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Ethical Leadership in Business Admission Essay

… Ethical Leadership in Business

The foundation of any successful enterprise over the long-term is the ability to continually sustain and grow trust in the vision, mission, objectives and strategies of its leaders. To the extent a leader is ethically solid and makes decisions that take into account the entire organizations' well-being is the extent to which they maintain a high level of ethical standards in their organizational cultures (Toor, Ofori, 533). The intent of this analysis is to define the concepts of ethical leadership in business, including a definition of standards for moral and ethical conduct. As the ethics of a leader become the new norm for conduct in the organizations they manage (Brown, Trevino, 595) it is clearly a critical issue for every organization…. [read more]

Unethical Leadership Research Paper

… For that reason, values and ethics are the significant factors in dealing these employees evolution.

In short, leaders who connect with, allow, or encourage unethical acts within their organizations do not put ethical leadership on show. In its place, those who control and implant unethical behavior of their supporters exhibit unethical leadership. To cut a long story short, unethical leadership can be described as "behaviors conducted and decisions made by organizational leaders that are illegal and/or violate moral standards, and those that impose processes and structures that promote unethical conduct by followers" (Brown & Mitchell, 2010).

Precursors of Unethical Leadership

According to some studies, unethical leader behavior is a response to organizational oppression, maltreatment or exploitation. When the leaders are ill-treated, it increases strain reactions…. [read more]

Ethical Training -- Successes Research Paper

… In turn, that will raise the profit margins and bottom line of the company, helping it to succeed and to continue to offer good deals to its customers. Because there are so many people affected by the behavior of leaders and their followers, ethical training for all of them is important and needs to be done correctly (Becker & Becker, 2002).

Failures and successes are not specifically related to what type of leadership is used at a company in all cases (Singer, 2000). There are other factors that can also be issues. However, it is important to understand the two main kinds of leadership, and how they are different from one another. By being clear on the differences in leadership styles, a person can gain…. [read more]

Leadership Theory Every Organization Goes Term Paper

… Leadership


Every organization goes through a period in which they initiate and manage change within the company. In order for change to go smoothly the leaders in a company must be effectual and ethical in nature. They must know how to lead change in a way that gets everyone one board and the end goal is ultimately reached. This is not always an easy process but is one that can be done if the right people are leading the way.

Leadership is a social influence procedure that is essential for the achievement of societal and organizational goals. Leadership is both obvious in its absence and inexplicable in its presence. It is often recognizable but yet hard to define. Leadership takes place within the power…. [read more]

Ethical Leadership Research Paper

… Public opinion polls and surveys generally find over the past thirty years that business and political leaders are thoroughly mistrusted. Journalists, politicians, lawyers, politicians, business leaders were all widely considered to be low in ethics and morality, with advertisers and used car salesmen considered the least ethical groups of all. At least 80% of Americans believe that ethical standards in general are poor, while over 40% routinely lie on job applications and that majority of high school students admit to cheating on tests and lying to parents and teachers (Johannesen et al., p. 4). David Callahan went so far as to call the U.S. A "cheating culture" in which dishonesty of all kinds has become far more common in recent decades and people feel less…. [read more]

Leadership and Motivation Leadership Cultural and Societal Research Proposal

… Leadership and Motivation


Cultural and societal influences on leadership and motivation

The content, the manner of manifestation, and the efficiency of leadership are the result of several determinant factors. The education the leader benefited from represents one of these factors. Education in relation with its contribution to the development of leadership is studied on three distinct levels: general education, professional education, and managerial education.

General education builds the basis of the individual and social general behavior and ensures the general knowledge basis with important effects on communicational level.

Professional education in technical, economic, or IT areas ensure the personal competency and prestige of specialists, which provides great importance in the relationships with specialists in the domain in case.

Managerial education mainly takes into consideration…. [read more]

Leadership Theory Essay

… The followers are transformed by the transformational leaders in such a manner that shape the beliefs and values of their followers.

Transformational leadership has 4 dimensions as it said by Korver (2008). These dimensions are:

1. Charisma: The leader provides the followers with a strong sense of mission, he/she makes them feel proud and in this manner is able to gain their trust and respect.

2. Communication: Directs efforts by using symbols to communicate with his followers and expresses essential purposes in very simple ways.

3. Intellectual stimulation: Problem solving, intelligence and rationality are promoted by him.

4. Individualized consideration: Pays individual attention to all the employees, advice and coaches them whenever they need any kind of guidance.

A subdued or passive follower was formed…. [read more]

Ethical Self-Assessment the Role Essay

… The continual pursuit of analytics, key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics of performance indicating relative level of ethical compliance are critically important across the healthcare profession (Ehlen, Sprenger, 1998). Only by aggregating these responses together will a healthcare provider gain a greater glimpse into how they can improve ethically and continually serve patients with a great deal of transparency, further earning and keeping trust.

