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Leadership Ethics Kathleen Blanco Essay

… For a leader, this was not very ethical. Leaders should consider the needs of others before their own. She demonstrated empathy for the families, who had lost their homes, it is highly doubtful that her actions during the crisis will be seen in any history books.


Governor's Information: Louisiana Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco. (2004). National Governor's Association. Retrieved from extoid=55bc224971c81010VgnVCM1000001a01010aRCRD

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Resick, C.J., Hanges, P.J., Dickson, M.W., & Mitchelson, J.K. (2006). A cross-cultural examination of the endorsement of ethical leadership.…. [read more]

Acquiring Leadership Skills the Multicratic Essay

… A collaborative relationship also makes way for shared decision making that provides higher confidence and satisfaction.

Taking time to reflect on a day's work can enable me to evaluate my own performance and areas for improvement. Reflection can help me determine my own strengths and weaknesses and enable goal setting. This would help me to build collaboration with others that is communication rich and help me stay accountable for the delivery of care to patients and the value I can add to society.

Practical nurses have a responsibility of leadership to transform for change by inspiring followers and creating a sense of commitment to find purpose in relation to the profession. The responsibility of leadership involves the delivery of patient care with integrity to provide…. [read more]

Leadership Is Action, Not Position Essay

… ¶ … leadership is action, not position," means that being in a position of leadership does not make one a leader. Instead, a person can be identified as a leader based on their traits, behaviors, attitudes, goals, and the results that they achieve. First, a leader must have traits that make him or her capable of the monumental task that is leadership. These qualities include, first and foremost, motivation. Those who are not motivated by a genuine desire to lead, as opposed to the material benefits of leadership, such as money and power. Leaders are born with a general affinity toward motivation. They are the types that are excited about new challenges, and take pleasure in meeting them. In addition to motivation, leaders must have…. [read more]

Organization Decision Making Term Paper

… TOC Logic, when applied to the many process problems within the organization, is capable of actually identifying the real problems that are in fact restricting or hindering the organization from achieving its various goals, and also from thinking and analyzing the problem, and developing apt solutions to them, in a manner that would befit the organization. The Theory of Constraints can also find out exactly why the numerous individuals who are actively involved in the decision making process of the organization are not actually carrying out and implementing the changes by themselves. (The Theory of Constraints)

However, it must be remembered that there is in fact no one best method in which to run an organization; there can any number of ways, but the management…. [read more]

Ethical-Legal Nursing Discussions Research Paper

… Communication must be repeatedly absorbed on moral distress instead of expanding into more general self-exploration; the tradeoff cannot be permitted to go beyond limits that stop relaxed working together between sessions. Also, the individual cannot be a member of the administrative chain of command and must have an honest understanding of the issue. The individual should aid to expand viewpoints and expand doctor-nurse associations. The person must be aware of the continuing condition and, in that way, be able to spot sources and emblems of sudden rises in stress, which may specify moral distress. At the present time, countless hospitals use a comparable concept, known as "Moral Distress Consult Service," where the adviser performs in much the same style as a "Liaison Psychiatrist."

Recommendation 2:…. [read more]

Managerial Leadership Essay

… Managerial Leadership:

The process of social influence in which someone can procure the aid and support of others in the achievement of a common task is leadership. Leadership definitions that are more inclusive of followers also exist. For instance, leadership is also the process of creating a way for people to contribute to making something extraordinary happen. However, defining leadership has been challenging and descriptions can be different depending on the situation. Notably, in an organizational context, leadership remains as one of the most pertinent aspects.

In addition to leadership being about capacity, it is also about identifying problems, setting and not just reacting to agendas and instigating change that leads to substantial improvement rather than managing change. Because of their personal qualities, situational demands…. [read more]

Servant Leadership Annotated Bibliography Annotated Bibliography

… Jossey-Bass.

Now in a 4th printing, this has been in print for two decades. It uses case studies and stories of real leaders facing issues, often with extraordinary results. The current edition emphasizes the global community and has more on servant-style philosophy, comparing it to other forms of leadership theory.

