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Ethics and Foreign Workers Term Paper

… Ethics and Foreign Workers

Ethics can be different for each person making a decision, but there are certain moral laws that should be followed in dealing with foreign workers working for U.S. companies overseas. The moral and ethical decision should be to treat these workers just the same as if they were working inside the United States. They are employees of a U.S. company, and the rules should not be different for different employees in different countries. A lawyer who specializes in these types of decisions writes, "The moral rights approach concerns itself with moral principles, regardless of the consequences. Under this view, some actions are simply considered to be right or wrong" (Poznak). Thus, even if paying foreign workers lower wages and benefits than…. [read more]

Ethics Are "An Individual's Personal Essay

… CEOs and other managers acted as stewards for the de facto owners of the company. They were not supposed to put their personal beliefs and morals ahead of the need to engage in profit-making. Yet today, this concept has fallen out of favor somewhat. Scandals at organizations such as Enron and WorldCom have caused concern that an overly profit-driven emphasis can lead to legal violations that ultimately destroy the company. Yet proponents of the classical view of firm ethics would counter that such CEOs placed their own interests above those of making money for the firm and were thus 'unethical.' It does not necessarily hold that this means that ethical concerns such as environmentalism and the social welfare of workers must be of paramount concern.…. [read more]

Engineering Code of Ethics Asme. ) Annotated Bibliography

… Engineering Code of Ethics

ASME. (2012). Code of Ethics of Engineers. Accessed 18 June 2012 from:

This source is the current version of the ethical code of conduct of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). The ASME Engineering Code of Ethics of Engineers is organized into ten Fundamental Cannons encompassing three Fundamental Principles: (I) using their knowledge and skill for the enhancement of human welfare; (II) being honest and impartial, and serving with fidelity their clients (including their employers) and the public; and (III) striving to increase the competence and prestige of the engineering profession.

The ten canons of ASME engineering ethics code relate to the following concepts: (1) public safety, health, and welfare; (2) limitation of work to areas of competence and…. [read more]

Ethics in Leadership in the Business World Term Paper

… Ethics in Leadership

There is substantial evidence of a lack of ethical behavior in the business world and if the buck stops at the top of a company, then the business leaders of the U.S.

A are responsible. Beyond Enron's outrageous breach of ethics and laws, there still are companies behaving poorly. This paper provides some resources and ideas as to how business leaders should behave, and how leaders can become educated and updated on ethical ways to conduct their day-to-day business activities, and set positive example for their employees at the same time.

Medical Laboratory Observer; Financial Executive of Oncology Management; Valor Economico; David Berg

Center for Ethics & Leadership; Dr. Bradley Agle.

T. Ryan, MSA; Development Southern Africa of Criminal Law & Criminology…. [read more]

Ethics and Morality Case Analysis Morality Pertains Term Paper

… Ethics and Morality Case Analysis

Morality pertains to moral conduct or standards, which in turn, determine the rightness or wrongness of one's conduct (Perle 2004). Ethics is the study of standards of conduct. It is also called moral philosophy. Ethics and morality are often used interchangeably because of their connectedness. It is generally believed that morality is ethics in action. Ethics has been categorized into descriptive, normative, analytical and applied (Fieser 2006). Descriptive ethics describes human behavior. Normative ethics establishes norms on human conduct. Analytical ethics or metaethics investigates how people determine norms of their own behavior. And applied ethics examines specific controversial issues, using analytical and normative ethics as conceptual tools.(Perle, Feiser).

Ethics establishes norms and evaluates when a moral act is right or…. [read more]

Ethics Vary Within Different Nations. Korean Business Research Proposal

… Ethics vary within different nations.

Korean business defines ethics within a very loose individualized context; yet show unfavorable opinions regarding the ethics of foreign business and their marketing practices.

In order to improve the ethical reputation of foreign marketing campaign practices within Korea, more understanding of how Korean business professionals define proper business ethics.

