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Ethical Persuasion Essay

… Ethical Persuasion

Persuasion is considered to be an act of motivating the audience by using communication in order to voluntarily change the audiences' particular belief, behavior, or attitude. Persuading people to change or accept another proposal is vital in today's world, but the persuasion should always be ethical. Ethical forms of persuasion require the presenter to be honest and provide solutions that fit the audience. When it comes to persuasion, the most effective policy is honesty. The audience does not want to be manipulated or feel like they are been manipulated. This would result in a negative reaction as it is unethical to manipulate a person into accepting another person's views.

In persuasion, the line between ethical and unethical is very thin. A person will…. [read more]

Ethical Dilemmas and Marketing Essay

… Other theorists agree that stakeholder theory embraces Rawls' (1971) second principle of justice despite efforts by Freeman (Phillips,. 2003) to argue otherwise. Rawls (1971) argued that inequalities that exist in society between those who have and those who have not are only acceptable when such a difference results in the overall good of society. Rawls continues to call for the redistribution of wealth. James Stieb (2008) contends that Freeman's (2003) stakeholder theory aligns with such redistribution efforts despite Freeman's own insistence that stakeholder theory is rooted in libertarian principles (2002). Stieb (2008) argues that Freeman presents stakeholder theory as primarily an attempt to "redistribute benefits to stakeholders and redistribute important decision-making power to stakeholders" (p. 405). However, Stieb's charge is unsubstantiated by an examination of…. [read more]

Persuasion Persuasive Communication: Impression Management and Active Essay

… Persuasion

Persuasive Communication: Impression Management and Active Listening

Achieving success in any aspect of life, whether it be professional, personal or social, is largely centered on the way that others perceive and respond to an individual. Namely, the impression that others possess of this individual will determine how effective he or she is in currying favor, commanding respect and even channeling authority. In all of these contexts, key features of the individual's communicative abilities will emerge as determinant with respect to the way that others respond. Whether in the act of persuasion or on the receiving end of an assertion, the individual in question must present himself in a way that appears as both receptive to messages being received and yet possessed in confidence in…. [read more]

Ethical Scenarios Abigail Was Hired to Examine Thesis

… Ethical Scenarios

Abigail was hired to examine the effects of stress on firefighter's "readiness" capabilities. She has the firefighters complete a large standardized survey. The survey is anonymous and Ally can't link a questionnaire to a specific firefighter. While surveying the firefighters, she discovers that 75% smoke marijuana regularly in their off-duty hours. She reports this finding when presenting her results to the fire captains.

If I were the researcher, I would not feel comfortable conducting this study unless the informed consent form explicitly detailed the degree to which and conditions under which information disclosed might have to be divulged to Fire Department authorities. From the perspective of the confidentiality of each individual firefighter, the study did not violate the principle of confidentiality since none…. [read more]

Ethical Leadership Research Paper

… Public opinion polls and surveys generally find over the past thirty years that business and political leaders are thoroughly mistrusted. Journalists, politicians, lawyers, politicians, business leaders were all widely considered to be low in ethics and morality, with advertisers and used car salesmen considered the least ethical groups of all. At least 80% of Americans believe that ethical standards in general are poor, while over 40% routinely lie on job applications and that majority of high school students admit to cheating on tests and lying to parents and teachers (Johannesen et al., p. 4). David Callahan went so far as to call the U.S. A "cheating culture" in which dishonesty of all kinds has become far more common in recent decades and people feel less…. [read more]

Ethical Problem Analysis Research Proposal

… Ethical Problem: False Advertising

False advertising is a serious ethical problem as it gives unfair advantage to competitors on a product or service that may not be better than rival's in the market. It is through deceptive advertising that companies try to win more customers or at least attract them to their product/service and it is only after they use it, that they finally know the truth. However in the meantime, customers lose money and competitors lose customers and hence false advertising is strictly prohibited by law even though it continues to a common practice.