Spears, L., Lawrence, M., eds. (2011). Focus on Leadership: Servant Leadership for the 21st Century. New York: Wiley.

This is a collection of essays that focus on the practice of servant leadership within the organization and business setting. The authors take the theory of servant leadership and place it into differing views and ways to implement. It is scholarly in tone, has a decent bibliography, and provides a well-rounded approach to a more practical way…. [read more]

Branson Describe Branson's Leadership Style Case Study

… Employees are normally motivated by open communications, rewards or a strong compensation package. Therefore, this type of concept would be added to the other management skills currently demonstrated by Sir Branson.

As stated in an article by Glen Turner, President of LDG Consulting, Inc. "Transformational and transactional leadership are direct opposites -- while the transformational leader relies upon internal motivations to achieve goals and objectives, the transactional leader motivates with rewards and punishments. (Task, 2012, Pg. 1)"

It is Branson's practice as Chairman of Virgin Group to recruit good people with outstanding skills while being diverse in his recruitment processes to ensure that the business will remain competitive in the market. As a transaction leader rewards and compensation are the driving factors that most applicants…. [read more]

Technology and Educational Leadership Research Paper

… In this study the author addresses the questions about how a team can progress within the self- managed group that practices and develops various leadership styles. He reviews and uses shared and single leadership style as his theories. The results of this study show that the teams with shared leaders concept have motivational and perceptive advantages in comparison to the teams who suffer a standard approach of depending on a solo leadership style. The author concludes his paper by exploring results, significance and recommends future research opportunities.

This study showed us why finding creative ways to celebrate, reinforce and appreciate successes is critical for workforce motivation and commitment; especially in the context of technology integration in the educational realm.

Classical leadership. Encyclopaedia of Informal Education,…. [read more]

Decisions by School Superintendents Improper Term Paper

… Members of the faculty are also exhorted to recognize that students are individuals and are entitled to an atmosphere conducive to learning and to even-handed treatment in all respects of the teacher-student relationship.

Improper Attitude and Unprofessional Conduct

It is no use to preach to children if you do not act decently yourself - Theodore Roosevelt in a speech to Holy Name Society, Oyster Bay, August 16, 1903.

Most educational institutions develop a set of rules governing teacher behavior that reflect the district policy. They summarily ban the obvious: harassment and sexual contact with students.

Improper attitude or unprofessional conduct. Conduct that bases a person's employment, enrollment as a student, or participation in scholastic activities on that person's age, color, disability, sex, national or ethnic…. [read more]

Effective Ethical Moral and Legal Leadership Research Paper

… ¶ … Ethical, Moral, and Legal Leadership

Debates whether leaders are made or born have continued to evoke striking opinions for a long time. Some people believe leaders are born, meaning that they are naturally strategic, intelligent, charismatic, and visionary. On the contrary, others are of the differing opinion that leaders are made through education, training, experience, and mentoring. Some people argue that leaders are both made and born. They are naturally extroverted and intelligent but enhanced with training, education, experience and mentoring (Avolio & Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2010).

A study focusing on global top leaders established that fifty-five percent think leaders are made on the belief that leadership is above mere genetics. A twenty percent minority believes that leaders are born. The remaining twenty…. [read more]

Leadership Discussions First Half Conflicting Research Paper

… Closed-unit staffing

This form of staffing allows all workers to be well prepared and experienced in their respective care units. However, the main disadvantage associated with closed-unit training is that it requires these nurses to sit down on the contracted labor in key care units. This reduces accountability and ownership in critical areas of care units (Bittner & Gravlin, 2009).

