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Espionage Term Paper

… The Yalta Conference actually makes it possible for someone to gain a more complex understanding concerning feelings between the Soviets and the West. Both sides had received intelligence information prior to the event and were prepared to take on diplomatic attitudes with the purpose of achieving their goals. "While many, including Alger Hiss, have praised Stalin's negotiating skills at Yalta, and while Stalin may indeed have had good negotiation abilities, he also was able to rely on the vast amount of intelligence he was receiving about the American and British negotiating positions."

The prescription of the acts allowed certain aspects to come to light and have proven that the espionage activities during the pre-war period and especially during the Second World War were rather dynamic…. [read more]

History Evolution Espionage. Pay Attention Essay

… Espionage works as a strategic technique meant to assist a certain body gain a more complex understanding of the threat it is facing, of the enemy's weak points, and on attitudes that it can take on in order to remove the threat. U.S. Catholic bishops used their 1993 statement "The Harvest of Justice is Sown in Peace" with the purpose to emphasize the fact that accurate information was, indeed, required in order for armies to be able to understand more about their enemies and in order to be able to remove threats (Olson 20).

Espionage evolved throughout history and it came to be regarded as an essential concept during warfare. While people generally have the tendency to look at espionage as something cold and immoral,…. [read more]

Corporate Espionage Is and Interesting Essay

… Cases of cyber espionage are also becoming more salient in the last year. Last month, Congress signed into law an appropriations bill that requires four federal agencies to conduct an FBI-assisted security assessment when purchasing computers and other IT gear manufactured in China which predictably led to outspoken criticism from China who came out in strong opposition to the provision -- meant to shield the Justice Department, Department of Commerce, NASA, and the NSF against cyber espionage -- and now Silicon Valley is taking issue with the restrictions (Welch, 2013). Cyber espionage has become an increasingly easy target for developing countries that have increased their capacity for different technologies. This has led regulating bodies to take increasing actions to protect intellectual property.

Safeguarding Intellectual Property…. [read more]

Intellectual Property and Corporate Espionage Essay

… If intellectual property is stolen, the profit margins reduce drastically. Various domestic laws to protect intellectual property are as follows.

The Espionage Act 1917 is in place in USA. It was mainly developed for controlling the spying activities related to military forces and national integrity. However, as mentioned earlier, security related measures are incorporated in business sector as well hence this law is applicable to all espionage activities including corporate espionage.

Canadian Intellectual Property Law is in force in Canada under the supervision of Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO, 2011). China is also active in protecting its intellectual property and is very sensitive towards its. China has defined its own copyright and patent laws which need to be followed by any country which intends to…. [read more]

Cyber Espionage Term Paper

… (Thornburgh, 2005)

However, after his employer was attacked, is when he began to compare notes with a friend who worked in military intelligence. What he determined is that there were a series of patterns that identified which served as a digital foot print of the trackers. After composing a list of common characteristics, is when he quickly discovered that the scope of the attack was focused on the entire U.S. defense infrastructure. He subsequently disclosed this information to the FBI who took the investigation even further. Yet, once his employers found out about his activities is when he was subsequently fired. They claimed that his affiliation with law enforcement was a violation of his employment contract. (Thornburgh, 2005)

This is showing how there must be…. [read more]

Law but One in 2000 Book Review

… ¶ … Law but One

In 2000, Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist published a book entitled All the Laws But One: Civil Liberties in Wartime. Written in a historical narrative style, All the Laws But One uses Lincoln's suspension of habeas corpus during the Civil War as a springboard for discussing the broader impetus by the federal government to balance national security with civilian rights and liberties. The balance is a tough one to make, and Rehnquist does what any good judge would and weighs all the different sides of the argument in the book.

All the Laws but One is divided into eighteen chapters. The first thirteen are about the nineteenth century concepts of justice and civil liberties. The remaining chapters focus on the…. [read more]

History of Espionage Class Reading Essay

… History Of Espionage Class Reading Study Guides

Jeffrey Burds, Chapter 19 of World of the Shadows: An International History of Espionage (The Golden Age of Soviet "Illegals")

This chapter opens with a quote from Stalin, who in 1937 questioned the prevailing belief that bourgeoisie states would refrain from sending "spies, wreckers, saboteurs and assassins" into socialist states.