Description of Recent Procedure

452 Korean managers were asked to evaluate the ethical practices of businesses within a marketing setting.

Flaws in Procedural Design

Only managerial staff was included within the context of the study. This leaves out the opinion of other classes of workers.

Analysis of Data

ANOVA was used to provide measurable elements that helped define the way Koreans saw as ethical practices.


Results showed that Korean managers…. [read more]

Ethics Term Paper

… Indeed, many employees have been given the "take it or leave it" proposition and businesses have often-times not "spread the wealth" to the employees that make their success possible.

As far as international business goes and the implications that can be faced, the implications are quite obvious (Hill, 2013). Culture can be very different from country to country and being tone-deaf to that can be very dangerous. For example, Richard Nixon flashing the "A-OK" sign in the wrong part of South America was a huge faux pas given that this hand gesture is the equivalent of flipping the bird in that part of the world. However, that quick example lays bare that there are different nuances and variations with how people communicate, what things mean…. [read more]

Individual Project - Ethics Research Proposal

… Individual Project - Ethics

Ethics Individual Project

The Hon. Justice Potter Stewart once wrote: "There is a big difference between what we have the right to do and what is right." While this may seem immoral to some people, the reality is that American law protects individual liberties first and foremost, which can make it more difficult to legislate ethical behavior. As a result, any person or corporation in a position of power may have the ability to do many things that would be considered unethical by some of the stakeholders. However, corporations and their directors are faced with the fact that they have a fiduciary duty to their stockholders to create profit, which oftentimes conflicts with the needs of other stakeholders in the process.…. [read more]

Business Ethics Everybody Research Proposal

… Business Ethics

Everybody can agree that business needs to be conducted ethically. The problem with business ethics, however, is that there is no clear concept of what precisely is meant by the phrase 'ethical'. Managers have different stakeholders to concern themselves with. They operate businesses that are subject to multiple sets of laws simultaneously. They are subjected to the ethical judgment from dozens or hundreds of different cultures, each with its own ethical standards, and some with many different sets of ethical standards. It is no wonder that many firms stick to basic platitudes regarding ethical behavior. Pinning down specifics is almost impossible. As a consequence, however, we have situations that arise with alarming consistency in which managers make choices that would seem to violate…. [read more]

Business Ethics Research Paper

… ¶ … business ethics has been increasingly brought to the forefront. Part of the reason for this is because of the large scandals that have been occurring, which are highlighting the lack of ethics in the business world. A good example of this can be seen with Enron and the Dabhol Power Plant in India. What happened was India began opening its markets up to foreign investors in the early 1990's. Enron wanted to be able to take advantage of the increased amounts of deregulation that were occurring, by building a power plant in Western India. The idea was that as the country was deregulating, the company could be able to become a dominant player in the sector. The plant that Enron was building was…. [read more]

Business Ethics Article Critique

… That is because there will be "social consequences" when the company does something that goes against the "moral values" in that host country. For example, a local employee that works for an international company will be offended on the one hand when unethical behaviors shown by the company offend his or her own cultural values.

Given the above-mentioned globalized reality for an international company, it is vital that a code of ethics be established. And that code of ethics must be based on "social responsibility" because a code of ethics (clearly written and fully explained by the human relations department to each new employee) is the official statement of the organization vis-a-vis how employees are expected to act and perform (Gokmen, 86).

The United Nations'…. [read more]

Decision Making Ethics Term Paper

… As a result, issues of strategies, environment, diversity, and community are all factors that impact decision making since the organization intentionally embraces the inputs from the environment and society to guide short- and long-term goals (Williams, 1996, p. 100).