How Individual Ethics Affect Or Influence Decision Making

The cumulative effects of the ACHE standards need to be engrained as part of a long-term strategy and change management plan both on a personal and organizational level if lasting improvements are going to last. Only by continually reinforcing ethical decision making and creating a permeating mindset of ethicacy throughout an organizational structure…. [read more]

Leadership and Realtors Essay

… The truth is realtors are presented with these ethical dilemmas all the time. And how they decide to deal with them ultimately determines whether they are a good realtor or a bad realtor. And as my uncle Herbie used to say, "there's a lot of turnover in the real estate offices because there's too many realtors chasing dollars and not enough realtors doing their job."

There is certainly avarice and greed in business environments, especially when there is a lot of money on the line. Realtors have a fiduciary responsibility and, therefore, an ethical imperative to do what's in the best financial interest of their clients, as I've already discussed, but what about situations where they are confronted with an opportunity to exploit a FSBO…. [read more]

Leadership in a Movie Based on the Theories and Concepts From the Book Capstone Project

… Leadership Movie

Organizational Leadership According to 12 Angry Men

Organizational theory and academic business discourse examine, amongst a host of other key organizational principles, the formal idea that leadership is an essential part of effective management, or, for that matter, an essential part of comprising an effective contribution to any working team. However, like many academic concepts which do not easily make the leap into real world applicability, this theoretical conception of leadership is just that, and in practice, this type of educational content and perspective is actually quite a bit less relevant than the curricula of formal education might argue.

While leadership is unquestionably an inborn talent that can be honed and improved, it is nonetheless an individualized talent and therefore both rarified and…. [read more]

Leadership Ethics Term Paper

… Leadership Ethics: Case Study Questions

Of the three options available to Joe, which the most ethical?

Of all the options available to Joe in his current situation, the second option of a possible solution to the problem is the most ethical and for the following reasons. First of all, option two outlines a plan of honesty and integrity but also allows Joes to save his own ego. In business, it can be tough to effectively lead and carry out two objectives of meeting the needs of the employees and the company while on the other side, taking care of the self. This creates an atmosphere of conflict that results in compromise. Option two is the best possible balance for achieving both in the sense that…. [read more]

Ethical Organization Term Paper

… Ethical Organization

Establishing an organization is a very hard task. It entails careful, selective and series of planning, conceptualization and strategic execution. Maintaining the organization is equally challenging. This will require continuous planning, sometimes reformatting, and of course exertion and implementation of the plans to live up with the vision and mission statement of the company. This is the very reason why the organizational structure - in terms of vision, mission, code of conducts, form of leadership and the likes - should always be transparent with every member of the organization. These are the very backbone of the organization and without it, without out the people happily and faithfully following what is stated in this visions and missions statement, the organization will surely have a…. [read more]

Ethical Decision Making in Sales Article Review

… The framework, at a strategic level, accomplishes that objective.

Where the framework is deficiently however is in how the authors choose to integrate the core concepts of how leaders' behaviors and attitudes regarding ethics and their managing of ethical guidelines in organizations vary. The exceptional power of leaders and their behaviors to completely change the ethical foundation of a sales organization isn't covered in the depth it deserves given how many build their entire mindset of work around observed authority behaviors on ethics especially (Joseph, Pergola, Butler, 2011). The authors stop just short of explaining the worst practice of having unequal standards in disciplining subordinates for low performance or ethical lapses (Ferrell, Johnston, Ferrell, 2007). The lost credibility to a leader of favoring and allowing…. [read more]

Leadership and Strategy in Material Management Term Paper

… Leadership Attributes

Effective Leadership in Healthcare Management

Effective management means more than the bottom line. It means being able to inspire people to do their best and to act in an ethical manner. Effective management is more than numbers. It gets to the heart and soul of the individual. An effective manager will not only have a balanced budget, but will make the workplace into a source of inspiration for all of those that work in the environment. There following will explore three of Steve Covey's Seven Habits of Effective People, as well as three other leadership attributes, in relation to a material manager's position at a major hospital.

The healthcare industry as a whole has an ethical responsibility to provide quality service for the…. [read more]

Decision Making Ethics Term Paper

… As a result, issues of strategies, environment, diversity, and community are all factors that impact decision making since the organization intentionally embraces the inputs from the environment and society to guide short- and long-term goals (Williams, 1996, p. 100).