Chapter 19 then moves to a discussion of the so-called "Cambridge Five," a group of five British nationals who spied for the Soviets during WWII.

Donald Maclean (1915-1983), Foreign Office secretary, Paris, Washington, Cairo, London.

Guy Francis de Moncy Burgess (1910-1963), BBC broadcaster, agent in MI6, secretary to Deputy Foreign Minister

Harold Adrian Russell ("Kim") Philby (1912-1988), journalist, agent in MI6, "The Third Man"

Anthony F. Blunt (1907-1983),…. [read more]

Espionage Book Report

… Espionage

If there is one name to describe the worst damage brought to the American FBI ever, it would be Robert Hanssen. He is the ultimate example to demonstrate that humans can make anti-state efforts despite great earnings simply because of their ego. David Wise covered the most astonishing story at the beginning of new millennium right after Robert Hanssen was found guilty for leaking secret information to the Soviet Union (Russia now). His dreadful activities led to execution of dozens of American spies in the Soviet Union by the KGB. It was a shock for the American officials in the FBI to know about the killings of their spies in the Soviet Union. It was a challenge for the agency and a big question…. [read more]

Corporate Espionage Defense: Term Paper

… The clients were helped through this information as they concentrated their research only to find out a duplicate method to what Quaker Oats had found out, and thus they were able to save a lot of money in research. 8

Industries at risk

Critical industries susceptible to espionage

Vendors of critical military technologies Commercial enterprises

Aeronautics Agriculture

Armaments and energetic materials Biotechnology

Chemical and biological systems Chemical

Guidance and navigation systems Computer technology*

Information systems* Fiber optics

Manufacturing and fabrication Medical devices

Marine systems Pharmaceuticals*

Sensors and lasers Robotics

Space-system technologies Telecommunications

Industries at highest risk; Data: U.S. government and Minh Luong research

Tackling the victim

There is a line of thought which says that only units in the defense industry are liable for espionage,…. [read more]

Samurai the Espionage-Free Samurai While Popular Western Term Paper

… Samurai

The Espionage-Free Samurai

While popular Western culture often confuses Samurai and Ninja philosophy to be one in the same, the Samurai and the Ninja follow very different paths of honor. The Samurai did not make use of espionage skills, while the Ninja did make use of such skills, because of their differences in their religious and social origins, valuing ceremony vs. intimidation, and their general code of fighting ethics.

The Samurai were strongly associated with religions in a society which enforced inflexible dogmas, while the Ninja were outcast from society.

Both were strongly influenced by their religious affiliations

The Samurai were usually Shintoists or Confucianists, both religions with relatively inflexible dogmas.

The Ninja were mainly Zen Buddhists, believed they were one with the universe…. [read more]

Internet Globalization Good or Bad Research Paper

… Internet

The globalization of the Internet has spawned a rash of cyberattacks on the U.S. Department of Defense and a number of its contractors. One such example was the Poison Ivy attack on Booz Allen Hamilton, which was designed to pull sensitive data out of the company's computer network via an email attachment (Grow, Epstein & Tschang, 2008). Poison Ivy, along with other trojans and viruses, represents a new class of e-espionage, one that threatens the security of the United States. The Internet cat cannot be put back into the bag -- it has gone global and we are past the point of debating the merits of that. The real issue is how the United States can deal with these threats.

The Department of Defense…. [read more]

Mass Politics in Europe Essay

… He concluded that the ghetto had degraded the Jewish people physically and psychologically, and that its only hope of redemption was a national Jewish state (Schorske, pg. 151). As a journalist in France, he had once imagined the country as "the font of liberty and civilization," but he soon discovered this was no longer the case by the 1890s. Instead, he witnessed and reported on "aristocratic decadence, parliamentary corruption, socialist class warfare, anarchist terror, and anti-Semitic barbarism" (Schorske, pg. 153). He was present in 1895 when Dreyfus was formally degraded out of the French Army, and witnessed the mob screaming "Judas! Traitor!" And "Kill the Jews!"(Burns, pg. 54). Eduard Drumont's newspaper Free Speech proclaimed "France for the French" under its title, and routinely attacked Jews,…. [read more]

