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Ethical Issues in Family Research Paper

… Family marriage and therapy and is more than just a new technique or excellent treatment technique - it comprises a whole tolerant of human behavior and the conceptualization of problems (Scher, 2012). Despite the fact all of the helping professions share a shared heritage, there are vital theoretical and methodological changes that need moral codes of behavior and consecutive training that speak to matters that are specific to family and marriage therapy (McLaurin L.S., 2003).

A lot of these issues started from the systemic theoretical framework that prevails in the marriage and family therapy vocation. Huber (1994) makes the description that a universal epistemology as one that emphases on the interdependence between and amongst persons, material discussion, and circular feedback devices. As in opposition to…. [read more]

Knowledge Concerning Ethical Issues Involved in Counseling Research Paper

… ¶ … knowledge concerning ethical issues involved in counseling teenagers with alcoholism, including informed consent contents in psychotherapeutic settings, dual relationships and psychological testing considerations in personnel selection in organizational settings. In addition, the paper examines the rules governing sexual intimacy with clients and former clients as well as the value of personal psychotherapy as a requirement of a graduate training program. A discussion concerning deception in research is followed by an analysis of special concerns and particular benefits of an outpatient setting. Finally, a description of the relevant minimum HIPAA requirements is followed by a discussion concerning how psychologists become involved with fraudulent practices and an evaluation of professional responsibilities. A summary of the research and important findings are provided in the conclusion.

Ethical…. [read more]

Ethical Dilemmas Relating to Forensic Psychology Term Paper

… As a psychologist, he will have to contribute part of their professional time for no or little compensation or personal advantage. Doing this will signify his professional fidelity and responsibility as a forensic psychologist (Zapf, Hart, & Roesch, 2013).

In addition, as a forensic psychologist, he will have to face the standard of resolving ethical issues surrounding the practice of psychology. Among the ethical issues that must be addressed include misuse of psychologist' work, solving complaints, and resolving unfair discrimination of the complainants and clients utilizing the psychological services. The ethical standard of ensuring effective relationships with other professionals and the clients forms the basis of forensic psychology. Human relation entails avoiding engaging in activities that do not promote unfair discrimination, sexual harassment, and other…. [read more]

Forensic and Clinical Roles Term Paper

… Packer, I.K. (2008). Specialized practice in forensic psychology: Opportunities and obstacles.

Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 39(2), 245-249.

Ethical Guidelines for Forensic Psychology Professionals

Exploring the differences between forensic and clinical roles made it clear that there are some ethical hazards for the psychology professional that enters into forensic practice. The goal of forensic practice is sufficiently different from the goal of clinical practice to provide numerous opportunities for ethical conflicts. As a result, the American Psychological Association (APA) has promulgated a set of ethical guidelines for forensic psychology professionals. While these guidelines have been established in order to help forensic psychology professionals navigate some of the ethical difficulties that will necessarily arise in forensic practice, some of them seem to be written in a…. [read more]

Sit-Down With an Experience Psychologist Term Paper

… This can lead to a quandary when trying to talk to the person in therapy because it's more of a relationship issue and/or a problem the other person has rather than something that is wrong with the person in the office. Even so, she said that it's still possible to gently nudge someone in the seemingly right direction without giving the "that person is full of it" speech. It usually holds much better if the "patient" figures it out on their own.

The other ethical things she brought up were more general and were by no means specific to what she's seen or heard in her own practice. She does feel that no one should be forced (knowingly or unknowingly) to take medication without their…. [read more]

Ethics and Legal Considerations Term Paper

… 49);

q. "All laboratories conducting clinical genetic tests should be accredited by a body designated by the relevant authority, based on standards it considers appropriate" (Bioethics Advisory Committee, 2005, p. 51);

r. "Interpretation of clinical genetic test results should only be performed by healthcare professionals who are appropriately qualified or have sufficient experience. As far as is practicable, genetic counseling should immediately follow the disclosure of the test result, particularly if the test result is not favorable" (Bioethics Advisory Committee, 2005, p. 52);

s. "Genetic counseling should be offered to all individuals before and after they undergo clinical genetic testing" (Bioethics Advisory Committee, 2005, p. 55);

t. "Genetic counseling should generally be conducted in a nondirective manner and should provide sufficient information and appropriate support…. [read more]

