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Ethics Consider the Three Purposes Term Paper

… However, virtue-based ethics stresses characters, rather than upon rules people should follow, like religious systems of ethics tend to, or even the notion of Kant's categorical imperative or utilitarian principles of majority goods.

Instead, virtue-based ethics stress helping people develop good character traits, such as kindness and generosity. Theoretically such character traits will, in turn, allow a person to make moral and selfless decisions later on in life, decisions that will benefit the vast majority of people yet still allow for some good actions that benefit the individual through the exercise of a moral good will, as well as the majority of all individuals. By instilling good characters within individuals, correspondingly negative character traits may be eschewed. Rather than asking the question 'what do I…. [read more]

Ethics the Nineteenth Century German Essay

… Now, it is considered morally wrong to do the same. Kant did not account for the changes that occur over time, or throughout different cultures.

Kant's deontological ethics are often compared with the ethics of utilitarianism. Basically, the deontological ethics of Kant are the opposite of utilitarian ethics of John Stuart Mills. For the utilitarian, the consequences of an action are what are important, and it does not matter if an action itself should be labeled as right or wrong. If the action creates the greatest good for the greatest number of people in any given situation, then that action can be considered morally just. Of course, there are weaknesses with utilitarian ethics too. It is too easy to overlook some of the minority of…. [read more]

Ethics in Business Has Become a Hot Essay

… Ethics in business has become a hot button issue in recent years, in light of a number of scandals in the early 2000s, but also with the whole issue of corporate social responsibility. There are different dimensions to ethics, some of which are obvious like conducting business legally, but other issues create a moral dilemma, which is where a grey area exists and there is no one right answer -- all answers create some sort of negative outcome and you have to make a choice between two things where perhaps there is no real winner -- it's not a dilemma when the choice is win-win

The other aspect of the moral dilemma is where there is a tradeoff with respect to the agency role of…. [read more]

Ethics Are "An Individual's Personal Essay

… CEOs and other managers acted as stewards for the de facto owners of the company. They were not supposed to put their personal beliefs and morals ahead of the need to engage in profit-making. Yet today, this concept has fallen out of favor somewhat. Scandals at organizations such as Enron and WorldCom have caused concern that an overly profit-driven emphasis can lead to legal violations that ultimately destroy the company. Yet proponents of the classical view of firm ethics would counter that such CEOs placed their own interests above those of making money for the firm and were thus 'unethical.' It does not necessarily hold that this means that ethical concerns such as environmentalism and the social welfare of workers must be of paramount concern.…. [read more]

Moral Relativism Term Paper

… Moral Relativism is a point-of-view, which holds that the truth or justification of moral judgments, is not absolute but determined by society or its culture (Gowan 2004). It flourished in ancient times when moral diversity was the prevailing and accepted thought. It grew from moral skepticism, which holds that there is no moral knowledge (Gowan).

The argument is whether moral relativism is correct or not. One side maintains that it is as true and valid as Einstein's law of motion, which assumes a specific but individual framework in which it operates (Harman 1996). The other side recognizes that various societies have differing beliefs and practices at different times and ages (Pojnam and Thomson eds 2007). But it contends that moral relativism does not follow from…. [read more]

Ethics Term Paper

… Thinking critically seeks to dislodge preconceived notions and beliefs that may, perhaps, possess little empirical backing. It is essential to rational human thought processes.

Beliefs, by contrast, require no explicit logical progressions to be reached. A belief is often trusted to faith; and faith, by its very nature, requires the suspension of logic. For instance, it is possible for someone to believe that they can throw a football a hundred yards -- however, the odds are that there is no justification for such a belief. Still, beliefs are not always groundless. I believe that if I let my pencil fall from my hand it will land on the ground. This belief is not based upon any scientific law, but it would be in accordance with…. [read more]

Ethics Awareness Inventory the Individual Essay

… This is not to say that I feel like my ethical approach is somehow ineffective. I personally feel like people intellectualize ethical matters too much. That is not to say that outside factors such as laws, professional rules, and ethical guidelines should not help inform a person about what is or is not an ethical decision. There are many instances when a person does not have an innate internal reaction regarding the ethical appropriateness in an action; they must consult outside sources for a feeling. However, I also feel that a person has to use his or her own internal compass to determine whether something is ethical or unethical. History is full of examples of behavior that was illegal but deeply morally correct and behavior…. [read more]

Ethics Leadership Analysis Essay

… The reason why is because the overall scope of the operation is based upon greed and a lack of morals inside the organization itself.