Motivate the Nurses

Motivation is a kin to leading and directing. To motivate my employees, I would begin by guiding them. This implies that I will encourage them to take more interests and initiatives in their duties. This involves encouraging them to get work done willingly. As a manager, I would motivate my subordinates by satisfying their diverse needs so that they can be happy,…. [read more]

Leadership: Emotional, Social, & Cognitive Intelligence Literature Review

3.2.3 Contingency Theories

They hold that the style of leadership adopted should depend on the situation and the circumstances influence the person in charge. Therefore, leaders with high levels of cognitive intelligence know which style is best suited when quick decisions need to be made. Leaders who are people oriented exhibit high levels of social and emotional cognitive intelligence and use a leadership style, which reflects the situation on the ground for his or her followers.

3.2.4 Power and Influence Theories

The approach undertaken by power and influence theories is different from the others. In this approach, leaders use their power to varying degrees to achieve their goals. Transactional leadership is one of the power and influence style used. In…. [read more]

Ethical Leadership Advance Directives Essay

… E's decision at the time. I believe that a more ethical protocol would have been to contact the patient advocate involved and ask questions relating to the conditions that would have excluded the family from Mr. E's directive decisions.

In the case of Mr. Y, the most ethical decision he might have made in this case was to ask whether Mr. E expressed any wishes regarding his care in the event that he was unable to make such decisions. Mr. Y's appointment as medical power of attorney gives him the ethical responsibility to ensure that his brother's wishes are carried out. Hence, I do not believe it was ethical for him to authorize the use of a respirator for his brother.

There are several factors…. [read more]

Educational Change Essay

… Levine further recommends the creation of an antagonistic environment. The existing educational literature seems to suggest that curriculum change or innovation is of great importance in the process of implementing change (Kearsley and Lynch, 1992, Yuen et al.,


Transformational leadership has therefore been indicated by Peretomode and Ikoya (2010) to be very crucial for institutional success as well as the implementation of an effective curriculum change. They argue that the success of failure of curriculum innovation is dependent on the school administrator's effectiveness in implementing curriculum reforms. Yulk (2002) argued that leaders can do several things in order to facilitate a successful curriculum change implementation. Yuen (2004) on a similar note believed that a visionary leader is what is needed for a successful curriculum…. [read more]

Leadership Term Paper

… In summary, several leadership theories exist. In order to be an effective leader, one must learn to utilize several different techniques depending on the situation encountered. By remaining flexible in one's leadership style, one may become more effective and gain respect and trust from employee followers.


Bass, B.M. (1990). From transactional to transformational leadership: Learning to share the vision. Organizational Dynamics (Winter), 19-31.

Beccaria, L.M., & Favero, N. (2000). [Expectations of nursing managers and assistants as to the managerial style of an executive director of a teaching hospital]. Rev Lat Am Enfermagem, 8(2), 83-90.

Bolman, L.G., & Deal, T.E. (1992). Leading and managing: effects of context, culture and cender. Education Administration Quarterly, 28, 314-329.

Fabian, N. (2004). Leadership -- what is it and are…. [read more]

Ethical Awareness Inventory Results Essay

… Because my judgments or assessments are based on the character that I have determined to be consistent within the individual, in dealing with specific work-based issues, I am able to go past the individual's actions (at the moment) and perceive the individual based on the "character" I have known him/her for in my past interactions with him/her. This is a challenge in an evidence-based environment, which most workplace cultures and environments subsist to. It is through the individual's actions that the individual is best assessed/evaluated, as reflected in performance appraisal that need to be conducted at work. I believe that my ethical perspective only allows me to conduct a "qualitative assessment," and that my judgment is mainly based on my personal understanding, perception, and experience…. [read more]

Leadership Has Become a Prominent Research Paper

… Leadership has become a prominent topic of research in recent years. One of the main reasons for this is that leadership is a major factor in the performance of employees and, by association, the performance of the company. There are several theories of leadership to help companies and individuals determine the best course of action for their operations. Significantly, there is little agreement among researchers regarding the best possible type of leadership to optimize the operations of a company. Perhaps the best course of action is to determine what is best suited to individuals leaders and companies, and to combine the best elements of various types of leadership. Two of the most recent of these include the concept of transformational leadership and servant leadership.