However, as a general rule, the extent to which societal values are observed does depend a great deal on organizational and individual compliance. Take, for instance, the expectations of investors that an organization will observe ethical standards in terms of transparency and full disclosure of information. It is common knowledge, post the wave of recent accounting scandals in Corporate America, that organizations were violating such standards. Indeed, the current resurgence of interest in the need for managers and other employees to see the ethical issues in…. [read more]

Divergent Decisions Term Paper

… It what follows, I will attempt to demonstrate that there is a middle ground to be taken for the purpose of considering what ethical decision is appropriate in a given circumstance when conducting business practices. Donaldson (1996) has formulated a calculus that can be performed by the business manager in order to render ethical decisions in scenarios where the business decision affects a developing country that lacks the same ethical standards as the more advanced country in which the business manager has been socialized to possess ethical codes of conduct:

To resolve a conflict a relative development, a manager must ask the following question: Would the practice be acceptable at home if my country were in a similar stage of economic development (Donaldson, p. 11).…. [read more]

Ethics and Social Responsibility Companies Term Paper

… While U.S. businesses may not be directly connected with these criminal organizations, they often are indirectly involved -- through agents and middlemen.

There have been a number of reports in recent times of U.S. firms using sweatshop labor for manufacturing purposes. There were also reports in 1976 that companies like Lockheed Martin had trade relation with the Japanese Yakuza. The book "Yakuza" by Dubro and Kaplan, gives a lot of information about the effect of the Japanese mafia in the U.S. Yoshio Kodama the yakuza's first 20th-century godfather was a pivotal figure in the notorious Lockheed Scandal of 1976. It was revealed that the aircraft giant had paid the godfather more than two million dollars to influence the Japanese market away from McDonnell-Douglas and Boeing,…. [read more]

Ethical Decision Making: Ethics Term Paper

… These ground rules are trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship. These values interrelate with one another every day to form opinions amongst society.

The qualities of honesty, integrity, reliability and loyalty help build trustworthiness (Josephson Institute of Ethics, 2002). However, it is honesty that is perhaps the most fundamental of ethical values and it a broad value that involves communication and conduct. Respect prohibits violence, humiliation, manipulation and exploitation and it reflects notions such as civility, courtesy, decency, dignity, autonomy, tolerance and acceptance. To 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you' sums up this pillar of character.

The ability to respond to expectations by being accountable and pursuing excellence shows responsibility (Josephson Institute of Ethics, 2002). The basic concept of…. [read more]

Ethics for Non-Profits Introduction Century Term Paper


It is essential for non-profits to a have a written code of ethics. But it is just as essential that the leaders of those non-profits take their responsibilities seriously enough to ensure that this code is a living thing, part of the way that people conduct themselves each day.

A code of ethics is important, but it can only be considered to be a first step. It must be enforced by someone - but it also has to be believed in. Clearly a number of members of the USOC did not believe in the code of ethics that they had promised to uphold. To them it was an inconvenience that got in the way of getting what they wanted.

Leading from the Top

The…. [read more]

Ethics the Ford Pinto Case Essay

… Yet an engineer could just as well take into account the fact that a faulty product is no way to sell cars. Price is not the only motivating factor for consumers. Although some might willingly purchase an automobile that could potentially explode, most consumers would refrain from doing so. To market a product that knowingly has a design flaw that can be fatal represents a gross miscarriage of even the hardest utilitarian ethical concerns. The engineers, as well as Iacocca, did not act in ways that maximized happiness. Even without the blessing of hindsight, the actors in this case proceeded to produce the Pinto without acknowledging the American consumer public at all. They acknowledged Ford shareholders alone.

Ford was ultimately charged with criminal offenses because…. [read more]

Ethics and Technology Essay

… Ethics and Technology: Questions

What factors would you weigh in deciding whether to employ offshore outsourcing on a project? Is there any way to regulate offshore outsourcing? If there were, would this be desirable?