What are the options for acting? Evaluate the options by asking the following questions:

• Which option will produce the most good and do the least harm? (The Utilitarian Approach)

• Which option best respects the rights of all who have a stake? (The Rights Approach)

• Which option treats people equally or proportionately? (The Justice Approach)

• Which option best serves the community as a whole, not just some members? (The Common Good Approach)

• Which option leads you to act as the sort of person you want to be? (The Virtue Approach)

There are number of different ethical approaches…. [read more]

Ethics According to the Dictionary Term Paper

… However, as an adult, individuals are free to leave behind the ethics of their parents to create a unique set of ethics. The development of ethics later in life can be based on personal experience and wisdom as much as from standardized codes of behavior. In the business world, ethics develop as a diversity of individuals tries to work together towards a common goal. Ethical business standards are based on several factors, including profitability. Many experts believe that ethical businesses are successful businesses because companies want to do business with companies with high moral standards. If a company is known to have unethical standards, clients will drop off in droves. No one wants to get cheated out of money or humiliated. Thus, ethics develop over…. [read more]

Ethics and the Criminal Justice System Essay

… Ethics and the Criminal Justice System

In most professions, there is a Code of Conduct that addresses ethical and moral issues that surround that particular activity. These standards of practice help the public feel confident that professionals (doctors, lawyers, judges, police officers, etc.) are bound by an honor code individually and as a profession. However, it is within the context of the day-to-day activities that ethical ambiguity occurs, and the Code then becomes a toolbox to help the professional navigate their dilemma (IIT, 2012).

A CBS News Report in 2009 focused on one segment of the criminal justice system that has been increasingly in the news -- Judges who break the law. The case in point was Judge Victor Baron who, after 14 years on…. [read more]

Ethics Has Been Regarded as Fundamental Practice Term Paper

… Ethics has been regarded as fundamental practice with reference to the all design research procedures, and it the responsibility of the research to ensure that the contents and the scope of the research is ethical and moral, the design research shall be conducted 'within an ethic of respect for persons, respect for knowledge, respect for democratic values, and respect for the quality of the literature' (David, 2006).

During the phase of research design, it is important to develop social relationship with the participants, and it is the responsibility of the researcher to ensure the existence of good communication and mutual trust between both the sides. Secondly, it is important to realize that 'central principle of ethical research is that of informed consent; Informed consent can…. [read more]

Ethics in Decision-Making Clegg Research Paper

… "In Derrida sees decision-making as irretrievably implicated with issues of personal responsibility and ethics" (Clegg, Kornberger, Rhodes 2007: 398).

For Derrida, rules are not useful and future-oriented utilitarian calculus is impossible. To simply follow the rules enters into the 'madness' of rationality, and echoes the protests of Nazi war criminals that they were just following orders and therefore their crimes were excused. A sense of personal responsibility and investment in every decision that has potential ethical consequences is required, and no human being, regardless of his or her level of the organizational hierarchy, can abdicate responsibility. Organizational acts that use authority, routine, and above all bureaucracy are usually the least ethical rather than the most (Clegg, Kornberger, Rhodes 2007: 403). This statement seems supported by…. [read more]

Ethics as With Darwin's Theory of Evolution Article Review

… Ethics

As with Darwin's theory of evolution, gene testing has opened new frontiers in understanding medicine, as it allows us among other things to understand the degree to which we are predisposed to specific diseases and conditions (Miller, 2007). The case of Burlington Northern Railway v. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) marked the first time the law had addressed this issue. The railway had been conducting gene testing on employee for the identification of a specific disorder that in theory predisposed workers to carpal tunnel syndrome (Schafer, 2001). This example illustrates one of the ways in which companies can use genetic information -- in this instance to find ways to opt out of insurance and disability payments. Miller (2007) argues that such abuses…. [read more]

Ethics in Mechanical Engineering Ethical Conflicts Essay

… Ethics in Mechanical Engineering

Ethical conflicts for mechanical engineers usually rest in a discrepancy between the personal ethical values of the individual, and the values their profession represents. The field of mechanical engineering in general is based on the design and development of machines or machinery operated production equipment. However, according to (2010, p. 1), "Within each branch of mechanical engineering there are specific jobs. Some engineers design products. They must determine the needs of the user, the physical problems of building the equipment, the cost of the equipment, and its effect on the environment. Other mechanical engineers supervise the production and installation"

Just as the field of mechanical engineering can entail a variety of functions, it can also produce many different types of…. [read more]

Ethics AIG and Ethics: Lessons Learned Term Paper

… Ethics

AIG and Ethics: Lessons Learned

The exceptional lack of ethics during the first years of the 21st century immediately triggered an onslaught of global legislation that sought to enforce governance and compliance across businesses globally. Each nation has enacted their own governance, risk and compliance (GRC) initiatives, with the best known and stringent to adhere to being the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (Bradford, Taylor, Brazel, 2010). Legislating compliance and adherence to financial reporting requirements does not guarantee that ethical conduct will follow, as is seen in the mortgage and subprime mortgage crisis of 2008 to 2010. One of the most notorious companies who used credit swaps and eventually became so financially leveraged that they nearly collapsed was American International Group (AIG). In addition to needing government…. [read more]

Ethics and Morality Term Paper

… Ethics and Morality

Organ donation is an extension of a person's life, but who can say whose life should be extended? In a situation where two people are in need of the same organ, who should we choose? Two people are in need of a kidney, one is a two-year-old patient and the other, 47 years old. Who gets to have that kidney that can save their lives?