The reason false advertising continues to prevail is because while the law forbids false claims, the term it uses is deception which makes it far more complex to find out…. [read more]

Ethics and Persuasion Term Paper

… Ethical Behavior and Persuasion

Persuasion is the communications process (or "art") of convincing others of the correctness of your position or situational analysis, particularly in circumstances where they do not share your views at the outset of the exchange. There are many different types of tactical approaches to persuasion, but one of the most fundamental distinctions in that between ethical (or "good-faith") approaches and unethical (or "bad-faith") and the difference between honest argument dishonest argument.

Another important issue is the theoretical characterization of the purpose of argument. In that regard, some theories condone (even require) unethical argument tactics where necessary to achieve that which is objectively "good" in principle (Mihaly, 2007). Conversely, other theoretical characterizations prohibit unethical approaches to argument even when adhering to objective…. [read more]

Persuasion Opening Facts and Statistics Essay

… However, neither alcohol nor drugs should be criminalized. To criminalize mind-altering substances makes no sense, as has been proven by the failure of alcohol prohibition.

There are severe social and financial costs associated with prohibition. Those social costs include the high numbers of incarcerations related to drug possession. Drug possession should be viewed as a health problem, and not treated as a crime. Why treat drug possession as a crime? As Szalavitz states, "the U.S. insists on treating what is a medical and social issue as a criminal one." As Gierach states, "The world is fraught with too much violence, too much crime, too much addiction, too many overdose cases, too many prisons, too many bullet holes, too many AIDS cases, and too many bills…. [read more]

Ethical Judgments Persuasion and Television Essay

… Ethics and Television

How has television influenced persuasion? Be sure to provide examples to illustrate your discussion. Which effect has been most significant?

Television has influenced persuasion in a number of different ways, but the most powerful way is by creating an easy means of creating familiarity. First, television has made it possible to repeatedly present images to a passive audience, so that it can use the simple power of repetition to help in the persuasion context. The textbook discusses elections and the idea that candidates with greater financial resources can afford more advertising. This advertising puts the candidate's name into the mind of the voters. Simply by repeating the message that people should vote for the candidate, even without giving substantive reasons to do…. [read more]

Persuasion Defined the Term 'Social Essay

… The shortened version of the question was 'why would you find it prudent to do what your spouse asks even when you don't think it is necessary'; and participants responded by indicating their level of agreement with a set of statements ranging from 'very likely' to 'very unlikely'. The face validity of the results appeared to be impressive, but the authors provided no information on the validity and reliability of their instrument. The main weakness of this instrument draws from the fact that it is largely affected by coercive responses especially in cases where the respondent is indecisive.

Even-Numbered Likert Scale: this scale assumes a linear intensity or strength of experience, and asks participants to rate their responses on an even-numbered scale, with no middle…. [read more]

Elaboration Likelihood Model Term Paper

… Elaboration Likelihood Model of Persuasion is a speech communication theory which attempts to explain the process of persuasion, particularly in regards to the effect of different source factors on the attitude of the audience (object of persuasion). Unlike earlier theories, the Elaboration Likelihood Model accounts for two different channels of persuasion. The first of these two channels is the "central route," where the audience considers a new idea logically to be persuaded. The second channel is the "peripheral route," where the audience relies on preexisting ideas to be persuaded.

The Central route processes involve careful scrutiny of the communication's content to determine the merits of the argument. In Central route persuasion, a person's unique cognitive responses to the message determine the persuasive outcome of the…. [read more]

Leadership: Transference and Persuasion Essay

… Part Two

Garvin and Roberto (2008), in the article 'Change through Persuasion' point out that change is a complex process that can neither be taken lightly nor executed hastily. Humans are naturally resistant to change. To this end, the authors outline a four-stage procedure that managers can adopt to ensure that their organizations accept, and respond effectively to change - i) setting the stage for acceptance; ii) presenting a framework for interpretation; iii) managing the mood; iv) and providing reinforcement to ensure permanency (Garvin and Roberto, 2008). The same procedure can be used to convince an errant individual to change from their self-destructive behavior. This text will use the example of a habitually late coworker who risks losing their job. The first two steps involve…. [read more]

Media Persuasion Compare and Contrast Essay

… Use examples to illustrate your ideas.