Ethical Dilemmas: Forensic Psychologists Assessing the Competency Essay

… Ethical Dilemmas: Forensic Psychologists Assessing the Competency of Inmates to Be Executed

For most psychologists, working with patients in order to improve their mental health is a goal that presents no ethical conflicts; it is seen as an unmitigated positive to improve a patient's mental health. However, there is one area where a psychologist improving a patient's mental health is not in that patient's best interest: helping make a mentally ill patient competent so that the inmate can be executed. The current state of U.S. law prohibits the execution of the mentally ill. However, in the context of this prohibition, mental illness is narrowly defined. Rather than prohibiting the execution of any person diagnosed with a mental illness, the prohibition only applies to those people…. [read more]

Psychology as it Is Applied Research Paper

… ¶ … psychology as it is applied to law enforcement and how the role of psychology has evolved. Be sure to focus on how its role has changed over the years and how it has affected law enforcement.

In the 19th century, mainstream psychologists believed that criminality was either inherently determined as an inheritable trait passed down from generation to generation within families or otherwise biologically determined by specific idiosyncrasies in individuals. During the 20th century, psychology evolved tremendously as a field and incorporated much more complex and useful approaches that reflected an understanding that criminality was not ordinarily a function of biology or traits that were inherited genetically. Instead, psychologists learned that the factors that typically contribute to criminality are those related to early…. [read more]

Legal Aspects of Professional Research Paper

… For example, by law and the APA Guidelines psychologists involved in child custody cases are required to make a neutral, impartial, objective evaluation on the relative fitness of each parent, weeding out those who are too abusive, addicted or narcissistic to have the necessary parenting competency. This may often require them to give testimony that will adversely affect their clients, which will also be true if they are involved in potentially violent or criminal situations. Confidentiality is also endangered by the new information age technologies like email and the Internet. Because of uncertain legal and ethical restraints on the new technologies, protection of privacy and identity management is going to become an ever-increasing concern for mental health professionals in the years ahead. Control over personal…. [read more]

Duties of a Correctional Psychologist Research Paper

… Cumulatively, this research paper weaves information obtained from different research sources to provide an understanding of the transformation of the roles of the correctional psychologist over time.

Justification of the study

According to Corriea (2009), correctional psychologists face significant challenges yet not known to most of the global population. Among the challenges, include ethical dilemmas on the consequences of the decisions alongside conflicts of interests on the course of action applicable to ensuring the realization of the desired professional competency. The increasing popularity of correctional psychology as a profession necessitates analysis to create an understanding of the roles of its professionals. Therefore, this study will not only create awareness on the roles of the psychologists, but also the challenges facing them in their daily practice.…. [read more]

Pedophilia - Efficacy of Combination Therapy Term Paper

… Pedophilia - Efficacy of Combination Therapy Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Combination with SSRIs for Treating Therapy-Resistant Pedophilic Behaviors

Pedophilia demonstrates a higher recidivism rate when compared to other sexual offenses. Pedophilia does not respond well to traditional treatment programs. The primary reason for this lack of response lies in the willingness of the pedophile to change their behavior. Unlike other sexual offenses, pedophilia involves cultural issues that could affect the willingness of pedophiles to change their behaviors. This study investigates the long-term recidivism rates among pedophiles that have undergone four of the most prevalent treatments available. The study compared groups that received group therapy, cognitive therapy, SSRIs and Chemical castration. It compared single therapies, as well as a number of combinations. The study indicated…. [read more]