There are a lot of ethical reasons to be considered in choosing the "right" organ recipient. In an article by Dr. David L. Perry, he discussed about ethical considerations in organ transplant. He pointed out some things to be considered in choosing a recipient. First is the ability to pay. Economic inequality may hinder someone from "availing"…. [read more]

Ethics and the Internet Term Paper

… S. Department of Defense to "provide a distributed, flexible and self-healing command network which would enable the U.S. military to continue operating even if Soviet military missiles took out certain geographical locations on the network." (INTERNET ETHICS: OXYMORON OR ORTHODOXY?) The idea of a network of computers was adopted by the academic community in order to increase research capabilities and to communicate easily over long distances with one another. The early Internet also enabled people to share and discuss large amounts of information.

The Internet then began to expand and there followed the creation of Newsgroups. This was an important development as this technology allowed anyone to share information on any subject. This also included unethical practices such as the sharing of pornographic information. This…. [read more]

Moral Decisions in Business Term Paper

… As such, rule utilitarianism allows for the creation of rules that are considered to be morally right. There may be specific acts where these rules do not produce the most good for everyone involved, but over time, the rule over time has more favorable than unfavorable consequences. In rule utilitarianism, "actions are justified to the extent that conform to a rule which would maximize utility for everyone who followed it" (Buschert).

As such, rule utilitarianism would see the action of executives in falsifying profits and reducing debt on balance sheets to be a morally wrong action. This action would be morally wrong since it would violate the moral rule against falsifying financial information in business. Overall, a rule against falsifying financial information produces more good…. [read more]

Moral Theology Term Paper

… Moral Theology

In today's economically driven world where the placement of focus and personal achievement is determined by the size of one's bank account or net worth, churches and theologians have had to come to issue with how one can balance a traditionally moral life in today's often immoral world. Out of this struggle arose the theories of economic justice and financial responsibility. The essence of these combinations is to bring traditional moral values into economics, thus allowing one to live a moral life through the proper use of their wealth.

Yet even within this basic idea of coordinating morals with wealth arise questions of morals. For instance, using one's personal financial success to assist those who are less fortunate is, at least at first…. [read more]

Ethics the Role Essay

… I try to keep in mind core principles, and generally believe more in the consequentialist view than the deontological one. Not all laws are ethically sound, and many legal acts are unethical. I believe that if other people made decisions that were more ethically principled, the world would certainly be a better place because there would be less worker exploitation, more equitable social systems, and less injustice in general. I am willing to pay more for products that are produced by ethical companies, which I believe need to be supported over products made by corporations that do bad things to the environment and exploit their workers.

"Kitty Genovese syndrome"

The Kitty Genovese syndrome is also known as the bystander effect. In some sociological situations, bystanders…. [read more]

Labor Ethics Essay

… Bringing a change to an environment that is highly deterrent to ethically-driven whistleblowing is critical to our shared economic future.

Chapter 2

Following the contextualization provided by Chapter 1, Chapter 2 offers a more detailed look into the ethical implications of the various legal and organizational constructs relating to business practice and labor. Entitled "An Historical Perspective on Business Ethics, the chapter offers an exhaustive look into the evolution of business practices, private enterprising and worker's rights.

With respect to the evolution of business practices, the author illustrates that in no uncertain terms, ethical practice was scarcely a consideration in the earliest stages of American profiteering. From Columbus and Jamestown through to the voyage of the Mayflower, Collins details events of grotesque abuse by European…. [read more]

Ethics Issues Essay

… Ethics

Business Ethics

The foundation of business ethics is the definition of morality and the development of a series of cognitive frameworks which can be used in the navigating of business decisions over time. Of the many aspects and theories of ethics, the normative ethics of business are most often relied on for defining shared moral values, often formalized into common law. Ethics also are defined from their application as well, specifically to situations and to judgments people make regarding the direction of their lives and the decisions they make. Finally ethics are often used to define the philosophy of societies, often serving as the basis of their laws and regulations for how business is transacted and rights protected. Ethics then can be tactical in…. [read more]

Ethics in the Study of Philosophy Essay

… Ethics

In the study of philosophy, it is perhaps the study of ethics that is considered most interesting among all its branches, primarily because of the great variance and randomness in interpretation that it gives, whether one is thinking consciously of ethics as a form of philosophy or not.