According to Aristotle, persuasion is a multifaceted concept. It draws upon the principles of logos, ethos, and pathos. Persuasion must be logical in nature, so that the facts of what are being argued resonate with the listener. There must be an overarching ethical component to the views that are expressed. And finally, there must be an emotional and compelling component to the speech, so that the listener is moved to action. A merely emotional speech is not nearly as effective as one which is backed by logos and ethos, or vice versa. For example, when giving a speech about taxation, if a politician does not assure the public of the fact that he or she will not raise taxes,…. [read more]

Persuasion Is Writing Technique Term Paper

… The most brilliant essay will fail if its subject matter is completely irrelevant to the unit. If you wish to devise your own essay topic that can usually be arranged, but check it with your lecturer before you start.


One must adopt the way, which establishes harmony and flow between the paragraphs. Use active voice to make the writing more effective. Quotations should be cited form different sources to build authority. Never ever deviate from the basic point-of-view throughout the essay and always concentrate on logical arguments. Don't summarize the theory while developing the document always wait for the conclusion.

Write persuasive compositions that structure ideas and arguments in a sustained and logical fashion. Use specific rhetorical devices to support assertions (e.g.,…. [read more]

Buddhist Ethical Concerns Term Paper

… (Keown D.)

However, on the other hand Buddhism is also ethically against "research which involves the intentional destruction of human life, such as stem cell research." (ibid) This is due to the fact that Buddhism

... places great importance on the principle of ahimsa, or non-harming, and therefore has grave reservations about any scientific technique or procedure that involves the destruction of life, whether human or animal. Such actions are prohibited by the First Precept of Buddhism, which prohibits causing death or injury to living creatures."

( ibid)

This ethical dilemma for Buddhism also applies to other current issues and debates, such as euthanasia and abortion. The Buddhist view on these issues, while varied and at times ambiguous in some schools of thought, essentially follows…. [read more]

Corporation Ethical Role Foundations Business Essay

… Ultimately, social democracy results in slavery, or the Slavery, 2003()

Idealized Situation

Novak (1997)

makes the case that freedom and liberty is required for a republican view of stakeholder to exist. Freedom must be fought for. Responsibility must be accepted. Work must be enthroned as a higher good -- not just because of the benefits of pay, and insurance -- but because it is only as each individual works, that business can truly grow to provide the jobs, desirable goods, new wealth, and independence that make it essential for the continuation of the American experiment. The form of the corporation and innovation that made America the defender of freedom throughout the world, did not just happen by chance -- it became what it did because…. [read more]

Moral Persuasion Hypothetical: Homosexuality Research Paper

… ¶ … persuade are underlined.

Each strategy is discussed in conjunction with the required reading that was uploaded.

The reference page is where the reference page always is -- at the end of the fucking paper.

>>>For your final paper, your task is to outline a plan to convince your fellow students of a moral position -- an effort at moral persuasion. Specifically, you must: 1) Pick a moral belief to target. Because this is a hypothetical task, it can be anything that you think would be interesting to write about (e.g., convincing people that the death penalty or abortion is right/wrong, that insects have moral rights, that it is wrong to wear long-sleeve shirts on Wednesdays, that everyone should donate part of their income…. [read more]

Groups, Networks, and Organizations A-Level Coursework

… It states: We advocate sharing information, opinions, and feelings when facing significant choices while also respecting privacy and confidentiality. (in Andersen 142). In any given environment, to be assured that individuals are subject to confidential benefits, provides the reassuring of subsequent values such as respect, integrity, trustworthy, etc. which form ethical basis. Furthermore, a successful outcome is possible insofar as members of a group manage information accurately and appropriately which comes about as the result of shared information.