Culture of the Cold War Essay

… (Whitfield, 1996, pp. 127-151)

7. In the movie My Son John what pushed the main character to become a communist was higher education. The viewpoint of the film, is when someone has become a communist you should confess everything that you know to government officials. (Whitfield, 1996, pp. 127-151)

8. The way the movie High Noon is critical of the anti-communist movements in the 1950's is to depict Will Cane as a rationale person. This meant that he was focused on truth and justice. Instead, being swayed by outside elements. (Whitfield, 1996, pp. 127-151)

9. American TV treated John Foster Dulles very easy. This is because they wanted to paint him as someone who was an elder statesman. The way that this led to the…. [read more]

Alfred Hitchcock Research Paper

… These techniques are an adaptation of techniques established through German Expressionism that utilize angles, lighting, and distorted reality to create an atmosphere of uncertainty. In Hitchcock, Truffaut writes, "In real life, the things people say to each other do not necessarily reflect what they actually think and feel" (Truffaut 17). Through mise-en-scene and dialogue, Hitchcock is able to demonstrate how social formalities work to obfuscate the truth; this counterpoint between image and dialogue further emphasizes Soviet Constructivist techniques. For example, in The 39 Steps when Hannay inadvertently arrives at Professor Jordan's home in Scotland, not only does the maid inform the police that she has not seen Hannay, but the interactions between Hannay and Professor Jordan clash. The two men appear to abide by the…. [read more]

Cold War and U.S. Diplomacy Term Paper

… Cold War was the state of affairs between 1946 to 1991 of quiescent political conflict between the former USSR and satellite nations and USA and its allies. This was represented by political tension, military conflict, hostility of nations to one another, and economic competition. The conflict existed on covert rather than overt grounds with it expressed through espionage, proxy wars, military race arms and building of nuclear arsenal, as well as other competition such as race to the moon, wooing vulnerable states to their aid, appeals to neutral nations, via propaganda, and so forth.

Occurring after a short-lived friendship seen during pact against Nazi Germany, the U.S.S.R. And America spent the next decades bitterly warring against each other and each deeply suspicious of and hostile…. [read more]

Pepsi Problem in This Case Case Study

… Watkins and his bloviated and self-righteous standpoint. His argument is filled with logical fallacies and demonstrates danger when "professional academics" are allowed to comment on such important topics such as business marketing. Simply ignoring the criticism and continuing on as of this is not any real threat is a practical and useful alternative that demonstrates that Pepsi is taking the moral high ground on this issue by not commenting. This is a conservative and defensive posture that would have a desired effect of limiting the validity of Watkins' argument.

The next alternative is a more aggressive tactic but has the potential of reaching an even larger market share. This alternative would have Pepsi Co. embrace the racial stereotypes themselves and commence a new argument celebrating…. [read more]

Covert Action Research Paper

… One country is essentially a safe house for terrorism, another so fragmented a government is impossible. One expert thinks that 9/11 signaled to the world that America was fair game, and that hit home for Americans, too. "The attacks…. Have not altered the balance of power, instead, they only aggravated differences in the imbalance that already existed" (Greier and Rice-Oxley, 2006). Thus, the treatment of intelligence and global security leaves us with a new paradigm for the 21st century -- the global world exists together, will grow together, will suffer together, and will reap benefits together. It is up to the intelligence agencies of the global arena -- particularly those in the East and West to work together to increase the safety net for all…. [read more]

Police Management: Throughout History Research Paper

… The challenge associated with the difficulty in investigating these crimes is that they can be perpetrated in a jurisdiction that is outside where the crime occurs. In addition to this, there are challenges associated with investigating these offenses since criminal organizations are becoming more sophisticated and increasingly knowledgeable in their use of new technologies.