Ethical Practices in Mentoring/Coaching Research Paper

… Consideration of ethical principles is a crucial keystone that fosters effective and safe practice. A good coach or mentor must help the client in achieving the greatest good, must prevent harm and uphold autonomy of his/her client. The success of mentoring and coaching is enhanced through establishment of proper relationship between the mentor and mentee, application of regulations and law, and application of codes of conduct. For instance, in Sheena's issue, there was no established relationship between her and her client, and hence the fear of contacting him, and the client feared to contact Sheena. The established relationship besides code of ethics and laws facilitate effective, mentoring and coaching practice.


Connor, M., & Pokora, J (2012). Coaching and mentoring at work: Developing effective practice.…. [read more]

Leadership Styles Among Male Term Paper

… Synthesists do not generally look for compromises, consensus or agreement on the best solution to a problem or situation. They will however look for a solution that will connect and assimilate the random and contradictory views to arrive at a best-fit solution.

A b) The Idealist

The idealist style focuses on process, values and aspirations. Idealists are people who like to take a broad view of things. They also tend to be future-oriented and to think about goals and missions to be accomplished. Idealists are much attuned to the needs of others and for the betterment of society as a whole. They will evaluate the impact of any personal decision on the society. They respect and believe in the social values and morals dictated by…. [read more]

Ethical Decision-Making Essay

… Management

Ethical Decision Making

Ethics has to do with values of actions that tell about how human beings should operate in the numerous circumstances in which they find themselves in on a daily basis. Ethics is not the same as feelings. Feelings supply significant knowledge for people's ethical options. Some individuals have highly developed practices that make them feel bad when they do something wrong, but a lot of people feel good even though they are doing something incorrect. And frequently people's feelings will tell them it is painful to do the right thing if it is tough (a Framework for Thinking Ethically, 2010).

In order to comprehend the concept of ethics it is imperative to figure out what it is not.

Ethics is not…. [read more]

Leadership Theory Has Undergone Significant Evolution Essay

… Leadership theory has undergone significant evolution in the past hundred years. Taylor and Fayol provided basic descriptions of leadership function in for-profit enterprises. The leadership they described was perhaps more in line with what we today understand as management -- scientific control, planning and command -- but it provided a starting point. As leadership study has become more refined, it has allowed for us today to understand apply leadership theory to a wider range of situations, from government and military to the profit and not-for-profit sectors. At its core, leadership remains the art of marshaling resources to achieve a set of outcomes. It is only the methods of leadership practice that change with the situation. This notion is best described in contingency theory, wherein the…. [read more]

Global Leadership: Organizational Leadership and Performance Essay

… All these leaders have a number of things in common: in addition to being confident, these leaders are also good communicators, and can be able to inspire their followers towards a common cause.

In a highly competitive global business environment, only those leaders who are able to keep their followers motivated are likely to succeed. Due to their innate ability to inspire others, charismatic leaders are likely to be in high demand going forward.

A New Combination of Leadership Skills and Capabilities

Changes in leadership, in the context of a globalized environment, has also made it mandatory for leaders to posses certain skills. These include, but they are not limited to the ability to communicate well, tap into the ability and power of groups to…. [read more]

Robert Nardelli -- a Controversial Essay

… For example, consideration is the basic aspect of the leadership which allows one to develop and maintain a healthy relationship with the employees by providing them a comfortable and trust-based work environment but Nardelli insisted on taking things under his control instead of delegating it to his employees and empowering them (The Ohio Study). Nardelli was further found to be a job-centered leader instead of employee -centered one which made him focus only on the work processed and effectiveness along with efficiency supported by better numbers in the balance sheet (Michigan Study).