However, as a general rule, the extent to which societal values are observed does depend a great deal on organizational and individual compliance. Take, for instance, the expectations of investors that an organization will observe ethical standards in terms of transparency and full disclosure of information. It is common knowledge, post the wave of recent accounting scandals in Corporate America, that organizations were violating such standards. Indeed, the current resurgence of interest in the need for managers and other employees to see the ethical issues in…. [read more]

Leadership as a Term Essay

… Leadership as a term has been described variously. In basic terms, leadership as a process can be said to be a situation whereby an individual or group of individuals organize and seek support of others so as to accomplish a particular task or a given set of goals in an orderly and well coordinated manner. In this text, I come up with a description of a recent situation where leadership was exemplified in a proper or deficient manner.

On the 2nd of May 2011, the U.S. president issued an executive order for an operation that saw the killing of Osama Bin Laden who until his death was of one of the most wanted men in recent times. Until his death, Osama had been hiding in…. [read more]

Decision Making Barnes and Noble Essay

… The market research assists executives in determining whether or not developing a new product that will be the most beneficial for all stakeholders. Stakeholders are inclusive of employees, investors and consumers.

New business acquisitions

New business acquisitions are vitally important to the development and growth of Barnes & Noble Inc. Over the years the company has been involved in revolutionary business acquisitions that have assisted the company in becoming the large corporation that it is today. One of the most important acquisitions came in 2009 with the company's acquisition of the Barnes & Noble College bookstore business. This acquisition was important because it combined Barnes & Noble retail and college businesses permitting the company to increase its brand recognition while also ensuring that the company…. [read more]

Leadership Styles My Leadership Style: Human Relations Term Paper

… Leadership Styles

My Leadership Style: Human Relations Specialist

You catch more bees with honey than with vinegar." If I had to sum up my philosophy as a leader, perhaps this statement would best express my character as a human relations specialist. While it is easy and perhaps tempting to think that leading means shouting, stomping, and giving orders like an autocrat, ultimately the true purpose of leading is to get the job done by using the skills of others, and encouraging people to work to their maximum capacity and level of excellence. Ideally, leadership means inspiring others to do what they never knew they were capable of doing.

And to get the job done, and to get the job done well, means everyone must be…. [read more]

Understanding Leadership Term Paper

… ¶ … Leadership Gayle Avery attempts to create a concise understanding of the often confusing concept of leadership through a progression of leadership issues and then a collection of case studies that apply leadership in different contexts. The base of the work attempts to effectively answer some long standing questions about the nature of leadership and its study and in doing so demonstrates a breadth and depth of knowledge about the field. Avery begins by discussing the variations and conflicts that have occurred over the years with regard to leadership study and then supplies the reader with a template of paradigms to help discover the varied leadership research levels.

The paradigms that Avery uses include a timeline sort of feel where the varied historical ideas…. [read more]

Leadership Books Number of Different Models Term Paper

… Leadership Books number of different models of leadership have been developed and offered as a way of assessing leadership skills and understanding the role of leadership in the organization. The subject is given great importance and is also the subject of a number of popular books offering recommendations on how to develop better leadership skills and how to make the role of the leader more effective. The textbook approach is offered by writers like DuBrin (2005), and a more how-to approach is offered by writers like Bossidy and Charan (2002) in their book Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done. To a degree, the advice in the second book is similar to the analysis offered in the first, and both mirror some of the ideas…. [read more]

Leadership Principles in Sports Term Paper

… Leadership Principles in Sports

What are the important concepts of communication that best support the values of leadership needed in today's sporting world? Since sports is really just a mirror of society, research into various kinds of leadership in the corporate world and the community fits well into the sporting genre as well.

In Albert Mehrabian's book Silent Messages (Mehrabian 53) the author alludes to a confusing kind of communication called "psychological disturbance." Loaded with damaging inconsistency, it amounts to nice words which are spoken but the body language elicits negativity. This kind of communication causes a "psychological disturbance," the author advises; an example is mommy saying in a lilting voice, "Come and give your mommy a kiss," but when the child arrives, she turns…. [read more]

Decision Support System Executive Presentation Essay

… The third component of the system is clinical reminders. The package incorporates a valuable aid to the treatment of the patient. The reminders are educative in nature as they facilitate the clinical decision-making process and educate the providers of the appropriate care. The clinical reminder component also improves the documentation of the patient information and accurate follow-up on the patient. The last component in the template is that of health summary (Whyte, 2005). The health summary component of the system supports the generation of the report containing all the specified information requested about the patient. This report extracts data from the CPRS system used in the setting, displaying this information in a standard format. This component can generate a wide range of information related to…. [read more]

Personal Leadership Statement Essay

… At work, I have tried to act with integrity and honesty to inspire my colleagues to work in the same way. At home, I have always tried to inspire my daughters to value education. I hope to achieve this further by working towards my PhD even after ten years of professional experience. I hope to instill in my daughters the desire for continuous learning and development. My eldest daughter is now in medical college and I hope that all my daughters pursue higher education in a similar way and continue to do so.

