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New Rules vs. Old Term Paper

… ¶ … Futurist Kings: Welch and Drucker

Jack Welch took over the reins of G.E. And steer it to more than 1000% increased profit. He became a guru of management and his highly successful methods were adopted right and left. However, Fortune recently published an article stating that these rules have run their course and new ones are needed. Fortune discusses the old rules and proposes new ones, but it does not look very closely at the possible outcomes of these new rules, though it does offer some support and justification. However, the article raises more questions than it answers.

Jack Welch was an anachronism from the start: an outgoing talkative boy who stuttered, something which usually promotes shyness. He was born to a middle…. [read more]

Industrial Relations Term Paper

… Industrial Relations

Discuss the applicability of the systems theory of industrial relations to the present day industrial relations environment.

According to the systems theory of industrial relations an industrial relations system is an abstraction comprised of "certain actors, certain contexts, and an ideology" that bind a particular community system together that is defined through an agreed-upon "body of rules that govern the actors in the workplace" and "the work community." (Black, 2006, p.6) For example, the United States might be defined as a capitalist system that contains certain actors such as labor and management that must come together to negotiate mutually beneficial solutions within a particular industrial context. It is agreed by these actors to proceed legally, according to certain accepted guidelines, and certain principles…. [read more]

Business School Admission Appeal Term Paper

… Business School Admissions -- Appeal would like the business school to be aware of several compelling factors regarding my candidacy for the school that were not present in my original application and several factors regarding my personal history that were not, I believe, adequately emphasized in my initial appeal to be admitted to the business school.

I believe that as a candidate for the business school, I have a tremendous amount of intercultural and ethical knowledge to bring to any prospective business class I may become a part of during the rest of my time as a student. As a girl, I saw my father unjustly stand accused of corrupt business practices. Through his example and my own observations, I learned a great deal about…. [read more]

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator MBTI Term Paper

… Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is one of the most widely used tests in the world for assessing personality characteristics for general non-psychiatric populations. The authors state that it is a self-report inventory, objective assessment that is not diagnostic in a psychopathological sense. Developed by Katherine C. Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers and based on Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung's studies on psychological type, the MBTI is used extensively both in academic and corporate settings. Opinions about MBTI range from those who are leery of personality tests as a whole because of stereotyping and profiling, to those who specifically question this test's reliability, to those who believe that it's an essential tool for helping people become more satisfied with their lives and companies find a…. [read more]

Accountability and Ethics in Corporate Term Paper

… The ethics in business, according to Quinn are instrumental in that they eventually serve to improve the success of the business (Quinn, 1995). Quinn's belief that the ethics are actually invented to serve a financial purpose tends to muddy the concept of ethics at the corporate level. When the reader peels off the top layer of the theory and examines the underpinnings they will discover that there is merit in Quinn's theory. The business ethics in many cases are actually self-driven and developed by what the customer demand through their support (Quinn, 1995).

The second view of the firm is necessarily agnostic about whether good ethics is good business. The "principled moral reasoning" view of business policy assumes morality is intrinsically, not instrumentally, good. That…. [read more]

SF Water Pollution by Homeless People Research Paper

… The other stakeholders are the Environmental Protection Agency tasked with environmental protection across all states and cities in the United States.

Problem Identification

The problem is water pollution that is caused by the homeless population in San Francisco, California. Governmental intervention through establishing a public policy would help address the issue of pollution brought by homeless people in San Francisco, CA (Almendrala, 2020). As shown in the background section, San Francisco has one of the highest number of homeless people in California. The size of this population continues to generate concerns as they place new demands for better housing or shelters. As the city grapples with an increase in this population, additional issues relating to their welfare and health also emerge. One of…. [read more]

Overcoming Fear or Failure and Handling Research Paper

… ¶ … willing and able to learn from failure is often what separates effective from ineffective leaders. All successful leaders have failed for one reason or another. Many successful leaders, like my interview subject Noel Gavrache of local restaurant Panache, state that the only true failure is not trying. Research substantiates the common knowledge that failure helps build character, clarify values and goals, and to perform better in the long run. For example, a study of students showed that the ability to learn from their moral and ethical failures proved "critical for overall character development, (Dalton, 2015, p. 71). Failure is as important to groups and organizations as it is to individual leaders, too. Starbuck & Hedberg (2001) found that organizational learning is based on…. [read more]

Management Communication: Role of Workplace Interpersonal Essay

… ii) To the Employee

Teamwork: interpersonal communication helps to build positive work relations among colleagues, and consequently, making it easier for them to work together in a team.

On-the-Job Promotions: finding a job may not be as difficult as trying to win a promotion. In order for one to be promoted, they must demonstrate some extra skills. Bovee and Thill (2008) express that effective communication is one of those skills. An employee who reports properly, and speaks well during presentation and interactive sessions stands a high chance of winning an on-the-job promotion should an opportunity present itself.

Interpersonal communication, evidently, is of great relevance in the operation of organizational and business settings. However, as Baack (2012) points out, its significance is only relevant if barriers…. [read more]

Health Disparities: Problem of the Uninsured Term Paper

… A physician compromises this principle by treating a patient negatively because of their choice of not taking coverage; but all the same, the physician has a duty to inform the patient of the probable consequences of their choices (Macklin, 2003).

Justice: a healthcare practitioner ought to treat all their patients in a fair manner (Macklin, 2003). This principle requires a practitioner to treat uninsured patients in the same way they would treat an insured one with a similar condition. The ANA supports the ongoing health reforms because of the current system's inability to accord the same standard of care to all patients. The principle that "all persons are entitled to ready access to affordable, high-quality health services" is a perfect representation of the justice principle…. [read more]

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