Further evaluating Nardelli leadership style on the basis of leadership grid model presented by Blake and Mouton, we can see that he was highly process oriented which makes him a production oriented leader…. [read more]

Leadership Charisma Myth: Leaders Need Thesis

… Leadership Charisma

Myth: Leaders Need Charisma

At certain points in my life I have had a tendency to place certain figures of authority on mental pedestals, esteeming them beyond what their actual qualities and actions warranted. I would not consciously strive to be like these individuals, but would sometimes berate myself for not matching them in certain of their qualities. One of the consistent features exhibited by the individuals I looked up to in this fashion was their charisma, and their ability to sway other individuals (including myself, of course). These individuals also invariably toppled from their pedestals with varying impacts on my view of myself, but another common feature was the realization that their charisma -- one of the features that had so drawn…. [read more]

Leadership Management Literature Abounds With Stories Term Paper

… Leadership

Management literature abounds with stories of great leaders and the influence they exercised on their organizations. Indeed, the importance of Lee Iaccoca to Chrysler, Mary Kay to Mary Kay Cosmetics, Walt Disney to Walt Disney Company and many more such celebrity leaders to their respective organizations is now legend in management circles (Harris, 1993, p. 370). Yet, it appears that there is no single leadership theory, which can satisfactorily explain what effective leadership is. This is because the reality of leadership is quite complex (Chemers, 1997, p.1). For instance, effective leadership is commonly confused with managerial abilities, whereas, in point of fact, there are important distinctions. It is the objective of this paper to describe the difference between leadership and management, followed by an…. [read more]

Ethics and Business Decision-Making Thesis

… Ethics and Decision Making

With many organizations, the way to ensure ethical decision making has been to introduce a new code of conduct that reflects the present world and its business challenges. Other companies and scholars, however, are taking a different route and have decided it is better to return to the basics, basics that have been part of ethical considerations for thousands of years since the beginning of Western philosophy and thought. These business "philosophers" stipulate that "moral insight has more to do with the types of questioning and soul searching that Socrates conducted in Ancient Greece." In other words, there is not a need to reinvent the wheel and establish new codes of ethics, but rather to guide behavior "not by issuing directions,…. [read more]

Social Equity Is a Key White Paper

… In addition, public administration has the duty of burdening the responsibility of creating and maintaining a commonwealth. However, in practice the relationship between citizenry and administrators is complex, making matters of government operation, citizen engagement, and design in administration complex (Candler & Dumont, 2010). This is the result of a global phenomenon, which has led to the creation of the concept of direct citizenry engagement. The need for local responsibility is a challenge for the administrator to create citizenry engagement for some administrative functions, like security. However, these remains a challenge for leaders as national integrated systems of administration are in the way of future governance.

2.2 Analysis of Theories of the Conference

2.2.1 Public Administration Leadership

Leadership in public administration entails the "exercise of…. [read more]

Religion and Leadership Core Religious Research Paper

… An individual who is emotionally intelligent is likely to also be emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually mature. Regardless of the philosophical or religious tradition from which an individual hails, servant-leadership will ensure organizational success. Research shows that emotional intelligence is linked to measurable results in an organization, which is why servant leadership may also ensure the fulfillment of both personal and organizational goals.

The concept of servant leadership is one that is holistic and multifaceted. Servant leadership and transformational leadership go hand in hand. For this reason also, systems theory and servant leadership go hand in hand. Organizations seeking stronger ethical foundations would be wise to cultivate servant leaders. Regardless of whether an organization is a Christian -- or any other type of religious -- one,…. [read more]

Ethics and Leadership Recent Waves of Corporate Essay

… Ethics and Leadership

Recent waves of corporate scandals have eroded the trust and goodwill of employees, investors and the public. Increased connectivity now makes it possible to easily distribute or access sensitive company data, allowing for greater transparency than ever before. In order to restore the trust of key stakeholders and improve both performance and profitability, organizations must make inspirational and ethical leadership part of their daily business conduct. Ethical leadership is related to the consideration of behavior, honesty, and trust in a leader's fairness. It also predicts outcomes such as perceived effectiveness of leaders, followers' job satisfaction and dedication, and their willingness to report problems to management. Ethical leadership is the art and discipline of applying ethical principles to examine and solve complex moral…. [read more]

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