requirements and institutional support mechanisms may in part be contributing to the current state of practice, a number of substantive and procedural elements are also required to facilitate effective post-decision EIA follow-up programs" (166-167). It is essential for the EIA to be performed with great care, so as for follow-up and monitoring objectives to be clear from the very first steps of the process. Monitoring data for the biophysical environment is essential, as…. [read more]

Energy Conservation Plan Term Paper

… Energy Conservation Plan

Energy conservation has become a matter of extreme interest at global level, but at individual level as well, given the fact that energy consumption has its repercussions on all of us. The effects that energy consumption has on the environment have determined world's nations to take measures that focus on energy conservation. The process of energy conservation does not address governments and state's institutions only, but individuals as well. Without individual support, these policies cannot attain their objectives. The following pages will focus on discussing the energy crisis that took place in California, beginning in the year 2000. The problem's causes will be discussed, followed by its consequences, and measures that were taken or that were supposed to be taken.

Over the…. [read more]

Environmental Ethics Humans Term Paper

… Ethics

environmental ethics/HUMANS and the ENVIRONMENT

Ethics and Environment

Environmental Ethics: Oil and the Environment

One of the greatest dangers to the environment from human beings is the exploitation of oil reserves and the way that this exploitation upsets the natural balance in nature and is a major cause of environmental pollution. If we accept the view that human beings have an ethical obligation to protect the environment of this planet, then the continuing debate about the environmental impact of the use and search for oil and its negative effects on sensitive ecological systems should be at the top of the list of concerns.

This relates to my view of environmental ethics in the following way. I believe that human beings have an ethical responsibility…. [read more]

Energy Planning Assessment

… Energy Planning -- Main Goals

"We are addicted to foreign oil and we have to wean ourselves off it."

Over the last twenty years or more, the American public has heard a similar refrain about energy use issues from just about every politician that has run for office and certainly from every politician that gets elected and takes a stand on energy use. That platitudinous catchphrase is so often used it's almost redundant and the problem is for many Americans it is so familiar it has become nothing more than a political slogan. What is being alluded to here is the concept that it is past time when America needs to become energy self-sufficient. How to go about being energy independent is the question. This…. [read more]

Environmental Ethical Issues in the Early 21st Term Paper

… Environmental Ethical Issues

In the early 21st century, environmental concerns have emerged as some of the most important social policy issues. Environmental ethics issues go back to the earliest era of American history but they became more important as the nation became more industrialized in the 19th and early 20th century. Today, the major environmental ethics concerns include the concept of disproportionate global resource consumption by wealthy nations, the depletion of fossil fuels and the need to develop alternative sources of energy, the outsourcing of negative consequences from industrial processes from wealthier nations to poorer nations, the environmental impact of U.S. military operations on foreign peoples, anthropomorphism in wildlife preservation and conservation, and the relative obligation of current generations to future generations inheriting the planet.…. [read more]

Environmental Conditions Impacting Organizational Forecasting Organizational Planning Term Paper

… Environmental Conditions Impacting Organizational Forecasting
Organizational planning will be heavily dependent upon the ability of
administrative decision-makers to properly forecast challenges and
transitions. This is an already complex undertaking given the inherent
uncertainty of the business world. However, today, with environmental
matters becoming ever more apparent economic and political effectors, it is
necessary to consider here the types of environmental conditions are likely
to impact organizational forecasting.
Of course, among the most pressing of issues which is most
immediately apparent is the rising price and scarcity of fossil fuels. The
price of crude oil regularly reaches record highs, causing a broad
inflation of commodities which inherently impacts the whole array of
expenses with which organizations must contend. This includes resources,
transportation and the powering of…. [read more]

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