Thus, when information is shared, members can discuss upon the latter, bringing personal insights and contributions that benefit the outcome of the mission. Malone has stated that ?the free-flowing communication means that all kinds of financial and market information […] are shared widely throughout the company? (49)…. [read more]

Populist Persuasion, Michael Kazin Sees Term Paper

… In the light of Kazin's argument, President Bush can be seen as an embodiment of right-wing populism.

A major portion Bush's populist rhetoric seems to be rooted in economics rather than morality, in defiance of Kazin's assertion that morals underlie modern populism. Bush advocates understanding the economic market as a democracy that is opposed to the governmental control of taxes and regulations. In having a common enemy, the government, Bush's economic populism signals his sympathy to the common American.

Certainly, George W. Bush seems an unlikely person to espouse the populist agenda, as defined by Kazin. Bush was born a son of privilege, a man in many senses who was made as much by his father's status and reputation than by his own.

Given his…. [read more]

Morality of Persuasion Essay

… Vendors pander to their audiences differently depending on their target audience and the company ethos. Strategies used to sell products include the creation of desire, the creation of insecurities, and the promise of status. Desire is created when companies advertise luxury products. Keywords like "indulge" or "you deserve it" stimulate the consumer's materialistic goals. Insecurities can be a vendor's best friend. When a commercial advertises acne cream or low-fat foods, the viewer's paranoia about skin and boy fat comes to the fore. The promise of status is embedded in a wide range of advertisements. If you buy Axe body spray, you will be the most irresistible man on the block. If you buy a Lexus, your neighbors will envy you. Commercials are designed to sell…. [read more]

Advertising and Word of Mouth on Consumer Research Proposal

… ¶ … Advertising and Word of Mouth on Consumer Decision-Making When Selecting Mobile Phone Service Provider in Kuwait.

"Can you hear me now?"

Verizon's popular TV advertisement's tag line, "Can you hear me now?" stresses the value of hearing what someone has to say. What happened to Josh Vondran, however, according to Andy Piper (2008) in the article, "Stolen phone rings up soldier's bill," reflects the opposite message that Verizon Wireless or any other mobile phone service provider in Kuwait or any other location would promote in their advertisements.

When consumers select mobile phone service provider in Kuwait or any other location, one of the primary concerns would be that the company makes a point not only to invest effort in advertising their service, but…. [read more]

Persuasive Memos and E-Mails Term Paper

… Persasive Memos and E-Mails

Why employees should adopt a more active approach to communication

In the organizational frame, communication represents the basis for performance. However, there are instances in which the communicational process is short-circuited by two different sets of factors. In order to render communication effective and more active, special care has to be given to detect such noise, whatever the source, and eliminate it.

Factors determining passivity in the communication process

The focus on a personal agenda is one of the main barriers in the communication between departments. Members of each team keep in mind their personal interests and objectives, or those of their own department, and fail to listen what the others have to say. This leads to a limited perspective of…. [read more]

Elaboration Likelihood Model Research Paper

… ELM Outline

The relation of source factors and persuasion roots in the elaboration likelihood model

Source factors can have differing effects based on the persuasion route employed, and can possibly even affect which persuasion route is employed. This is very intriguing because it points to potentials for manipulation on a very fundamental level.

Though previous findings have indicated a somewhat diminished impact of source factors and other heuristic aspects of a persuasion scenario, other more recent research suggests that these factors can have direct and significant impacts on persuasion, attitude change, and behavioral change

Direct impact of source factors on persuasion

The research differs when it comes to assessing the level of influence source factors have on persuasion and decision-making, and the place of source…. [read more]

Propaganda it Is Hard Essay

… Are we to convince others what is right without the use of communicating individual persuasive ideas in order to convince them? It should be understood that those with the best propagandists will most likely be the most powerful in the world. This type of communication is essential in developing an understanding how the world works and what is in store for those who choose to seek an individual path and not obey the creators of such propaganda. Eliminating individual thought is often the target of propaganda originating from nations, and other outside groups will not be able to publish what they need unless certain types of propaganda are used upon their initiates and targeted new members.