The most obvious benefit to outsourcing is that of cost: the cost of labor in many other nations is cheaper than in the U.S. So are certain materials, depending on the nature of the project. However, what is gained in cost may be sacrificed in quality control. This can result in fewer customers purchasing the product. For example, outsourcing component parts to a nation with lower safety standards can generate outrage if consumers discover that the product may pose a health hazard, especially to children (as was the case with Mattel…. [read more]

Ethics, Terrorism, and the Future Essay

… Proper training can limit the negative effects of ethical dilemmas. Setting rules that are straightforward need to be laid out so that would-be police officers will feel comfortable balancing their individual conscience with their police assignments. In order to allow this to occur as naturally as possible in an environment where training can still be enforced, these officers in training should be put in situations where they will be forced to not only think and react on the spot, but have the opportunity to make a mistake if necessary. For example, a would-be police officer can be sent to an assignment under the pretenses that it is a real setting, but allow this to be a closely monitored setting. Being directly faced with the problem…. [read more]

Innovation Ethic in Chapter Essay

… He thought that large-scale industry would turn the American people into a class of dependents and wage slaves, while the owners of industry would become an aristocracy or oligarchy. This was also true of his slaveholding successors like Andrew Jackson (132). In contrast to Hamilton's nationalism, centralization and support for manufacturing and industry they envisioned an America that would remain mostly rural and pastoral, lacking big cities, factories, banks, and speculators in paper money and stocks. In the 1830s, Alexis de Tocqueville also noticed that a new "manufacturing aristocracy" already existed in the Northeast, and that the permanent working class that Jefferson had feared was coming into being as well (133). After the Civil War, it was already clear that the U.S. was going to…. [read more]

Foreign Policy of China (Beijing Thesis

… But just as China (Beijing consensus)'s economic and military power does not yet match that of the United States, China (Beijing consensus)'s soft power still has a long way to go as demonstrated by a Chicago Council on Global Affairs poll. China (Beijing consensus) does not have cultural industries like Hollywood, and its universities are not yet the equal of the United States. It lacks the many non-governmental organizations that generate much of U.S. soft power. Politically, China (Beijing consensus) suffers from corruption, inequality, and a lack of democracy, human rights, and the rule of law. While that may make the "Beijing consensus" attractive in authoritarian and semi-authoritarian developing countries, it undercuts China (Beijing consensus)'s soft power in the West. Although China (Beijing consensus)'s new…. [read more]

Business Ethics the Code of Business Conduct Essay

… Business Ethics

The Code of Business Conduct covers a wide range of business practices and procedures of a medium sized company producing medical supply. The company's name is "Best Medical Supply Company Inc."(BMSC). The Code of Ethics suggest does not cover every issue that may arise, but it sets out basic principles to guide all employees and officers of the Company (Company includes BMSC and all its subsidiaries). All of BMSC's employees, officers and directors must conduct themselves accordingly and seek to avoid even the appearance of improper behavior. The Code should also be provided to and followed by the BMSC's agents and representatives. In addition, Company policies apply to various Company operations. If a law conflicts with a policy in this code, all employees,…. [read more]

Apple Corporation and Ethics Essay

… But instead of taking stock of its available resources to at least reduce the already exposed and publicized abusive management practices in its supply chain, Apple chose to minimize the cost of its business practices, which even pressure suppliers to resort to cutting corners in production. The intricate designs and very high demand for iPhones in addition to low margins compels Apple suppliers to compete with one another. They in turn compel workers to work overtime and, in so doing, engage or expose themselves in unsafe production practice as well as employ underage people to work. Foxconn's new quality control standards for iPhone 5 in October 2012 required greater precision levels, which increased the number of abuses in Apple suppliers' factories. As a result, their…. [read more]

Environmental Issues, Business Ethics Research Paper

… In addition, Lebanon lacks analogous regulatory elements that uphold ethics programs. Companies in the region focus on their initiatives that contribute towards the long-term sustainability of the company.

Corporate integrity and ethics can also fall on this focus, but they hardly focused on it. The type of business here aims in moneymaking. The initiatives include good governance within the company and corporate responsibility including some ethic programs. Their main aim is to improve the country's operations, and ignoring the ethical needs. The companies forget about the workforce as being a powerful asset (Herde, 2005).


For example, Dubai aspires in being an international business spot. Corporate responsibility has happened in Dubai for over three years, and at this point, there are no developed best business…. [read more]

Balanced Business Ethics and Social Essay

… However, in the late 1990s, Nike reversed its position and developed a corporate code of conduct to ensure that all of its facilities adhered to basic ethical business practices according to the same principles that govern human welfare in the workplace in the U.S.