Resources for Fighting Crime Effectively:

The other challenge for law enforcement managers because of globalization is that these managers are finding it difficult to provide police officers with the necessary resources for fighting crime effectively (Viau, n.d.). This is major challenges particularly with regards to the increase in organized crime that continues to threaten the democratic institutions in the country and the economy. The fight against organized crime is a huge…. [read more]

Information Technology (IT) Risk Management Cyber Crime Research Paper

… it Risk Management -- Cyber Crime

Over the last several years, the issue of cyber crime has been increasingly brought to the forefront. This is because it is seen as tool which can be used to conduct espionage, terrorism or criminal activities. The results are that the more rouge nation states and other organizations are taking an active part in these activities. According to the U.S. Internet Crime Complaint Center, they received a total of 336,665 reports of cyber related activities occurring last year. This is accounting for $559.77 million in losses. (Liu, 2013)

What makes these figures so troubling; is they are from just one organization which is monitoring the scope of cyber related crimes. When this is applied around the world, these statistics…. [read more]

Alger Hiss Term Paper

… Alger Hiss

There have been many controversial issues throughout history and especially during the uncertain yeas of the Cold War. The American and the Soviet information apparatus were rather well established mechanisms of information gathering and contributed in large parts to the evolution of the political scene in the 20th century. However, their entire activities were based on the human performances of different agents infiltrated in the adversary's intelligence offices and their continuous and regular reporting. Their existence was ultimately discovered and it did steer in many occasions great public display of accusations and counter arguments. One such case was the Alger Hiss spy scandal which pointed out a series of problems the American intelligence community faced during the Cold War years. On the one…. [read more]

Alfred Hitchcock's Fascination With Psychology Research Paper

… Many of the character interactions depend on a series of sets; Iris and Miss Foy, Iris and Gilbert, Iris and the two Italians, Miss Foy and Dr. Hartz. Additionally, these interactions and the focus on duality is further emphasized by Hitchcock focusing on these relationships and interactions in each shot; many shots feature two characters interacting with each other.

Hitchcock also seamlessly integrates Soviet Constructivism and elements of Grierson's Documentary Realism into each film. Through Soviet Constructivism, Hitchcock injects these films the social and political message of the dangers of espionage, especially in matters of national security. Furthermore, Hitchcock uses these films to create a link between the public and state through these issues.

While Hitchcock's commentaries on espionage and psychological constructs may have been…. [read more]

Alger Hiss: Why He Chose Book Report

… Alger Hiss: Why He Chose Treason

During 1948, former United States Department official Alger Hiss was a man that was accused of being a spy for the Soviet Union. Since the statute of limitations on espionage ran out, however Hiss was convicted only of what was called perjury. However, decades later -- after the Hiss trial was far from over and had been long overlooked by a lot of people -- archival evidence surfaced authorizing the charges: a public servant that had access to classified documents had indeed passed some information that was crucial information to the Soviets that went on for more than a decade.

Hiss was born in Baltimore who came from parents that were a part of the executive extensive dry goods…. [read more]

Anticommunism / Communism in Red Term Paper

… Haynes's assertions about the degree of Soviet espionage, however, would have benefited from a more formal documentation of sources. As debates about individuals accused as spies have lasted for decades, the author could have produced a more definitive conclusion to these continuing issues. He appears well convinced of the archival information supporting his assertions; more formal documentation could have led to greater persuasiveness for the reader.

Haynes' Red Scare or Red Menace? adroitly complements any investigation into the history of the United States since 1945. The book vividly portrays the complexities of the postwar era and particularly of the diversity of anticommunism. Haynes' account demonstrates that anti-Communists were not monolithic reactionaries but a varied group often united by little other than their enmity for the…. [read more]

World War II Term Paper

… Jealous of the success of their Japanese counterparts, white American farmers sought to ruin their reputations through anti-Japanese propaganda (Daniels 17). They told their constituents in the state legislatures that Japanese farmers had driven them out of their land, which was clearly false, as the Issei had started their farms on new lands (Daniels 17).

The racism targeted at Japanese on the West Coast was sharply perpetuated by the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Not only were they seen as economic rivals for Americans, but after Pearl Harbor, they were viewed as "enemies." Many of those who discriminated against Japanese before the bombing, found the war against Japan to be a "stepping stool," for propagating fear of the Japanese-Americans. Journalists' published falsified or exaggerated stories to…. [read more]

IT Security Lang, David. A Graphic Picture Term Paper

… IT Security

Lang, David. "A Graphic Picture of Crime." ASIS. Sept 2002.