Elder Abuse Phenomenon Correlating Relationship to Elder Mortality Term Paper

… Elder Abuse Phenomenon Correlating Relationship to Elder Mortality

Elder abuse has received increased scrutiny from the law enforcement and healthcare community in recent years. This increased attention is due in part to the increasing number of elderly in the United States and the passage of various laws designed to improve the reporting of such episodes of abuse as well as the prosecution of those who abuse the elderly. Unfortunately, elder abuse is particularly difficult to detect in some cases and studies have shown time and again that many elderly people are highly reluctant to admit to such abuse for fear of reprisals from the abuser or the possibility of being institutionalized if existing domestic living arrangements are disrupted. The purpose of this study was to…. [read more]

School Counseling Ethics Term Paper

… School Counseling

Ethics has been very much on the public mind for the past few years, beginning with stunning revelations of corporate ethical lapses, some of them consuming pensions (Enron), and others consuming lives (Bhopal, India). These are devastating lapses, but it might be argued that even more devastating are ethical lapses in counseling, and, more particularly, school counseling. Children and adolescents who seek or are forced into school counseling are arguably among the students most at risk for unethical -- not to say illegal -- behavior themselves. Therefore, it would seem essential on that basis alone to solve ethical dilemma issues for school counselors working with that population.

School counselors obtain their own training in dealing with ethical dilemmas during their education; therefore, it…. [read more]

Supreme Court's Recent Decision Term Paper

… Ark. Code Ann. Sect. 5-4-618 (1993) noted criteria for mental retardation included "subaverage general intellectual functioning accompanied by significant deficits or impairments in adaptive functioning, and manifested in the developmental period" (Death Penalty Information Center; State Statutes).

Kentucky was more objective in its criteria. Ky. Rev. Stat. Sect. 532.130-140 noted "significantly subaverage general intellectual functioning is defined as an IQ of 70 or below" (Death Penalty Information Center; State Statutes).

Given the difficulties of the legal system in developing a consensus as to the criteria for mental retardation, it may be useful to look at pure ethical approaches. Simply put, ethics is simply the study of the moral aspect of human behavior. Ethics does not necessarily divine moral rules from religious principles, as it is…. [read more]

Compare and Contrast the Differing Definitions of Critical Term Paper

… ¶ … integrating critical as well as thinking. But several earlier conceptualizations try to concentrate primarily on the process of thinking and avoid its important qualifier, i.e of critical. Hence they tend to give over importance to the process of thinking and reduce the importance of critical aspects. Encouraging and facilitating the process of critical thinking of students is now being considered as an increasingly significant objective for higher education. Analyzing the element of critical thinking of students is important for estimating its progress. (Cheung; Kwan; Yue, 2002) Those whose education have not trained them to deal critically with issues as well as conflicts are in fact not being enabled to interact efficiently with other people, whether be it be the same or varied from…. [read more]

Cloud Computing Research Proposal

… They're more alert than ever, and seek not those brands that offer only "a me to" approach to loyalty. Customers are demanding away from the norm, with ubiquity comes skepticism and constant comparisons which makes it difficult to impress consumers by offering more of the same. Cloud computing will allow companies to enhance their software. For example, Microsoft and Google have already got into the field of cloud computing but there are others like Amazon have just started to get a feel for it as seen below.

Large companies such as Microsoft and Google aren't the only ones getting attention from the surge in interest around cloud computing. RightScale, a startup that offers developer tools for setting up server clusters that run on Amazon Web…. [read more]

Security Issues of Online Communities Term Paper

… Security Issues of Online Communities

Online communities have emerged in recent years as a result of the rapid growth of the Internet, arousing intrigue in citizens, policy-makers and government officials. An online community is a group of people who interact in a virtual environment. They have a purpose, are supported by technology, and are guided by norms and policies. The problem with the term "online community" is that it often refers to a wide range of online activities, and has as a result, been subject to different definitions. Although online communities exist predominantly online, they vary depending on the software environment supporting them, purpose, size and duration of existence, culture of their members, and governance structure (Preece,, 2003). The characteristics of an online community…. [read more]

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