Conversely, British Petroleum and its various subsidiaries responsible for the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig disaster never rectified the flawed ethical design within their collective business strategy. Retrospective investigation and analysis revealed that the initial blowout of the wellhead could have been prevented if the primary stakeholders had fulfilled their ethical responsibilities to the general public, the environment, and to the workers in harm's way. Specifically, equipment that should have been replaced on the wellhead assembly to prevent a blowout was…. [read more]

Pros and Cons of Foreign Educated Nurses Working in America Term Paper

… foreign nurses- PROS AND CONS

Nursing shortage is now a well-known problem in the country and one that deeply concerns health care institutions nationwide. As these hospitals are doing everything in their power to retain and attract nurses, it is felt that in the next two decades, this problem is likely to persist and may even turn more serious. To fill the gap between job opportunities appearing every year and number of suitable applicants for them, United States is actively importing nurses from foreign countries.

Some important statistics might help get a better idea of how serious this nursing shortage really is and why U.S. has resorted to attracting foreign qualified nurses. One study projects that as United States population continues to grow at 18%,…. [read more]

Ethical Issues in This Case Essay

… ¶ … ethical issues in this case. The first is the question of cash payments to secure deals. This is a substantial issue, in large part because it violates the United States Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. This act prohibits such behavior as bribery in U.S. firms operating abroad. Firm policy may also stand against bribery but in practice such policy is not enforced, unless the company wants some leverage over the employee.

The second ethical issue in this situation is that of the liners. They are clearly dangerous, yet the company does not seem to be concerned with the damage caused to workers. The company stance is that the liners are within federal safety guidelines, therefore Jacob should not be concerned. However, there is a…. [read more]

Cultural Forces, We Identified Term Paper

… Seeing as how busy associates of Congress along with various regime bureaucrats frequently happen to be, gaining admission poses a key test. Certain petitioning groups make use of such persons to get admission. Actor Michael J. Fox, an instance of a person has lobbied for more support for Parkinson's disease investigation. Both Angelina Jolie and Bono have also effectively petitioned Congress for their causes (Interest Groups, 2014).

Samsung's existence in America is increasing on all fronts, from its enormous Smartphone sales statistics to its intentioned 1.1 million sq. ft. property in Silicon Valley. Currently Bloomberg is reporting that has followed suit in Washington, increasing its petitioning outlay from 150000 dollars in the year 2011 to nine hundred thousand dollars in just one year. The 598…. [read more]

Ethics: Code Essay

… For this reason, employees are encouraged to seek guidance whenever the Code cannot provide the answers that they seek.

It is also important to note that employees are encouraged to report any violations to the Company's Code or policy that they witness. This is important so that all concerns can be addressed early enough.

Pursuant to this, employees have a number of channels to make use of as they seek to either make a report or seek guidance. These include, but they are not limited to:

The Compliance and Ethics Committee

Any issue that involves the deliberate violation of the Company's Code of Ethics should be reported to this committee. Issues that could be reported to the said committee are potential (or actual) conflicts of…. [read more]

Ethics Profile Monsanto (NYSE: Mon) Thesis

… Ethics


Monsanto (NYSE: MON) is one of the largest food production companies in the world, if not the largest. The company, based out of St. Louis, is a global conglomerate with subsidiaries operating around the world. Monsanto employs an estimated 21,700 people and did $11.97 billion in sales last year (MSN Moneycentral, 2009). The company is broken down into two main divisions - Seeds & Genomics and Agricultural Productivity. The company also breaks down its businesses into its three main crops - corn, soybeans and cotton (Monsanto 2008 Annual Report).

At the core of Monsanto's business is biotechnology. Monsanto typically develops seeds that are resistant to various diseases, in order to increase crop yield. One strategy that has proven critical to Monsanto's success is…. [read more]

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