During the pursuit of my doctorate degree I have become much more active in the community. I see this as evidence of the positive role that the doctorate program at the University…. [read more]

Leadership and School Management Essay

… Educational Leadership Issues

Leadership and Management in Education;

That schools in the United States in particular have generally experienced a decline in standards, in performance and in personnel commitment is evidenced throughout the field. To many theorists in the last decade, this is indicative of a core problem relating to the orientation and distribution of leadership. Overly centralized ways of designing curriculum, of engaging students and of evaluating performance of teachers and students, some will argue has had the impact of disassociating school leadership from the environment which it impacts. This is why "in the view of many analysts, the task of transforming a school is too complex for one person to accomplish alone. Consequently, a new model of leadership is developing." (Lashway, 6)

The…. [read more]

Leadership Styles Discussion Leadership Responses Term Paper

… Leadership Styles

Discussion Leadership Responses

Response 1 don't really see challenging assumptions as part of the 'coach' leadership style. I suppose because of my images of coaches in real life, I tend to see this leadership style, as more conservative, encouraging people to meet certain predetermined standards by a certain series of drills, support, and encouragement, rather than seeking a new path in the manner of a more transformational style, or adopting the input of employees in an innovative fashion in a method of transactional exchange. However, sometimes coaching is necessary to help people meet a certain standard agreed upon by everyone in the organization, like coaching an employee in appropriate means of expression that meet standards of respect and decency for employees of all…. [read more]

Leadership Style and Traits Research Paper


He says that he wants his people to look from the crews eyes and to believe that benfold is the best ship among all in Navy. He made his people understand and believe in their own self and he believed that this strategy works best.


Abrashoff believed that leading or managing the ship depends on communicating efficiently with his people so that they may work collectively and with hard work. He believes in giving a clear vision to his employees.

He focuses on communicating information that actually contains meaningful reason.

He made improvements through opening himself towards criticism, so that people feel free to open them also and start owning the organization with putting their efforts sincerely and giving…. [read more]

Decision Making Essay

… Decision Making

Background to the Situation - The situation involves a primarily rural school district, a new Superintendent of the School System and a rather crochety School Board member. Unbeknownst to the rest of the board, Elmer Hobson filed a complaint with the State Athletic Association regarding a student who was living in the district during his senior year even though his parents had moved away. The student and his parents decided that it would be unfair to require him to miss his senior year with his friends and teammates (he is a star football player). According to the State, nothing improper was done - the student decided to remain in the district long before football season, pays rent, and retains a high GPA.

Analysis-…. [read more]

Decisions in Paradise Term Paper

… The chosen decision framework ill also need to take into account the unique strengths of the team and the greatest potential for business growth, following the vision of doing well by doing good in this island nation. One of the greatest advantages of using logic-reasoning and reflexive approaches is that Nik will be able to also include the island's leaders in the decision making process, gaining support from the local government for the team's initiatives. This approach to decision making is critically important in globalization strategies as it gives each side of the development an opportunity to define their needs and preferences while still creating a framework for effective collaboration and shared outcomes (Muller, Turner, 2010). Logic-reasoning and reflexive decision making also very effective as…. [read more]

Un) Ethical Leadership and Identity Article Review

… As a result, the elements that constitute ethical leadership in a given time may differ in the entity and timeframe under consideration. Ethical and unethical leadership are strange as an individual may be left wondering whether to focus on promoting ethical leadership or identifying and stopping unethical leadership or both. An understanding of ethical or unethical leadership requires and analysis of the activities, processes, and mechanisms that constitute ethical leadership. However, understanding these phenomena is not only important in modern leadership but also has various complexities, which have resulted in the need for various studies on the topic. Despite of the complexities, ethical leadership is cited as an important aspect because it contributes to greater employee initiative and lessened counter-productive behaviors.

One of the strengths…. [read more]

Trait Leadership Definitions / Descriptions Essay

… 3).

On page 4 of his Mother Jones article Dowie points out that of all of Iacocca's objectives (price, fuel consumption, performance, comfort, appearance… et al.); safety was not one of them. "Safety doesn't sell," Iacocca was heard saying in many contexts, according to Dowie.

From this description of Iacocca's intensity and drive, one can certainly say that he had determination. His office in fact lobbied against federal safety guidelines for eight years, guidelines that would have forced the Pinto to be fixed, Dowie explains. Determination is the desire "to get the job done," according to Northouse on page 25. People with determination are "willing to assert themselves" and they have "…the capacity to persevere in the face of obstacles," Northouse writes, and there is…. [read more]

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