Some may say propaganda is deceptive and not an…. [read more]

Cognitive Psychology and Language Development Term Paper

… Milgram's experiments in obedience were ethical, but from at least one perspective, they were not admirable. Contemporary research is governed by rather stringent human subjects review committees and human subjects policies that must be followed in order to gain permission to conduct research with people as subjects. In particular, the human subjects policies are designed to ensure that subjects understand that they can end their participation in the study at will, that they voluntarily engage with the study, and that they give consent to participating only after they have been informed about any adverse conditions that could be associated with their participation in the research.

The experiments caused considerable stress to the study participants based on false beliefs about the outcomes of their own actions.…. [read more]

Media Tares Test in the World Term Paper

… Media


In the world of advertising, professional persuasion is a means to an immediate and active end such as increased sales or improved corporate image. Ethical persuasion must rest on or serve a deeper, ethically-based final end. In the midst of the moral final ends of journalism are truth and freedom. There is a very real risk that advertisers and public relations practitioners will play a more and more dysfunctional role in the communications practice if means continue to be confused with ends in professional influential communications. Means and ends will go on to be confused unless advertisers and public relations practitioners reach some level of agreement as to the moral end toward which their efforts should be directed. The TARES Test consists…. [read more]

Branding and Communication Essay

… The example stated in the work of Cocoran is that of the company 'NIKE'. (2012 ) In 1996, NIKE was accused by CBS staff of "mistreating workers in Vietnam. The report claimed that contracted staff were subjected to a regime of both mental and physical brutality and made to work in appalling conditions in order to fulfill their daily quotas. Although the company tried to play down the story, their attempts were thwarted in when the New York Times ran a front-page narrative concerning a leaked internal inspection document by the global accountancy firm, Ernst and Young, which found that some workers in Vietnam were working in "unsafe conditions." The document declared that tests at a factory near Ho Chi Minh City showed employees were…. [read more]

Interrogating Juveniles With Out Parents Term Paper

… Interrogating Juveniles Without Parents

Just the Facts

Case by Case

The Interrogation

Interrogation Points

Criminal Interrogation Ethics

To Tell the Truth 5

Juvenile Facts

The Presumption of Innocence


Just the Facts

Practical Considerations


Just the Facts

Case by Case

The man of character, sensitive to the meaning of what he is doing, will know how to discover the ethical paths in the maze of possible behavior. (Warren, 1964) want to call my parents."

No response.

I want to call my mother or dad to come here and be with me."

Again no response.

A need my parents to be here."

The above scenario depicts the account of events that occurred when Jerrel, at the age of 14 in 2001, repeatedly…. [read more]

Conservative Intellectual Movement Term Paper

… This work was "a manifesto, akin in impact to what C. Wright Mill's The Power of Elite was for left-wing students." Buckley, in attacking the "atheism and collectivism" in his religion and economic courses at Yale, drew national attention to the conservative intellectual movement of the 1950's.

William Rusher played a similar role in the development of the conservative intellectual movement. As publisher of National Review and first president of Harvard's Young President's Club, Rusher was further able to bring attention to the principles of the conservative movement. However, in contrast with Buckley, who had been deeply rooted in conservative ideals since childhood, Rusher claimed that, "the atmosphere of the Cold War and particularly the Korean War brought about his transformation to staunch anti-communism."

The…. [read more]

People and One of the Most Influential Term Paper

… ¶ … people and one of the most influential is the cult influence techniques which can sometime lead to extreme results when they are used by extremist results. The levels of compliance can be fatal, and we can stop it only with the power of our own minds. There are four main methods of defense that we have against this technique when it is practiced by persons with interest. The first requirement for defense is determination of the warning signs of cult influence, confirming to ourselves that the concerned organization is a cult, finding out the methods protecting ourselves when we know that it is a cult and finally, understanding the methods of getting out of its clutches. The bias of self serving cults have…. [read more]

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