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Environmental Science Suburban Sprawl: Problems Term Paper

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A solution must be found to combat the problem that urban sprawl has spawned. One such solution is called "smart growth." This approach is one that works with "a variety of stakeholders in the design and construction industry, businesses and land developers, governments and civic leadership, system users, and planners and engineers" (Potential for $mart Growth Services and Technology Transfer in Emerging Markets, 2005)

toward the goals of:

1. Influencing users to drive less and encourage multimodal systems.

2. Maximizing the use and management of existing infrastructure prior to expansion.

3. Shifting the energy base to renewable resources and increasing vehicle efficiency.

One such example that has been successful is that of Curitiba, Brazil. Mayor Jaime Lerner has since 1965 "incorporated economic, social…. [read more]

Urban and Suburban Planning Term Paper

… Large metropolitan areas are attractive to many due to the economic, educational and cultural opportunities available in these areas. During much of the 20th century and especially during economic downturns and recessions large amounts of people abandoned rural areas in search of opportunities that were available in large cities. They rarely took into account the discomforts and negative effects of urban sprawl, they were in a sense blinded and consumed by the promise of a better life that large cities offered. As certain members of the population become economically stable they seek to improve their quality of life, this is when they begin to notice the both the pros and cons associated with big city living. If they have a successful career and are economically…. [read more]

Satire About Water Pollution Term Paper

… One cannot trust anything these liberals say, they have their own agenda, plain and simple. They love to cause trouble and stir the pot. Even the government says the country does not have a big problem with water pollution. These authors state, "Water quality in the United States, while not showing vast improvement since the early 1970s is at least not getting worse" (Freedman and Jaggi 23). Thus, water pollution is not as big an issue as people make it, and the country can deal with it simply and effectively by simply ignoring the problem, and looking for bigger fish to fry. Other reports show that pollution has increased: "The number of national pollutant registers worldwide has grown rapidly in recent years, fueled by public…. [read more]

Economy? The Most Integral Essay

… ¶ … economy? The most integral aspect of the modern economy is capitalism. Capitalism exists in many different forms and is slowly evolving. However, its basic principles remain the same. Those principles include private ownership of the means of production, individualized profit as the chief incentive to work, and a distinct separation from private and public entities in terms of their monetary pursuits (Giddens et al., 2012, p. 386). Additionally, capitalism is also based on the conception of a free market, in which individuals and organizations are free to engage with whomever they please for the sake of profit. Other inherent concerns pertaining to capitalism include the procuring of labor as inexpensively as possible, as well as that for materials with which to conduct business.…. [read more]

Estimation of Road Traffic Emissions in Jakarta Indonesia and Development of Strategies for Reducing Dissertation

… ¶ … prosperity in the developing nations of Asia such as Indonesia is exacting a toll on the health of people and the environment through increased vehicular travel and concomitant increases in harmful emissions. This aim of this case study is to estimate and to quantify road traffic emissions and determine how they could have a bearing on the transportation sector in Jakarta, Indonesia. To carry out this research, it is proposed that it must follow three main steps. Firstly, to analyse the current data about characteristics of transportation such us traffic volume, average speed and proportion of vehicles in the main streets of Jakarta. Secondly, to examine these parameters within a particular air pollution model to determine the impact of the pollution this has…. [read more]

Animal Rights Term Paper

… Losing these predators can tilt the ecological balance, and create other implications throughout the animal food chain. For example, when these top predators disappear from the landscape, other species that share their habitats can experience with overpopulation or population decline. First, overpopulation occurs as the predator-fewer environments encourages swift growth of species which typically would be targets of cougar hunting, such as other large mammals like sheep, coyotes, deer, etc. When the population of these animals grows too large, the result is a shortage of natural resources, such as food and adequate range area. Consequently, the prey species experience advancing death rates due to malnutrition, lack of adequate breeding, or disease spread due to the overcrowding.

Another problem for the cougar is the new suburban…. [read more]

Asthma and ER Utilization Term Paper

… Asthma is more prevalent among African-Americans. The incidences were almost twenty two percent higher than Caucasians. On average, in every state in American, blacks suffered from asthmatic attacks almost eight percent more than whites did. The Hispanic population also suffered a greater number of attacks. (CDC, 2001)

Geographic disparities play an important role in the negative impact of asthmatic attacks. In poorer states, where more residents have difficulties in accessing health care have a greater incidences of asthma. Climatic conditions and states with greater polluting industries pose a greater risk for complaints with asthma. The states of Arizona, District of Columbia, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington, West Virginia and Wyoming have higher percentages of asthma complainants than…. [read more]

Educational Intervention on the Balance Between Diet and Exercise Term Paper

… ¶ … Educational Intervention on the balance between Diet and Exercise

Energy Balance is the key to a healthy body

More and more people are becoming victims of obesity. While on one hand, the precise causes of this disease are still unclear, the general conclusion most scientists have agreed upon is the disparity between the energy consumed and the energy used. This is to say, obesity occurs when individual lifestyles lead towards excessive food consumption and little to no energy-utilization activities. Zakus (1982) in his study pointed out that certain ailments, namely, Frohlich's, Klinefelter's, Praeder Willi, Klein-Levin, Lawrence Mood Biedl, and Mauriac syndromes, are the underlying causes of childhood obesity. However, these cases, he points out, occur in less than 5% of children (Zakus, 1982).…. [read more]

Bad Public Transportation in America Essay

… When public transportation is designed to fulfill the needs of residents, linking them to high-paying jobs, colleges and universities, and opportunities to start their own businesses, then cities in America might be able to experience revivals. “Underserving the poor is poor public policy,” (Taylor and Morris 347). In fact, suburban residents also deserve better access to an improved public transportation network so that they are less dependent on the personal car, contributing less to environmental degradation and climate change, and living healthier lives. According to the American Public Transportation Association, “45% of Americans have no access to public transportation.” This needs to change via a total transformation of how transportation systems are designed, which first requires a shift in public opinion.

Research shows that…. [read more]

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