The article "A Graphic Picture of Crime" begins with a tale of an 'everyman' or 'every person' wireless Internet user named John whose computer is hacked from a distance by a criminal named Frank. Frank uses his laptop to mimic John's wireless network and the wireless router's Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), the protocol that assigns Internet protocols. Not only does the article explain how this newest twist in intellectual property theft, that of robbing a user of his or her digital footprints and using the protocol for criminal purposes, is accomplished, it also shows the legal difficulties in tracing such a crime and outlines what one can do to prevent such a…. [read more]

Wiretaps and Electronic Surveillance Research Proposal

… Wiretaps and Electronic Surveillance

Wiretapping and electronic surveillance

A recent scandal erupted in the media involving Democratic congresswoman Jane Harman, who was purportedly overheard on a National Security Agency (NSA) wiretap discussing a deal regarding a suspected Israeli agent. This highlights the pervasiveness and also the controversies inherent in the use of wiretapping and electronic surveillance by law enforcement agencies and national security agencies such as the FBI, CIA, and NSA. Harman called the wiretap an 'abuse of power' when it was brought to light, although her critics contended that the matter had been concealed for as long as it had because Harman was a supporter of then-President Bush's controversial domestic wiretapping program of suspected terrorists. "The FBI tried to open an investigation of Harman,…. [read more]

First Amendment in 1787 Term Paper

… He said that all of the charges that were against him were not right because the First Amendment's promises that "Congress shall make no law interfering with the freedom of speech." (Engelken, 2011)

After the trial had gone through the federal courts, in the end, the case was judged by the Supreme Court sometime in the year of 1919 (The 5 First Amendment Freedoms, 2010). The Supreme Court supported Schenck's opinion, saying that the charge did not disrupt his First Amendment privilege to free speech even though the judge did say that in numerous locations and in times that were ordinary. It appears that Mr. Schenck would have had a privilege to talk about anything mention in his leaflets. However, the judge talked about how…. [read more]

Breach for a Criminal Investigator Film Review

… (Barkin, 2011, pp. 275 -- 277) ("Breach," 2010)

Investigative Mistakes

The biggest mistakes during the investigation include: becoming to close (which made Hanssen suspicious) and not following the obvious signals that something is wrong (i.e. The statements made about the FBI or how he is spending money). The way the investigation could have been handled differently, is Hanssen should have been monitored more closely when key spies started disappearing. If the FBI had done and an internal investigation at this time; Hanssen would have been a likely suspect. This is because he was exhibiting signs of irregular behavior. They could then follow him and limit the overall extent of his spying related activities. (Barkin, 2011, pp. 275 -- 277) ("Breach," 2010)

Procedural Mistakes

The biggest…. [read more]

Vulnerable Areas of Industrial Security Essay

… In addition to the cyber infrastructure, Bank of America is also vulnerable to phishing attacks that have been increasing in the banking sector in the past few years. This is vulnerability in the institution's utility services because of its potential to affect the entire operations of the bank. Under this vulnerability, fraudsters create extremely sophisticated messaging systems that target all operations within the bank including customers' bank accounts. Phishing is a major threat in this industry to an extent that it's ranked as the third threat among fraud threats (McGlasson, 2011).

Due to the probable impact of these vulnerabilities and threats, Bank of America should take important countermeasures to lessen their likelihood and enhance industrial security in its entire operations. One of the major ways…. [read more]

Counterintelligence and Predicting Terrorism Sovereign A-Level Coursework

… The subsequent ground invasions launched in Afghanistan and Iraq, predicted to achieve rousing strategic victories in a relatively short duration, offer demonstrable proof that "predicting discrete events in the future is impossible in an open and complex system" (Quiggin, 2006), while also illustrating the deficiencies of this approach to conducting counterterrorism and intelligence operations. By forming optimistic predictions about future events and tailoring national security strategy to these predictions, rather than adopting an anticipatory strategy founded on adaptability, the U.S. government unwittingly stumbled into a military quagmire, diverting invaluable resources to combat a seemingly infinite insurgency and squandering global support in the process.

While the calamitous conflicts still simmering throughout the Middle East provide conclusive proof that predicting future events is an untenable approach to…. [read more]

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