As a branch of philosophy, ethics is considered interesting because it does not have a set of rules, and if there are rules, these are loosely interpreted and subject to the individual's interpretation and highly dependent on his/her eventual behavior after interpreting an event to be ethical or unethical, based on his/her beliefs and values. As defined formally, ethics is the "study of...standards as we use or propose to judge such things." It is different from…. [read more]

Ethics and Morality: Integrity Term Paper

… III. Values in Relation to Law

Carter (1996) addresses the subject area of law in relation to individual value and principle development in the individual. Salzman (2001)

IV. Values in Relation to Religion

Salzman addresses this realm of value formation as he tells the story of Sister John, a cloistered nun who has experienced divine visions which are followed by an extremely excruciating headache. It is discovered that this nun in actuality has a brain tumor which is probably causing the visions. Sister John has to make the difficult decision whether to risk herself and continue receiving visions knowing all the while they may be false and as well to do so may even cost her very life. Her 'visitations' with God were influenced by…. [read more]

Ethics: Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Essay

… This module suggests that if FCPA is enforced without considering its collateral impacts, the U.S. will be unwittingly sacrificing both outbound FDI opportunities and poverty reduction. This will be done with the sole purpose of combating bribery within both the country and emerging nations. Although the module is because curbing bribery is a reaction towards material certainty, the readings conquer that it would be wiser to curb bribery as a component of continuing business associations and not as a prerequisite for conducting business (Cory, 2005).

Evidently, the goal of the readings is to incentivize ethical business practices in emerging economies. The challenge identified from the readings and the module encourages policy makers to reform the details and enforce the scheme of the FCPA law. This…. [read more]

Ethics in Science Essay

… Ethics in Science

Do the Ends Ever Justify the Means?

We all face ethical dilemmas at some point. Sometimes, we are called upon to choose between several courses of action. However, in some instances, these alternative courses of action could be equally undesirable. This effectively puts us in a moral dilemma as selecting either course of action comes with a cost tag. One of the many examples of ethical dilemmas that has been advanced over time is a scenario whereby as a result of a medical condition, the life of an unborn baby has to be terminated as allowing the pregnancy to proceed to full term could bring about the death of the mother. What would be the best course of action in such a…. [read more]

Ethics in Administration Book Report

… Ethics in Administration

Terry L. Cooper's book the Responsible Administrator: An Approach to Ethics for the Administrative Role examines the problem of maintaining responsible conduct from the manager's viewpoint. Managers oftentimes are left feeling confused when it comes to their inability to achieve the results that they want when changes in rules occurs -- as well as policies, training, laws and other reorganizational arrangements (Cooper 164). Cooper points out that even though we often think of unethical behavior and willfully insufficient work performance as two very distinct problems, both are types of negligent behavior. "Both represent a diverting of the public's resources from the fulfillment of its preference and demands" (164).

Chapter six dives into the conflicts that exist among internal and external controls. The…. [read more]

Hh Ethics Essay

… Virtue is not necessarily an innate state, and it can be cultivated. "Happiness arises from virtuous causes. If we truly desire to be happy, there is no other way to proceed but by way of virtue," (His Holiness the Dalai Lama 121). The Dalai Lama adds that the foundation of virtue is "ethical discipline," (121). Thus, the ethic of restraint and the ethic of virtue are both linked with self-discipline. Happiness cannot be created without self-discipline, which is required to cultivate the virtuous character. Moreover, the ethic of virtue requires "consciously, actively and continuously cultivating and reinforcing our positive qualities, namely basic human, or spiritual, qualities," (Los Altos Study Group 20). The Dalai Lama offers specific "antidotes" to negative emotions, which can be focused on…. [read more]

Ethics and Decision Making Essay

… (Kernaghan; Borins; Marson, 2004)

Therefore the vision, mission and values of the company create its culture which in turn affects the strategic plans and the effective implementation. One example of values not being followed resulting in chaos relate to the multinational corporations. The value standards in the case of multinational corporations are even more complex because of the tendency to be involved in political influence abroad. Thus it could lead to corrupt governmental processes and harm the national interest for corporate profits. In some cases it has also resulted in violation of human rights. All these are the result of decisions made solely for profit or advancement without ethical considerations. (Kline, 2005) This has global implications. Thus there must be special programs and plans created…. [read more]

Ethics Application Ethics Inventory Essay

… When making ethical decisions then I am required to evaluate and choose among available alternatives in manners that are consistent to ethical principles. Therefore when making ethical decisions I will take note and eliminate unethical options, select the best ethical alternatives and have ethical commitment, ethical consciousness and ethical competency.

My educational experience has affected the way I think ethically since I have learned different cultures, backgrounds, beliefs and perspectives from the different people in my class and all the educational materials that have been provided to me. It has certainly provided me with some key words and concepts that might be of importance when specifying how I think ethically. It has also given me an idea and now it is possible for me to…. [read more]

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